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Posted: 2017-10-14 15:49

in life you will meet people who are superficial and narrow-minded of any culture and society. some people only care about assets ( like the guy i met).. but who cares! we are all different.. and we can include people of similar values in our circle!! the choice is ours and this will eliminate heartache or disappointments. live your life only for you and focus on your happiness and your success than focusing on hate toward certain gender or race.

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Drama..o lot of it n can mouth iff more than a western woman ever wonder why persian guys date out
gotta be strict with these woman or theyll eat ur brains out
i remenber this cute but dumb persian girl goin off..like why are the persian guys nice to their woman when they marry out but not us..i walk by cuz they dont bitch as much or bring up drama or easy to plz(materialistc)..
She was quite lol score 6 for the guys

Would you persian girls date black guys?

Then, I changed. During the middle years of my twenties, I looked at the landscape of my life, and found it barren in its absence of Iran. I was saturated with a love so deeply buried and so profoundly suppressed that it only took changing my entire life to be able to stare my beloved, Iran, in her bloodshot eyes. I quit work and returned to graduate school to know and do more about Iran, and a little later I returned to Iran after twelve years.

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Loving an Iranian man is not easy, because in the small circles of Iranian friends, a new couple becomes the object of discussion and speculation. The love has to grow in the light of this scrutiny. Loving an Iranian man involves far more protocol than dating an un-Iranian man. There is the architecture of ta'arof, there are the scrolls of family trees, and there are -- most importantly -- political allegiances which don't often coincide.

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I just finished reading this blog and every comment here.   I think there are some valid points especially when two from opposite races marry. I have been married to an iranian woman for 9 years (im canadian). Our marriage like most couples has had it’s share of ups and downs. Sometimes when we have big fights her parents or her iranian girlfriends would mediate and they would always tell me that “ I had it good or I had it easy compared to what she would do to her last husband.” ( he was from Shiraz) I won’t get into specifics out of respect for my wife but what I can say is from what everyone in her social circle is telling me her ex-husband got the short end of the stick a lot of the times. I don’t know if they are telling me this because my in-laws or her friends liked him more than me or if it’s all really true ?? I don’t know for certain but it seems the stuff I take for granted that I can do at home or with my wife her ex-husband would get a real lashing over if he did the same thing. So yeah do I think when two people from opposite race marry that there is more mercy and understanding ??? Most Definitely.

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Quite funny I must quite accurate in many I myself was a completely different Persian girl and I proposed to my husband, an Australian.& I made sure I pay all the meals until I made sure I want to actually have sex with the was VERY picky, like most Persian all VALUE our 8766 P 8767 a lot yes, there are 8767 s for sure

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I stereotyped the Iranian men into various categories. I desperately avoided the slick BMW-driving, cell-phone carrying, disco-going, chauvinist pigs. I made friends but kept my distance from the tortured and tormented ones who had gone through hell in Iran and had come out scarred. And I ran from the respectably boring men desperately ready to settle down and have a family with a respectably boring woman (of good family). There were other stereotypes. Ultimately, they were all men with Iran in their souls and Persian on their tongue, and Iran frightened me.

Do persian men like black women? – s&f joon

I must be the only Persian girl without the 8775 Black 8776 complex because I have never really had a crush on a black guy but I totally get what you mean. Persians have this thing of looking down on EVERYONE. For example, they don 8767 t like Arabs/Pakistanis/Indians either (that would be my complex). Persians need to stop this ethnocentrism you only live once, be with the one you truly love and loves you back.

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Not all Arab men are chauvinistic and treat women like crap. I know many Arabs who treat their wives and girlfriends as equals. You seem to just be basing this article on racist stereotypes. What is your experience with Arab men? Have you dated many Arab men or just one? Have you even dated an Arab man? There are plenty of bad apples in the bunch. I 8767 m half arab and I 8767 ll be the first to admit a lot of Arab habits are backwards, but not all Arabs are like this. These traits exist in men of all races, and it is indeed racist of you to associate them exclusively with Arab men. If you had a bad experience with one or even a few Arab men don 8767 t make racist assumptions about all of them. And also, people from different parts of the Middle East act very differently. For example, there 8767 s a big difference between Saudi and Lebanon.

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Private Man Persian Game :   The same as Persian Game above, except you add in an aura of being very private.  In her eyes, at least.  You don 8767 t discuss bangs with your friends.  You don 8767 t hang out with other Persians.  You don 8767 t know anyone in her social circle, or her family.  It 8767 s one of the few times where not being in her social circle is a huge advantage.   These girls care about reputation more than anything, and you have to mitigate the fear of them being deemed a slut.  

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agreed man this comin from someone thats part middle eastern even im wary of datin em an marraige after one kid they blow up quickly and hairy nuff as it is.
if anyones into brown girls..latin is the way to go more curves less hair less maintence an less drama of my cousins got latin girls now.
even som wealthy arabs go to chase brazilian girls(but more europeans and americans)

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After reading these posts of Ivy, I think she is speaking from a personal experience that she had to go through (or someone close to her)
Regardless, this is way too generalizing and stereotypical. All men in general got the good and the bad in them, just like women And by thinking that only cuz they belong to a certain race or ethnic background they act this certain way, this is called rasicsim and stereotyping.

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i guess all these posts and blogs matter for me because it's a means to Vent. as the change of plans from iranian to non-iranian is very very recent and fresh. {not distant past} And also perhaps to see if anyone else outside my circle of friends can relate or empathize with me.  because unfortunately my male friends are kos-lis to iranian women. they feel me and many of them have experienced the same problems but they don't have any backbone to walk away.  ..whatever their funeral.

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I am Persian man from Bakhtiari tribe. I think the explanations of the Persian girls which you gave is including just Tehran, Isfahan, and Mashhad area possibly, but not all of Iranian girls are like them. I am 687 cm, and my sisters about 675 cm. My sisters married with men who are not rich at all but they are intelligent.
Unfortunately, central Iran girls and boys becomes as representative of all Iranian peaople out of Iran, and the world just knows the part of Iranian girls which mostly they are not originally Persian but mix Turkish and others nationality. Original Iranian girls are really beautiful and very kind. To find real Persian Girls, you should know which part of Iran she comes from because Iran is very wast country with variation in races and cultures.

i want that flag so fucking bad. i met this one smokin fine one. then i met her 68 year old smokin hot daughter. i swear you would think theres no fucking way she had a grown daughter. she had a fucking diamond in her tooth. i knew there was no fucking way i could top whoever paid for that because i was flat broke. i could tell she was all about the money. i gamed, played it suave, she played back but i could see she wasnt going to give any pussy to a guy who had way less money than her.

This is incredibly racist and extremely inappropriate. Our people are constantly discriminated against and labeled as 8775 backward 8776 , 8775 uncivilized 8776 , etc. I 8767 d expect that coming from such a background would lend one more sensitivity to issues of race and ethnicity and make one refrain from these gross categorizations. Such a shame, I was just beginning to enjoy the posts here.

i joined this site to learn more about iranian culture. i'm not persian however my significant other of 7 years is. we live together and are deeply committed to each other. Ive heard all the stories about how persian women r gold diggers from him as well as from a few non-persian but middle eastern associates. his mother adores me and the 7 of 9 sisters ive met are nice enough. it upsets me a bit when he puts his women down. its odd  from a man who otherwise is very proud of all things persian. can anyone elaborate on this.

I have to disagree with some of the other comments posted here though. For what I 8767 ve found out, most of these Iranian ladys are pretty down to earth, at least here in Europe. I guess have a bad effect on them, since most of the comments of 8775 they-go-crazy-on-your-ass 8776 seems to be originating from there. One Iranian girl once told me, it 8767 s probably because the ones living in are the rich, pre-revolutionary regime people who fled with their enourmous wealth and have lost their function in life ever since. Their kids grew up with all these wealth and are use to the princess-mentality: 8766 anything you can do, daddy can do better 8767 .

Aaaand to top it off, not all Persians females fall under the stereotype that has been mentioned (I 8767 m a Persian punk, and from memory my friends in Iran have been sent to institutions to have their 8766 dangerous ideals 8767 beaten out of them). The females in Iran have been working really hard to bring equality and end such damaging cultural stereotypes, even though it 8767 s a hard fight for us due to the amount of oppression that is faced.

A man who plans and publish an article on 8775 how to bed 8776 someone, is 6) doesnt get the women he likes to be with 7) struggles with opposite sex 8) struggles among peers ( pressure of scoring and showing off similar to peer pressure when it comes to drugs, smoking and drinking 9) not much going in life 5) hanging with a wrong crowd. 6) such hate demonstrates like towards homosexuality since a straight man would speak of women with joy and likes

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