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Generation Expat: On Dating Hungarians

Posted: 2017-10-10 20:08

Dear Gita,
Your problem seems to be the traditions of your culture. Like you, your fiance is obeying his parent 8767 s by marrying. I dont know how you can make someone 8775 fall in love 8776 . You can either choose to go ahead with the marriage and risk a life of no love but with the possibility of peaceful co existence OR tell your parents you do not want to go ahead with the marriage. From what you wrote it sounds like you have some feelings for the guy.

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Hi Eric! Your opinion here to Randy was spot on, as usual, and while I realize it may be easier to receive for some guys by using the phrase, 8775 my opinion 8776 , I would venture out to say that it should be unnecessary. Your opinion matters and has validity to Randy and all of us who read your articles and are furthermore subscribed. Please keep pouring it out of yourself to us, I mean just my opinion! 😉

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I started talking to a girl from my old highschool i am 76 she is 69. I was asking her at first what she had done on an exam she had. We talked like for 5 minutes after that i asked her if she is using whatsapp messenger. She did stop texting after i asked her that question. I took that as indont give a fuck about you. Seems legit. I started texting her on facebook messenger at the end of August. At first i wrote quite a long message. Hello what are you doing. We did not speak like for one year. I would like to speak qith you more considering the fact that we know eachother since highscool. She did see the message but did not reply I decided to try again in 6 week time in order for her not to think i am too desperate. Indecided to keep it simple and try again. I wrote Hi what are you doing? She did see the message but still no reply. I decided to text her today. Telling her that i am sorry she does not want to talk. And it will be a great pleasure for me to invite her out to drink some coffee or to watch a movie. Same here i have no idea what i should do.

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The reason I 8767 m asking is that when this guy wanted to make things official with me, he still didn 8767 t want to make plans. He absolutely hates making plans, and that 8767 s a big part of why he likes being single, that he doesn 8767 t have to plan. It 8767 s obviously something he sees as entrapment. He just doesn 8767 t like to make plans. Even when we were talking about spending some time together one weekend, he wasn 8767 t that fussed and the day before I was going to come up to see him, he just said 8766 I don 8767 t know what the guys are doing 8767 .

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I really liked this article. Very helpful. With regards to the texting I have some questions though. I 8767 ve been on three dates with a guy. And we 8767 ve been talking for about a month. He is awesome in person but makes very little effort over texts. Yeah he never ignores my texts and he shows interest when I ask him out. But nothing more. Very passive effort. Is it too soon for this kind of behavior? I mean shouldn 8767 t he be trying to give me attention and show he likes me? Or should I only pick up on what he 8767 s showing in person since what you 8767 re saying is texting isn 8767 t that big a deal? Due to his busy schedule we only have dates once every week or week and a half so it kinda makes me question if he 8767 s interested if we aren 8767 t really talking during that time between dates?

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Hi mate I 8767 m talking to this girl we 8767 ve talked before and it sort of just stopped at some point, we get on really well but the last couple of times we 8767 ve talked I 8767 ve sent her a message and then she 8767 s replied, I sent another message and then she hasn 8767 t replied. I left it a few days sent her a message and the same thing again. My phone sometimes doesn 8767 t receive texts but I 8767 m pretty sure that 8767 s not the problem as it has not done it recently. She seems to like me as she replied with 8 kisses when I sent 7 and asks questions and that so I 8767 m confident than she would want to reply so why isn 8767 t she? I 8767 m not sure what to do with this girl and I lost a bit of confidence after getting friendzoned by a girl I really liked so I 8767 m not sure at all! Any advice?

Hey, Eric! Very well-witten article! I am a teenager
with a theory about the man (the ONLY guy) I 8767 ve
been interested in. He seems to be interested but holding
back. He tells me that he loves me alot. 8775 Hello, love! 8776 He
would say..And it makes me smile. He is very mature and loyal. I am not sure if i
understand his context. What do you think? Thanks!

So I met this girl at my job and I was putting her items in the car. Then we was talking outside a little bit and I ask her what 8767 s your name? She told me her name and I ask her can I get your number? She gave it to me. I didn 8767 t want to have a full blown conservation on the job one and two she park her car by the security camera. The next day I text her What 8767 s up she didn 8767 t respond back. What am I doing wrong?

I met this girl that was working at my gym about a year ago. I got her number and we started texting. I had been trying to get her out for a while and she stood me up 9 times without even a text. I eventually got a date with her 7 weeks ago and we went out for a drink. This turned into 68 hours together and we texted the next day and she said she would like to see me again. On Wednesday, I sent her a text saying 8775 dinner on Friday, I 8767 ll pick you up at 7 8776 . On Friday afternoon, I got a text saying sorry I thought I had text you back and wondered why you hadn 8767 t text me back. On Friday night, I finally asked her where I stand and told her I was fedup with her fucking with my head. She said we should leave things. I 8767 m in total bits here. I really liked her and I know it was only one date but we had been talking for a while. It 8767 s now been 8 days NC. Do I have much chance with this one coming back?

So nearly all the single college educated women in their 75’s I knew who were dating had the attitude that they could demand chivalry when it suited them and affirmative action at work (and scream sexual harassment at the drop of a hat) and it worked. There were fewer minorities back then either in the population or socio-economically positioned to compete with them. I knew many a career white women who compared herself to former African slaves in offices where there were no black people and she demanded that her “traditional” boyfriend buy her a diamond ring (mined by South African black people under apartheid).

Now, to answer to lady IM here, I read in Man are from Mars, Women are from Venus, by John Gray, he says in one of the chapters that women do tend to make the mistake of ask a lot of questions to the guy they are on a date with waiting for him to ask her back about her in return. But that it actually does not work like that with men. They will most likely not ask you back, but instead they will just keep talking about themselves.

She remembered me and we began a series of long text messages back and fourth, just getting to know each other more. Now, I want to note that she has a pattern of sometimes going a couple days without replying. Furthermore, we finally hung out (this was after over a month of texting each other) last Saturday. We met up at an ice cream shop right before her shift that afternoon and spent maybe 75 minutes chatting. It was nice we laughed and got to know a bit more about each other. But here are the few points that leave me in 8775 doubt 8776 in regards to her interest level

You are the best and I so much enjoy reading your blog plus I 8767 ve learnt a lot and I 8767 m still gonna learn more. Sir, there is this girl I just met via facebook. She added me on fb, and after some minutes upon accepting her request, I message her and she did replied and it seems we are good. She then ask me to call her but I couldn 8767 t and I let her know. She then pleaded with me to text her. I agreed but did not until later in the night. She didn 8767 t text back, so I called. She claim, she couldn 8767 t here me and me too can 8767 t. I called a couple of times and got like I don 8767 t want to be like I 8767 m a clingy person. That will be a wrong impression. Tony, pls I like her but she hasn 8767 t text, call or facebook me and I don 8767 t literally know what to do. Pls come to my aid o. Thanks brother..x

Now, in terms of your following comment, I am completely with you I dislike conceited and bitchy women it is an attraction-killer for me. In other articles, you 8767 ll see me talking about how disgusted I am that there are books and advice from so-called experts that suggest that men like bitchy women or 8775 bitches 8776 so what you 8767 re saying is in line with my viewpoint and I imagine your overall comment agrees with my view too

Is this why online dating doesn 8767 t work for women? Do men think women online are just looking to fill a position and are going to take whatever (or worse, chase it)? The way I 8767 m generally approached by men offline is a bit in your face and not the sort of attention I want, the presence of that tends to make it difficult for men I do want to talk to as well so I thought I 8767 d try online. Most of the guys I met were among the better profiles on the sites but still, eeekkk! No thanks.

So eventually we go out on a date we hang out go to the mall drink some alcohol smoke some weed etc. I kind of let her decide what we should do because we agreed to go back to place but she had an interest in seeing a movie. She may have dropped me some hints to make a (romantic)move but I didn 8767 t, I just remained charming and funny and playful the entire date. So we watched a good movie at theater had a great time and after like an idiot I asked (was she ready to go home) she kind of said yes and no at the same time and I then asked her if she had to work tomorrow and shouldn 8767 t really give me a clear answer.

Well I suppose she isn 8767 t interested. I called her, she didn 8767 t even know who called, but she answered and it took her a second to remember me. I asked her if she wanted to grab some food this weekend. She paused, said she had work late on Friday, then said she would love to but (with some awkward fumbling pauses) asked me if she could text me with a time that worked for me. Not expecting to hear back from her, I said of course. A few minutes after I hung up, I thought of a good line I could use for next time. After she asked me if it is okay if she texts me, I wish I would have said 8775 well carrier pidgin is better, but I guess you can text me. 8776 At least she would have been laughing a little instead of just having a run of the mill, logistics conversation.

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It may sound like an immature game, but why would he (or should he) put in more effort when he can get the exact same reward? If you find a Chanel dress on sale for $75 would you absolutely insist on paying the original market value of $7,555? I mean, that 8767 s how much the dress is worth. The obvious answer is no, you wouldn 8767 t. If you can get something for less, you will happily take it and would be a fool to offer more than the minimum amount.

I’m kind of going through the same only from a girls perspective. We started texting heavy because we met online. We texted almost every day for about two months until we finally met each other. After we met each other and have hung out about five times our texting has died down a lot. I’m just like you I overthink things and I only realize we haven’t texted in days when I have down time. But I keep reminding myself that 6. We’ve covered A LOT through text before we met each other, so all of the little “getting to know you questions” are said and done. 7. We try to hang out at least once a week so I try to save any convos for in person since they’re way more meaningful 8. I don’t want a text to be misread

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