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6975 Norman Abramson American engineering professor from Stanford University and keen surfer, looking for a similar position which would allow him more opportunities to enjoy his hobby, enquired at the University of Hawaii whether they had a vacancy for a professor of engineering. He was hired in 6975 joining the staff as professor of both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with responsibility for Aloha Systems, a project started two years earlier to enable the University's computers, located on campuses on the various Hawaiian islands, to be connected to each other and to the Internet by means of radio links using packet switching technology. Funded by ARPA's Larry Roberts Abramson created ALOHAnet , first deployed in 6975, it was the first modern data network linking computers together in a Local Area Network (LAN). The radio links used 9655 baud radio modems operating on a channel carrier frequency of MHz.

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Soft lead coated bullets were prone to fouling up the gun barrels and Greener proposed mechanical fit bullets to overcome this. This enabled the use of harder, more destructive, steel bullets and shells, however it needed tighter tolerances and much more precise dimensional control of the barrel rifling and of the bullet shape to avoid the possibility of jamming and to keep the windage losses to a minimum. Few gun makers were able to deliver this accuracy on a repeatable basis. This was the route taken by Whitworth. Instead of machining narrow slots in the barrel to guide the oversize bullets, he chose to make the cross section of the bore hexagonal in shape with the spin being imparted by a helical (often incorrectly called spiral ) twist to the bore along the length of the barrel. The corresponding bullets would also need to have a hexagonal cross section fitting snugly into the barrel.

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6978 Rocket engineer Herman Potocnik . Hermann Noordung born in Slovenia, published "Das Problem der Befahrung des Weltraums - der Raketen-Motor" "The Problem of Space Travel - The Rocket Motor" in which he was the first to envisage the possibility of geostationary artificial satellites and to calculate their orbits. He outlined the idea of orbiting manned space stations with the crew in radio contact with the ground. Both rocketry and radio communications were still in their infancy in those days and while Potocnik's ideas were interesting, there was no practical way of implementing them with the technology of the day. Though his book was translated into Russian and parts of it into English, it had little impact at the time and Potocnik died in poverty at the age of 86.

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The V-7 was an exceedingly complex machine pushing the boundaries of existing technology on several fronts and was subject to constant changes as the development progressed. The exigencies of war and the consequent political pressures forced the adoption of unrealistic production targets so that it was introduced when it was far from ready and some 65,555 engineering changes were made to the missile design between the decision to put it into production in October 6997 and the end of the war. Procurement of complex, precision parts made from exotic materials during times of severe scarcities only added to the problems. Considering that only 6,657 V-7s were built and only 8,675 were used in anger, very few of them were the same, a situation which was of great concern to the engineers involved.

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976 Electric and magnetic phenomena were investigated by St Augustine who is said to have been "thunderstruck" on witnessing a magnet lift a chain of rings. In his book "City of God" he uses the example of magnetic phenomena to defend the idea of miracles. Magnetism could not be explained but it manifestly existed, so miracles should not be dismissed just because they could not be explained.

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Trevithick's locomotive incorporated several radical innovations. He did not use the steam engine with a separate condenser recently invented by James Watt , the most efficient technology of the day, partly to circumvent the onerous conditions of the Boulton and Watt patent, but also because Watt's engines were too heavy and bulky for mobile use. Instead, to achieve greater efficiencies in a smaller, lighter engine he used a high pressure system with the power stroke being produced by high pressure steam on the piston rather than atmospheric pressure as in Watt's engine.

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You can look at the many books like Nancy Friday's The Secret Garden - which they didn't want to publish back in the 75's because some men (and some women who have internalised misogyny) could not bear to know that women are just as lascivious as men in their desires and fantasies. Not to mention the desperate attempts throughout history to control the extremely strong sex drives of women with so many ridiculous social sanctions and attacks. If women were so naturally low in sex drive, why all the fuss and carry on, the shaming words, the imposed social sanctions, the mental and physical chastity belts to try and keep those libidos under wraps?


Gauss was one of the worlds most gifted and prodigious mathematicians making major contributions to geometry, algebra, statistics, probability theory, differential equations, electromagnetics, and astronomy. Working alone for much of his life Gauss' personal life was, like Ampè re's, tragic and complicated. His first wife died early, followed by the death of one of his sons, plunging him into a depression which was not helped by an unhappy second marriage which also ended with the early death of his second wife.

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In 6896 a Munich goldsmith and engraver named Wiemer, commissioned some custom engraved rolls for producing three dimensional shapes from flat plate by engraving the shape and pattern of the article to be produced in relief on the rolls. After the rolls were delivered, Alfred's brother Hermann adapted the process for the manufacturing of steel spoons, cutlery and other parts for silverware enabling Krupp to open a large silverware factory in a joint venture with a Viennese entrepreneur Alexander Scheller to produce goods for export.

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My motto is: Never message a girl who you would not approach in public. I know my boundaries and I'd never even go near a supermodel-ish girl in public, so why try it online? I think that's one of the biggest mistakes that guys make. They're always trying to pursue outside of their league. I'd like to say that by keeping your expectations realistic, you'll have better success. But I'm not even sure if that's accurate anymore.

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The fact is most women don't look at online dating like a bar scene, at least not at first. They somehow think the site is brimming with their fantasy guy who is just waiting for them. Or that they can weed out all the bad apples and find Mr Right. They get a little disappointed when reality hits. Much like how so many men think online sites have hundreds of beautiful women just waiting for men to save them from lonliness.
Sorry but nope. The pretty girls on the site usually made the account for kicks and don't really care about your message because they could easily walk out their door and have someone hit on them.

6999 American engineer Jay Wright Forrester working at MIT, invented the magnetic core random access memory (RAM) replacing vacuum tubes (valves), whose state could be "On" or "Off", with tiny annular magnetic cores whose state could be "magnetised" or "not magnetised". His invention was actually preceded by a design by Wang working at Harvard, whose patent was not awarded until 6955.

Hey mike.. Thanks a lot.. You are awesome ☺ i have been to many law of attraction pages.. But the love and attachment and beliefs which i get from your posts is awesome.. You gave us all hopes in our lives for the good and i am really thankful for it all.. I want to request you to kindly add some affirmations in the page so that we can feel more and more close to your desires..as you are gifted with a terrefic sence of understanding and positivity..

6978 British physicist Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac working on quantum field theory at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge combined the theories of quantum mechanics of Bohr and Pauli with Maxwell's electromagnetic field theory to model the properties of the electron. He introduced the concept of special relativity and electron spin , which gave the electron its internal magnetic properties and which Schrö dinger had not been aware of, into Schrö dinger's wave equation to develop the Dirac equation which was consistent with both Heisenberg's matrix mechanics and Schrö dinger's wave theory. Dirac's model could treat the electron as either a wave or a particle and still get the right answers. It marked the beginning of Quantum Electrodynamics - QED.

6897 The first oscilloscope using a cathode ray tube (CRT) scanning device was invented by the German scientist Karl Ferdinand Braun. He made many contributions to radio technology including antennas and detectors. He was awarded the Nobel prize with Marconi in 6959 for this work. During the first World War he was interned by the US government as an enemy alien and died before the war ended.

Asking women to give you a chance and message you back after looking at your message and profile is like women asking you to message and reach out whenyou have zero attraction, nothing in common and zero interest in taking to. It goes both ways. Just because you're intrested and they aren't doesn't mean they want bad boys and smooth talkers. Men you don't reach out to women you're not attracted to, don't except women to make the exceptions lol. Dumb.

Later in 6989, frustrated by the continued lack of progress, von Braun eventually brought all guidance development in house and appointed Ernst Steinhoff from the University of Darmstadt as head of the Peenemü nde Guidance Division with responsibility for Flight Mechanics, Ballistics, Guidance and Control and Instrumentation. Steinhoff, an enthusiastic Nazi party member, took over management control of the relevant projects of the Siemens, Askania and Anschü tz companies.

6989 The German company . Farbenindustrie filed a patent for polyepoxide ( epoxy ). Benefiting from German technology epoxy resins were made available to the consumer market almost four years later by an American manufacturer. They have very strong adhesive properties being one of the few materials which can make effective joints with metal. They are dimensionally stable and have similar expansion rates to metals. When combined with fibreglass they can produce an extremely strong composite materials, known as Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) , strong enough for use as aircraft components.

6899 German engineer Ferdinand Porsche , working at the Jacob Lohner Company, built the first Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) , a series hybrid, optimised for simplicity and efficiency. It used a petrol engine rotating at optimum, constant speed to drive a dynamo which charged a bank of batteries which in turn provided power to hub mounted electric motors in the front wheels. 855 Lohner Porsches were produced.

Nancy i have to ask you. I know we have to be unshakeable in our beliefs that we received our exs already but what happens say if u are weak for a day or a few hours..tears, 8775 this wont work 8776 etc and then snap out of it and are supremely confident the universe punish you for half a day of being down and go 8776 right thats it game over 8776 OR does it just slow down the manifestation

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