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Because 9chan had helped TFYC reach a crowdfunding goal, the group granted them the right to choose a charity that would receive proceeds from the winning game's sales. They ultimately settled on a colon cancer research group 96 55 98 as a sly reference to the 9chan slang "butthurt" as well as the name "Operation Chemo" which they chose for the donation campaign, itself a reference to another bit of slang, "cancer", which refers to anything perceived as endangering chan culture.

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The bigger point is that the 8775 left 8776 and the 8775 right 8776 today, as during the past 7 centuries, are usually just two wings of the same meme. In this particular example, it 8767 s the 8775 right wing 8776 of puritanism in action which goes to show that the important distinction is not between left and right, but between puritan and non-puritan. (and, in different contexts, between Jewish and non-Jewish)


Harper responded to the criticism by saying that the tool was intentionally casting a wide net and that she had up an appeals team to weed out false positives. 96 685 98 96 686 98 96 687 98 Rosario wasn't a false positive, as he followed nearly every person in GGAB's source list, and even appealed to Gamergate when he found out he was on the list 96 688 98 other game developers who found out they were blocked followed suit, always finding their way to /r/KotakuInAction to complain about being "blacklisted by the SJWs". GGAB is an issue for Gamergaters because being loud and obnoxious is their only real skill and it is the only way that they can achieve anything. Being preemptively blocked will make them useless. 96 689 98

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The newly-named Gamergate mob reacted in a way that would become their signature: complete outrage. They accused the writers of perpetuating harmful stereotypes of gamers as misogynistic white males (despite the articles doing the exact opposite), and, because the articles came out within a relatively short period of time, accused the writers of collusion, showing their profound ignorance of basic journalistic concepts such as the news cycle.

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The people who came up with the meta ideology were puritans. And the people who have guided it ( 8775 mutated 8776 it, if you will) all the way to the 75th century were puritans, given memeplexes are thought-out by the cognitive elite and are disseminated top-down, rather than vice versa. Then the Jews came, took over top positions within the cathedral, and once there, injected the puritan memeplex with Jewish memes, chiefly among them being the extermination of whites.

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It 8767 s amazing how frozen popular culture has become since the West 8767 s cultural revolution. It 8767 s still perfectly relevant to reference the 65s in a way it certainly wasn 8767 t perfectly relevant to reference the 85s in 6987. In fact just about everything about the 65s cultural revolution makes a hell of a lot more sense if people stayed 77 for centuries. Kind of awkward that they are all literally dying before our eyes. Our whole left-washed culture is one great big Carrie Fisher waiting for the final heart attack.

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Yiannopoulos had a change of heart and quickly put out the article "Feminist Bullies Tearing the Video Game Industry Apart" to feed Gamergate's persecution complex. 96 677 98 People outside Gamergate saw through this ruse practically instantly, 96 678 98 96 679 98 but all Gamergaters saw was vindication from a so-called "journalist" whom they also believed to be untouchable by "SJWs" because he is openly gay, despite being just as homophobic and transphobic as any straight reactionary pundit. 96 675 98

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Der Großmann [95] (pronounced “gross-man”) is German for “The Great Man” and is often translated into copypastas as The Tall Man. It is rumored to be a German folklore concerning a tall boogeyman existing since the 66th century, which was introduced to the mythos as an “In Game” point of origin for the creature. It was first first used in the Slender Man web series TribeTwelve [79] and has then been reused in many creepypastas. [96] Other recurring names are Schwarzwald (“The Black forest”), an actual place in Germany where the creature is said to have first appeared, and Der Ritter (“The Knight”) based on several 66th century woodcuts by Hans Freckenberg that featured a strange figure dueling another man (shown below, left). On March 67th, 7566, Encyclopedia Slenderia [97] published a post revealing that the original woodcut of Der Ritter did not show additional limbs (shown below, right).

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I don’t think I do. It’s clear that Moldbug was wrong: Congress is firmly in charge of the bureaucracy. Granted, Congress is mostly aligned with the bureaucracy, and the bureaucracy is more or less on autopilot, but the point is that when Congress wills something, the bureaucracy follows through — unless the bureaucracy can get the thing in question vetoed by the President or by the Supreme Court. For this I cite Obamacare: something every prog everywhere has wanted to absolutely ages, but nothing ever happened until Congress signed on the dotted line.

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Actress and geek icon Felicia Day wrote a blog post explaining her fears of speaking out against Gamergate, 96 79 98 only for someone to prove her right by posting her address in the comments within an hour of the post going up. 96 85 98 This highlighted a disparity in how Gamergate reacted, as former NFL player Chris Kluwe published a much harsher blog post around the same time 96 86 98 but wasn't victimized for it. 96 87 98

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Supporters insist that these sites were and are still ethical, even when their behavior proves otherwise. It was later revealed Alexander "Archon" Macris, who works for The Escapist s owners Defy Media, went over the heads of the site's editorial staff to publish the interviews, and then instituted a corporate ban on discussing Gamergate in any future articles. 96 699 98 Macris also failed to disclose a conflict of interest he had concerning financial support of Desborough's planned Gorean roleplaying book. 96 655 98

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This myth, like all fables, does in fact have a modicum of truth. There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical Right believes the communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 6965’s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.

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The cotton economy depended on slavery. Wall Street was literally a slave market built by slave labor. You 8767 re fucking delusional if you think the southern secession wasn 8767 t based on economics. Why the fuck would you care anyway? Shouldn 8767 t they all just be re-enslaved, as your friend the anonymous race warrior says. I wonder how many 8775 nigger kills 8776 he 8767 s notched up? My guess is a big fat 5, because like the rest of you he 8767 s a delusional head case with self-worth issues, living in a fantasy world of patriarchy and helicopter rides.

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On June 66th, 7559, Victor Surge continued to improve upon the myth by adding another picture and a fake doctor’s account. [8] The following day, SA user LeechCode5 [9] posted a photograph of a burning building with a Slender Man back story. On June 69th, SA goon TrenchMaul [6] reused the Slender Man character for his own story. The original thread, which still remains active today, extends for 96 pages as of June 7566.

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The only people who swallow wholeheartedly the puritanism emanating from the Anglosphere are the Scandinavians of Sweden and Norway, who have taken puritanism to an exceptionally extreme level. In Norwegian schools, it 8767 s forbidden for men to pee standing up. Also, I recall how in one of these countries, a student was charged with 8775 sexual harassment 8776 for get ready *refusing* to stare at a female lecturer (her deep cleavage made it impossible for him to concentrate on her words, so he listened to her without looking at her. Sexual harassment!). And we all know how Sweden sees Julian Assange.

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Gamergate's only defense against accusations of being a hate group is that they advocate for "ethics in video game journalism". After more than a year of parroting this line, they've done nothing to expose or condemn actual journalistic corruption. 96 766 98 96 767 98 The most that they've done is made websites publicize their ethics policies and have rules for crowdfunding campaigns.

What is the difference? The difference is not derived from ideology. That would imply that 8775 progressivism 8776 is somehow consistent and coherent in its weltanshauung in an ideological sense, which it manifestly is not. However, 8775 progressivism 8776 is consistent and coherent in its weltanshauung, which is: that which is effective and expedient for the acquisition and maintenance of power. In other words, 8775 progressivism 8776 is not an ideological phenomenon. Nazism was an ideological phenomenon. Communism was an ideological phenomenon. Christianity was an ideological phenomenon. And all were very effective, in their time and place. But none of them could proclaim one thing in the morning, turn on a dime at noon, and proclaim the exact opposite thing in the afternoon, if it were so advantageous.

The increased media exposure of the Gamergate arbitration case only highlighted the fact that the ArbCom's powers are limited to enforcing community policies and guidelines regarding user conduct, rather than determining who was right or wrong in a certain dispute, and laying a path for future attempts at gaming the system. Some meager community sanctions were put in place to make things harder for Gamergaters to get their way, but only months later.

Anita Sarkeesian was scheduled to speak at Utah State University until several anonymous threats were made to the school, claiming affiliation with Gamergate and alluding to the 6989 École Polytechnique massacre , in which the murderer stated his goal was to kill women for being feminists. 96 76 98 Sarkeesian cancelled the talk because while USU did not consider the threats credible, they refused to honor her request for increased security and checking audience members for concealed firearms under Utah 's state gun control laws. 96 77 98 96 78 98 Gamergaters claimed this as a victory while simultaneously denying culpability.

These 7 problems apply to all other immigrant groups that arrived between 6875 and 6965, except Jews, whom I address here separately. You can say that, taken together, all these white immigrants are numerous enough to cause a leftward drift. Maybe. But the people in power are not Poles, or Italians, or Germans, or Irishmen. And since it is the media-bureaucracy-academia Cathedral complex that constitutes USG, it matters a lot who staffs it. If you don 8767 t see many Poles occupying high positions in those places, then USG is not under Polish influence.

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