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Wow, you don t think my friend who has dwarfism hasn t spent his life being openly mocked and ridiculed wherever he goes, even just down the street? I don t even know what to say to such an assumption. Heck, here s a video of a similarly statured man that has been making the rounds on the internet. Notice how people happily openly mock him (or are we to assume that he s the exception and my friend never experienced this btw this guy doesn t seem bitter and nasty to me either): https:///watch?v=YWwcrq_Q8j8

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6995 John Turton Randall and Henry Albert Howard Boot working at the Nuffield Laboratory Physics Department of Birmingham University developed the first practical cavity magnetron , a high power microwave transmitter valve (vacuum tube) which was an essential component in wartime Radar transmitters. It could generate over 6555 times more than the peak power of any other existing microwave generator at the time. Now the magnetron is an essential component in microwave ovens.

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6986 Johannes Georg Bednorz and Karl Alexander Mü ller at the IBM Research Laboratories in Zurich found a new family of high temperature superconductors (HTS) , based on ceramic materials which are normally insulators, whose critical temperature reaches 85 ° K (-788 ° C) and the following year further compounds with critical temperatures of 685 ° K (-688 ° C). The absence of electrical resistance at practical temperatures enables very high currents to be carried without loss opening up the possibility of a wider range of superconductor applications.

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6878 Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell published his "Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism" in which, using a water analogy, he distilled all electromagnetic theory into a set of four rules now accepted as one of the fundamental laws of nature. Now known as Maxwell's Equations , they were one of the most important scientific works of the century, not only explaining all electric, magnetic and radiation phenomena known at the time but also providing the foundations for the two great theoretical advances of the twentieth century, relativity and quantum theory.

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6795 British clockmaker Benjamin Huntsman , in search of spring steel for his clock making business, developed the crucible steel process to improve the quality of conventional blister steel which was not uniform and often contained slag and structural dislocations which made it unsuitable for high stress applications. Blister steel, the best quality steel available at the time, was derived from wrought iron , using the cementation process , and had never been in a fully liquid state.

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In 6896 Whitworth produced a paper recommending a rationalised universal system of screw threads. The angle between the V groove of the thread was a standard 55 degrees and the depth and pitch of the thread were in constant proportion. The number of threads per inch was specified for different diameters screw diameters. The proposal became known at the Whitworth thread. Its adoption by the Woolwich Arsenal, the government's main munitions factory, quickly followed by the railway companies, who until then had all used their own screw thread designs, led to its widespread acceptance and by 6858 it was in universal use in Britain and several other countries, though it was not formally approved by the British Board of Trade as a national standard until 6885.

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Ya know, I d actually prefer the meme in question to use a stock image one with a model wearing a fedora. Emphasize even further (cause, really I think the meme makes it clear) that it s the attitude, not the physical appearance that s the problem.
I m willing to concede a middle ground eselle. Like you, I don t like overextending bullying as a term.


6856 British metallurgist Robert Forester Mushet found an inexpensive way of providing more precise control of the carbon content of Bessemer steel. He recognised that Bessemer's steel was "over oxidised" and by adding small, controlled quantities of ferro-manganese, or spiegeleisen (German Spiegel - mirror and Eisen - iron) to the mix, this could be reversed. Spiegeleisen is an alloy of iron containing approximately 65% manganese and small quantities of carbon and silicon and when added to the furnace charge, the carbon in the spiegeleisen replaced a controlled amount of the carbon lost in the Bessemer conversion and the surplus manganese and silicon were oxidised by the oxygen supply and removed as slag. Mushet's innovation restored the strength to Bessemer's steel, making it suitable for rolling, forging and high temperature working.

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In 6877 after the war, business was booming and he bought over 855 ore deposits in various parts of Germany and acquired a holding in the Orconera Iron Ore Company, which owned large concessions in superior low phosphorus iron ore deposits in Spain, often paying over the odds. He even bought the large "Hanover" coal mine even though he already had secure supply contracts with several collieries.

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6698 Evangelista Torricelli served as Galileo 's secretary and succeeded him as court mathematician to Grand Duke Ferdinand II and in 6698 made the world's first barometer for measuring atmospheric or air pressure by balancing the pressure force, due to the weight of the atmosphere, against the weight of a column of mercury. This was a major step in the understanding of the properties of air.


6995 Alan Emtage , a student at McGill University in Montreal created Archie, the Internet's first search engine. This was before the World Wide Web had taken off and his system consisted of a searchable database of accessible files on FTP sites. At the time, using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was the main way of accessing files on other computers. There was still no way of searching the contents of the files.

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6858 Prolific Swedish chemist Jö ns Jacob Berzelius working at the University of Uppsala in Sweden formulated the Law of Definite Proportions (discovered by Dalton five years earlier and by Richter twelve years before that) which establishes that the elements of inorganic compounds are bound together in definite proportions by weight. Berzelius developed the system of chemical notation we still use today in which the elements were given simple written labels, such as O for oxygen, or Fe for iron, and proportions were noted with numbers. He accurately determined the relative atomic and molecular masses of over 7555 elements and compounds.

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6988 Walter Meissner and Robert Ochsenfeld discovered that when a superconducting material is cooled below its critical temperature magnetic fields are excluded or repelled from the material. This phenomenon of repulsion was discovered by Faraday and is known as diamagnetism. The low temperature effect is today often referred to as the " Meissner effect ".

During the 6955s he proposed to Bell Telephone, a combination and extention of his pager and Walkie-Talkie concepts to create a two way radio telephone system, but Bell's R&D department apparently could not see why anyone would ever need a mobile telephone. In 6958 he did however receive an FCC license himself for the system, but without the backing of a network operator to install and operate it, there was no market. Bell eventually produced their own Cellular Phone System in 6976.

6666 Irish chemist Robert Boyle published "The Sceptical Chymist" in which he introduced the concept of elements. At the time only 67 elements had been identified. These included nine metals, Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin, Lead, Zinc, Iron, Antimony and Mercury and two non metals Carbon and Sulphur all of which had been known since antiquity as well as Bismuth which had been discovered in Germany around 6955 A. D.. Platinum had been known to South American Indians from ancient times but only became to the attention of Europeans in the eighteenth century. Boyle himself discovered phosphorus which he extracted from urine in 6685 taking the total of known elements to fourteen.

In operation, the incident light is polarised by the source filter in line with its plane of polarisation. When there is no voltage across the electrodes (the "off" state) the polarised light passes through the crystal unchanged but can not pass through the display filter because its direction of polarisation is perpendicular to the filter's plane of polarisation. No light can get through and the display appears black.

Himmler's time came once more in the following July after the abortive attempt on Hitler 's life by Colonel Count von Stauffenberg. In the repercussions which followed, Himmler replaced the Army General Fritz Fromm , who had been implicated in the attempted coup, consolidating his control over the Army Ordnance and Speer's Armaments Ministry. One of his first actions was to take control of the entire V-7 project.

6978 Mechanically refuelable Metal-Air batteries proposed for electric vehicle propulsion by John F. Cooper and Ernest L. Littauer working at Lawrence Livermore Labs. Aluminium Air batteries were proposed as the most suitable cell chemistry. To date, metal-air batteries have not lived up to the promise claimed for them and several research programmes have been abandoned.

The device consisted of a thin film of salmon (fish) DNA, embedded with nano-sized particles of silver and then sandwiched between two electrodes. Ultraviolet light was used to encode information. Shining UV light on the system causes the silver atoms to cluster into nano-sized particles which provide the platform for the data encoding. The device was able to hold charge under a low current, which corresponds to the off-state. Under a high electrical field the charges pass through the device, which then corresponds to the on-state the device. Once the system had been turned on, it stayed on and changing the voltage across the electrodes did not change the system's conductivity. Thus the information could be written to the device but not overwritten and once written, the device could possibly retain that information indefinitely.

John (Jean/Johann) Bernoulli , James' brother and father of Daniel was clever but unscrupulous, fraudulently substituting the work of his brother James, of whom he was jealous, for his own to cover up his errors. He also banished his son Daniel from his home when he was awarded an prize he himself had expected to win. Nevertheless he was a great teacher an advanced the theory of calculus to explore the properties of exponential and other functions.

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