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This is a more general trend. African-American leaders spent decades haranguing the Black community about its various social problems, but attacked Obama for giving the same speech (at a black church, but whilst on the campaign trail and hence implicitly for a white audience) and they were correct to do so. NRx has been enormously productive and influential for its size and weirdness, in part because of its vigorous internal debate, but they circle the wagons here. Multi and I are just doing the same, although for some reason people interpret them as more aggressive and hateful about it when it seems like the reverse to me.

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The phrase 8775 everyone has a price 8776 has a deep meaning that goes beyond money. Would you betray your PhD advisor, as Kolmogorov did, to prevent an embarrassing aspect of your life from becoming public? Don 8767 t answer back with 8775 I am a very public person 8776 . That 8767 s dodging the question. Life is very messy. If you live long enough, sooner or later you too will have something you wouldn 8767 t like the public at large to know about you despite your internet presence. Anyone who has lived an interesting life, with the possible exception of Donald Trump, has one of these things in their baggage. And the only reason I exclude Donald Trump from the statement is because he is a living reality TV show. I cannot imagine anything he might be hiding.

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The general idea as I understand it is that it 8767 s important to lower one 8767 s background panic level it 8767 s the panic that locks in bad emotional habits. Fitzer has methods of calmly paying attention to current sensations and one 8767 s imagination so that the sense of self is more complete I 8767 m developing some flexibility so I 8767 m not as stuck in panic and trying to feel better while panicking.

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8775 Kolmogorov knew better than to pick fights he couldn’t win. 8776
Rather, Kolmogorov knew better than to pick fights that could get him killed. One wants to take on challenges where victory isn 8767 t certain, and great, worthy causes even if victory is unlikely, or costly. A man needs war stories to tell in his old age. There 8767 s a reasonable range between the conformist and the quixotic, and it seems that Kolmogorov was comfortably within it.

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Most of us have gone on dates with strangers from the internet at some point. But even if you met your date IRL, it’s a good idea to give them a Google Voice number when you start chatting, Rucker says. Google Voice lets users generate phone numbers for free and use them to set up other secure chat services like WhatsApp or Signal. A user can easily turn off her Google Voice number and get a new one if her date turns out to be a creep—and she won’t have to go to the trouble of changing her real number and redistributing it to all her friends.

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Since his announcement, though, O&rsquo Sports Hack has to wonder: Are his current and former teammates experiencing an openly genuine case of Warm Fuzzies as they embrace his decision to declare his sexual orientation, or are they secretly shaking their heads in dismay thinking, &ldquo Damn, I shared a locker room and shower with him! I hope he wasn&rsquo t scoping out MY junk in the locker room or even in the showers.&rdquo

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I 8767 m sorry I didn 8767 t respond to your post for two days, I was busy and didn 8767 t have time to write respond (it takes me a long time to express myself the way I like. I 8767 ve spent over an hour on this comment already, for example). It was probably for the better, anyways. It gave me time to calm down. Scott 8767 s posts on feminism are always so combative that I get riled up and defensive, and that 8767 s never a good state to attempt communicating in. I can see that in my earlier posts, in fact. I was honest, but really too emphatic about what I believed, and it came across judgmental and overconfident.

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Frankly it seems like you fall victim to the pervasive cultural bias towards recognizing attacks on women as glaring incidents and simply ignoring, or not noticing at all, attacks on men. This is the only way you 8767 d be able to remotely see the 8775 manosphere 8776 as an opposite equivalence to feminism. Feminists vociferously attack men, even whole categories of men and are far less eager to attack women or categories of women (except when those women oppose feminism). TRP/Pickup communities vociferously attack women and men who fail to live up to their standard. Men 8767 s Rights communities seem more concerned with political issues than with personal attacks most of the time, and when things do get personal being a man has no protective effect relative to being a woman in the way that the reverse applies for feminist attackers.

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Are feminists wrong when some of them argue that male -on-male and female-on-male are both severely under-reported (see . )? Feminists are wrong because the people saying these things are absolutely drowned out by the overwhelming chorus of male victimizing and female victimhood coming from feminists every second of every hour of every day, as well as active, concerted efforts by feminists to cover up, erase, and excuse the of men by women (see: Mary Koss, defining men by women as 8775 ambivalent about their sexual desires 8776 , to no feminist outcry. She was advising the CDC and the UN about their surveying and response, and successfully pushed to have the of men by women omitted from being counted or being addressed.) If one voice in the dark of someone who hasn 8767 t done anything and has no power to oppose destructive actions is enough to absolve feminism of all the destruction it 8767 s committed, then feminism can take no responsibility for anything, good or ill, and 8775 feminism 8776 is a gibberish sequence of noises.

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Going back to ancient times various people saw that Venus was always close to the Sun and argued that it orbited the Sun. But I think that other people argued that if this were true, it would change brightness, which it does not. They argued that if it were illuminated by the Sun it would have phases. We can 8767 t see the phases with the naked eye, but they argued that we would be able to see the change in total brightness, which we don 8767 t. Of course, this depends on how the distance from Venus to the Sun compares to the distance from the Sun to the Earth. It turns out that the orbit of Venus is 8/9 AU, very close to the orbit of the Earth, so the size changes are big. But the size and phases are not visible to most naked eyes.

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It would actually be pretty fun to go full internet-archaeologist on the manosphere, but a quick look confirms my impression that, although it is built from older pieces, it 8767 s really quite There was a 8775 men 8767 s rights 8776 movement around forever, but its early focus tended to be on divorce cases and fathers 8767 rights. Heartiste started publishing in 7557. The word 8775 manosphere 8776 was first used in late 7559. Google Trends confirms a lot of this.

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houseboatonstyx: that would be illegal in many states and countries, if you didn 8767 t first get consent from everyone you interacted with. Here 8767 s California 8767 s law , for example (section 687). Per the DMPL , a 8775 confidential communication 8776 is any in which 8775 one of the parties has an objectively reasonable expectation that no one is listening in or overhearing the conversation 8776 . Which would almost certainly apply to the sort of thing under discussion here.

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There are a lot of answers that one could make to that. A lot of justifications, a lot of reasoning, stuff that makes sense but the real answer to this question is 8775 You didn 8767 t deserve to not be doing worse than Henry. 8776 When I say 8766 real 8767 , I mean that this is what the universe our cold, uncaring universe would say to you. You don 8767 t deserve anything. Nothing is guaranteed there 8767 s no delivery promise. You don 8767 t even deserve to be ALIVE. It 8767 s just something that you 8767 ve managed to do so far. And there 8767 s no guarantee you 8767 ll remain alive either.


There are plenty of other possible positions. Of course I 8767 m not a Christian, I 8767 m an atheist and a physicalist. But consciousness and identity are reducible abstractions. There 8767 s no necessary contradiction between that and them being persistent and real. When I talk about my consciousness, I 8767 m referring to it it 8767 s a real thing, though that doesn 8767 t mean it 8767 s irreducible, non-physical, or something like the Christian concept of a soul. Just because it 8767 s not ontologically basic doesn 8767 t mean it doesn 8767 t exist and things changing with time is no barrier to it existing, either.

This is the hypothesis I 8767 ve been leaning toward the most. I know several women who pick up a new partner every month or so, and who would probably be fascinated with the prospect of dating many of the men in my life who complain about not getting any, but whom the latter would not call 8775 nerdy 8776 or 8775 smart 8776 or 8775 interesting, 8776 explaining themselves with the word 8775 picky. 8776

For example, if you learned some mathematical fact about quantum mechanics, it seems that you would do your best to spread that knowledge as far as possible to whomever would listen. If, however, you used an open and unsubstantiated theory—which may be an interesting line of thought in the pursuit of truth but nowhere near accepted as truth itself (say, the many worlds hypothesis)—to demand policy changes that kick people out of their homes or take away their health care, that would be a different matter altogether. It makes it all the more dubious if the consequence of that policy is that you get a larger farm and lower health care costs for your family.

8775 So convinced is she that violence is an intrinsic and indispensable part of relations between the sexes, however, that if by some chance she alights next time upon a nonviolent man, she suffers acute discomfort and disorientation she may, indeed, even leave him because of his insufficient concern for her. Many of my violently abused women patients have told me that they find nonviolent men intolerably indifferent and emotionally distant, rage being the only emotion they 8767 ve ever seen a man express. They leave them quicker than they leave men who have beaten and otherwise abused them. 8776

Your comment totally fails to address this, and also prescribes a behavior that could be taken as 8775 creepy 8776 if done towards a woman who is not interested, along with a heavy does of mockery. 8775 Lol, you 8767 re too lame to even tell a girl you like her! What a failure! 8776 That is kind of how your comment reads, and it is extra unkind, because it does not even address what the commenter was saying.

Matthew, that 8767 s actually a really good point. I completely missed that it would register positive but crude, and even neutral but crude, comments as being abuse. Someone who has an audience more willing to curse in a tweet would register as receiving far more abuse, which makes the data so messy I 8767 m thinking this study is pretty much useless. I guess that 8767 s why this was just sent out as a press release, and they didn 8767 t actually try to make a paper out of it.

Just to make sure I don 8767 t have my selection bias goggles on, I went through my women Facebook friends, and counted them one by one, up to about eighty. Some are rich, some are poor. Some are huge computer geeks, others keep getting infected with viruses because they install the Bonzi Buddy toolbar. Some are American, some European, some Asian. And, yes, some are overweight, or are just assholes. But every single one has had lots of attractive, successful, high-status partners.