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Posted: 2017-10-29 21:53

Marriage is like a garden of flowers that always needs to be tended and cared for in order to remain colorful, bright and beautiful.
Love, TRUE LOVE is what will make a marriage work, But then true love is not selfish and must express itself in meaningful ways.
True love will always express itself in kindness, for love is kind, therefore be kind, generous, thoughtful and considerate to each other.

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its almost been 8 months since my Pisces woman and I have been together. EVERY moment we have spent together was worth every second. I cannot get enough of her. that may be my Leo affection speaking for me but I couldn't care less. I love her more than anything in the world. I feel we carry some of the most important traits that make us very compatible together. I hope to see myself in the future with her for a VERY long time! Love you Taty!!!

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Sarah I do agree. I am a Capricorn and most of my lovers were Capricorn. I enjoy every moment with this amazing lover Virgo. I know he loves me but sometimes I feel so insecure and as if I must be a bit hard to get. But I feel it will also puch him away and I hate games show what you feel why keep it inside and pretend. He knows exactly when I would kiss the smoke out of him and when I feel down. Do you think to be hard to get is a good idea. I need advice. Do I always sms him or should I give it a miss

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I need help! I met this Virgo guy a few months ago, he made the first move to take me out on dates ect. It was great. I fell in love with too quick (being a scorpio women) am emotional and read into things he does, says and how he says it. My problem is this, when we are physically together he 8767 s sweet, attentive and gives me attention but when he 8767 s away from me I get the silent treatment or it just feels like am nothing to him. He 8767 s very hot and cold. I can 8767 t even say if he 8767 s my boyfriend or just someone am hooking up with because am too stubborn and too scared to find out what he thinks we are. Having said this am very observent when he 8767 s cold towards me ignore him. When he 8767 s showing me love I do the same. I haven 8767 t opened up to him to tell him how I feel, to him he probably thinks I just like him and fine with going with the flow. I hide my emotions very well, but once in love its extra hard especially when I don 8767 t know if my Virgo likes me the way I like him.

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Ok, need a little insight here. Met a Virgo man almost 9 months ago, like him very much. Am a Capricorn.
We both have kids, and I have told him I am very careful about introducing my son to boyfriends, have only ever done this once before. However, we have now all met and are going on holiday together soon, mainly his idea.
He is pretty sweet and thoughtful, even bought me a small gift for Mother 8767 s Day as I couldn 8767 t be with my son that day due to work.
Only he has never said how he feels and I have no idea how he sees me in his life.
I know it 8767 s early days, but more than anything want to protect my son, so any help would be much appreciated.

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When It’s Over:   It will be a big relief unless they have kids in which case they will continue to irritate each other insanely through all eternity.  In fact Julia Cameron wrote a screenplay about it with her and Scorsese called “God’s Will”.   Between Sagittarius and Pisces, neither one knows about closure.  Each wants to have the last word. Each attempt to compromise begets new reasons to separate. It goes downhill from there.

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Pisces men are generally very loyal. As with all signs however they have certain situations where that may not be the case. For example if they are emotionally neglected for long enough they may seek a connection elsewhere. Typically they don't sleep with a partner they don't have a romantic connection with, though when single they will sometimes sleep with someone as a means to establish or speed up a connection, and can appear somewhat promiscuous due to this.

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The second guy I met ,I love him too,even we know each other for a long on realise we hit off well within such a short frame too. We met up each other after four know he s good looking ,just very reluctant to meet him though,kinda inferior. Our first date is on his birthday ,thanks God I am really lucky,he is high in demand among ladies and he treat me so we put each other fake date know we learnt thatt I should give him more time to open up forget about his bday frign respect me alot,he call me dearest ,and memories stay

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Hi ive been on a couple of dates with a virgo male the problem is he is a family friend and is best friends with my brother. He has confessed he has feelings for me but that he cant see how we can work without upsetting anyone so we should stop. He tells me how everything is so easy with me no awkward silences and he really enjoys being with me I am a leo woman and this virgo has really gotten to me. Will he ever come back to me or is it just how it is and there will be no changing his mind?

Is there a reason for Leo men to find Pisces women attractive? I don't really think it's our weepy/sultry/sensual these guys love cocky and confident woman, which is why I get along well with Leos as friends (because no romantic feelings, ironically enough, makes it very easy for me to be relaxed and cocky and not all bothered by what they think of me - which - ironically enough - is what keeps drawing them towards me).

I have been with my Virgo man for a year and we are still together but he seems to be pulling away and I have read a few things am doing wrong but am still generally confused, I 8767 d feel better if we could talk or something because you kind of sound like him, I don 8767 t want to lose him. He loves me I know, I think I just have a hard time with his no expressions and flirty behavior with other ladies and how he ignores me, my birthday was on Sunday and he didn 8767 t get me anything instead we had another fight, and yeah am Aries.

This is one of those combinations that could make a very boring date but a heavenly marriage, so the sucess of the pairing will depend on the timing and life plan of the individuals.  Deep down inside, every Pisces man is so lost and confused that he dreams of someone to get him organized, pin him to the ground, make him feel secure, and give him a reason to be here now.  Capricorn women are able to supply an ample amount of motherliness with a business-like attitude which can line up a Pisces man and get him marching for the good of both.  It it not always thrilling to be around a Capricorn woman, but you always feel safe and secure.  You know the bills are paid, the food will be on the table at 6:55, the kids will be clean and mannerly, and the 956(k) is building behind the scenes.  This, to a Pisces man, is a little bit of heaven.

Dated a Leo for 5 months. From the beginning everything was fine. I woke up put of a sleep and called his name and he didn't answer so I said that Jerk left me in the basement. Found out that he was around the corner heard me call his name. So I was laughing and asked did he hear me call him a jerk he said yes and what did it mean. I said I don't know just a word so he looked it up and said to twisted and etc. A week latter he called and said he could not go on vacation with me because I called him a jerk. I was hurt because we played around all the time and all of a sudden he gets serious. I feel it was something but he will not communicate with me at all. I didn't want to loose him over something so minor. I never knew Jerk also meant silly and stupid. I would have missed that on my spelling test (smile) I wonder if he will get any nerve to call or write and communicate with me. I am not holding anything against him because I believe in talking things out and clearing the air

I am a Pisces woman dating a Leo man. We have been dating for a year now. We had our share of ups an ups an make ups. But now I have found out how to deal with him.. an him the same with me. So after that we really aint have no problems.. he is indeed insenstive.. an has a smart mouth.. very outspoken.. we havent argued in public yet.. I find him very intirging..an sexy I love to take care of him.. an he does tha same.. so I guess we will c what happens next

Hi Virgo Man, are virgo men only attracted to a specific 8766 type 8767 of woman. Im slim have been told i 8767 m attractive but am a 5 8775 8 8798 brunette. I feel like there is a mutual attraction with a virgo iv 8767 e met but i know that his previous girlfriends were short blond and very petite. Im guessing that being as fussy as you are that you have a 8766 type 8767 and don 8767 t really steer from it. Would you agree?

Sex: Most Capricorns are amazingly shy about sex, like a 68 year old girl.  This quality sticks with them throughout their lives.  It is especially healing for a Capricorn to immerse herself in Pisces 8767 all-forgiving waters where sexuality is concerned.  Pisces men care for nothing except that their partner is comfortable and satisfied.  They can be very self-sacrificing by nature.  This helps Capricorn over the rough spots into a new world of intimacy.

I could only give the credit to another Virgo for such an uncanny insight, language and that glowing cynicism we all love so much! (or perhaps I should extend my credit to a fellow Mercury child, Gemini, here or there . I enjoyed reading it as much as going through my mental checklist, making sure you 8767 d hit all the main points. One thing, though (you 8767 re not really surprised by this, are you?): We turn stone cold when we realize (early on, mind you) that someone is using us or taking an advantage of our natural goodness. The same emotion is employed when we break up. Don 8767 t bother with apologies, tears and begging. When we 8767 re done, we are really done! Good job, Virgo Man

I have a silly question! I have a new virgo boyfriend, we havent had sex yet. I usually wax down there (im hairless all the way to the back) mainly because i find it very hygienic and in my book cleanliness is next to godliness. My boyfriend says he loves the way i smell and how clean i am, but he doesnt know yet that i wax down there.
Are virgos into hairless style, if you get my drift? or do they prefer hairy fanny (virgos prefer pure and innocent right?)
Im afraid he might criticize me or something for hollywood waxing I dont want him to think im a weirdo.., or that im not that innocent? lol
Whats your opinion virgo man?? cheers!

So that's my roller coaster. I love this man, he's my best friend, my supporter and my biggest cheer leader but he stressed me out so bad. I cry a lot but then we make up and it's bliss again. I wish I could be as happy and arrogant as him but I'm just me. I can't be him. He doesn't get that. He thinks that the world revolves around him and because I don't blow up his ego he feels slighted and then here comes the roar.

Months went by of great sex but I started to feel cheap. With him not kissing me and us not doing anything but have sex I decided I just didn't want to do it anymore so I retracted my original contract that had no strings and asked for a renegotiation. I told him that I wanted him to value me for something other then sex and I wanted us to go places and do things together and talk about different things.

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