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Date: 2017-08-13 12:35.

I too was scammed by a guy claiming to be an Army Sgt in kabul. Sent me dozens of pics in his uniform and the name on his uniform was Mcgee. Talked to him for 6 months and of course like others, I fell hook,line,and sinker. Started asking me for money for food. Said he was starving and the food there made him sick. At that time i didnt know anything about scammers and I met him on facebook. So he got me for about one hundred and sixty God and you all I found out in time because he wanted six hundred dollars to adopt his best friends son. Claimed the boys dad had got killed and had promised him he would take care of him. Even sent pics of the little boy. So if you come accross a SGT Chris Mcgee in kabul know its not the real soilder.

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Don’t assume everyone is looking for the same thing. Canada is a huge country and very diverse culturally and linguistically. The dating scene is likely going to be pretty different in small, English speaking town in Saskatchewan to a large Cosmopolitan city like Montreal where the primary language is French. Canada is very multicultural. In fact, in large cities like Toronto and Vancouver, close to half the population is not born in Canada. Be sensitive to diversity and cultural traditions – don’t assume that everyone you meet is going to share the same attitude about casual sex.

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emily you should be happy your husband looks at hot girls on the net instead of going out and cheating on can be used as a great marriage tool if you guys share the experience together. embrace the fact that nikki s pics turn him on and when they do let him bang your brains out like you were newly fact that you blame her for your husband looking at adult sites is just wrong no one twisted his arm to join or Google her must be something lacking or tired in your marriage that he does .I would look to fix that and not blame others for your short comings.

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has two big advantages on its side: a massive user base and one of the most recognizable names in online dating. Reviewers say these two factors mean Match is still the traditional online dating site to beat, and they like that the site attracts users of all ages, many of whom seem to want something a little more serious than a fling. The highly detailed profiles and search functions also make it easy to zero in on promising users despite the crowded field, reviewers say.

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I am in a contact with a Sgt Monroy Paul. I sent him $6955 via Western Union Bank to his General Charles Jacob to bring him home from leave. While on his way home to me, i was told that he was on detention by the Malaysian Imm and I need to send another US $5555 to bail him out. I want to find out if this is a real case but I don 8767 t know whom I can ask from. The general Charles Jacob wrote me back asking me not to inform the US EMBASSY or Sgt Monroy will be put in life imprisonment if the US military finds out abt his detention. Now i went to FB and search his name and to my surprise I found there are total 95+ FB accounts under the name of Monroy, all using the pictures of the same man I am talking to. Could anyone help me. I need to verify if this Monroy in Malaysia detention a real or fake case or how can i find this real Monroy zecena? Sgt Monroy is supposed to be stationed in kabul Afghanistan. He is a Sgt, E6. Thank you.

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another scammer to watch out for is Charlez Harrison I think him an the captain Davison Opieh are the same person I told Charlez I believe he is a scammer he messaged me back saying he does not force any 6, scamming is cruel its playing with peoples emotions so what my friends and I do is circulate any 6 we believe to be scanners around each of our friends and always remember no matter how attached don 8767 t send a cent and watch
them bloke you

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I am currently talking to some guy that says he is a US army soldier that were send to west Africa. He first asked me for money, that he wanted to talk to me and we needed to connect and secure my line. I did not send the money. Also he is now telling me that he is very sick, and that he has malaria and he needs money to buy medicine, in my believe and knowing I thought the army helped the sick soldiers? I think it is a scam… now he is asking me to send money with western union to name Williams Collins. Address 65 hotel road ile ife, Nigeria… all this is a scam right??????

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Everyone be clear about this. The fakers do NOT care that it has misspellings, errors, or things that don 8767 t even come close to being based in reality. The sad thing is that there have been numerous studies that say 7% of the internet will believe ANYTHING that is on it. These are the people they are targeting. It allows them to weed through the people that will not send money by being so obvious only those that would ever do this will fall for it. If 7% of the United States alone fall for this type of scam that is about 6 million people. If they get $655 from each of them and many times they get much more that is 655 million dollars. This is big business and they know it. That is why they keep doing it. As a Signal Soldier I can tell you the way to defeat them is education. You need to educate your family and friends and teach them safe internet practices so they do not become a victim of this type of fraud. Just saying

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If you consider yourself off-beat or simply want to get to know potential matches beyond a superficial level, reviewers say can help you do that -- and for free. The site's extensive, unexpected matchmaking questions make it easy to glean insight into someone's personality, but you can still use traditional profile search criteria if you want to control your own destiny. also shows you when a potential match last logged on, helping distinguish between active and inactive users.

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: Payments are to be made within 98hours of request for early referment to the US Army head-quarter And payment will be refunded as soon as Major Eldon Greg reaches you. You are to forward the sender 8767 s details and MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) before the request could be finalized and give pass to Major Eldon Greg.

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Hi. I have been in contact with a supposed captain of US Army stayed in Kabul, Afghanistan. After few letters he ask me if I would like he come to my city to see me and after my positive answer he sent a message telling how I would have to proceed, including the paid of 6555,55 Euros for guarantee. I thought it weird and after a research I found this page. Now I realized that I almost was deceived by this fake profile. Thank you so much for your help.

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Reaching out to any women who have become involved with a man claiming to be Tom Dodson in the US Army. He said he was from Miami but currently on a mission in Afghanistan. He sent me a message on Facebook claiming to be looking for a new friend to cure his aching heart from losing his former friend in a car accident. He then claims to be falling in love with you wants to meet you, shower you with gifts, pay you back for any money you will send him plus more and jewelry. He claims he is loaded and has a large sum of money, an inheritance, in the bank. I fell for this hook line and sinker and lost $6k to him, which I will never see. HE IS A TOTAL A SCAMMER, pictures and Military ID and fake documents. Please message me if you have encountered this man!!!

i started thinking about it a few weeks ago becuase i was a little confused, they both only had me as a friend ad both said they couldnt add many people as they were in the army, if they couldnt add many people then why ONLY have me? surely they would have had their friends from the army on facebook but nope just me. in the end i realised they were fake accounts he was miller and brooke, it was the same person, i had come acroos a site were someone had posted the exact same things which had happend to me, and that they got so close to you because they only wanted your money.

sounds like the guy i have been dealing with, he got 65,555 out of me and kept going for more. He contacted me the other day and said he only need $979 more to get home to be with me and that he would be paying me back, I told him that I have no more money to give him, and he got mad and accused me of not loving him, he goes by the name Richards Shilts. I actually believed him for so long that it hurts that I was scammed, I never thought it would happen to me.

Barbara, it 8767 s a scam. The military will pay for him to come home, there is nothing in the military called a 8775 forced leave 8776 these guys sign a contract for so many years of service, there is no getting out early, unless they go AWOL. If it 8767 s an emergency, the military will allow them to come home. My nephew was in Afghanistan when his mother had a massive heart attack, the Red Cross was able to contact him and arranged for him to get home, coordinating with the Army.

me and brooke started talking more and more untill he said he started having problems, we had a few arguments before hand about little things but resolved them in the end, he said he didnt have much money and needed to see if he could get some, he asked me if i had any, i said i dont. he then went in a mood and didnt speak for days he then eventually spoke to me again, we spoke for ages untill he kept asking me for money and saying he loved me, it got a bit too much for me.

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the scammer scamed me. after year i know he is scammer. he said to me please tace him away fast commader will send him to afganistan, he want to live back to home. i would love if obama sednt u s army to africa to tace care this sure it nothing that u s a army cant do. they geting more wort day. more more civilal losting them money. borked them heart. hope one day this not alive much more then already been.

These are just a few examples of the scams going around using military members as the center. Because these scumbags know that the American people love our Military, and most will do what they can to help. The scams are becoming more and more complicated as time goes by. For a civilian that is not subjected to the military a lot, and do not understand how it operates, they take the word of these douches. Especially when they use pictures of Soldiers and their family members.

If you want information on how these scammers work and how to find out if you are talking with a scammer or not go to http:// and read up from out files or talk with a counselor. We will help you figure out what is real and what isn 8767 t. We are a victims advocate group made up of scam survivors, The army, the FBI and countless embassies around the world refer victims to us for answers and healing.

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