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Date: 2017-08-12 12:21.

Hello Tall n Curly,
I discovered your blog via Pinterest and YOU have made my day! I 8767 m tall Damn tall and I feel like you have expressed every thought in my mind.
I love the fact that you write about it for everyone to be aware of who we are inside. Keep going, maybe minds will change? And maybe, just maybe we will stop getting the question 8775 do you play basketball? 8776 or the 8775 Wow your tall! 8776

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If you can find out how tall you were when you were 9 years old, that could help. Idk about anywhere else but in the UK your final height will be close to double your height as a 9 year old. I was 8 8767 7 8798 so they said I would be 6 8767 9 8798 . This happened to be the same as my dad, his father AND brother! But I 8767 m not 6 8767 9 8798 . I 8767 m more like 6 8767 7 8798 . Every body is different so the only way to really find out is just wait and see, and try not to worry too much about your height. Being is way too fun to spend it worrying about how tall you 8767 ll be in 5 years time :)

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You are speaking from your personal experience, which is all well and fine, but in my own experience men tend to shun women taller than them. Don 8767 t assume that women don 8767 t get crushed on me shorter than them because that is not always the case. In high school I reached near close to my full adult height of about 5 8767 7 8776 . I had a crush on an immensely attractive, but tiny (talking about 5 8767 5 8776 ) lad in my year group. I never plucked up the courage to ask him out directly but I certainly did indicate I was interested in him and having three sisters even if he didn 8767 t know they would have known. What did he do? Him and his group of cronies proceeded to (sometimes physically) bully me and went for the tiniest girl in the year group who must have been about 9 8767 9 8776 .

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You 8767 re most welcome Kristen ! :)
Although I will have to disagree with you on two things : you CAN wear heels, and you don 8767 t HAVE to find a man taller than you ) There are some amazing men out there who won 8767 t even reach your shoulders ! But of course as tall girls we all dream of a tall man who will make us feel like tiny delicate things, I understand that )
Thank you for reaching out ^^ 8

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I 8767 m 6 8767 7 8798 , 66, and female. I personally find this post to be very true. All of my friends are short and I constantly see them get flirted with and hit on. Even the guys that are really tall go for my friends. I find myself physically attractive and always have, but the male population never seems to think so. Of course, girls often hit on me (because obviously if I 8767 m tall, that automatically means I 8767 m a butch lesbian).
I hate the 8775 powerful 8776 and 8775 aggressive 8776 image that comes with being a tall girl, because despite an athletic and curvy build, I really wish I was 8775 cute 8776 and 8775 adorable 8776 like my friends. I work out six days a week to have an ideal body, and yet men would rather a short, chubby girl that 8767 s standing right next to me. I would honestly give anything to be desirable to men, even if the age group was above mine. Even older guys don 8767 t find me attractive.
Maybe I 8767 m just one of those people that 8767 s not meant to find love or something, lol

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Here in India, its all different. i am tall, fair and 6 8767 7 8798 but shorter girls find me too tall and taller girls(not available). Well i don 8767 t care if she is short or tall only thing i care for is love. Also, girls here cling to their boyfriends, even if they don 8767 t love and care for them, until they kick them out. And after first bad experience, they don 8767 t try another or even if someone takes first initiative, they think all boys are the same.

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Munchkin here! I 8767 m 9 8797 66 & 8/9 8798 and will stay that way I 8767 ve never exactly bated being short (everyone in my family is), but I get so tired of people saying 8775 Wow, you 8767 re short!˝ or 8775 I 8767 m so much taller than you! 8776 I 8767 ve learned to accept my height (and wear heels sometimes), but I feel like I could connect with this article from the OTHER standpoint.

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I 8767 m 6 8767 8 and happy about it now. I 8767 m also rail thin (that runs in the family, height doesn 8767 t) and that probably makes me look even taller. It was tough until I was about 75 and then I started getting used to myself. I also used to tell people I was 6 8767 7 or 6 8767 6 because tall girls round down. Now sometimes when I see a guy I know is a jerk and he asks me, I 8767 ll tell him 6 8797 or 6 8767 6 to make him feel a bit more insecure.


Hi! I 8767 m 65 curly and 5 8767 9 and according to my doctor still growing. I 8767 ve been a competitive swimmer all my life and I 8767 m proud of my height. I actually want to be taller. I went to my freshman homecoming and I was 5 inches taller than my date and still wore heels( there were no flats in my size) now I was 7 inches taller. I just want to any your blog is great! Tall curly and proud!

Interesting article although not fully accurate. At one point they mention that around 5 8767 5 is considered to be tall. I 8767 m that exact height and I 8767 m no where near being tall. I 8767 m not short either. It depends on the country from where you are from but I know in the between 5 8767 9 and 5 8767 6 is just about average, 5 8767 5 being exactly in between. There always seems to be debates about tall and short girls, but everyone seems to forget about the in between girls.

I just can 8767 t believe that people were that mean with you in COLLEGE I mean You 8767 re not a kid anymore in college.. You 8767 re supposed to be an adult. Did your brain remained at its child size..? Come on.
And in a Bible college ? Wow Yup. Irony
So glad you escaped from it all and grew (literally AND figuratively lol ) into a beautiful and proud person who knows who she is and what she 8767 s worth ! I wish you the best in life you deserve it ! :)

Hiiii! Your blog made me smile so much. I 8767 m 69 and I 8767 m 5 66 and a half as well. Lol I found it so weird when you said you were the same height as me. I seriously have one pair of heels lol and I hardly if ever wear them. I do feel awkward going into closed places especially with low ceilings. Makes me feel really tall lol but hey, I always tell myself at least I 8767 m healthy. It could 8767 ve been worse. Thanks for this blog :). And I recently did the big chop so I am indeed tall n curly lol. Keep doing what you do!

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I just read through almost all of your posts, and I related to pretty much all of them. I 8767 m a sophomore in high school, about 5 8767 65, with hair that seems to be a lot like yours. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate this post. Like every tall and/or girl, I do struggle with those qualities a fairly decent amount. I 8767 m learning to accept my height and hair, and you definitely gave me a big push forward today. Thank you!

Thats so me. I am and jst 67 feel awkward while walking pn the road cox every one just stop there work and letrally see and those coents are justt heart ever i meat someone they say wow u are so huge what would be your you eat and all other comments like took all of my confidence. I walk so awkwardly just to look shorter then my friends told me walk with full proud this is the unique thing u have while other me its so usually escape from crowdy places for not being noticed and always felt shy.

I 8767 m assuming this guys on the shorter side? 5 foot 5 inches is certainly not tall. It 8767 s perfectly average. Between 5 8767 9 and 5 8767 6 is the average height on a scale for females, everything else is shorter or taller. Do not get discouraged and love yourself for who you are. Obviously if some douche bag guy can 8767 t appreciate you for who you are than he doesn 8767 t deserve you and you can do a hell of a lot better girl!

That first year of college was rough, I definitely spent time crying after an entire day of seingly constant commentary and insulting remarks. But I got over it. I graduated from that college, then I went to and graduated from another college. The second round was easier, because I had learned to love myself, but it was also harder because my classmates were WORSE than at the last college. What is funny is that this time around, I was at a BIBLE COLLEGE. You know, where Christians and future pastors go? Oh the irony! I basically ignored these classmates, but once in a while I would smile as big as I possibly could. If someone ever said 8775 You are SO tall!! 8776 I chose to reply with 8775 Thank you SO much 8776 (I have always wanted to try saying 8775 You are SO average 8776 ha!)

I 8767 m 69 and 5 8767 5, its actually tall in my country. Asians don 8767 t tend to be tall. I am NBSB, so idk why tall guys in my school likes short girls. I even asked my crush, also taller than me (well actually, a boy whom I like for 7 yrs and secretly wished that he is my boyfie, and dont forget that I 8767 ve got like 65 pics of him pinned on my bedroom wall) which he prefers, and you know what he said? 8775 Louisa is my crush. You know the pretty girl short and stuff. I really don 8767 t know but I think short girls are cute ya 8767 know? Unlike you.. but hey you 8767 re pretty too hahaha bla bla bla 8776 Ughh, sometimes I hate that I 8767 m tall

Come on, gals, squash that insecurity already. All women have to deal with insecurities. Play the hand you are dealt and stand tall. I 8767 m 5 8767 66 and routinely wear 8 or four inch heels. My husband is only 5 8767 66, and he loves my heels. Tall people are statistically more successful and typically quite envied. The real problem of course is buying pants so shop diligently and embrace skirts or capris. (Try )

The article is not saying that men don’t like tall women, only saying that the findings of their research on men 8767 s preference for 8766 ideal 8767 size height of women falls directly outside of (popular media culture) and stereotypes female beauty to reinforce the negative assertion that very tall/men women are supossed to be the ideal of human species. What I don 8767 t get however is the fact that women who are 8766 between 8767 height 5ft9/5 who are neither small nor actually tall, appear to vanish somewhere in the survey or even commentators response to it.

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