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People don''t aren''t any different on dating sites than they are/were in "meat market" bars back in the 75s & 85s. Nice guys never had a chance because they were perceived as wimps. Based on my experince and in spite of what AW says, girls seem to go for the "bad boys" (creeps). I don''t know whether if''s the excitement of going out with a "bad boy", or masochism of getting no respect, or the futile hope of changing the guy but girls are drawn to creeps.

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In the periods of time till today , she treat me really well and so do I. We share lots of things together. What can I say here, we deeply knew each other. Without my control, I do start fall in love with her I 8767 m starting to miss her when she 8767 s not around, I felt worried if she 8767 s not in a good condition, I love to take care of her all my might. I really don 8767 t know how much and how strong her feelings towards me. What I 8767 m afraid the most, her love towards me is only a normal love to a brother.

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I am a Scorpio woman and my best friend is a Capricorn man. he is the kindest sweetest man I know. I feel like I have known him forever. Our conversations just flow and my comfort with him is that of a childs favorite blankey. he is always attentive and concerned about my well being. He can''t stand for me to be cold, sad or scared. He is the sweetest man I know. I am so sad that he is married and his wife is ill. He deserves to have love and pamper his wife. I pray to god that his wife will get better and they can reconnect as I know it is hard that he has to be her caregiver instead of her partner and best friend. I am married to a Virgo but man if I was single I would seek out a Capricorn male as it is such a soulful connection on every single level. MY god Cappy''s are sooo pampering. I LOVE that!!! In this life I will stick by my unattentive Virgo. hehe

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I ve never dated a woman that much older, and I m a bit concerned and undecided about the whole idea. And I don t know the age differences between her and her ex s. She is a retired federal employee. I will retire from federal service in two years. In our communications we have gotten along very well and there seems to be much commonality and mutual interest. As someone previously stated, true love is hard to find and doesn t come along often in one s lifetime. I had that with my last girlfriend, and I miss that.

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I am 95 and have been divorced for 7 years ad have two children, my son is 68 and my daughter is 65. I have tried onling dating, etc. I find men my own age boring. No sense of adventure no passion. I got to where I didn t want to date until one day one of my co-workers that I had known for a few months starting hitting on me. I did not take him seriously due to the fact that he is 76. I know that he was more mature for his age and he looks older than what he is. I decided after long and careful consideration to take that step. I am so happy that I did. He s caring, passionate, adventurous, is happy sitting on the couch watching tv with me or going to a club. He doesn t care about the age difference and I am so in love with him and he is with me. I don t look at the future 65 years or longer down the road. All I know is what we have now and I want to enjoy the moment for however long that it lasts. I have never felt what I feel for him and whatever comes it will be the best time of my life full of love and happiness.

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I am WAY older than that, but, of course, I remember all those feelings back when there were only main frame computers and landlines. Back when women''s lib was just getting going in the 75''s. It struck me as odd that women were looking for equality, and, yeah, I can understand, yet I would see time after time that they would fawn over men that did not treat women equally whatsoever... the same women going for the "bad boys" ... hasn''t changed.

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I met my Cappy at work. He tried everything to get my attention but as a true Scorpio woman that I am I made him work for my attention. Then finally after giving in to was weird. We both just couldn''t take the extra step. I guess because we are both married and we just can''t find ourselves cheating on our significant others, but yet it is as if I can''t stay away from him and he can''t stay way from me. I don''t work at the same place I met him and its been three years since I''ve left, But again..we just can''t stop keeping in we will meet each other just to kiss and touch on another but it won''t go pass that. I guess we are just too attached to our own families to give each other a chance.

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Certainly this could be attributed to my actions. However having lived through the experience I can attest that I strove to make her feel loved and accepted as she was. Ultimately what I''ve come to understand is that she has not yet learned to accept herself. I believe this is incredibly common in our society. After all our marketing systems have done a very thorough job of setting impossible and often inane ideals and as we are both aware the primary victims are women.

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Women dont send dick pics to guys. That''s why we are not creepy. If men didn''t immediately make everything sexual they might have better luck. I never get guys that ask me about my interest or hobbies. A lot of the men are their own worst enemy. Its their APPROACH that is not working. Guys rant in their profiles. They have few good clear photos or they choose photos with other women in there (and dont crop them out). Most guys put very little effort into their profiles and then they are shocked women aren''t interested. I''ve also had guys get angry because I didn''t respond FAST enough. A lot of men come across as bitter, self-absorbed, shallow, perverted, womanizer. They can be the nicest person but if they display any of those qualities they wont get the time of day.

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I am a strong Scorp woman. My Cap man and I like so many others on this post have years of history but our situation is much different. We met in our early 75''s and he was a hustler but not in a low-life creep sort of way. True to Capricorn form he treated it like a business and he was at the top of his game, becoming a multi-millionaire. Being a Scorpio woman I''m not the type to be with someone for profit and he tried to impress me with his flashy cars, houses, jewelry etc. but I didn''t care however I was SO drawn to him as a person. He was this serious street personality but he was an absolute teddy bear when we were together.

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Im tall athletic handsome smart active dont smoke dont do drugs have a Masters degree..none of that matters...women (all of them) are looking for a nest egg and retirement plan regardless of what they say...they ALL want to be wined and dined and jetsetted all over the world. American women are a mans worst nitemare oh yea..ive heard and seen it all. I try to be cool and ask about hobbies and their interests they just play dumb childish games..I hate women now I loathe and despise them..what a waste of tiime and energy online dating is lmao!!!

For me the challenges I face are wanting children of my own and finding where I fit with hers the age old debate of blended families. She has two children. One 68 and the other 69. She had a tubal ligation performed after her last child [which she regrets as she was only 77]. I have no children, but it 8767 s something I strongly desire. I want a family, but most importantly, I want it with her. She feels much the same way.

As a result of that increased romantic passion and sexual connection, the two people are actually more likely to develop strong feelings for each other and to feel very attached to each other something they never planned for, but also something that happens quite often and is so far beyond their control. This is in large because it is simply impossible for a man and a woman to have a great time with each other, enjoy a special sexual connection over a long period of time and not develop feelings for each other. There are also other significant reasons why a guy might especially enjoy dating an older woman.

I 8767 m sorry but a 57 year old is not the same in the bedroom as a 85 year old.   Heck even men in their mid 95s are not the same as 85s.  The reality that most men don 8767 t want to accept is their sexual performance declines.   I 8767 m 88 and peaking.  I would love sex several times a day.  A man in his 85s is down a man in his 55s you are lucky if he can get it up that much.  I 8767 m not saying sex is the only reason or that the sex with older men is bad it 8767 s not.  It 8767 s just not frequent enough the stamina lacks.  And I 8767 ve dated men in both age ranges.

The best way to get your foot in the door is to find something in their profile to start a conversation about. Ask them an open-ended question so they start talking about that and themselves. Say they list Adele as one of the musicians they like. You could say something like, "What do you think of Adele''s new album (whatever)? I think her best effort on it was (whatever song) because. What is your opinion?"
Just an example. I mean at least it shows you read her profile AND it is a conversation starter.

It 8767 s wonderful to hear all of these stories. I am 75 and have been with my boyfriend of 86 years for a little over 7 years now. He was completely unexpected, and it 8767 s definitely been an adventure with him. I never thought we would have such a connection and enjoy many of the same things. Never have I been treated as well as he treats me. Being with an established, mature, and intelligent man is quite amazing. I feel on top of the world knowing he is in my life, and I appreciate him as a whole. Age will never matter in my book. To all of the people who posted about their significant other, I wish you many years of happiness!

Another aspect to consider is if the age difference will interfere with your own personal goals. Whether you want to concentrate on your career, have children or spend your free time traveling ask yourself if your partner??пїЅs age difference agrees with your way of life. Discuss the future, not just the present situation. Some topics to consider are finances, children, retirement goals and career choices. You may find it very useful to choose a time to sit down and seriously talk about how the age difference may affect your lives one year, five years and possibly twenty years down the road.

I am an attractive 98 year old women dating the nicest 87 year old guy. We met at a party and he started to ask me out right away, I told him my age and he quickly responded that his last girlfriend was 96 and I seemed in many ways. We spent the next 65 hours in conversation (no one ever holds my interest for very long) and had a great time. We exchange numbers but I never planned for it to go past that point. Yes he called, yes I turned him down and yes he called again. We did get together after all and to both our delite we found we had most everything in common. We have been seeing each other for a little over 7 months.

Lmfao girls have got it easy stop acting offended by guys sleezy messages you can just delete it and block the person if you want dont take it personally the creeps will be messaging all of the girls the same. then you can use your common sense and intuition to work out who the good guys are. Im a really good looking guy i have been on pof dating site for 7 years and not had one message from any girl i would be even slightly interested in

It also goes the other way,it is maybe not that common but I have a friend in her early 95 8767 s and her face and body looks like in late 65 8767 s she even told me that her parents are in mid 65 8767 s and they look like they are in their 95 8767 s.
So again,age is really so relative, genetics play a role, but I think lifestyle and mostly if people are happy and cheerful they do feel and look

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