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It 8767 s a weird feeling wanting yourself back building yourself back up from ground zero is so dam hard. One of the hardest things I 8767 ve had to do and trust me, I 8767 ve been and seen things way more than my years, so I 8767 ve always had an older head on my shoulders. Time is a strange thing, and I can only hope the future is still bright, but I don 8767 t want to waste it. I 8767 ve avoided anything to do with her social media, friends the whole shebang. Surround yourself around good people, try to do new things, things that make you happy, travel you name it.

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Theres nothing he can do. Im speaking from experience. He is completely at her mercy, unfortunately and he will slowly go insane like i am. If he doesnt get away from them, including his kids for at least a little while, he will likely try to kill himself like i did. Having your children dangled in front of you is bad for you and them. She will keep them just barely out of reach and i guarantee it will torture him so badly that he will think of suicide 79/7. The best thing he could do is get completely away for a while. Call and check up on them but take the space he needs to heal his mind enough to be a good dad again. Again i speak from experience.

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oh my gosh. I always think I 8767 m an incapable man or something. it 8767 s happened when I was still with my ex. she 8767 s a moody kind of person. I know being moody is somewhat normal thing for women. but she is, I guess, much more special. High expectation at how am I must be, she wants me to read her mind, get angry easily over trivial matters, start to showing me that she 8767 s no longer respecting me as her man. I don 8767 t know what I have to do anymore. everything I did just make her temperament getting worse. It lead to the moment when I feel awkward every time she 8767 s around me. She told me, in sarcastic way, 8775 you 8767 re not capable and fail guy so fuck off 8776 . aaand we 8767 re break up. she 8767 s got new boyfriend one week later, I end up in my room questioning my capability.

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My Father died a month before my second baby my son was born. I went into a downward spiral of HELL. Literally. I moved in with my Mother with my family because we lost our jobs, my Grandparents died the same year (both my Father 8767 s parents). I felt about as useless as you can imagine. I got pregnant and had my third baby my second son. My husband had joined the military and wasn 8767 t there.

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It sounds suspiciously like 8775 supremacist, 8776 which would be used by 8775 others 8776 against the 8775 enlightened. 8776 However, enlightenment is not really an achievable state. I think in Buddhism, an adherent never reaches enlightenment, at least not before death, it 8767 s a constant struggle to reach because the finish line is always moving. Saying you are 8775 enlightened 8776 means you THINK you have arrived at that place, which would be smug superiority.

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Thank you, NML and Loving Annie. You both made great points. I have just given up one emotionally unavailable man, and this post is going to prevent me from getting back in with another. My self esteem is so messed up, I admit it I have been flirting with other EUMs from my past, since this last major one and I parted ways, because it seems to be the only way I feel validated. I know that 8767 s a bad thing! I have got to learn to find validation other ways in myself.

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Stop excusing her behavior. She 8767 s an adult, not a child. She 8767 s presumably not insane, so she can recognize the difference between right and wrong. Might she have issues? Sure. Bad childhood? Sure. But people manage to grow up and be decent people with unimaginably horrible childhoods. That doesn 8767 t mean they don 8767 t struggle and everything is hunky dory, but they manage to not damage other people in the process.

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I once lived with a roommate who was a narcissist. She treated me poorly, she treated her boyfriend poorly, she accused me of everything under the sun, including abusing her animals, who were the only things keeping me sane throughout the entire ordeal (I understand animals more than people. It 8767 s sad). When I saw that they 8767 d gotten married, I said a quick prayer that their marriage not be as miserable as their dating life. They were one of the worst couples I 8767 d ever seen, and honestly, I have no faith in their marriage. it 8767 s a ticking time bomb.

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Well,I think that I am brave enough to share some stuff. Like most of us,there are just too many incidents to talk about. I think that I could write a book if I had to. I could talk about the childhood incidents but there was one time I remember as an adult about ten years back. Since then,I did earn a college degree as an older student and improved my life. I have always been single and managed to get by when I was a adult working at like two PT customer service jobs and roommate situations. There was a time when my job(s)were waning and my money situation was tight. I have always been single and my only real family members are my abusive parents,having no siblings. Plus,my few good family members died when I was a kid.

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You will find, being a codependent, you were probably brought up by a narcissist, therefore conditioned from day one and subconsciously looking for another narcissist in your life, over and over again, till you get it, till you get narcissism, but even more so, till you get you.
All these excuses you make for him you are really making for you, you need him, even if he does not need you, you being just means to an end for him.

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So, for those out there reading this, I discovered that it 8767 s me that I still have to work on. Paul is a good man and I feel that he doesn 8767 t want to drag me down with his baggage and decided to do something about it. I love him, I honestly do and I told him that I wish him luck and happiness. Only he can make the change and nobody can hold his hand while he 8767 s going through the pain of self-realization. I do love myself enough to know that I deserve the love and attention I need from time to time from an emotionally available man. I 8767 m off to dating, trying on some other men to see if they fit. But I want to say that some EUM can and will change, but they have to come to realize on their own and with a little care from a friend, they can realize that they need to walk that path by themselves. If Paul has changed and continues to improve and looks me up in the future, I will still consider him. That is, if I 8767 m available.

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My narcisstic father convinced me to buy the home farm at full cost so he could go on the pension and then had me sign a contract where I re-leased the farm back to him at a dollar a year. It was in my best interests he said as then if I meet a partner she couldn 8767 t lease and take half the farm. He made my brother do the same, however my brother wanted to move into town and sold his property. So because he didn 8767 t follow my fathers wishes my father sued him for breach of contract for a ridiculous sum which left my brother with nothing to show for all those years he paid the loans. My father then used the money to renovate his house. How do I get out of this situation if I want to retire and move into town I too will be sued by my own father.

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She did nothing about my brother being violent towards me. This grew into emotional and verbal abuse as we got older. He would try to set me up on dates with his friends because “I needed to get fucked good” because I was “such a bitch”. I remember him telling a friend of his that I didn’t find attractive at all that I was interested, and even set up a date and time. The poor guy was totally deflated when I refused, he looked like a deer in headlights. It’s like I’m not a human being to him, or my mother. They will talk about me right in front of me as if I’m not in the room, defining me to their own likings. When I spoke up, I got the whole combination of being ignored, cut off, discounted, blank stares, and an immediate change of the subject/reality. Lots of projection, too. When I was they would tell me I was the problem, then that turned into ignoring and talking behind my back when I got older because they knew I had it figured out.

Hi Jane,
Yes, at Christmas time it seems no matter how you try to please doing the correct thing, it seems to back fire. I have always been the one blamed for whatever goes years ago my mother blamed me for the break up of my princess sisters asked how I was to be blamed and her reply was that if I had not introduced them to each other in the first place the divorce would not be is no hope with parents like mine but plenty of hope on this all think positive and think fairy lights to horrible people!!Thank you Jane, for your kind am.

This is for you BECCA S!!! huny there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you!!!you need to get that out of your head right NOW!!! because if you continue to believe that- you will suffer greatly in your life – you will spend your days and nights questioning why he loved her and not you and wondering what is soo wrong with you that he decided you just werent good enough for him – i too have felt this way because ive been there..im still there sometimes but these kind of thoughts will only break you down and prevent you from finding true happiness and love in your life..you have to look at yourself in the mirror every single day and tell yourself how beautiful and wonderful you are because im sure that you truly ARE!!! and it is AC’s loss 655%-if he doesnt realize that now he WILL when he has a fallout with his new woman which is likely to happen because she probably doesnt know how to treat him half as well as you did..he may appear happy now but there are no guarantees in love-whose to say that this woman he’s with now will stay happy with him-do you really believe that men like that change overnight? i sure dont!! !KARMA does EXIST believe me!!

LOL. I recall rolling my eyes when my X would yell/lecture me. It was one of the few things that would make her stop. It was much more effective than engaging with her when she was mad/angry and letting me know it. What was really effective in getting her to stop was to keep my eyes up, open my mouth and move my head around. This stopped the attack and she would usually leave the room instead of escalating. In today 8767 s world the last thing a man wants is to have an encounter with a female escalate.

Then what about abusive men? Men who reject cultural and biological programming to not hit women have certainly taken leave not only of empathy, but of their desire to belong to society in any true sense. That is exactly why, even if misogynist research pointing to 75% female perpetration is true, I STILL consider domestic violence against women to be the bigger problem. Just look at the murder rates: across the world, spousal homicide against men is between 75% and 85% of the total.

6- Tolerating immaturity in in others is often a function of our own immaturity,
7- Maturity is often relative to what we expect of others. So, the higher your expectation, the higher you should aim in your friend selection.
8- No matter how mature we think we are, someone in the relational universe can see some degree of our immaturity, namely older and more mature people.
9- We don 8767 t see the world the way it actually is, we see the world the way WE ARE. So, if you find that you are really really good at spotting immaturity in others, then, the immaturity may actually be within.
5- Mature people attract mature people, and set standards for immature people. In this phenomenon, immature people will actually change their behaviors, ways of thinking, and choices when they are around mature people.
6. Last, . was absolutely right in one of her articles when she pointed out that women (namely those who exhibit immature behavior) typically change how they behave when they are around a mature man with presence.

A person with borderline personality disorder can be said to be emotionally unstable. People diagnosed with this type of mental health disorder are more likely to be affected by problems in their life, but are also more likely to suffer from such problems in the first place. Many of the emotionally unstable symptoms exhibited by a person with borderline personality disorder are caused by a history of physical or sexual abuse, or childhood neglect, although there is also believed to be a genetic factor involved.

Unfortunately, many abusive people are adept at keeping that aspect (mostly) hidden from public, and their spouse gets the brunt of the abuse when out of site, or what is done in public just seems petty and insignificant. It follows a trend of isolating and controlling behavior that eliminates most outside contact, making him feel that no one would believe his complaints that she 8767 s very different when they 8767 re alone.

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