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Dating Scammer Elizabeth Opare from Accra (Ghana), Agona

Posted: 2017-11-28 05:50

Dear Madam,

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Hi! This same 8775 general commander 8776 Richard Helsing tried to contact me throught the dating site and also wanted me as a friend on Facebook. He never got that far that would have asked for money 8767 cause I told I hate all sorts of fake profiles and would never ever support no man financially. He told me that he would be going back to USA sometimes soon, had widowed years ago and that he has a 68 years old son. He also has a Facebook profile by this name, so there are his photos available. He is not the first fake military profile on that site that I 8767 ve come across to. Nor have I given any money to anybody.
Still hoping to meet someone real person, maybe in real life too 🙂

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i started thinking about it a few weeks ago becuase i was a little confused, they both only had me as a friend ad both said they couldnt add many people as they were in the army, if they couldnt add many people then why ONLY have me? surely they would have had their friends from the army on facebook but nope just me. in the end i realised they were fake accounts he was miller and brooke, it was the same person, i had come acroos a site were someone had posted the exact same things which had happend to me, and that they got so close to you because they only wanted your money.

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Barbara, it 8767 s a scam. The military will pay for him to come home, there is nothing in the military called a 8775 forced leave 8776 these guys sign a contract for so many years of service, there is no getting out early, unless they go AWOL. If it 8767 s an emergency, the military will allow them to come home. My nephew was in Afghanistan when his mother had a massive heart attack, the Red Cross was able to contact him and arranged for him to get home, coordinating with the Army.

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Hi. I have been in contact with a supposed captain of US Army stayed in Kabul, Afghanistan. After few letters he ask me if I would like he come to my city to see me and after my positive answer he sent a message telling how I would have to proceed, including the paid of 6555,55 Euros for guarantee. I thought it weird and after a research I found this page. Now I realized that I almost was deceived by this fake profile. Thank you so much for your help.

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When a soldiers identity is stolen by a scammer is the soldier notified ??? I hope they know that their names have been used for the wrong doing and I hope they are brought to justice cos that 8767 s really evil for using brave hero 8767 s so amazing that there are so many fake people out there trying to be someone they are not and their only intention is to get money without actually working for it and I think that they are very ruthless and useless people that should be locked up , Its not they only corning women but breaking their hearts but stealing money by telling how much they love you cos I have been there myself..
Thanks for reading and take care everyone ,

Romance Scammer Lucas James from Accra (Ghana), Kabul

Hi, so I 8767 ve been talking to this guy is currently in the army. He is base at fort Mc Coy in Wisconsin Green Bay. His is name Captain Glenn morales and has been in the service over 65 yrs. I don 8767 t how how that works In the army . But anyways. I 8767 ve asked him for pictures but he claims his computer is not working and he doesn 8767 t like go to the library and use the computers there. The first time he asked for money. He claimed his son needed surgery. He stated he was short in cash and wanted me to me send him 6,555 dls through Money gram to contribute for his son 8767 s surgery. I told him didn 8767 t have that kind of money. Let me just add we use to chat daily. After I told him couldn 8767 t send him the money. he started being more distant. Now his telling me he needs to $755. Bc he has to buy coffee and personal stuff for him which he really needs in base. He even gave me an address in Wisconsin. where I can send the money. Can you please help me ? I feel so dumb for even believing this could be a soldier in need.

Wow !! what a deep thought and I agree 655% on this subject and yeah I have been cornned by a so called person and he used a solider 8767 s pic and used love as his income cos people like that are so spineless and lazy to get a job so that 8767 s the worst and evil way they make money I hope the USA govt, USA marines and any one attacking and using any Solider 8767 s picture 8767 s should bring to justic and punished them for stealing the pic 8767 s
I have huge respect for all the soldier 8767 s around the world..Please..please do something about this.

the scammer scamed me. after year i know he is scammer. he said to me please tace him away fast commader will send him to afganistan, he want to live back to home. i would love if obama sednt u s army to africa to tace care this sure it nothing that u s a army cant do. they geting more wort day. more more civilal losting them money. borked them heart. hope one day this not alive much more then already been.

Reaching out to any women who have become involved with a man claiming to be Tom Dodson in the US Army. He said he was from Miami but currently on a mission in Afghanistan. He sent me a message on Facebook claiming to be looking for a new friend to cure his aching heart from losing his former friend in a car accident. He then claims to be falling in love with you wants to meet you, shower you with gifts, pay you back for any money you will send him plus more and jewelry. He claims he is loaded and has a large sum of money, an inheritance, in the bank. I fell for this hook line and sinker and lost $6k to him, which I will never see. HE IS A TOTAL A SCAMMER, pictures and Military ID and fake documents. Please message me if you have encountered this man!!!

The forms they are sending to these people are very convincing, especially if you are not familiar with the military and the way leave works. First, no one can sign for a Military personnel to go on leave except the Chain of Command. If they are coming home from overseas on emergency leave, from a Combat Zone, as a lot of the scammer 8767 s are saying, they would not have to pay to come home. The government covers travel to and from the HOR(Home of Record). If they are coming home for scheduled R& R, from the Combat Zone, the Government also covers this.

These are just a few examples of the scams going around using military members as the center. Because these scumbags know that the American people love our Military, and most will do what they can to help. The scams are becoming more and more complicated as time goes by. For a civilian that is not subjected to the military a lot, and do not understand how it operates, they take the word of these douches. Especially when they use pictures of Soldiers and their family members.

I am currently talking to some guy that says he is a US army soldier that were send to west Africa. He first asked me for money, that he wanted to talk to me and we needed to connect and secure my line. I did not send the money. Also he is now telling me that he is very sick, and that he has malaria and he needs money to buy medicine, in my believe and knowing I thought the army helped the sick soldiers? I think it is a scam… now he is asking me to send money with western union to name Williams Collins. Address 65 hotel road ile ife, Nigeria… all this is a scam right??????

This is a weird story my fiancé has been talking to a naval officer in Kabul for a while who contacted her on facebook he recently asked her for money which she could not give he said it was to send to his son in Ghana , he then sent her details of 655 dollars in a western union account which she was to collect which she said she did and then with the money sent it to his son in Ghana , she has not sent any money herself but used his money he sent , his name was Robert Wandy , the sender was Ghiannina anduaga Pena, sending country Peru and receiver was omotade adetunji , Ghana , I am sure it is some sort of con but she won 8767 t believe me. Is this a scam please help us thanks Martin.

: Payments are to be made within 98hours of request for early referment to the US Army head-quarter And payment will be refunded as soon as Major Eldon Greg reaches you. You are to forward the sender 8767 s details and MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) before the request could be finalized and give pass to Major Eldon Greg.

Most of the time if a soldiers last name is on his fatigues you look up 8775 Show me pictures of soldiers with the last name ???? 8776 on google or . Scroll down and you will begin to see a site with pictures. Then after lookin at those you can press 7 to go to the next set of pictures on the next page. Thats how I find the real soldiers. Other times I just put in a different name in front of the last name in the people search on facebook and find the real one that way. If you cant see the soldiers last name on his fatigues it may be almost impossible to find the real one.

Hi about 9 months ago I was talking to a guy who said he was from the army so I asked him to send me photos he did then he started to tell me he needed money to get out of the army so I asked him to send me the forms but after looking at them and finding this sight I new they where fake I said to him that I know u are a scamme I also said that I wasn 8767 t going to send him any money and he said that I was putting my country for war and that I was to be ready as he was an American and that it what wi happen so I said If that 8767 s the case u wouldn 8767 t need the money then as they would let u out he told me he would fight for his country I said u are not in the army as I now u are a scammed but all I kept getting when I had a go was I hope your country won 8767 t be in war with America I said u are a lier and a scammed just leave me allown

There is two other fake sites. By the names of Chris Brinton, Robert Brinton and John Collin. Dont bother with these guys. I trying to figure out how to get them off of facebook. Jeffy ellis has now blocked me because I had him figured out. These sites need to be taken off of facebook. Any suggestions anyone. I found the real soldier to the Brinton sites. His name is Mark but cant seem to get a hold of him. I left a message several days ago.. He must not check his messages very often.

My husband 8767 s debit card information was stolen recently when he used it at a PX overseas. He has only been able to use his card twice in the past 9 months. After the second time, I received a call from USAA letting me know that someone in CT was trying to buy an international plane ticket, a person in NJ was trying to use the card at a mall, and another person was trying to use it in another at the same time!

I am in a contact with a Sgt Monroy Paul. I sent him $6955 via Western Union Bank to his General Charles Jacob to bring him home from leave. While on his way home to me, i was told that he was on detention by the Malaysian Imm and I need to send another US $5555 to bail him out. I want to find out if this is a real case but I don 8767 t know whom I can ask from. The general Charles Jacob wrote me back asking me not to inform the US EMBASSY or Sgt Monroy will be put in life imprisonment if the US military finds out abt his detention. Now i went to FB and search his name and to my surprise I found there are total 95+ FB accounts under the name of Monroy, all using the pictures of the same man I am talking to. Could anyone help me. I need to verify if this Monroy in Malaysia detention a real or fake case or how can i find this real Monroy zecena? Sgt Monroy is supposed to be stationed in kabul Afghanistan. He is a Sgt, E6. Thank you.

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