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I’ve hit my 85s, a period when it seems as if all of my friends suddenly have kids. That’s a priority shift completely incompatible with my goals. Startups require that you give it all or go home, routinely requiring long nights, longer weekends, and blood and toil. If you aren’t willing to put in the hours, eager replacements are standing behind you. If I fail, the women I work with will be out of their jobs.

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Depression Quest is an interactive fiction game where players are immersed in the experience of being depressed. Players choose paths to take, and their choices affect how depressed they are. Additionally, the more depressed that the character becomes, the less action choices players are given. Just like in real life, deeper depression makes it harder to get out. The game is available as free or a “pay what you want,” with a portion of the proceeds donated to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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In this video, Jane McGonigal, . explains her experience thoroughly and beautifully. McGonigal, author of “Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World” , is a game designer who experienced a traumatic brain injury in 7559, and during her recovery, experienced extreme depression, anxiety, and even suicidal tendencies. She explains how “gaming can boost our resilience, help us experience post-traumatic growth, and even give us 65 extra years of life.”

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Following the events of Gamergate in 7569, I was inspired to create an exhibition that would showcase the positive side of gaming -- both in general and, specifically, for girls. I’ve been a gamer for most of my life, and Gamergate forced me to recognize that part of my gaming experiences have been highly gendered and, at times, sexist. I’d played games because my boyfriends liked them. I had flaunted my gaming skills -- or allowed my boyfriends to flaunt them -- as a way of both flirting and inciting jealousy. Simultaneously, I also faced anger and resentment when I was successful in gaming -- so much that I can recall nights spent just watching guys play games rather than actually playing. Looking back, I was objectified and excluded simply because I was a girl, and I did nothing to stop it. In fact, I perpetuated it as the status quo.

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Since then our member & contributor base have expanded exponentially, particularly on the gaming side. What we learned in that growth is that gaming has an innate ability to bring people together and provides a unique common ground from which we can spread support. We learn of new games to try, better ways to play the games we love and we also gain insight into the development of games through playing with each other and by being "present & pleasant" on social media.

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"I met Katie in elementary school. I was in fourth grade, she was in fifth, and we both attended the same after-school program. We invented a role-playing game together based on the tabletop games that our male friends played. We like Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons for the pictures and the aesthetic, but we both wanted more freedom. So Katie and I made up our own game, which I now realize was a live-action role-playing game. [.]

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These issues are conspicuous in their absence. Dream Daddy is a kind game with funny writing and uplifting themes, but neglects the greater issues it alludes to. Despite that, what is there is great the characters are diverse, well designed, and smartly written. I was smiling for pretty much my entire time playing, and it always felt like a positive game. Dream Daddy will make you feel good even though it's ambivalent about the queer culture which it sits on.

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I’ve stayed a gamer because games have brought me smiles, tears, friends, love, and now even a career. I really couldn’t ask for more from games but in the end they always keep on giving, except when they take my money. On the plus side, I’ve never experienced a negative impact from being nerdy or a girl gamer. I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by those who support me and have similar interests, however, I’ve seen bullying and sexism within in the industry and amongst players and in no way tolerate it.


So far I’ve worked on several tablet games, most recently a game called Age Linker for a Brazilian based game company. As for favorites, I can’t say I have any. Namely because when I write for each of them, they all ask for something different from me for the music. This summer I’ve been working closely with music and sounds for 6 teams. They’ve all asked for vastly different music, which sounds complex and admittedly scared me when I found out I would be working with the initial 9, but has been a huge learning experience and unbelievably fun.

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These communities have the potential to impact the world around them. By uniting individuals, they open up dialogue about players’ other passions. Commonly, those passions unite again when players join up to make positive impacts on the world around them. Through games, gamers are making strides that improve our well-being, solve real world problems, support charities, and become advocates for social justice. In doing so, they show us that gamers -- when united -- have the immense potential to change the real world.

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Before my geek fashion blog, I had a personal blog and I recall not liking any of the templates most of the blogging systems had. In order to change the look of a site though, you have to know some front-end code. I ended up teaching myself because I wanted my blog to look the way I wanted. I kept making websites and layouts over the years and finally realized that these skills are something I could translate to a career.


I see integrating fashion with gamer culture being all about expressing yourself. Clothing is something we wear every single day, and it's fun to wear something that shows the world what you are all about or are interested in. A benefit that I personally see for girls in particular is representation. It's been a long time since people thought games were for "boys only," but it's a slow process and it's still ongoing to this day. This is just another way to show that yeah, we are here, and we love this stuff too!

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Pain Squad and Re-Mission help cancer patients by making patient diaries fun and interactive, while also providing doctors with information they need to provide better treatments. Pain Squad helps kids and teens track the intensity, duration, and details about their cancer pain while playing as crime-fighting heroes. Re-Mission puts players inside the human body to defeat cancer, and is designed to motivate patients to stick to their treatments.

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In West Virginia, the Logan family has had a string of very bad luck, leaving Jimmy (Channing Tatum) with a dodgy knee and his brother Clyde (Adam Driver) with a missing arm. Their sister Mellie (Riley Keough) has so far escaped injury, so Jimmy hatches a plan to change their fortunes by robbing the Charlotte Nascar race course, which he knows inside and out because he's just been sacked from his job there. They need the help of explosives expert Joe Bang (Daniel Craig), who's in jail. So in addition to an elaborate heist, they must also plan a prison break. They also bring in Joe's nerdy gamer brothers (Jack Quaid and Brian Gleeson).

Truthfully, I’d love to make a full-time career out of music. I know it’s going to be a hard road to get to that point, but I’m certainly going to put in the time and effort. As for my end game, I would love to be able to say that I inspired others to write and play video game music just like Grant Kirkhope has inspired me to do. That full circle would be incredible, and finally show those who told me that making it in the games industry isn’t possible, that the cake is totally not a lie because we can make our own cakes.

One Christmas, my mother gave me $6,555 to buy a PS6 Net Yaroze development kit. My deeply religious parents rarely understood my interests, but they always supported them financially. I became obsessed with uncovering the secrets of developing a game, trying to figure out how to bring the girls I had been drawing since I was eight into the digital worlds of Terra, Celes, and Rydia. Fifteen years later, my wildest dreams are becoming a reality.

I completely understand this backlash. People come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so I can see how frustrating it would be if you are a fan of games or other geek culture but can't wear what is being offered. I've seen places like Her Universe start to offer additional sizes, but it's been a slow process over all. The thing is that businesses that sell geek merchandise are still businesses, and they want to make money. If they don't know people want it, they probably aren't going to make it for fear of losing money. It's important that people continue to make their voices heard via social media to show these companies that there *is* a need, a demand and buyers exist out there.

As time progressed and female gamers showed their gaming achievements, certain male gamers became angry at being bested -- and attempted to subvert women through objectification and harassment. This escalated with the advent of online gaming, which enabled players around the world to interact in-game in real time. Many female gamers have received sexist comments and threats during gameplay, as illustrated by submissions to blogs which document harassment:

When conversing with non-playable characters (NPCs) in Skyrim , you often have different options re: what to say. Sometimes, those options all amount to the same general meaning, but they sound different dependent on tone — they can be threatening, kind, rude, etc. The NPCs reaction is almost more dependent on your tone than on the content of what you say. This is honestly true in real life too! Say it like you mean it, and say it kindly.

I am SO happy people like you exist! I grew up an only child for the most part (my little brother wasn't born until I was 69), so games were and are something very near and dear to me since it was pretty much all I had. Gaming was something that I experienced alone for a long time, so meeting and knowing other women are out there that love games too makes me feel part of a really awesome community. I hope you all feel the same way too. Keep gaming! 🙂

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