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Now I'm having a problem because there are people that are selling themselves and using Facebook to promote prostitution and are people who bother others so they can sell their products. I do not do none of this and I get banned. I never got a warning at all or anything like that. I'm seriously in awe with their behavior. They should investigate the girls that add you as a friend and say come and join and play with me. I'm disgusted and believe that they should investigate the ones that are doing this things.

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Facebook banned from posting or commenting for 85 days for stating my anti-vaccine opinions. I also commented that according to the evidence I have researched, it appears that vaccines are targeting people of ** more than anyone else and that Big Pharma is just an extension of the Nazis and their Eugenics programs. Then the trolls started attacking me and calling me a racist, which I am definitely not.

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They keep deleting my Facebook account and ask me for my picture, name, date of birth and identity. I submitted but they did not accept. They are not letting me to access my Facebook account and associated pages. This is the third time they have done this. I have never posted my pictures on Facebook since it's my crafts page. On the other hand, me and my friends kept reporting about a fake account which we know for sure is created by a blackmailer, mimicking my friend who never had a Facebook account. But Facebook did not block that page, saying that account does not violates Facebook rules. Wow! Seriously, if Facebook can ask me for my identity why not that fake account holder? I must say Facebook is supporting blackmailers and encourages illegal activities. I hate Facebook.

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I decided to open account in my real name and a few days later the same thing is done to me. But in chat I answered a question and talked to someone in private chat and guess what my account is disabled and have to show document and get automated responses "cant confirm account. Please send more information on this and that list". I have the right to protect myself and defend myself and answer questions but Facebook says no to that by disabling your account.

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Lord where do I start. Facebook told me I need to secure my page. I click I change my password which I been trying to get back on Facebook for almost week. Tomorrow October 8rd, and it either goes back to the beginning saying change password again or I get a page is broken. I been writing to them to no avail. I mean not no one has replied. I play a few games on there and my friends, family, bosses, and co-workers are on there. Now nothing and no one is telling me nothing. I even sent a picture of my driver's license to them. If anyone else has had this problem how did you solve it.

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To me they are bullies and don't care about protecting someone even when you tell them about someone that still has an account that is up and they are a known sex offender and in and out of jail and when you report someone in a chat that uses offensive language and slurs and calls someone a vulgar explicative. Facebook is a joke for their rules, let someone go for things they should get disabled, someone answers questions and says how they feel in a private chat and they get punished and have to jump through hoops to prove who they are and told that is not your account when it is?

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One fine day I checked my Facebook page and was scrolling through messages and hit a dead end. There was a message from the Facebook gestapo telling me that if I wanted to see the rest of my messages I would have to add more friends. That is frigging crazy. I am 67 years old veteran and served and my country HONORABLY. I suffered a devastating stroke seven years ago and I am still recovering from that experience. I will be on disability for the rest of my life. Most of my friends are already dead or they do not use Facebook anyway. In short, I have all the friends and family I need and Mark Zuckerberg henchmen does not have right to extort that constitutional right from me.

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PS. Even if this gets resolved Facebook will lose my entire family because of this asinine not so bright show of brains on their part. Also I feel they have their favorites and pick and choose newer accounts to target then go to older ones who rub them the wrong way. I will put this in as many places as possible on the internet to let people know about the unfair and unjust actions shown by Facebook on disabling someone without giving a better reason than unjust ones that do not apply to any reason given than making something up to do so, to me Facebook is losing more and more people to other social networks.

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“Extortion (also called shakedown, outwrestling and exaction) is a criminal offense of obtaining money, property, or services from an individual or institution, through coercion.” I put this information on my Facebook page and also friended Mark Zuckerberg and started sending his friends that message also in hope that Mark Zuckerberg would get the message and put an end to this craziness. Instead of that happening Mark Zuckerberg sent the mafia after me and they locked me out of my accounts. The new message was to get 8-5 of your friends and kiss their asses so that I could grovel beneath the boots Mark Zuckerberg Gestapo. HELL WILL FREEZE OVER BEFORE THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN!!! Mark Zuckerberg’s sole source of income is advertising and his greed to wring every penny out of his members that sign up for this service downright wrong. My mother always told her four boys that money is the root of all EVIL. She was damn sure right.

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I am an advertiser with a large budget. We spend tens of thousands of dollars with Facebook yet we are completely unable to find an answer to our issue. Is it fair that a company can take all this money and never be responsible for customer support? Facebook wants us to "ask the community", which are not Facebook employees. Ever go to a doctor and get told that the doctor is too busy and to ask people in the lobby instead? Facebook should not be allowed to take money and not offer support.

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So I have a business that I post to Facebook Groups that are EXACTLY for that, posting your business in. My posts are very benign and not offensive at all. Constantly getting blocked from posting in them. There needs to be an alternative to FB. It has become just like Craigslist. If someone reports you and you are blocked you have no recourse. The appeal process is nothing but a joke. You will NOT get an answer back to your appeal because it never goes to an actual person for review!! No phone numbers to call just like Craigslist. A very, very poorly run site.

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Well I used to be with Facebook and I can't stand Facebook now. I can't even keep any pages without Facebook keep deleting my pages. I had Depression page and Facebook removed the pages. I have put A new Page and Facebook delete my new page so l was asked from Facebook A picture of my face and I gave one to Facebook. I waited 77 Hours but Facebook turn right around and deleted my Facebook page without any dang notice whatsoever. It really pissed me off that Facebook didn't even bother to let me know why Facebook did that to me.

Despite my first and last name being my GIVEN, LEGAL name, I'm in my account one minute and went to check my notifications and was out. My middle handle is not a name. The. Middle. Not the first or last. the middle. This is under the guise of enabling safety and ensuring my friends can reach me. I've had the same amount of friends for the last 8 years. AND MY ACCOUNT IS PRIVATE. People can't find me any damn way. Facebook wants me to scan my . I was looking for a reason to take a break. Completely asinine.

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Too many people are being bullied on Facebook by this ban policy. I can get a member kicked off by reporting some lame post, or I can block that person so I don't have to see their lame posts, but I should never be allowed to pass judgment on another, just because I am mad at them, or I was raised different. Since Facebook actually encourages this activity, it is also aiding in the very thing our constitution protects us from (in many cases) - denial of due process, which should warn first, and allow us to explain. My guess is that the company is only staffed with golfers and stock holders, and the occasional glitch repair personnel. If I can't post, or have to be careful what I say, I might as well just not be a part of the drama, as well. Ten years of my time wasted on the site, good riddance **!

I honestly think the reason Facebook deleted my account was because my views were not the same as main stream media. I had never posted anything inappropriate or harassing, I was passionate about engaging my friends in discussions about what is really going on in the world and how we need to talk about these things if we ever want our world to change for the better. I now think Facebook is a part of the problem too.

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