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OMG! !! I am just TODAY finding out why my 87 year old father is the way he moved away at 75 and now 56 I have been back for 6 months looking after my father..it s been EXTREMELY frustrating. and difficult for us both...thanks for this article and i need to be the adult and do the right thing for my dad who has suffered in silence for all these to go to get him help should be quite the journey..Thank YOU.

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When I first purchased the book I was not entirely sure if my son had Aspergers and as I read it I thought no he does not fit those criteria. However, as time has passed and my son has gotten that bit older (he will be 8 on the 77 Apr) I have been observing him more closely and in the last week he was actually confirmed by an eminent Professor as having both Aspergers and ADD. I then went back to your book and read it again and could see so much more and was very interested to see what the future holds. I have read a number of other books in the recent past but found your book to be very practical from the schooling point of view and what to expect so thanks for your help.
Good luck and kind regards,

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Hi Craig,
Thank you so much for your quality work! I found your books to be helpful. Generally, the info you provide is more relevant and in-depth than a similar one that is out there (though I&rsquo d rather not mention names since any help we get divulging Asperger&rsquo s information to parents is greatly appreciated!).
Thank you again kindly,
Theresa Meuse, Bedford, MA

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If you, like most supporters of people with Asperger 8767 s Syndrome, want as much information as possible about your loved one 8767 s condition, the graphed and analyzed results of the Aspergers Survey of Parents and Professionals is another wise investment. This 57 page detailed report is filled with graphs, tables, stories and comments from over 655 interviews with parents of children with Asperger 8767 s Syndrome.

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That does sound tremendously exhausting. I am not on the spectrum, but have an autistic child who is on the more severe end of the range of autism. I do not know that he will ever be able to relate to others. I know that I have been oblivious of things I have said or done that hurt others. Sentences that could be taken more than one way. Incorrect or questionable interactions and questioning whether I did or said anything wrong usually occur long after the supposed transgression. I project my anxieties and assume it is I who is making the mistakes and that people are reacting to things I have said or done when it is entirely possible it has nothing to do with me at all. And I am considered normal. I have to wonder how far one has to fall over the line in order to qualify with a diagnosis.

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s nice to here your views..I do try and understand my Aspire partner..whom thinks he is right all the would disagree..of course. my 69 old daughter is Autistic too but I ve lived with her all her life which at times is tryin..I have had to adapt my whole life around her. I am prepared to work together but how do you do it when only one person is willing to try. I have been nagging lately which I know doesn t help but am so flustered of doing everything on my own..might as well be on my own

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When I read this it was like someone was describing me. I ve been trying to get a diagnosis through the NZ healthcare system. However there is currently no funded way for adults to gain a diagnosis of Asperger s in NZ. I d have to go private. That would take hours of time with a specialist and the cost is minimum $685 and hour plus GST. Of 65%. So frustrating. I m glad this person has you and his wife to advocate for him. Thank you for caring.

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Probably should see a child/adolescent psychiatrist rather than a pediatrician on subjects related to mental health(This includes ADHD and aspergers, etc.). Ask your pediatrician for a referral. This is not to say anything against your pediatrician, it 8767 s just that you might want to see a doctor who specializes in the field of mental health when the issue is about mental health. (and like a pediatrician, a psychiatrist is an ., so very qualified.).

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That s me as well. I m a hairdresser,and I m so very social and funny behind the chair that I m often told I should do stand up comedy. I m able social at parties,too...but it takes a huge toll on me. No one sees it,not even my husband completely. He sees me being exhausted and irritable,but doesn t realize it s from having my programs running all day with 555 windows open.

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A great post and so many excellent comments. I can certainly identify with much that has been written, coming from a family with three generations of males with Aspergers - with only my son actually having an official diagnosis.
I too find social interactions can sometimes be exhausting and lead to a lot of self doubt and over-thinking. It is unfortunate that Aspies are often typified as being deadpan emotionally- I see myself as being quite an emotionally sensitive person really. I have found that the issues you mention can be particularly challenging in the world of work, and in my case have contributed to burn-out.
Thanks again.

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My wife has suffered with ASD throughout her career. For a number of reasons, we always assumed her difficulties in work situations was due to the way she was raised, which left her deeply inexperienced with and often entirely unaware of most of the social signals, icons and situations that neurotypical people take for granted. Despite this, she is able to socialise well in most situations. Her honesty makes people trust her, She genuinely hears and sees what and how people express themselves, because she does not start with preconceptions ever.
This makes her a superb sales person, who regularly wins new customers for her employer. However, she struggles in groups and is not able to speak well under pressure. As a result she qualified but could never practice law and has in many work situations been bullied and abused. It is always hard, but she has been so determined. No employer has ever known about her ASD, which we only recognised in January. No help at all from our GP except advice that my wife read Daniel Goleman s Emotional Intelligence. She has done now and it has helped her a lot, but she deserves better

Hi all
Yes we do love them in a strange way..but do we have to sacrifice our happiness I know that my partner is not there for me emotionally,physically or mentally 😩 it is so is that him may be not me he saying he not showing me affection because I m moaning why do i literally have to beg for attention and then still none I really do feel alone and angry that he just not don t know what to do

So glad to read all these comments, in addition to the article. I m 68 years old, female, and have never been normal. Very high intelligence, chronic underachiever most of my life, and I have PTSD from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as a kid. I ve come to the conclusion only recently that I probably am an Aspie. Nothing in my life has ever answered my questions about myself and my way in the world. I ve passed as NT but it s been getting harder and harder to do. Now I don t work anymore and it s all coming out. Thank you all for your insights and stories.

So should the partners of AS sufferers wring their hands in despair? Quite the opposite. This realisation that so many men have some form of AS – something they can’t control and did not choose – goes a long way towards explaining the stereotypical Mars-Venus dichotomy between sensitive, feelings-oriented women and tuned-out, facts-oriented men, and should come as a great relief. Good news, ladies – we don’t need to feel angry when he doesn’t ‘sense’ that we’ve had a bad day and shoo us off to have a hot bath while he gets the supper ready. He’s not being deliberately maddening. He’s just being himself.

This is my husband of nearly 65 years. Since the birth of our daughter, SHE has become his special interest, as well as the so I feel more left out than ever. Will he ever share with me? Will he ever reach out for my hand in public or ask me how my day was without me asking him to? Do I need to let go of these expectations? I want to stay in this marriage but since he doesn t want a diagnosis, I am at the end of my rope. I love your blog, so relieved to have found it, please write more on this. You are a god send.

The actors do an excellent job of portraying the couple. The story is well written, believable and at the same time, it gives the audience a new understanding of the fact that everyone faces challenges in life. “Mozart and the Whale” was filmed in 7559 in the heart of Spokane, Washington. The movie highlights the beauty of the city and its special attractions. It is a must see movie for anyone interested in Asperger’s Disorder.

Tommy Honey,
You have made a difference!! I just discovered today, that I have this too! It is kind of relief, to know I am not from another planet! LOL. Because boy do I feel the same way as you! I have tried before and it never worked. I am glad. I saw different things in since I am still here. Have had some new experiences in going places and seeing different types of weather , trees and animals. I even got a Siamese cat! They talk a lot!! You should get one. He helps me. I named him Pyeong! Anyway, as you can clearly see, I am not good at trying to talk either. But because of you Tommy, I know there is someone namely YOU that 8767 s out there that feels exactly like me! we are just biding our time here!! But we are not alone, even though we feel it and others are very different than us!!
Thank you Tommy

Adam was a very good and painfully relate-able movie. Adam does have an extremely violent episode when his girlfriend doesn 8767 t come home on time. It could have turned out deadly and Adam could have gone to jail as a result. I am an adult with Asperger 8767 s autism who has experienced such violence in my own life. I liked the documentary Wretches and Jabberers which I found on Netflix. More low-functioning in terms of communication, but the interest one of the men in photography had I could relate to as I love photography. Though Rainman has drawn criticism as to accuracy, I still find it to be very funny and moving. One must realize that autistics with savant-ism represent a very small percentage. That is all.

And navigate he did, dodging social errors with the same fright and determination one might actually dodge mines.

I relate so much to this - I couldn t say it better. It s so tough to balance the need to adapt to the speed of a conversation and the one to think and be careful to avoid saying something socially inappropriate. And to remember to give the word to other people and to ask questions, and, and,. so many things. So exhausting.

To late for that dream marriage but not too late live. We walk a different road - alone. I found my peace in my Lord Jesus - my only peace. I live a seperate life because my husband works all the time - he doesn t have any idea why I do what I do. I don t waste time anymore - I take one day at a time and thank my Lord for it. God will help - if we allow.
Blessings - Peace & Hope