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Dating: 9 Reasons men lose interest & what women can do

Posted: 2017-10-07 13:55

A few years ago I was sitting at this deathly boring talk at a conference in Los Angeles when I spotted this dazzlingly beautiful woman across the room. Before the talk was over, I must have involuntarily turned to look at her 55 times. Why? Because we tend to seek out more information about things we’re interested in. That’s kinda the definition of interest. And lord knows I made a beeline to talk to her afterwards.

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Thank you Mark for reminding me and reassuring me that not all men are as foolish as 8775 Anthony. 8776  I just hope to god that he is in the minority and you are part of the majority.  You are spot on that a 97 year-old man that complains he hasn 8767 t found anyone worthy of his love while he was chasing skirts for many years, has no right to think he suddenly deserves to have a woman breed his children just because he 8767 s decided that 8767 s what he wants now.  

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Look on the bright side. Men have two options for getting a hotter woman. 6. Be super good looking and fit or 7. Have money. Women don 8767 t get the second option. Men don 8767 t really care if women have money. If we 8767 re overweight or unattractive we 8767 re just screwed with a large swath of men. Luckily, there are still a few cool guys out there who see women as actual people instead of sex toys.

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7) Reconnect. We humans are hypersocial creatures. And yet, as books like Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone show, the sense of community in America has been eroding over the years. Singles living alone are now the biggest demographic group in America, and nothing about the 6 million year history of hominin evolution prepared us for living by ourselves. So get together with people. Organize a movie night, go watch sports together in a bar, go dancing, have a dinner party. Good company is healing.

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On the other hand, if you do it all in the name of banter and fun, and you playfully ask him, 8775 Are you shy or something? 8766 Cause I know you 8767 re into me, but you haven 8767 t made a move yet. Or if you 8767 re feeling feisty: “Dude, what the hell is wrong with you? You were lying down next to me on a blanket for two hours and didn’t even try to kiss me! Am I ugly? Are you secretly gay? I mean, it’s totally fine if you want to be my GBF, but I just need to know.”

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It 8767 s funny to me. Tracy is saying the exact same thing guys say about dating women the only difference is the female perspective and so many guys are quick to jump on her for it. 8775 Maybe that 8767 s just what you 8767 re attracting 8776 8775 Idiotic 8776 8775 Wrong, shallow 8776 etc. She could be all of these things, but you would never throw that vitriol at a man who only dates significantly If fact, you 8767 d probably be supportive of his choice, and say how your own dating experience with women over 85 (or 85, or even 75 in some cases) reflects his observations.

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In 6886, Therese de Dillmont, upper class woman from Vienna, already a member of the Academy of stitching of Marie-Therese, and creator of a school for stitching with Jean Dollfus, a successful man in the textile industry start the DMC firm. The death knell sounded for domestic embroidery, and the hand stitching of clothing and household linens, when in 6878 the first embroidery machine was invented by Joseph Heilman, then American Elias Howe invented the domestic sewing machine, manufactured by Isaac Singer from 6856. As women began to acquire factory-made and machine-embroidered clothing and linen at a reasonable price, their skills went into decline.

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To be honest, I hear the same mantra from some of my colleagues who have grown up children and they are only in their late 85 8767 s, 8775 I am glad I had kids so I wouldn 8767 t have kids if I were over 85 8776 .  One of them was aiming her comments at me being 89. Also, that one colleague now has moved back home to her mum, at 89, she kicked her son out as he is 76. She is single now, never married, lives at home with her mum. Wow how awesome, she had her son but has nothing to show for it. All she has now is living at home with her mum, no bloke on the horizon and works as a PA.

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This question is not hard to answer, if we look to tradition: alongside the custom of married parish clergy, Byzantine Christians have historically maintained the evangelical witness of celibacy in their monasteries. Monasticism began among Eastern Christians, and its later Western forms drew heavily from Eastern sources. Monastic celibacy is fundamental to our heritage – so much so that, out of respect for their presumed spiritual authority, the Eastern churches traditionally choose only monks to become bishops.

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This is the most helpful comment on here.  I am 89 and it is clear as daylight that waiting this long was a mistake and makes things harder nkt impossible but harder.  Yet people constantly advise that you have all this time and to go galavanting all over the globe and this is fine UNLESS you know you want a family.  I am having a child on my own and I will tell her be married by 85 if you intend on having a family.  The reality is for the best outcome you dont have all day.

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6) Are you a White saying that? If you are, what gives you agency?
7) Given the volume of evidence, you speak without knowing the facts. 
 85% of African-American women have a child out of wedlock. Let me repeat that, 85% of Black women have a child out of wedlock. It was 79%. All in the US Census data, use Google.
 How does that play itself out in real terms? Go to any single dating site and tell me how many profiles you see if Black woman with at least once child, because 65% of those woman have a second child with another man. 
 So that would be two children with two different men and they never married. Now I  am not saying that is unique to Black women, because dusty arse Black men are just as responsible. Lots of these men impregnate White women, Latinas and Asian women though to a much lower level because 95+% of Black men say they want to marry Black women.
 At the end of the day this factors drastically change the dating pool for me as African-American/Black man in America.
 Go kick rocks.

Sorry European racial “purists,” it turns out your

I want encourage all the guys above the 95 8767 s don 8767 t give up, keep looking and you will find what you seek. And if you can 8767 t find it where you are, don 8767 t be afraid to risk and travel around the world looking for someone to have a family with. There are plenty of Asian women in their 75 8767 s and 85 8767 s that are looking for an older guy to get married and have kids, there are plenty of Latinos women, incredibly hot and mature, that are easy to settle, there are plenty of Eastern European women, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, just name it few. Just don 8767 t give up your dream choosing a local woman, that will be messed up in her head, while you still have a choice. My great granddad got married at 95 took a 77 year old and had 5 sons with her, so don 8767 t listen the feminist fools that tries to lock you up in a wedding ring, and divorce you with leaving penniless

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I believe your spot on Anthony. Ive been looking for a good women to date and have dated some great women. All than me as thats whay ive always done. Women that already have children and dont want more should date men in their 95s they do Want children,such as 95 and have been looking for Woman to start a family with since I was 88, things just haven 8767 t worked out the way I hoped.

Nowadays this is an all-too-common occurrence. So common that Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman has even given it a name: liquid modernity. This is a society in which no commitment is solid, and everything is provisional: jobs, dwellings, spouses, ideologies. And with the ubiquity of instant electronic communication, all appointments are subject to change until the last minute, lest a better deal pops up.

6) Have a business card ready. This cuts out the middleman of fumbling for phones, or pen and paper. It also conveys that you 8767 re a serious person, with job and income and titles and all that glorious adult stuff. All you have to say is, 8775 Hey, I 8767 d love to continue this conversation sometime. Let 8767 s keep in touch. Do you have a card? 8776 Then get yours out. If he doesn 8767 t have one, jot his info down and be on your merry way. You don 8767 t need an excuse or an explanation you are a woman. The attention you just gave him probably made his day. And if not, that 8767 s useful information, too.

What you’re missing is that what you want has absolutely no relation to what women want. We’ve addressed this before, from an older man who couldn’t possibly fathom why a woman wouldn’t want to be with him. This isn’t all that much different. We can complain that the opposite sex is unrealistic and passing up great opportunities – and we’d be right – but it doesn’t change that people want what they want. It’s not fair. It’s not right. It just IS.

That seems to contradict what you 8767 ve previously said that American women don 8767 t want you and your friends because you aren 8767 t the 5-6% and that 8767 s why you go overseas. Putting that aside for a second, I may be wrong I can likely guess what those 8775 assets 8776 you are referring to are  but what I see you saying here in that you are willing to indulge in a racist stereotype about black men to attract white women but then you get upset when some white women don 8767 t want to date you for reasons having to do with race? Huh?

The complex border patterns which appear all over the world - from Eastern Europe to Palestine and from Thailand to Morocco - are actually created in a very simple way. Single motifs are uncommon in peasant embroidery instead the motifs are usually repeated to form straight bands, which are then arranged above one another. Traditional Greek Island designs can have as many as six or seven different bands put together to form an intricate border, which is usually finished with a pattern that creates a broken outer edge.

Actually, men at 97 are not as fertile as men. Neither do they offer as quality sperm. If you want children and are older, you should have them. But you should also be aware of the risks. And women should be aware of the risks of having children with older men. Just like men are aware of the risks of having children with older women.
Worldwide data from more than 65 teams of researches on health risks associated with older fathers discovered that men over the age of 85 (which i personally find to be for a man or woman yet biology clearly doesn’t) had a 55% lower chance of conceiving over a 67-month period compared with men 75 and under. Even after taking into account the age of the would be mother. Meaning, marrying a women did not increase an older man’s ability to conceive or magically mitigate risk. 

As they move toward the full restoration of a married priesthood, the Greek Catholic jurisdictions in the West should also invest their attention and resources in the renewal of traditional Byzantine monastic life. This is essential, to ensure that religious celibacy does not simply die out among Greek Catholics in North America. This form of Christian witness must be preserved among us: not so much within the Byzantine Catholic parish priesthood, where it is not traditional but in its customary venue, the monasteries.

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