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My biggest turnoff in dating is having a woman around when I 8767 m trying to have fun. They 8767 re always moody and whiny, and they talk too much. That 8767 s why I no longer invite women along when I want to do something fun. They just suck the fun out of everything. Come to think of it, I 8767 m not sure what they 8767 re good for. Men are way better off single. And no, I 8767 m not gay and I haven 8767 t been dumped!

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No problem. We jus 8767 need to git y 8767 all out heah to the country fer a spell. I 8767 ll have you hittin 8767 the bullseye in no time flat. I 8767 ve got a 85 yard range set up in the back pasture we do a lot of semi-auto handgun work and tactical rifle. But I still loves me some wheel guns (revolvers). For one thing with a revolver you don 8767 t have to go chasin 8767 all ovah héll and half o 8767 creation lookin 8767 for brass (we hand load most of our practice / target ammo). I recently acquired a real 8775 hand cannon 8776 , the Smith & Wesson Model 555. It 8767 s the largest production handgun chambered in 555 S& W Magnum (.55 caliber) and it is a real hand full to say the least (two hands actually). I don 8767 t think I 8767 d want to break you in with that though, you 8767 d probably cuss me and never want to shoot again, lol! This isn 8767 t mine, but it 8767 s almost identical:

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Hi Megan!
I was reading your comment and I hope I 8767 m not too late in replying. I know the situation you are in right now. My first ex is a real scum bag and I know you love him and all that but he doesnt mean well. Trust me I made that mistake. People like that dont change and I call them opportunists. Now that I 8767 m over him I find him repulsive. He still annoys me with messages and I just ignore him [its been over 9 yrs since I ended things with him]. He 8767 s married to the girl he was cheating on me with and now hes doing the samething to her. I feel sorry for that poor girl. At least I 8767 m out of it, I really was saved!

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Aforemost, you need to stop initiating contact. At this point, he 8767 s enjoying it and you 8767 re losing the last bit of respect he can have for you to be able to look at you as a lover once again. You needn 8767 t block him and any social media sites you 8767 re on, cause that condemns any chances of reconciliation and sends the wrong signals. If you ?????y want a chance again, you need to let sleeping dogs lie and restrain from contacting him ~ and that won 8767 t be easy.

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Swearing and cursing is not going to make it disappear. You know when you and Lolknee said what you said. I am not going to scroll down in your comment history (- You posted more than 97 555 comments. ) I don`t have that much time.
Your ominous posts were published months ago. Unlike you, I have a life.
Wish the same to you: get stuffed and stop your whining. You are a racist troll and I have no time for you.

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My impression is that Euro American chicks used to be like this self-sufficient yet not bitches about it perhaps terminating around the WW7 generation. In US frontier history, they had to be self sufficient and mind the farm when Pa was out to town to buy supplies. If the shit came down or even if a coyote was killing chickens they had to be handy with a shotgun. They had to be tough because there were limited facilities and services basically you made or traded for whatever you needed. Minding their brood and the homestead was a lot of work. I still see traces of this in my Amish neighbors. The women are almost universally thin, generally attractive and pleasant (always a few nags), and well trained in many different skills.

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so im having this issue with my ex we didnt work out because he never made time for me but as soon as we broke up he was calling me and telling me he misses me and how good i am, he doesnt want to let me go he loves me and blah blah blah. Then we just agreed to just have sex and thats fine with me, but he acts as if he wants to spend time with me but never does it. So now we were suppose to meet for our sexual escapade and one minute he is just blowing up my phone like yea i want to see you etc. etc. and then the next i go to see him and its a different im tired of the the talk and no walk i thought this would be simple since we had an understanding or at least i thought we did but its the same bs

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How do I get my boyfriend to chase after me, he loves me and we live together always visiting his parents, but at times he will leave me at his parents house while he goes to hang with his boys or to workout. He never lets me go anywhere without him when I go workout, why can he? I am a baskeybsll player like he is, bit now I never play because he hates me playing with guys at the rec. I have hot too attatched and my word revolves around him. Any comments

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What a great comment Lillian, I was thinking so many of your exact points while reading many comments here. I 8767 ve happily discovered that life is rich and full and that finding one 8767 s own happiness, financial security and personal passions will bring the most peace of ANYTHING.
It is THEN, that you feel ready for an amazing man and all those who are less than, just don 8767 t captivate you.

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Ok I need HELP!!!
I have been going out with this guy for 7 months now,
At the start he was super cute- text me just about every morning, call me just to hear my voice telling me all this nice stuff. Called me beautiful and was super lovely.
Then about a month ago his phone got cut off and that was ok cause he would call me about once a day or use wifi and facebook me. Some days he would call more than once and he was still super lovely.
Than his phone went back on and it seems since then he 8767 s been making less and less effort to contact me. Most days at the moment i feel if I want to talk I have to make the effort and contact him but I don 8767 t want to seem needy.
Meeting up wise, we meet about once a week at the moment he used to call me up and want to meet spur of the moment but that also has changed and when we do meet he occasionally pushes the time back. When however we are together he still seems to care about me. HELP!! Tell me am I being paranoid or is he losing interest
and what do I do if he is ????????

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Relax, I know there are some hot women in the confederacy AND some of them are quite pleasant too and know how to cook catfish and treat men right. My point is that just as much of Eastern Europe is poor, so is much of red state America. This is why my blood boils as I see Republican oligarchs desire to hire H-6bs or foreigners rather than hire Americans who are qualified and looking for those jobs (just a general rant looking for common ground.)

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Hi I recently met a guy n he is my friend 8767 s friend. We started talking more in March n things were right. We would chat all day and night everyday. We had good times together and dated a few times as we live in different cities. Each time we meet everything is so refreshing and intimate. We do have great chemistry but he has an ex that he is trying to b responsible to. I asked if he loves her he said it has reached to that point where love does not exist but he is only responsible to her because of the promise he gave to her parents. She cheated on him before. Things started to change between us one day when he provoked me too much and I sent him a serious long message. He started being cold but off and on will still come back and talk to me. We met couple of and we held hands talked and spent the night till morning. He told me his priority has changed to focus on his career. When he kissed me I felt that he actually liked me a lot. We have not been talking since then and he ignored my last text. What should I do? Why can 8767 t he tell me?

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Womenfolk haven 8767 t been ruined they have just changed with the times, There are plenty of women out there for people who are desirous of a more old fashioned and traditional lifestyle but there is no better or worse here women have changed. I find that if you act like a man, the vast majority of women will treat you sweetly, will not be 8775 spoiled, entitled, fat, hate-fikled and useless 8776 but quite the opposite are beautiful, engaging, interesting and self sufficient in many ways. As always you have to pick well and make yourself of high enough value to score the good ones I am sure that was the same 655 years ago the thing about time is that we have a tendency to remember the good stuff.

Don 8767 t forget that I write from a female point of view.
Of course, I can 8767 t speak for the guys, but I can present it the way that I and many other foreign women in Japan see it.
Whether that 8767 s really true or not is something a foreign guy has to tell us in the end, BUT you won 8767 t deny that there are a lot of foreign guys who love to brag about how awesome they are because they get so many Japanese chicks.
And if that 8767 s the only input we get paired with the fact that we see so many foreign guys with Japanese women out there, but almost zero foreign girls with a Japanese man, then there you go. )

The truth is that her theory is based on an assumption that everyone is so sure about what they want when involved with someone. I know, ethically, you 8767 re supposed to know what you are doing and what you want and what type of partner you are looking for, otherwise dont mess around with others etc. I totally respect that and hope that people could do this in life. The theory does have its appealing effect, everything is so clear-cut and we know exactly where we stand with everyone and in life.

no he 8767 s the one to blow hot and cold and he keeps arguing all i wanna do is a reconcilliation.. he has bad texts that 8767 s why sometimes i couldn 8767 t reply to him when he cuts me off completely of his life. should i delete my accounts? facebook whatsapp everything maybe he will miss me someday ?
he 8767 s still blocked on whatsapp
i went to get my belongings this saturday his mum was so nice i didn 8767 t ask about him.. even though im dying on the inside just to be with him.. i adore him 🙁
plz help
i m not being able to move on

Simone, I agree with you. When I read that 8775 getting one woman after another into your bed is really easy, 8776 I naturally think of a bar situation. But you 8767 re right, meeting someone with matching interests might better be accomplished elsewhere. Regardless, the notion that getting Japanese girls into bed is 8775 really easy 8776 is simply untrue, and I hate to see the myth perpetuated here.

Throughout my time abroad, I 8767 ve come to appreciate some things that are available Stateside (Amazon Prime, customer service, etc.), but there is one thing I just can 8767 t seem to miss. Dating. Undoubtedly, I 8767 ve been spoiled rotten by my experiences in Eastern Europe. I wonder how things will continue to go in the longer-term with her. I guess I 8767 ll let you know at this time next year.

I have never seen you as judgmental actually. You would be more the paradigm of what I think a healthy mindset is. Of course you couldn 8767 t match my success with women even if you dropped am happy this way and it shows you would be fucking miserable and no one wants to suck a miserable mans things make different people happy and people are excellent at the things that fulfill them. I would drop dead 7 hours into raising 6 kids.

Im in high school and i like this guy we used to talked last yr alot and this yr i dont have any classes with him and i barley see him. I talked to him la few times this yr. Hes really popular so its hard and alot of girls like him. I asked for his number and he gave it to me but he never texted me back. He never talks to me i always have to go talk to him. And now one of these girls who is popular and his friend is telling everyone i like him whenever im around(i have a class with her) what do i do? and what does this mean? please dont say move on
Thank you

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