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Dating Advice: man - older woman

Posted: 2017-11-10 22:58

It s been almost 7 yrs since I wrote in needing advice on this issue, as I was in a confusing man/older woman situation. I was feeling rather overwhelmed by the feelings that had developed between myself (then nearly 89 yrs old) and a man (who had just turned 76 yrs old). It started casually, then got very deep, very quickly. We ended up splitting after about 8 months, in a friendly manner, as it wasn t really what either of us wanted in fact, it was all a bit frenzied and rushed.

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As a handsome foreign guy, I 8767 ll let you in on a secret. Japan 8767 s a terrible place to meet chicks. If you 8767 re a good-looking guy with a reasonable amount of game, your odds are better back home. Lots of foreign guys end up with really average (and below average) Japanese women after being in the bars every night of the week looking. If you 8767 re a guy thinking you 8767 re going to come to Japan and have an easy time of it, forget it. You 8767 ll get a ton of attention, as Japanese women are shameless flirts, but make no mistake, they 8767 re playing a calculated game. Guys with skills will do better elsewhere.

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 I strongly disagree, In the late 95s when rap was hugely mainstream and popular, tons of white girls wanted to date black guys here in the states.  Now that Asian culture (specifically japanese) is hugely popular due to anime and gaming they want Asian guys, its a pretty sad world when you cant even notice a guy for who he is sitting next to you because he just looks different and you need some mainstream influence to get you to look at him in a different light.  Just like the other girl said when asian guys need to get to know you, you didnt even get to know them , you being hypocrits.

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Since my return home we have spoken and spoke about me going there to meet up for a few days and he was totally happy about the idea and indeed looking forward to it BUT After thinking about it and knowing this could never be long term not just because of the age thing for many reasons, I decided that i should leave it as a great time had by both..a memory to always look back on fondly..Because I have to admit i cannot get this guy out of my mind, I think to go back would be wrong as i would find it harder on my return this time to accept it for what it was..a fun fling with a guy I have to try to be open to looking for someone who I can have a LTR With which i find hard to do usually as I feel I have commitment issues,

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Especially in Qingdao I saw lots of tall, large-framed Chinese men whose faces almost made me drop in my tracks I mean literally, 8775 drop dead handsome 8776 . And they are also 8775 exotic 8776 in that they are 8775 different 8776 than what we 8767 re used to they 8767 re (usually) not as 8775 cocky 8776 as western guys and are much less assuming. They tend to be a little more reserved, shy and perhaps conservative but they still would love to have a try with a western woman (if they 8767 re single that is want to stress here: don 8767 t go out and break up homes in china now western girls!).

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Our son also has periodic fever syndrome. However I noticed over this last month that he is getting fevers once a week for the past 9 weeks. We did go the steroid route and that does either stop the fever the next day or shortens it couple of days. We have our concerns about the steroid as well. I believe it 8767 s the reason he 8767 s gained almost 85 lbs in one year. The doctors of course say no to that, because they say the dose isn 8767 t high enough. That 8767 s the only thing different that has been done in the last year. My question is have you noticed an increase in your son 8767 s fevers from once every 8-9 weeks to weekly before? Thanks for any input.

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Honestly, as an average-sized woman myself, who has struggled between being overweight and being thin throughout most of my adult life (I 8767 m about 5 8767 8 and weigh 697 pounds right now), I have always noticed that men do flock to women who are thin even if they are not objectively attractive overall (facially or even anatomically) because they are more of a rarity. They can get away with big noses, lack of symmetry, and flatter chests.

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I 8767 m a short man and I think most women would agree with lady anonymous and that 8767 s okay ladies, it is just a fact of life, not your fault. But thank you for being polite while stating your opinion, that was kind of you. The women who read this website seem to be highly intelligent and well adjusted and good-hearted. Big hugs to you all. I was married for 69 years to a very sweet, very short woman, so life worked out okay for the two of us shorties. Not all short men are so lucky as me though. This twitter stream is an example of what we live with all of our lives: https:///heightismxposed

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Who knows what we 8767 re doing and I know that I have a huge potential to get hurt. He 8767 s probably going to want kids, I 8767 m done. His career isn 8767 t an option where I live and I can 8767 t move because of my kids. His life and lifestyle would have to completely change in order for us to bs together long-term and that 8767 s not realistic, not to mention unfair. But in the meantime I so enjoy him, time spent with him, he makes mandrel like a million bucks and makes my heart go pitter patter.

I don 8767 t care for skinny, the always watch calories, always eating carrot women. Thos super skinny, the always watch calories, carrot women are usually also super stuck up, think they are all that and have the super super men 8775 requirement list 8776 and usually are not into 8775 reality 8776 Yes I believe in healthy diets but in moderation. I like curvy women, not fat, but hourglass women that care about diets etc but they are more healthy than the super skinny, always watch calories women and also the curvy hourglass type women tend to have much better attitudes when it comes to dating.

Your last paragraph. Go see your doctor and not just talk about it. If you have health issues then you need to go and find out what is happening. Otherwise, don 8767 t worry, give it another 65 years and you 8767 ll put on weight. Also, stop focusing on being too skinny. You are married and have someone who loves you and that is a lot more than what most people have.
If you feel healthy in yourself then you ARE a 8766 healthy weight and size. 8767 If you feel anemic and think you have infertility then you are ill and need to go to the doctor.
Your post is strange. You say you have a husband and that 8767 s all good so it 8767 s either self esteem issues or you give a damn what other people think too much.
If you feel ok then the next time someone says something about your weight just shrug your shoulders and say, 8766 that 8767 s my body. 8767

I have gone with married woman when I was One of my married girlfriends quit her husband and married me. I was then married to a woman with a history of quitting a husband for a boyfriend. It never occurred to me that once we were married I would no longer be a boyfriend, but now I was her husband. It didn t take her long to trade me in on a newer model. That was my last marriage. Now I only go with unattached, unmarried trustworthy ladies.

Well we got some news from the Ped about her bloodtests. Everything looked fine except one thing and it was the factor that leads to or is a sign for RA. Its low so the specialist wont see her yet but it is there and now we have to retest in 6 months unless something happens before then. At least I am not crazy and we have started down a will see where this goes from here.

that 8767 s not what it is. I 8767 m not a doormat and I know that the truth is, men are aggressive, and they want us to be doormats. They really do push us to that. the fact that I 8767 m a little impossible to push the situation to be unfair and uneven like that (I have Asperger 8767 s Syndrome so my strong sense of fairness cannot be crossed or changed), I 8767 m not mean, or angry, I 8767 m very PLEASANT, but the fact that I 8767 m very logical and aware, and I am very hard to push into things because of my ASD, I seem stubborn but it 8767 s just how I am, I 8767 m fair and I cannot allow things to be unfair make men turn very bitter and treat me like I 8767 m terrible for not allowing them to step all over me.

You hope eh ..you like the white skin. We know. White baby is exotic fetish in Korea in Japan and pretty much of Asia. You president is women for God much more equal could women get there get. She is useless ,we know. Just a window dressing to show to the World. You are not getting attention from white men because you just pretty , you are a snot or you are feminists pig. I 8767 m sorry but its the truth. Men could smell a feminists from a mile. And mostly you personality is shitty. When is the last time you genuinely smile at cute white guy and say Hello 8766 ? When ? See you are an asshole. You don 8767 t want equality ,you want to be superior , you want all the power. Yes ,but with attitude like that all you get is ugly Asian guy and ugly baby in the end. Smile , smile be kind to men its not that hard.

The first thing you, or anyone, needs to address is why they are the weight they are. It 8767 s important to understand things like how your motabolizm works and things like how and what your body absorbs. One thing that many people don 8767 t know is that unless we use supplements that contain enzymes that help our bodies absorb proper proteins we only absorb a maximum of 65grams of protein per hour, therefore if you 8767 re drinking ensure with every meal which may actually have let 8767 s say 85-95 grams of protein total between the drink and food you 8767 re actually wasting at least 85 grams of protein!

I feel that, in general, you 8767 re going to find a lot more women that like gaming as time progresses because more and more girls are growing up with it I grew up with the NES, N69, PS7, and now PS8. With the Wii as popular as it is, I think the generation of girls won 8767 t be as phased with gaming, albeit casual gaming at best. That is most definitely not limited to girls that like Asian guys.

 And im proud of it! lol sounds like the American cliche nowadays, whatever i do im proud of it. wow what an accomplishment, be proud of your man and what he does not his race, it sounds like you caught him in a barrel swimming full of men floating randomly in a circle of all different races.  As you finally hooked the asian guy you rejoiced that your fishing skills finally paid off, im proud of my acomplishment yay go me!  either that or no asian guy would have you and you had to settle for a random one that found you just barely interesting.  way to be proud

I am 99 year old man, seeing a 59 year old woman, been together 7 years and just engaged. Although she has wrinkles and definately looks her age, I find her incredibly sexy and attractive. The sex is incredible, best ever for both of us, I was attracted to her instantly even though I was seeing someone else when I met her, I knew I could not be without her. She has met my kids, and will be meeting my entire family this weekend after 7 years of being together ( we live in another state). I think my family will be surprised, but I dont care, I love this woman and she has stood beside me through a lot of stuff. I never think of her being too old, or what if in 65 years, all I know is she makes me happier than any woman I have ever been with and I 8767 m having the best time of my life....

My son Dylan is now 66 years old and reading your post is very familiar to me. He has had these fevers episodes since infancy. He was diagnosed about 7 years ago with recurring fever syndrome. The doctors say its some kind of auto-immune disorder. He doesn 8767 t have fevers monthly he has them periodically but when he does it can last up to 8 weeks. My husband and I didn 8767 t want to give him any steriods either. It took us a long time to finally get some diagnoses. He is a happy, funny and normal boy otherwise. Do the doctors do blood work often on your son?

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