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Posted: 2017-11-14 06:33

I find that the reason why Asian men are starting to become popular with girls my age is because of KPop. A writer on lastfm collected data on the stats of the users and all the music they listened to. Bands like SHINee and Big Bang were insanely popular among women in their twenties. This popularity didn 8767 t really extend past the age of 75. While this doesn 8767 t necessarily mean these girls also like Asian men, I find it to be a possible indicator.

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yeah i agree with this totally i am chinese myself and i strictly date white girls in my experiences you def don 8767 t want a girl who is all into asian stuff those girls are either weird, ugly, or just plan annoying. might as well date an asian chick Jewish girls are my favorite hehe once you manage to woe a nice jewish girl you will know whats up they Work hard BUT PLAY HARDER after jewish girls id have to say french, italian, eastern european/russian, and finally girls of nordic origin oh and argentinian girls are really cool too and obviously girls of mixed race.


I am a caucasian female and I do not consider myself to be racist at all! (This being said without including many scientific studies that say we unconsciously discriminate against anyone different than us anyways) But I think I can say that I 8767 m not consciously racist. And most caucasian girls I know (and hell, I 8767 ll admit, I know a lot) would not discriminate racially about who they 8767 d date. Because as they know very well, THAT WOULD BE RACIST and in case anyone HASN 8767 T noticed, racism is not generally seen as OKAY. I 8767 ve only met a few who would discriminate dating racially, and of course I didn 8767 t agree with them at all because obviously they were the kind of person who had their head up their ass.

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Thank you. I really needed this gentle slap back into reality. You are so right. You 8767 ve made me realise that while I 8767 m preparing to go out and date other guys, I 8767 m still harboring the secret fantasy that 8766 not over his ex 8767 , will suddenly morph into Mr Emotionally Available and will suddenly tell me what a fool he has been and that I 8767 m too good a catch to let go! This is not going to happen. I have been slanting all his actions through my own lens, which hopes that he is interested. I must go back to reality of the situation and see it for what it is. He doesn 8767 t sound interested, because he is NOT interested. Brilliant insight. Thanks.

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I personally don 8767 t think that there is anything wrong with Asian Men dating White Women that only like East Asian Men or men from only one particular East Asian culture. I think that they should do as they choose and date who they want to, and that these White Women and Other Races of Women who only like East Asian Men or East Asian Men of only one particular culture should like as they choose also. Here are some more examples to illustrate my point:


Oh honey Go No Contact with this Clown..
I too suffer from Mental Illness and have had a breakdown in the past,But that is No EXCUSE for you to be treated Less than,or not worthy..So You Smoke,So you have fears,So you had a breakdown You are still a deserving person,You are worth more than this Ass
I am sorry if I have offended you,not my intention.
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I think a bunch of girls have already posted similar comments, but I 8767 ll write down my thoughts anyway.
I started watching anime and became a bit obsessed with Japan, from there it spread to and interest in Korean and Chinese culture.  I was never a weaboo, I just found them fascinating because they seem so different from my own country.  It seems like eventually I sort of naturally fell into favoring Asian men.  They don 8767 t specifically need to be Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, I just have a bit more knowledge of those countries over Thailand or Vietnam, etc.

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Here 8767 s what not empathising looks like: You 8767 d put yourself in their shoes and immediately recognise your pain and your experiences even if their pain comes from a different place and they 8767 ve in fact had entirely different experiences. You 8767 d recognise that it 8767 s a confusing and painful time, but reason that they 8767 re 8766 confused 8767 and that if you give them enough time, they 8767 ll forget their ex. You recognise that it 8767 s an emotional rollercoaster but you don 8767 t trust your own feelings and judgement, so maybe they have it wrong too.

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LA, If a guy says he isn 8767 t over his ex, believe him. You aren 8767 t a priority and he is telling you so. He is being honest, even if you don 8767 t like the truth. When we grovel at their feet to be the priority, we devalue ourselves and tell him we are okay with being second, or even third. By waiting around for him, you are communicating that you don 8767 t expect more for yourself. Maybe he is having a great time, but that is all he wants right now. As soon as the great time starts to involve responsibility..see how quick he 8767 s missing in action. He isn 8767 t ready, for whatever reason it doesn 8767 t matter. Don 8767 t second guess what he 8767 s telling you.

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Let 8767 s not forget just men in general who want the Megan Fox type woman..based off looks completely and ANY woman will do if they are 8766 hot 8767 , regardless of race. Same with women who just want a hot rugged guy. I 8767 ve heard of white girls only wanting white men too and what not. Basically the author of the article is making any non-Asian woman who has any kind of love or interest to the culture of any East Asian country suspect to being this disturbing portrait of a stalkerish otaku type when that 8767 s hardly the case and everyone is allowed preferences in looks because EVERYONE has preferences in looks these can be ethnicity looks or just general body part shapes, sizes, etc. Being interested in a culture isn 8767 t criminal. Of course by all means an East Asian man can go for a non-Asian woman who is completely ignorant of his culture, doesn 8767 t give a shit to learn and expects them to be just like whatever culture they are from that sounds much more appealing than one who has common interests in the culture.

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A hype is a hype, you can 8767 t help that. Like how all the girls who like n 8767 sync or the backstreetboys would compare every guy to them, but eventually that hype fades as it is only a hype. Besides, anime and video games don 8767 t really portray asian men, infact almost every character in the video games are white, and in anime the only thing that the characters have thats asian is the voice, name, and language. Everything else resembles white people. Now being attracted to asian men cause of there looks and how they act are completely different. It 8767 s the same as us guys liking a girl cause of her hair, her body, or how she acts. Race plays a card only because certain race hold race specific traits that appeal to that individual. They like asian men cause of enter reason here and asian men like white women cause of enter reason here , so there is no reason to get all angry and start calling them names cause of there preference. If you do your no better for likeing whatever women, even your own race.

Well honestly maybe I 8767 m yellow fever-ish? I have always liked Korean culture since I visited when I was a kid I like Kpop not just that I only date Koreans its just that The college I go has a large amount of exchange from South Korea,and The guys I ask out, end up just always BEING Korean..Though I have dated Viet guy and he was one of the best boyfriends I ever had 🙂 But I don 8767 t really think a culture will decide what a guy is like.

This must be coming from a woman who hasn 8767 t really cared to learn the culture of her counterpart. It 8767 s not obsessive to do that or to learn a language. And it 8767 s not wrong to have a country preference if you bother to learn the culture. I 8767 m interested in East Asian studies but haven 8767 t really taken an interest in Southeast Asia because it 8767 s a completely different political history, and Southeast asia has tons more ethnic groups than the slightly more homogenous East Asia. I think this magazine is pretty terrible. I 8767 m going to continue to read it so I can figure out what other stereotypes and false information is spreading about Asian coming from the 8775 educated 8776 white women.

After reading your (another great) post, I went and googled (I know, I know, bad girl!!! But no danger here I 8767 m totally over him) this guy 8767 s name out of curiosity. We briefly went out together some five years ago, before finding out he wasn 8767 t over his ex (an ex who btw was only using him as an ego stroke). Luckily, I didn 8767 t stay around, waiting for him to wake up and smell a rat. Well ladies, I got to see a recent convo between the two of them on one of these social media platforms:

This is a bad idea and self-destructive towards East Asians and also hurts in particular those types of White Women that you mentioned in your article that are heavily into East Asian culture. Telling your Asian Male readers that you should avoid these White Women at all costs is wrong and a bad idea. If all East Asian Males followed your advice, these White Women who love East Asian culture and East Asians in particular would have no boyfriend, maybe for the rest of their lives.

I recently got asked out by a guy I barely know but we have mutual friends. I happen to know (from the mutual friend) that the last girl he dated is filing a restraining order against him because he won 8767 t leave her alone. He doesn 8767 t know I know this. I politely declined but my skin was crawling. It blows my mind that someone that caught up in an ex is asking other people out. He obviously has issues. I feel sorry for the next woman he asks out who doesn 8767 t know the kind of crap this guy is about to heap on her. Yuk.

If you like Asian cultures, you must study Buddhism. Take its teachings to heart and practice. If you are Christian, you can still practice Buddhist teachings and see Buddha as your teacher while God as your father. No conflict there. Then Asian men will find you more attractive because you are able to understand the philosophical and practical teachings of Buddha. Not many people understand the teachings and not many people practice the real teachings. No many people practice alms giving. Not many people think about others. Not many people donate their money and services to help the poor, hungry, and the sick. Many people care about themselves more than anything now. The world is now in confusion and chaos because no moral and virtues are taught anymore.

My ex was a man-child and he had major issues. I also questioned whether he had become a *new man* after breaking up with me? The answer is NO! Six months on, the honeymoon stage with this new woman is well and truly over. Where once this woman posted about how 8775 happy 8776 and 8775 in love 8776 she was, she now never posts. The few posts that she does write are about her crying all the time, and not being an alcoholic but liking to drink. I actually feel a little bit sorry for her.

 And im proud of it! lol sounds like the American cliche nowadays, whatever i do im proud of it. wow what an accomplishment, be proud of your man and what he does not his race, it sounds like you caught him in a barrel swimming full of men floating randomly in a circle of all different races.  As you finally hooked the asian guy you rejoiced that your fishing skills finally paid off, im proud of my acomplishment yay go me!  either that or no asian guy would have you and you had to settle for a random one that found you just barely interesting.  way to be proud

By your definition, I suppose that I would have yellow fever. But, at the same time, I doubt that I do. Yes, I lean towards Asians and White men, but more so because I like their features. It 8767 s not like I 8767 d date any asian on the face of this planet because they were asian. I do like k-pop, and I will admit that it had influenced by wanting to learn about the language and the culture, but I also want to learn about it because I respect it. I like the idea of learning about any culture really, and I 8767 m gifted with the ability to pick up languages quickly. I want to learn about the traditional culture, the holidays, the history, etc., because I 8767 m interested in it, not because I 8767 m obsessed with it.