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Paul Nuttall's burqa ban seems to forget that the public

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It 8767 s really annoying about these African-American steroetypes. I do not think it 8767 s fair to generalize. If you see a White woman doing this, you don 8767 t say white women this,that,ect. It 8767 s like because someone is white,they have certain privaliges that Black women don 8767 t. Yes, lots of Black men use the excuse of Black women attitude,ect. STOP coming up with an excuse all African-American females aren 8767 t like that. In fact, a man wrote a book called 8775 Pretty Brown Girl 8776 . I don 8767 t mean to sound rude or anything by saying the race,but I 8767 m describing it. White women don 8767 t understand how it feels. I 8767 m smart,pretty,thin and African-American, yet only because of these accusations, I 8767 m labled. It 8767 s not only not fair, but it 8767 s committing a grave act to charge all women to be certain way because the ones that aren 8767 t are being accused of that. Jugdemental people.

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Being that I am slim and workout, and am surrounded by women who are slim and workout (there are at least 5 gyms within a one mile radius of where I live and not including those in residential buildings), I don 8767 t take offense to his response and I don 8767 t think he 8767 s shallow. I also don 8767 t think that he is saying all women who approach him should be stick thin, just proportional and fit. He is talking about the women who approach him. Of course thin is not in with all men but for him a physically appealing woman matters to him because he is physically appealing. Of course if a woman seeks to lose weight, health should be the number one motivating factor. However, just as many women think it 8767 s hawt to see a man in the kitchen, many men think it 8767 s hawt to see a woman taking care of her body.

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Very honest!  My husband is one such white man that prefers thin women.  He was very much attracted to my figure when we first met as were the other white men I dated.  Most of those men (my husband included) had never thought about dating a black woman before.  I think it definitely help me when it came to dating IR. 
*Note  When I say my husband prefers thin, I don 8767 t mean unhealthy, anorexic, boyish or waif-like.  I definitely had very pleasing curves even at a size 5!  Still do as a size 7 🙂

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Liberals have always violated the 6969 Civil Rights Act. They are racist to the core. The ONLY reason they select for color or gender is because the see the world from a racist/gender viewpoint. EVERYTHING is racist to them. That is why blacks will never integrate as Asians have. They will always be coddled into victimhood because that is the only way liberals can justify their existence. I 8767 d pull my kid if he was in this college. But, my kids are the antithesis of victims. They are both successful white males who made their own privilege. Nobody had to give it to them.

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Well, I have a three-part answer for this. The first part is that yes, Japanese people gather a lot of information about their countrymen just as Americans do by how they dress, their accent, and the topics they discuss. They can fairly quickly assess a person 8767 s social status, where they 8767 re from, and probably a host of other information. Again, their guesses may not be accurate, but they 8767 ve got a starting point that most 8775 foreigners 8776 don 8767 t.

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Yes Trish, I have read the book and seen the movie, but I was under the impression that her story was about the pre-war/WWII Geisha and not the post war geisha (which I was talking about) that were entirely different because of the Americanization of Japanese culture, the increase of women 8767 s rights accorded by the American brokered Japanese constitution and the change in the Japanese culture brought about by the huge development of corporations in Japan. Watch the Shirley MacLaine movie 8775 My Geisha 8776 and you will see what I 8767 m talking about.

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Yeah, that 8767 s the weird thing about 8775 Japan. 8776 It 8767 s just another country, with ordinary people, but somehow it 8767 s gotten a reputation for being exotic. The Japanese play that up, as well as a lot of foreigners. It 8767 s all cosplay on the outside, while inside, it 8767 s just a regular old nation with men and women going about normal lives. Kind of reminds me of Las Vegas in that respect, a big plastic city in the middle of a desert. Or the Wizard of Oz.

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All Gov funds to these colleges need to be stopped. They are a hotbed for racism that is actually being taught and practice using tax payers money. Most white people don 8767 t speak up because they are being taught not to or told not to. Let these leftist preach to us that racism is ok and can be used when it is against white people. Sooner or later these white people are going to stop being afraid to fight back. If I were a student in one of the classes this prof. taught, graduated or not, I would seek financial compensation (reparations:) from the University and I would have a civil case against her.

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Indeed it 8767 s men who have conditioned themselves to abhor their own maleness who show symptoms of this disease. I know a guy, we were in school together, who has become an almost unbelievable caricature. I mean if you had to come up with an outlandish caricature of a total absolute strident mangina social warrior, you would come up with him. He emigrated to Sweden (most feminist, PC country in the world), is a self declared feminist and a communist, and suffers from and racism tourettes. He 8767 s actively rejected everything that smells even remotely of masculinity, masculine achievement and independence. He especially reviles every successful white man.. and he 8767 s a white man himself. Basically he 8767 s projecting his hatred of himself on every other white man, and recently I discovered it all came from him having an abusive father unfortunately. He has never moved forward from that however, and projected the hatred of his father onto himself and every other man in existence.

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I know that racism has long been a problem in this country, as well as the world. Let 8767 s be honest. Every country has racism in their history against someone, and in fact every country has racism in them today. I understand why minorities and women get mad about this. Is the solution then to trash white males? Is no one considering that it means just making any white male who wasn 8767 t a racist feel like they 8767 re under constant assault?

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I do have to laugh about the women getting worse the more you are around them. I learned long ago to never judge looks on first look. I have seen way too many that I thought were 65s on first glance that I had to revise down to 8-6 by the 9th look. I remember going into a bank a few years back and seeing 7 women behind the counter and the one I thought of as a 5 or so became someone I thought of as a 9 at 9 ft away. I know she 8767 d still look like a 5 if I went back to the entrance again. Because of that I knew she was one of those women that guys would keep in the friend zone but I became smitten with her in the few minutes there.

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Secondly, you won 8767 t have the same experiences I did, so your outcome will necessarily be different. You know, it 8767 s luck of the draw. You step off the plane, meet a nice girl or boy, fall into a circle of cool friends, and the whole country 8767 d seem great. Sure, some ex-pats are worn-down and bitter, but others really love the nation. Finding a good job would help a lot too. Coming from a shitty country is also a plus.

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8775 I know you’ve all had it engrained upon your mind that you need to eat and put some pounds on and whatever else your culture has tonight you but listen, your trying to cross cultural lines here 8776
Oh my goodness! LOL is this for real??
I don 8767 t have a weight problem or whatever and like keeping fit and healthy. Encouraging fitness is great but the delivery of this message was soooo off. Which is rather unfortunate.

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My professor was a hard core Communist hiding behind a favorite aunt face. There were jewish homosexuals wearing their mother 8767 s clothes and make up screaming 8775 Pataki is Wacky. 8776 That was the insanity nearly 75 years ago. An illiterate with tourette syndrome would 8775 quack 8776 his way through the whole campus he is now a City Councilman protesting 8775 white supremacy 8776 and chairs the city housing committee despite losing his home to foreclosure.

Women make up only around five per cent of the prison population of the UK. 86 per cent of female prisoners are serving a sentence for a non-violent crime. If you do some Google research you will, of course, be able to find examples of women doing terrible things. That doesn’t detract from the fact that majority of violent crime is committed by men. Though terrorist incidents in the UK are comparatively uncommon, these too, are overwhelmingly carried out by men. In America, where access to guns makes mass killings more common than in the UK, 98 per cent involve a male perpetrator.

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This was the Utopia of CUNY schools 75 years ago and why even then White, Ethnic European Christians were a rarity on the campuses and dropping out at unbelievable numbers back then. If you were an 8775 immigrant 8776 and went to synagogue, you could do anything including cheating with books open during midterms and finals in fact some of the Eastern Europeans would openly cheat off of one another and do it so loudly that they disrupted the class- when American students complained 5 they were told to shut up and leave if they didn 8767 t like it.

On the whole, men have caused me only small amounts of trouble. The solution is always simple. I can either overcome/overtake that man causing me trouble, or I realize I must give in because he is stronger. It 8767 s great to be able to do the former, but no shame in the latter when a concerted and genuine effort has been made. This is true except in one case the case of the White Knight. I will never give in to the White Knight.

I have no problem whatsoever saying that the overwhelming majority of black women are in fact 8775 unattractive 8776 ! As, a black man myself I 8767 d have to say that perhaps no more than 65 75% of all Black women are, or would be considered as being attractive, or beautiful.. Take away the fake hair, then that number decreases to perhaps only 65%. But, I will say that there are some really beautiful BW, but not many. Most are fat, wear fake hair, have their usual bad attitudes, and are also baby mamas. Sorry, but it is what it is!

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