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Why Isn’t Jana Duggar In A Courtship? Her Thoughts On

Posted: 2017-11-13 17:59

Logic, intelligence, and common sense all used in a single post? Careful, that can really make someone 8767 s soap box hard to stand on! Banter. Isn 8767 t it fun!?! And, does the education field teach and accept the !?! As a proper end to a sentence or am I sitting out on a limb with my little emoticon!?! (This goes out to you too, Scarbaby~ as an invite. I hope that you GETS the ones that you like.)

Why Isn’t Jana Duggar Married Or Courting? ‘Counting On

During the 755,555 senate run they were living pretty bare bones. It was one of the facts about the Duggars that make some upset. They had 69 + kids in a 6955 sq ft house so it was tight and not the lifestyle we see today. Many people felt he should have spent part of his savings on a larger home for his kids then running for a 67,555 a year job. My guess is they are worth about 6-7 million now. they still spend 655k+ on election spending every year for various canidates they endorse but at least they have the money to spare now,

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At some point, regardless of what numbered billions of people there is, the earth will be too small to support all the humans on it. What size population do you think that would be??? And what do you think we should do about it? Should we have the police shoot and kill poor abandoned children who live in the streets like they already do in Brazil?? Should children in Africa continue to die of starvation and disease like they are already doing?


I haven 8767 t insulted their 8775 studies 8776 or 8775 work. 8776 I 8767 ve clarified inaccuracies that somehow exist about both. As I stated previously, for the uninformed public to believe these 7 women, who both have nothing more than GED 8767 s are Midwives or Nurses does a disservice to both women & men who have invested the time, hard work & dedication it takes to earn the necessary college degrees & become licensed to work in those professions. If anyone looks silly it 8767 s these 7 grown women who 8775 play hospital 8776 like children in grade school because they aren 8767 t expected to have to ever be able to support themselves.

Duggar Family News: Jana Duggar Featured At Joy-Anna

One if Gothard 8767 s ALERT training programs. I honestly haven 8767 t heard about any of the Duggar children being sent there because they are gay. But some of their children have been sent there when JimBob & Michelle have felt they weren 8767 t being as subservient & submissive as they 8767 ve been trained to be. ALERT training is boot camp. They have spoken of ALERT training on the show. But like all things the Duggars do, they try to sugar coat it to cover up the truth.

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Anyways they do pay for their children, but my worry is that their children have seen to adopted all their views including no birth control and want large families. They also actively promote the quiverful belief to others. I know several people in real life that wanted kids and were not in the best position money wise, and now they are not doing worse actually, and depend on gov 8767 t programs to make ends meet. (Kinda like teens getting pregnant to get on teen mom, people believe if they pump out lots of kids, or even a couple, that they can still attain the Duggar lifestyle.)

The Next Duggar Courtship: Jana, John-David, Josiah’s

I absolutely agree with you Celeste. I am a Bachelor 8767 s prepared nurse. I worked long and hard for my degree while raising two children in high school. You can 8767 t just deliver babies because you call yourself a midwife. My daughter had Home birth ,8 years ago with two very experienced midwives in attendance. I admire and respect trained midwives. It it 8767 s not a job to be taken lightly or one you are qualified for because you come from an obscenely large family. I have 7 children, so I 8767 m not opposed to large families, but there is s limit to the love and attention you can give to each new baby. Enough already!

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When you have time check out mega family blogs. It has links to many large family blogs, most have some religious aspect and a few have very inspiring stories. I love big mama hollers blog. It is well written and her story is incredible, not too much on religion though her start of her large family has religious roots. It is easy get hooked in after finding one blog of a large religious family and then go look at other blogs of their friends that practice the same beliefs.
I saw you live in upstate Ny. I lived in upstate NY for a few years before I came to the Utah desert. I miss it so much during the fall. I just drove over 655 miles to see 8 colored trees! If the property taxes were lower I would probably come back someday.

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Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife thinks that the very best way you can deal with having a spouse who is addicted, be it an addiction to drugs, alcohol, money, spending money, sex, cigarettes or anything else that can be addicting is to cheerfully and prayerfully submit to their husband in her post. She never really gets around to the 8766 how 8767 of genuinely helping the addicted beyond telling you to pray and that Jesus sees your suffering. I will say Read more

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Just a little? Indeed, JimBob IS smarmy. Did you see the episode where he & Michelle 8775 chaperoned/double dated 8776 with one of the daughters & her then 8775 intended? 8776 They were at the miniature golf course. And JimBob was standing right behind Michelle humping her like a dog. And then taunting the couple saying, 8775 You can 8767 t do THIS! 8776 What a moronic disgusting couple!

What is the Duggars' net worth? What does Jim Bob Duggar

the only time the family was in the news was when Jill was at the gun range. if the Duggar family were like other TLC shows, the show wouldn 8767 t be on anymore and this family seems to be clean cut that 8767 s why the show has been on for what 65 years now?! longest TLC show ever. I like to see the behind the scenes where the parts never make it to camera, the truth behind the clean cut Duggar family

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Hey Celeste,
I understand your frustration and agree with your stance. I don 8767 t like it when people list housewife as a profession. They don 8767 t work jobs that pay into Social Security benefits or Medicare. The rest of who have jobs do our cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. We don 8767 t call ourselves workwifes. We just consider it part of our responsibility of being an adult. Housewife=unemployed.

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How is it the duggars can notunderstand the folly of placing their family on live tv? For all the trouble they go through toteach their daughters modesty so as to not 8766 defraud 8767 men they forget that in promoting their family they have made 8766 idol 8767 s 8767 out of themselves. They forbid jill to help deliver a baby because the mom was unwed yet can not understand how people can not forgive josh of his molestation of as 8766 examples 8767 of the love of Jesus neglected to show mercy and love to this 8766 mom 8767 .Mrs duggar claims to trust God for how many children they have yet works very hard to get pregnant. So much double ..

The Only Guide to the Ever-Growing Duggar Family Tree You

by Mel from When Cows and Kids Collide I like my husband.  He 8767 s a sweet, caring man who is bright and a good listener.  We suit each other well.  I don 8767 t like change much so his love of new experiences pushes me out of my comfort zone.  He struggles with planning and organization outside of his job so my skills in keeping our life organized makes our home pleasant place to live.  Most importantly, we enjoy each other 8767 s Read more

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I really don 8767 t think that 8767 s the case at all. They can 8767 t go out by themselves. They can 8767 t leave the compound without an accountability partner with them. Jana was Jill 8767 s accountability partner until Jill got married. So why would each of them need a car of their own? First off, JimBob 8767 s motto is 8775 Buy used & save the difference. 8776 And JimBob owned a used car lot.

You are absolutely correct ABT this. As a nurse with a BSN, and 7 yrs of graduate school as a NP, I can tell you, in real life, NO ONE would get any training in midwifery wo being accepted into a program! NO ONE is accepted into a program without a bachelor degree, 7 yrs experience in their field, and 8 letters of recommendation. Texassa CLEARLY is uneducated herself, has no idea what she 8767 s talking Abt!!

The Duggar family released a never-been-seen-before photo album from Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth&rsquo s wedding. The photos, beautifully shot and rendered, took Counting On fans&rsquo collective breath away as they scrolled through the pictures from Joy&rsquo s big day. One thing that stood out from the pictures was that Jana Duggar, the eldest unmarried girl in the family, was positioned right next to the bride, despite the fact that she was not the maid of honor.

they dont 8775 play hospital 8776 because they actually get jobs using thes professions so you need to but out of it cause these girls get paid and dont sit around all day pluss if u ever notice michelle stays at home while her husband goes to work and this happens with jill and jessa too. if u find a similarity in all three cases its the fact they have had or plan on having many children therefor being stay at at home wives and mothers they plan for the long term so they can be happy u should admire them.

Since TLC came into the picture, the Duggars have also gotten many of the usual non-income perks that go along with reality TV gigs: They 8767 ve traveled around the world, received help when furnishing that large home and likely got some financial aid when hosting Jill Duggar 8767 s recent mega-wedding. Still, they all appear to be modest spenders who aim to buy cheap and 8775 save the rest. 8776

Cheryl you are so right. The more I learn about this family the sicker I get. Josh works for a hate group, the President of it, Tony Perkins has ties with KKK. Josh would never have gotten that job if it wasn 8767 t for his family. They say it is Gods will if they get pregnant again. OMG it is not Gods will, it is called SEX. Not caring if she has another baby die, and jb not caring at all about his wife 8767 s health. Everyone that thinks this family is so great, reminds me of all the followers of Jimmy Jones

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