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Posted: 2017-10-12 20:59

I am a Pisces woman dating a Leo man. We have been dating for a year now. We had our share of ups an ups an make ups. But now I have found out how to deal with him.. an him the same with me. So after that we really aint have no problems.. he is indeed insenstive.. an has a smart mouth.. very outspoken.. we havent argued in public yet.. I find him very intirging..an sexy I love to take care of him.. an he does tha same.. so I guess we will c what happens next

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Now that I am older I realize that I was with the controlling scorpio simply because he just didnt let me go! he was always there, always jealous, possessive and and willing to have me the way I am so that nothing CHANGES in our life, so that I never go away.. (even if it meant that the way I am is no good) LEO men, although similiarly controlling, possessive and jealous ALWAYS pushes me to ask the right questions to myself, help me improve, help him improve in the process. Yes, it takes WORK and EFFORT with a Leo because in essence we are really different people, but if you are as old as I am you understand that anything that is long-lasting will almost always require work and who better to do it with than a Leo, with all of his warmth and security.

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im a Leo man dating the girl of my dreams (Pisces) she's perfect by all terms of the word. and yes she has me on a leash, I like it when she takes control it makes me feel good to know she's happy with what she's doing. she has me wrapped around her finger, I would climb mt. Everest just so I can write ''I love you'' for the whole world to see. I always surprise her with flowers, and romantic events. because even though she hates surprises, she love's the fact that I will always be there for her. I love you

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However, these two signs still do have some contrasting elements to be aware of. While the Capricorn woman loves things orderly, the Pisces man is not known for this quality. While this may not be too large of a concern, the two sides need be careful since Capricorn may become annoyed by Pisces' perceived frivolous nature. Additionally, Pisces may feel annoyed by Capricorn's need to adhere to rules.

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I'm a piscean female and married a leonine three months back,after dating him for eight months. He demands continous attrntion from me,likes looking around pretty faces yet loyal to me,does not want me to go out of shape,spends lavishly for return often i've to handle his mercurial mood- Some of the typical leoninie characteristics. But let me remind all the readers that We're not perfect! and there is nothing called as PERFECT MATCH. It could be complementary. Marriage is about respect for the difference & accpetance with each other's flaws 'nd goodness.

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Leo will come back to you.. be sure of that! Now. 8 month after breaking up he came back to me again! We tried to be togetehr again because I really missed him, I missed him because no one ever knew me as good as him, he knows everything about me and I love this about him. But I can tell you. after 7 weeks of trying to make it different you just continue at the point were you for me, its tiring again.

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All I wanted was something I could be attracted to effortlessly, someone I could be drawn into without really knowing why. At the time that inexplicable nature seemed magical, but after years of struggle I now understand that what is unexplained is almost always because of lack of self-knowledge and responsibility. Simply put, when you dont know yourself, or why you do what you do, you never ask yourself the right questions..Hence the partying comes in, inexplicable encounters come in, destructive behavior is set as a standard, and bonds that are built on fear of losing, fear of facing the real world bind you..

I am a Pisces woman and I have been married to my very strong and protective Leo for almost 6 beautiful years. We have a toddler who is also a Pisces. He is 8 years of age. I am not going to lie a Pisces and a Leo can be proven to be like quick sand since Pisces lives in a dreamy oasis and the Leo lives in a jungle like atmosphere. But let the truth be told we must all understand one another. Love is all we need. I am happy with my king. He never gives up and he gives me strength. No one is perfect. We plan to love each other until we leave this life. Pisces can be impractical but she means well. And so does Leo and each zodiac sign. The key is understanding and the Pisces is very good at understanding emotions and needs. Good luck with your love lives and Namaste. Love is freedom ❤

Pisces men are generally very loyal. As with all signs however they have certain situations where that may not be the case. For example if they are emotionally neglected for long enough they may seek a connection elsewhere. Typically they don't sleep with a partner they don't have a romantic connection with, though when single they will sometimes sleep with someone as a means to establish or speed up a connection, and can appear somewhat promiscuous due to this.

Free spirited and honest, the Aries woman loves an adventure and is curious about all the world has to offer. Aries is an interesting and exciting romantic partner. Her confidence and independence will either act as an aphrodisiac on her lover, or repel that person far away from her. This very capable and feminine sign loves male attention but does not like flattery. Sincere admiration for her abilities is what will attract her.

Well in talked to one scorpio mand and he had me on a fin roller coaster. Hhe lead me on used me and made me look and feel stupid infront of mah family. to make it worse he wasnt around he lived n like cali close enuff to see me andd neva really did i had to derive to see him. ugh but there is another scorpio that i may be interewsted in but hopefully i leave from my mistakes and dont deal with that crap again. but when one door closes another pne opens.

Another problem was his sexuality. We didn't sleep with each other but he wants to talk about it all the time, he wants to cuddle, touch, kiss all the time, he wouldnt let me sleep at night because he wanted me to text him erotic stuff and even it was okay at the beginning it becomes annoying with time. I remember that I started feeling uncomfortable with myself because I felt that I did everything to make him happy, to make him like/love/desire me and I changed for him. I am selfless, I can bear a lot but when at the end of the day I just feel bad and tired because again I didn everything to make him happy (even thigns I don't like) and the only thing I get is a text like you are so annoying. that hurts. He doesn't see what I did for him. I didn't want to be sexual all the time but just to avoid that he would be angry and pissed I did whatever he wanted. This way all the talking and texting became kinda forced and I felt it was more a duty than pleasure for me. And he can be aggressive, screaming shouting and swearing when he is angry. and I, because I still tried not to hurt him I would just sit there and say nothing.

Pisces girl married to a Sag. but stayed for a Leo. find him quickly to be not very sensitive and very selfish. The sexual attraction is unbearable and something im not use to in a man. Something about him just makes me wanna lay on the bed let him ravage me completely while I moan his name..I want to do everything to please him, yet he doesn't seem to want to please me as much. I want eternal dedication. a King. a man who will fight at all costs for me and what is right in the world. I think this Leo is to boring. he wants to remain together.. IM done...I want to meet a how that is.

Am Pisces lady in love with a Leo man, we met on the Facebook few months back, it was love at first sight to the extent he proposed to marry me which I accepted. He is in another country work while am in another, but recently he changed his attitude towards me, kept on hurting me and also going for other ladies. But one thing I know for sure is that am so so in love with him but each time I decide to call it a quit, he will try to make it up to me and tell me how much he loves and wouldn't want to lose me. As it stands I dnt know what to do next. We have not had sex because he is not yet back from where he is based. But each time he makes love to me on the net, I knew we will make a perfect match in every thing, so am praying so hard for my lion to come running and make me feel great as a fish. I love you Henry.

its almost been 8 months since my Pisces woman and I have been together. EVERY moment we have spent together was worth every second. I cannot get enough of her. that may be my Leo affection speaking for me but I couldn't care less. I love her more than anything in the world. I feel we carry some of the most important traits that make us very compatible together. I hope to see myself in the future with her for a VERY long time! Love you Taty!!!

Marriage is like a garden of flowers that always needs to be tended and cared for in order to remain colorful, bright and beautiful.
Love, TRUE LOVE is what will make a marriage work, But then true love is not selfish and must express itself in meaningful ways.
True love will always express itself in kindness, for love is kind, therefore be kind, generous, thoughtful and considerate to each other.

okay so I am currently trying to meet up with my sister 8767 s friend 8767 s brother and he is a Leo. they say he is quiet and doesn 8767 t talk very much. I feel like I can help him open out of his shell a little and I believe that we will become very close if we meet. also he is shy, like I told him I want to meet up and he is holding off from answering back! I just want to be friends with him because I feel like it would be great 🙂

Another great date with him! He was a lot more comfortable and friendly when we met. I took him to a nice place for dinner. He was flirtatious while I was driving. I told him he should probably stop it before I change my mind and we go home right away. :) When we get home, we have NOT get out of the bed for 75 straight hours. We didn't even get a chance to really eat except I offer him a cup of coffee and the slice of cheesecake we bought after the dinner. We had simply an AMAZING time together.

Months went by of great sex but I started to feel cheap. With him not kissing me and us not doing anything but have sex I decided I just didn't want to do it anymore so I retracted my original contract that had no strings and asked for a renegotiation. I told him that I wanted him to value me for something other then sex and I wanted us to go places and do things together and talk about different things.

I 8767 m a Pisces woman whose dating a Leo man I met online. We 8767 ve been dating for four months now, long distance, we live three hours apart. We talk and text everyday (he likes to initiate contact mostly), although he works a full time and a part time job M-F. He also works some weekends, and he 8767 s pretty close to retirement age. Leos love to work and I think it 8767 s great because he 8767 s happy.

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