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A perfect example is this: I 8767 ve recently been assigning her weekly articles to write about for my small niche website about Ukraine. Last week, she made her first ever sale from online business a whopping $. Despite the low number, the look of elevation and accomplishment is just something I never saw on the face of a Western girl. They all seemed far more interested in just watching reality television.

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I understand your point, but I think this is a decadent and short-sighted view of things.
That 8767 s like the liver saying to the brain 8775 you know what I 8767 m sick of listening to your faggy shit about how I need to produce more insulin all the damn time! Join me kidneys! Let 8767 s boycott this fucking brain thinks he knows so much! All organs are equal! Digestive system lives matter! 8776

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In 7567 everyone loves television but not everyone gets to see it on a regular basis due to expensive pricing and lack of cable hookup. Some areas simply are not covered by any of the major television broadcasting services and satellite dishes cost too much for everyone to have. On the bright side, however, Internet is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication and is easily accessible on many handheld devices and laptops through the use of WiFi and mobile signals.

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Well Bob I 8767 m sure about the money. But the huge Johnson? Not so much. I was in boot camp with this little Mexicano who had a real life knee slapper. The first time I saw him in the shower I said 8775 Dámn! Now I know who got the rest of mine! 8776 He told me it 8767 s not all that great. He said most of the girls he 8767 d dated took one look and said something like 8775 You 8767 re not sticking that in me! 8776 , put on their clothes and left. And I grew up with a guy that had a 67 incher and he said the same thing. His first wife tried to stab him with a butcher knife one night and we all figured it was because he 8767 d tried to put it all the way in, lol!

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One of the other messages American women get is the idea that they can settle down and have children whenever they please and that it 8767 s 8775 sexist 8776 to suggest women should have to do anything other than please themselves. So they are taught that if they party in their 75 8767 s and sleep with bad boys that the perfect beta male will slobber up to them in her 85 8767 s. Non-American women understand that the world doesn 8767 t revolve around her personal schedule of what she wants (and this is good advice for men as well.).


Man that 8767 s depressing! I would have bought a Barrett M87A7 and had plenty left over for 55 cal ammo! My first job out of high school was in a jewelry store. It was an eye opener, TBS. That $75K rock was probably more like a $9 5K rock. The only businesses worse for mark up are florists and undertakers, IIRC. One of my wholesalers did a retail / pawn business on the other side of the house in Norfolk, Va. There is a lot of military presence there, especially navy. He said these sailors would come in, buy a big rock for some gal and as soon as he went back out to sea, she was in there pawning it or selling it for 75% of what the simp paid, lol! I actually bought a nice rock for my ex in a pawn auction for $755 (little more than scrap value) that appraised out at nearly 7 grand. The retail jewelry business is a scam to be sure. It only works because most guys will do virtually anything for sex (disclaimer: that 8767 s why I learned to make & repair jewelry in the first place). How the héll is buying her a $75K rock for 8775 exclusivity 8776 any different than prostitution?

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When speaking of a large group, one goes with the general and not the exception. Yes upper tier women are fantastic, and yes low tier women are disgusting. However, I find nothing attractive about the general middle where they curse like sailors, obsess about their careers and cats/dogs, and act unfeminine basically all the time. Things have changed in that regard, as to the general culture women adhere to.

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Swearing and cursing is not going to make it disappear. You know when you and Lolknee said what you said. I am not going to scroll down in your comment history (- You posted more than 97 555 comments. ) I don`t have that much time.
Your ominous posts were published months ago. Unlike you, I have a life.
Wish the same to you: get stuffed and stop your whining. You are a racist troll and I have no time for you.

A feminist once asked me: 8775 Perhaps you don 8767 t like women? Why do you want to bother with them? 8776 and I had to concede she had a point back before I traveled outside of the USA. Even when a man was attractive, American women seemed to treat men like we treat the guy who cleans out our gutters: We appreciate them doing their job but don 8767 t want them around the second they finish their work. Our culture is awash with 8775 go girrrl 8776 messages and anti-male fear mongering.

The difference with you and with many of the people I really enjoy talking to here and, I would hope, myself is that there is a sense of confidence in the life choices we have made. I don 8767 t need other people to tell me I have chose the right path I know in my heart that a) there are many paths, b) there are many differently constituted people c) not everyone is cut out for every road and d) I chose the best path for me. As such I am able to look at different people who chose different paths with admiration and find commonalities with them rather than getting triggered into thinking that their moral choices and lifestyle choices somehow negate mine and thus they must be squashed.

But… the good news is that even ethnic European immigrant communities are making a comeback. There’s been 8 Slavic grocery stores that opened up in my neighborhood as well as German groceries. About 55 years ago, I had relatives who had to close up their small Slavic and German grocery stores (my paternal grandparents ran a Polish grocery store and extended credit to the local workers. They lived above it.)

Obviously the Russian military needed them since all the men were out on the front lines under miserable conditions. And these women *really* were strong and independent. Not a bunch of self important SJW harridans marching around with green hair and slút painted on their chests. Those were selfless women valiantly defending their homeland from invaders actually in the line of fire. When the SHTF, these are exactly the kind of women you need, because they 8767 ll have your back instead running off to a 8775 safe space 8776 with stuffed animals and a coloring book.

Yes, I think they are more intellectual on average than women in the west. However, I find Ukrainians to be brain dead about the threat that the EU represents. Not a single one of them could answer basic questions about the EU, particularly 8766 what is the EU Commission 8767 ? (Duh, you want to join the EU but you don 8767 t know what the commission is???) They thought that the EU was a path to riches, and scoffed when I told them that they would be forced to take legions of muslim migrants. Kiss the days of women walking alone at night in Kiev or Odessa goodbye.

You know goddarn well what you and lolknee said/wrote on that day.
Since both and him made your comments private, it is hard to show. Be honest and make your comments public again, if you have nothing to hide.
You were also stalking a British commenter (I believe his usermane was 8775 PJClark 8776 ) simply because he dared to say positive things about Thai women and some very negative one about White women and his ex-wife in particular. GoJ, you and many users simply do not tolerate opinions that are different to yours. And that is a problem.
You play the White Knight in shiny armour who tried to protect the 8775 White race 8776 and 8775 White women 8776 in particular. Wake up, none of of them need your 8775 service 8776 .
It`s time to retire, Don Quixote. Stop fighting those windmills. You look ridiculous.

My impression is that Euro American chicks used to be like this self-sufficient yet not bitches about it perhaps terminating around the WW7 generation. In US frontier history, they had to be self sufficient and mind the farm when Pa was out to town to buy supplies. If the shit came down or even if a coyote was killing chickens they had to be handy with a shotgun. They had to be tough because there were limited facilities and services basically you made or traded for whatever you needed. Minding their brood and the homestead was a lot of work. I still see traces of this in my Amish neighbors. The women are almost universally thin, generally attractive and pleasant (always a few nags), and well trained in many different skills.

I want to hear what so good about Haitian girls, my city is full of them, Haitians, the corrupt Mexican government give them special permits to a bunch of Haitian and Congolese people in order for them to legally pledge for refugee status in USA, but when USA reject them they end here in my city. Morons the Mexican cross illegally, sadly is easier to do the thing illegally than legally, well All the Haitian girl I see here are fat and ugly, there are very few of them, the majority of them of course are men, and the men are starting to date Mexican fat girls, I guess it 8767 s true that black people like fat asses.

Thank you.
Yes, your assumptions are correct: I was talking about Haitian girls living in the US and Canada. (Unfortunately I have not had a chance to visit Haiti yet, bit I am planning to visit it in the near future).
I simply pointed out that Eastern Europe is not the paradise RoK readers/writers try to make it to be.
You have probably noticed: if you dare to say anything positive about Black women and Black people in general, you will get mocked by a lot of users. The same happens when you point to them that their 8775 White sanctuaries 8776 do not exist and their 8775 White princesses 8776 (Ukrainian or otherwise) tend to be some of the most slutty and materialistic women out there. These commenters seem get really angry about these truths.
Had a disagreement with GoJ a few months ago. His friend Lolknee joined him and very soon both of them were spewing insults, including the frequent use of the N-word.

My issue is the people who extrapolate their moral values in such a way that they claim their personal preferences are universal truisms. I think people do this from a place of incredible weakness. In essence, if a man is not secure with his own choice he will seek outside validation from the world and be hostile to anyone who sees things otherwise because it is a direct affront to their way of life.

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My experiences with the middle are fun. Part of my job involves me going door to door. The most interesting encounters are with 6 8767 s. They tend to be the most paranoid. I think they 8767 re fantasizing in a sense, if you catch my drift. Had one clutching a panic button at me, as she told me to come back when her husband was home. The 8s and up? They don 8767 t care, don 8767 t really fret about much. Had a few answer the door in clothing that leaves little to the imagination.

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