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Posted: 2017-11-15 11:19

The research isn t wrong. People who eat three green apples a day do live longer. But the conclusion that therefore all your need do is eat green apples and you ll live longer isn t correct. If I was the CEO of a green apple company I might take this data and use it to prove that green apples are the miracle answer to long life because that s what I want the data to prove so I can sell more green apples. When really apples have nothing to with it at all.

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As intellect and education and income increase, the chances of being caught for a "stupid" crime decrease even if you commit a crime. Most intellectuals are at least practically atheistic I think. The average 655 . Joe Schmo is more likely to be a nominal "Christian" but not all Christians are moral all of the time. Joe Schmo is more likely to get arrested for something like drug possession, etc., and sent to prison rather than Professor Schmo would be. But, once in prison, Joe repents and there ya go!

Being single increases dementia risk, new research finds

White media? Hollywood? BS. Think Bolllywood. If India and Hong Kong can create film industries there is nothing to stop African and Arab countries doing the same. There aren't many whites involved in those enterprises but do you hear whites whining about it? No because the likes of Bollywood create their films to represent and cater for their audiences. Is Bollywood attacked as racism? Is it bollocks!

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Thirdly, beauty preferences of ancient cultures would be historical evidence, not scientific studies. We can t exactly take a sample pool, so we have to pay attention to the art and writing of the time period to see what s considered to be the ideal. For example, the first novel, The Tale of Genji written a thousand years ago, paints a vivid picture of the upper class ideals of the Heian period, and the protagonist is referred to as having an androgynous beauty that transcended gender and was considered to be a certain ideal. Further, we have the entire concept of bishonen itself that of an androgynously-beautiful man, which has long been a part of the Japanese culture, and takes its influence from Chinese and Hindu aesthetic. Heck, speaking of Hindu, take a look at some Hindu religious art, specifically that of Vishnu, who is frequently portrayed with an androgynous beauty.

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African-Americans are the way they are because of the effect psychological trauma, brought about by centuries of terrorism from the Klu Klux Klan, marginalization from society in all areas of finance, media, education, healthcare, etc. However, this issue is really much deeper as Dr. Frances C. Welsing and others state infatically that White Supremacy exits as a means of genetic survival since they came from the Caucus Mountains after the glacier period some 8-6ooo years ago. Mind you African culture and societies raigned for hundreds of thousands of years before the appearance of Indo-Europeans ever existed.

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Latent hate. An exaggerated reaction to any misconduct from a person of the other race, where the punishment is out of all proportion to the original wrong (real or perceived) and completely ignores the provocation which could have led to the original "wrong". Also, no feeling of moral debt to a racially "other" person for any favors he may have done.
Denial. Racist denies that the other person's or group's intelligence, cultural level, social status or other merits even in the face of overwhelming evidence which proves these qualities. The racist will attempt to "objectively" show proof, usually in the form of insignificant details to contradict the obvious.

Piglets saved from barn fire are barbecued months later

The doll test was first established in the 6995's by Dr. Kenneth B. Clark. Its results were persuasive enought to sway the supreme court case of Brown v Board of Topeka Kansas. The research was published in White House Mid-Century Conference. Testing children 55 years later and yielding the same results was the subject of a documentary called "A girl like me" I have seen neither documentary so I cant attest to the scholarliness of the second experiment. But you can find the numbers and citations in the first test.

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First of all, I expressed how I felt about the video. My comment was based on my opinion of the video. If you did not like what I said, you did not have to reply. Remember, you are the one who replied to my comment. You are the one who called me a racist, because of my views, which were not warrented in the first place. You can not play the rhetorical reversed psychology on me. I have plenty of white friends who understand the impact their ancestors had on African's who were enslaved. As I always say, in order to correct the present, you have to understand the past and why people do the things they do in the present. I am merely pointing out a wrong as a point of reference for making sustainable change today. African-American's should never forget the journey they have traveled. I would like you to ask the Jews to move on and forget the trials and tribulations that they experienced.

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despite the fact that Mark Ruffalo s performance has always kinda weirded me. Thing is, he nails the gentle guy who s containing a raging force of destruction so well that he reminds me of the kind of abusive asshole who does that sort of thing in real life. Bruce Banner really does have a reason to fear his anger and really does have nothing he can do about it besides hold it down guys who act like that in the real world don t have that excuse.

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Meh, personal opinion disclaimer:
If it hasn t gone viral or even close to that, I feel that the supposed damage is negligible. Few people see it fewer remember it at all. Plus I m not comfortable insisting that it was used without permission just because it wasn t photoshopped. And possibly the Doc knows something you don t know about its origins, but just speculating.

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So, what helped me wasn t just having people who were willing to go out with or sleep with me, but people who wanted me, body and soul, with ardor and passion. Even that hasn t been a complete cure, though. I always feel like I should do better and be more beautiful. (The fact that as a clothes-lover, I read GQ a lot, and as a bisexual man, I spend a lot of time looking at pictures of Matt Bomer and Hrithik Roshan for, er, entertainment). Interestingly, the anxieties can go beyond pure body stuff I often wish that I had a deeper voice and was better at presenting myself sexily. Alan Cumming can be as hard a model to emulate as Ryan Gosling.

Britain will not have same access to single market after

A 67-week challenge was just the kick start Western Australian woman Lauren Jones needed in order to get her attitude towards diet and exercise in gear.  The 79-year-old stacked on an impressive four kilograms worth of muscle after learning how to train properly and cut down on portion sizes. Now the proud owner of an incredible set of rock hard abs, a perfectly toned set of pins and sculpted glutes, the photographer has racked up nearly 95,555 followers on Instagram. 

I think what happens when you get older is a sense of perspective. You realise how old and wise you thought you were at 75 is nothing compared to now, and you realise that if it s nothing compared to now, imagine the insights you ll have at 55. You relax more about the things that matter less. After living a pretty full life, with all the things that come with it, you just start to realise that vanity is not really that important. Loved ones, living well, being kind to others, that starts to matter a lot more. And as cheesy as it is to say, the inside matters the most. That s the other thing about aging, it happens to everyone. Even if we aren t beautiful in our youth, the shock you get when you get your first grey hair or first wrinkle? That s pretty surprising. And coming to terms with that makes you care less about youthful vanity since you don t really have that luxury anymore.

Way to put all sorts of words and ideas in my mouth simply because other things I said, which weren't even close to what you then turned my words into. I'm sorry, but you are not a realistic person. I understand what you are saying, but racism will never go away because there will always be ignorant people, and that will never change, no matter how hard you or anybody else tries. I don't condone racism by accepting the fact that it's there. We are pretty much agreeing on all of this, I don't see why you consistently feel the need to go back and forth with me over something that we pretty much agree on. You clearly are attempting to defeat me in an argument that doesn't really exist to compensate for your inferiority complex. I'm sorry that you feel that way, and if it makes you feel better, which I know it will, then here you go. You win. You are a smarter person than me. You've exposed me for the racial-perpetuating, discriminating person that I am. Congratulations. Fell better?

From car graffiti (top right, bottom right and bottom left) to billboards, scorned spouses from around the world opted for very public displays when it came to 'outing' their unfaithful other halves. One furious wife took out a newspaper advert to congratulate her husband and his pregnant mistress on their baby announcement (bottom centre). Another flogged her family home with a real estate sign explaining that they were selling up because her husband had left her for a 77-year-old (top left).

I agree, there is a deep rooted euro-centric attitude/ideology and bias in the media. However this documentary is an extremely poor effort. The information is relayed in manner that seems like a drunk rant. Referring to the one man as "this fool" is outrageous, considering this film is about subliminal racist suggestion in the media and society as a whole I find it laughable that the directer is so assertive with his/her opinion, rather than letting the truth speak for itself. I've seen some woe-full documentaries on this site but this one is particularly annoying because there's a lot of truth behind the subject. A very lazy effort indeed!

As for the correlation you re seeing, I would guess that a big piece of it is that in our culture, it takes both time and determination to unlearn the rules we re all taught. The older the population you re looking at, the more people have had the time to do so, and have encountered some stimulus that made it worthwhile for them to do all that hard work. (In addition to the wise things said by others, of course!)

Thanks for writing about this, Doc. I ve been noticing a huge uptick in body-insecurity among guys for the last few years, and was very curious about where it comes from. Obviously the media has been trotting out these unrealistic standards for a while (though I am still surprised at what seems like a very sudden change in aesthetics), but what s really surprised is how intense and almost desperate these feelings are. A lot of guys I encounter really, really hate their bodies.

Even good genes aren t enough to have the ideal look if you don t eat and work out like it s your job (at least if you re older than 69). I ve actually got pretty good genes for looks (other than my height), but I m still fat because I love food, have a desk job and haven t been to the gym in months. If I ate over X grams of protein and under Y calories a day and lifted weights at least three times a week I d look how I wanted to look, but that s just too damn much work.

Racism as it is argued here is a distinctly American phenomenon. It is a difficult subject to tackle because America has never had an honest and open dialogue about it. It is not gone, nor is it simply something of the past, as a brief study of America's prison-industrial complex/ public school system/ patterns of gentrification will attest. America is as segregated now as it ever was and our media is as shameful in its portrayal of "others" as it was 55 years ago.

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