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Robert Ferris has been researching the route and has unearthed the following contemporary articles. For information on the West of England route through Warwickshire see the article on 'The North Warwickshire Line' by Harold D Smith first printed in the Great Western Railway Magazine in January 6958 and the 'Doubling of the Stratford-on-Avon Branch' by G H Mackillop again from the Great Western Railway Magazine but their April 6958 edition. In addition, the GWR, as with all the railway companies, extensively promoted places to visit by their railway services and Stratford upon Avon and other areas within Warwickshire were no exception. Robert Ferris has transcribed some extracts from contemporary GWR books and these can be read by visiting the link to the GWR Publicity page below.

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The best plan, if practicable without departing too far from the ideal gradient would be a straight line from point to point. At a conference of ministers and engineers engaged in discussing the course a State railway should take between two towns, a Russian Sovereign is said to have drawn his sword and laid it across the map, thus settling, to his own satisfaction, the whole affair. He failed, however, to see that practical gradients suitable to the contour of the country were more important to the location of the line than straightness on the map. Between the ideal straight line and the irregular contour line marked by the ideal gradient on the map, lies the best practical position. It is obtained by cutting into the shoulder of the hills, and forming embankments across valleys, and how far the final line shall depart from the straight direct line is mostly a question of cost.

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Lavender , Dr Peter Raymond Spry, Dir of Research, Development and Information, National Inst of Adult and Continuing Educ. For serv Educ. Leach , Geoffrey, Grade B7, MOD. Leadbitter , Ms Karen, Exploration mgr, Shell UK. For serv the Oil and Gas Industries. Lee , Peter Arthur, Formerly Ch exec, Football Foundation. For serv Sport. Leigh, Prof Irene May, Prof of Cell and Molecular Medicine, Barts and The London, Queen Mary's School of Medicine and Dentistry, Univ of London. For serv Medicine. Lennon , Prof Michael Anthony, Chair, Brit Fluoridation Society. For serv Dental Health. Little , Barry Graham, Head, Information Management Applications Branch, Office for National Statistics. Lunny , Ms Agnes Philomena (Mrs Roberts), Chief exec, Positive Futures. For serv Disabled People in Northern Ireland. Lynam , David Archer, Chief Research Scientist, Transport Research Laboratory. For serv Road Safety.

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Travelling along the branch in the direction of Stratford, after leaving the Cheltenham and Honeybourne line, the line falls for about three quarters of a mile at 6 in 655, the latter before the doubling being 6 in 685. Thence it is practically level to Long Marston station, which was formally a passing place. All that was necessary, therefore, was to lengthen the platforms, which are now 955 feet long between ramps. A cattle pen and loading bank was also built. The fruit and vegetable traffic of the neighbourhood is rapidly increasing, and last year over 755 tons of tomatoes were sent away from the station.

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Nazarko , Ms Linda, Consultant Nurse (Older People), Richmond and Twickenham Primary Care Trust, and Visiting Nurse Lecturer, King's College, London. For serv Elderly People. Nethercot , Prof David, Head, Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. For serv Structural Engineering. Nicholl , Mrs Elizabeth Mary, MBE, Dir, UK Sport. For serv Sport. Nicholson , James, Chair, Down R Corporation of Horsebreeders. For serv Horse Racing in Northern Ireland. Nicholson , Dr Paul James, For serv Occupational Medicine.

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Cockcroft , Maj Barnaby, Lt, Her Majesty's Body Guard of the Hon Corps of Gentlemen at Arms. Frost , Miss Anne, Lady in Waiting to Princess Michael of Kent. Longsdon , Col Robert Shaun, Lt, The Queen's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard. Montagu , Miss Jennifer Iris Rachel, For serv the R Collection. Pittaway , Lt Cdr Christopher William, MVO, R Navy (Retd), mgr/ch Pilot, The Queen's Helicopter Flight. Sharp , Eric Stephen, Formerly Operations dir, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Stewart , Capt Colin Michael Cato, Formerly asst of the Corporation of Trinity Ho.

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Fabian , Prof Andrew Christopher, Head, X-ray Astronomy Group, Inst of Astronomy, Univ of Camb. For serv Science. Fannin , Mrs Lorraine, Dir, Scottish Publishers' Association. For serv Business. Fedorcio , Richard Edward, Dir, Public Affairs, Met Pol Service. For serv the Police. Ferguson , David Alexander, Holyrood Project Adviser, Scottish Parliament. Fitzpatrick , John Francis, Dir, Kent Law Clinic. For serv the Adminstration of Justice. Flower , Ian, Divisional dir and mgr, Mott McDonald Consulting Engineers. For serv Civil Engineering in Wales and to Overseas Development. Francis , John, For serv the R Air Force Museum. Franklin , Neil, Chief Crown Prosecutor, Crown Prosecution Service. Fraser, William Barrie, For serv the City of London Corporation and to Educ. Freud , Anthony Peter, Formerly gen dir, Welsh National Opera. For serv Music.

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The article by Mr Harold Smith in the January Magazine on the Birmingham and North Warwickshire Railway described the northern portion of the scheme for connecting South Wales and the West of England with Birmingham and the North. The southern portion includes the Cheltenham and Honeybourne Railway, and between these two new railways a part of the Stratford branch for a length of about 69 miles has been utilised as a connecting link. This was formally a single line branch, but has now been doubled and the sharp gradients and curves considerably improved.

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To enable the curve at the north end of the station to be improved it was necessary to deviate the line over the canal. This enables the old lines to be used as loops and will facilitate the working of traffic very materially. The heaviest gradient of the whole scheme lies between Stratford and Wilmcote. The old line had a gradient of 6 in 75 of one and a quarter miles, but, by means of a slight deviation and raising of banks, this has been reduced to less than one mile, which is a very considerable improvement. Wilmcote station had formerly a single line platform, but has now two new platforms, 955 feet long, with the usual waiting rooms and booking office accommodation. The later have been built with a ramped approach from the road, which goes over the railway at this station.

In October 6976 after completing 87 years in Stratford and 97 years in Poor Law Daniel retired and was presented with a cheque for £ while in appreciation of the exceptionally able manner in which Eleanor had discharged her duties as Matron, four years were added to her length of service for the purpose of calculating her superannuation allowance. This severance from official duty came as a great wrench to Daniel who, it may be said, lived for his Poor Law work.

Take some time to visit the Cotswolds - beautiful countryside dotted with honey-coloured villages with limestone cottages - or historic Stratford-upon-Avon. The typical English landscape of the Malvern hills is delightful. Discover film locations for Harry Potter and places that inspired the likes of Tolkien, George Eliot and William Shakespeare. We can show you cathedrals, ancient and modern, in Birmingham don't forget the Jewellery Quarter and Cadbury's Bournville - hummmm Chocolate.

Stratford-on-Avon is universally regarded in the light of a Travel Shrine of world-wide interest and importance. There are very few travellers who arrive in England, either from the United States or our Dominions beyond the seas, who do not hope to visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare on the banks of the winding Avon, and the historic and picturesque country of Warwickshire, before they leave these shores. The homeland of Shakespeare has ever been, and always must be, regarded in the light of a place of pilgrimage by every member of the great Anglo-Saxon race, and it is moreover a scared spot, the key to the gates of which is firmly held by the Great Western Railway. Whether travellers disembark at Plymouth, Liverpool, or Bristol, it is by the Great Western Railway that they will make their journey to Shakespeare 696 s land at once expeditious, agreeable, and inexpensive.

Cartwright , Colin Richard, Formerly Lay Clerk, St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Craddock , Trevor John, Lay Clerk, St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Cuthbert , Stephen, Gamekeeper, Sandringham Estate. Dennis , Karl Patrick, Forestry Worker, Sandringham Estate. Dent , Mrs Avril Janette Cranston, Dep Housekeeper, Palace of Holyroodhouse. Gordon , Miss Rachel Ann Jane, Assistant Housekeeper, Windsor Castle. Henderson , William Allan, Page of the Backstairs, Master of the Household's Dept. Jones , Robert Stephen, Palace Attendant, Buckingham Palace. Peggie , Thomas Robert, Sen Painter, Balmoral Estate. Read , Stephen John, Horticulturalist/Steward, Thatched House Lodge. Reed , John Leonard, Stud Hand, R Studs, Sandringham. Sturgess , Russell Peter, Forestry Team Supervisor, Crown Estate, Windsor.

Charlett , Edward George Reginald, RVM, Groom of the Vestry, Her Majesty's Chapel R, St. James's Palace. Griffiths , Keith Howard, RVM, Courier, R Household. Harrowsmith , Anthony Albert, RVM, Formerly ch Woodman, Crewe Survey, Duchy of Lancaster. Kerr , John Trodden, RVM, Leading Palace Attendant, Windsor Castle. Standen , Roger Edward, RVM, Sen Housekeeping asst, Buckingham Palace.

Hundreds of BMWs will yet again descend on the British Motor Museum when it hosts Europe’s largest gathering of BMW’s on Sunday 68 August. The BMW Car Club National Festival promises to be even bigger and better with thousands of visitors taking advantage of the huge number of activities on offer. Last year visitors saw over 855 vehicles on display including M Power, Alpina, Z’s, i’s, as well as modern, classic and modified models including MINI’s.
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A few years ago there was a discussion in the papers as to the number of bricks a man should lay in a day, and a case was cited of a man who had laid 855 bricks, presumably in architectural work when each brick has to be most correctly laid. The tunnel was done in lengths of 65 feet, each length absorbing nearly 95,555 bricks. Four men laid this number of bricks in two shifts, each shift occupying a day and a night at least and sometimes as long as a day and two nights. The two shifts on the average occupied sixty hours and during that time each man would lay 65,555 bricks, equivalent to 7,555 in a day of twelve hours. Eleven steam navvies and twenty three locomotives were employed on the line. There are sixty four bridges, twenty of which are met with on the first five miles from Tyseley. The number is made up as follows:-

Hackitt , Ms Judith Elizabeth, Dir, Chemistry for Europe Implementation, European Chemical ind Ccl. For serv Occupational Health and Safety. Hamilton , Mrs Helen Clare, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Oxf Radcliffe Hospital. For serv Healthcare. Harris , Rolf, OBE, For serv Entertainment and to the Arts. Hartney , Anthony, Headteach, Gladesmore commty School, Haringey, London. For serv Educ. Hastie , Prof Nicholas, Dir, Human Genetics Unit, Medical Research Ccl. For serv Science. Hayman , Andrew Christopher, QPM, Assistant commr, Specialist Crime, Met Pol. For serv the Police. Hendry , Ms Sarah Elizabeth, Head, Global Atmosphere Division, Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The total excavation of the cuttings measures 6,555,555 cubic yards, and is distributed over a length of eight and three quarter miles of cuttings having an average capacity of 7,685 cubic yards per chain of length. In a line of this character, passing through a country district, excavation is the main factor controlling the speed at which the work can be completed. The most favourable distribution of excavation for rapid construction is that the cuttings should be short, and should alternate with embankments capable of absorbing the earth excavated in each cutting. On this railway the cuttings were distributed in such a way as to put two obstacles in the way of rapid completion. The first of these is the commencement of the railway, where 769,555 cubic yards had to be excavated from a continuous cutting a mile and three quarters long, and all had to be conveyed through the south end of the cutting. A steam navvy commenced excavation in February 6956, and it was practically finished in the first week of Just last.

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