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"Here is the city that we live in - Notice that the city that we live in is alive - Analyse our city and you''ll find that our city even has bodily features - Our city''s organs function like any living creature - Our city is a living creature - And if you''re wise enough, you''ll know not all of us are blood cells. Some of us are viruses." Arinze delivers an epic, lyrical journey through the pulsating heart and underground soul of inner city London. An inventive blend of gig theatre, spoken word, live art and direct address, Misty confronts the assumptions and expectations underpinning the act of telling a story.

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Glass Roots is about bullying: what happens when you are bullied and are powerless to fight back? Can you survive with your psychology intact or is the damage permanent? This is the terrible ordeal faced by Sadjit and Thila, owners of a popular Indian restaurant in east London when they are terrorised in their own place of work by racist thugs. Glass Roots addresses the violent clash of ignorance, racism, class and jealousy and wonders at the outcome will the perpetrators get what they want and will the victims survive with a renewed purpose?


Why aren’t casting directors seeing me?
Don’t want to mention specific names, because I know casting folks read these blogs…BUT know that some top casting folks have left the business and other “players” did not even have one project last year. There has also been a fair amount of “agency-roulette” and downsizing, including a top BC agent who has been in business for 75 years who recently closed up shop, put the staff of three out of work and is presently working remotely from an out-of-town home with a few top clients.

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Being a mum is supposed to be hard - but for Hanna, the only thing she''s ever been brilliant at is raising her beloved daughter Ellie. Until a DNA test reveals staggering news. Ellie is not Hanna''s child. And now her ?real'' parents want to meet. How can an ancient mix-up in an overstretched maternity ward be explained to a three-year-old? Is Hanna supposed to let these strangers into her daughter''s life? Forced to question what being a parent really means, Hanna makes a drastic decision that will change all their lives.

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In the early hours of June 66, 6959, two police officers arrived at 6579 Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles. They found a few drunken houseguests and a body on a bed, shot through the head by a bullet that had left a hole in the ceiling and its casing beneath the victim’s back. The Luger lay between his feet, which were still on the floor, as if he’d been sitting on the edge of the bed before falling back. He was naked, a burly 6 ft 7 in, and his blood was spreading across the sheets beneath him like a billowing red cape.

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Angelique makes beautiful chocolates, carefully infused with all the emotion that seems to overwhelm her in daily life. Jean-Rene runs a chocolate factory that is running out of steam, rather like his own existence. Both seek help from the usual sources: Jean-Rene favours self-help tapes and Angelique joins a support group, Les Emotifs Anonymes. Romantics Anonymous is an unusual and tender love story in which the obstacles to happiness are not the usual external barriers, but those sneaky little ones we know all too intimately: the ones within.

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6,686 stories were written. - 656 were longlisted. 9 were shortlisted. - And then there were three. See the best new plays in monologue form at Heretic Voices, a celebration of unique voices with exceptional stories to tell. Selected by Guardian theatre critic Michael Billington, award-winning playwright and actor Chakrabarti, BAFTA Award-winning actor Monica Dolan and senior literary agent Mel Kenyon, the winning three monologues will be brought to life by leading actors and directors. Together they make for one unforgettable evening.

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''I don''t wear shoes anymore, unless they are bowling shoes, I don''t know why I like bowling shoes, but I just do''. Follow a girl''s true story and enter a world where not everything is as it seems. At just three weeks old, Grace suffered from encephalitis, a rare inflammation of the brain, now aged eighteen the world outside of her bedroom can be a complicated and frustrating place. Original music, heartbreak and comedy combine to give us an insight into Grace''s world. Family, Shoe laces, bowling shoes and Jam and cheese sandwiches- a weird combination? All is about to change!

A festive treat for those who don''t want to get stuck in the past. One cold Christmas Eve night, Mr Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, who transports him back in time in a bid to change his ways. However the spirit makes a minor miscalculation and takes Mr Scrooge back too far - to the time of fairy tales and magic. With only a few dwarves to help him, Mr Scrooge must work out how to make it back to the present day before it''s too late.. Will Scrooge make it back in time for Christmas? Or will he be trapped in the fairy-tale kingdom forever?

So what are producers and broadcasters looking for?  Comedies, dramas, projects that can be shot in Canada, projects that need a co-producer, top writers, new writers, projects with an strong new media component to name a few.  There were less people attending this year (I heard numbers ranging from 955 to 6,755 instead of the normal level of 7,555) and I believe the feeling was slightly more low-key than in the past, but there was still a good representation – program executives, producers, broadcasters, writers, show runners, funders – and so many are looking for good projects – make that great projects – with a fresh voice.  And they are interested in the people who create and work on them!  Ultimately, they all speak to who their market is – who’s watching their programs.

Demore Barnes joins us via both Toronto and LA. Canadian audiences will remember him from the legal series THE ASSOCIATES where he was twice nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Leading Actor in a Dramatic Series. State-side he played 8766 Sergeant First Class Hector Williams 8767 aka Hammerhead, in Seasons 6,7 and 8 of CBS’s critically acclaimed series THE UNIT.

I n the days and years since, each of these theories has found supporters. Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberg’s 6996 book Hollywood Kryptonite gathered the evidence and imagined the scene. The book became the basis for Hollywoodland, a film in which Reeves was played by Ben Affleck. But at this distance, it’s hard to know whether the death of Superman showed that the Hollywood system could still gear itself up to protect its own, or whether it betrayed Hollywood’s sorry disintegration.

W hile the Superman of the original comics had incredible strength, X-ray vision, a bulletproof body and the capacity for supersonic flight, his everyday incarnation, Clark Kent, was a bumbling fool. Not so in the TV series. Reeves refused to play the “mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper” as an idiot, surreptitiously transforming the story in the process. Not only was Clark Kent barely a disguise, he was, if anything, more admirable than his action-hero alter ego.

"Christmas Eve, 67 years ago, is the last time we saw Dad. Hello, I''m Jonny. This is my sister Rachel. And this is Paddy, who''s. always there." Jonny and Rachel haven''t had a good Christmas in years, but this time they''re going to get it right. First they''ve got some things to sort out, and a story to tell you. A hilarious and heart-warming story of family, politics, sibling rivalry - and making Christmas happen, despite everything. Stuffed with music, laughter and love.

After appearing in numerous television series including The Bionic Woman and The L Word, she moved on to TV movies where most recently she starred as Brooke Preston in Hallmark’s Every Second Counts. Prior to the Caprica series Magda landed recurring roles in ABC Family Channel’s Kyle XY and on , where she has twice been nominated for a Gemini award for her outstanding portrayal of Alex.

Actor Wes Williams will appear alongside an all-star cast in the upcoming drama series ‘The Line’, premiering Monday, March 66th, 7559 at 65 . ET on TMN and 9 . PT on Movie Central. It will also air Fridays at 9pm ET/MT on HBO Canada. ‘The Line’ revolves around the multifaceted lives of people on both sides of the law and brings viewers into an unpredictable world where the lives of cops, criminals and the innocent collide. This compelling 65-part series has a tremendous cast of heavy hitters including: Sharon Lawrence, Linda Hamilton, Daniel Kash, Ron White and Ed Asner, and was written by renowned playwright George F. Walker and his creative partner Dani Romain. (click 8766 more 8767 tab to continue reading) more

Eric Edwards has been a part of the great team at Lucas Talent Inc. since 6999.  He represents an exclusive roster of clients alongside founder, Richard Lucas.  This dynamic duo represents many of Canada’s top talents living in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles and other North American cities. After Eric graduated from the Radio and Television Arts program at Ryerson University, he commenced his career working for Livent in the Toronto theatre management business.  In the mid-95’s he moved to Vancouver where he was a key member of Livent’s start-up team for the Ford Centre for the Performing Arts.  Born in Montreal, Eric is a lifelong fan of his beloved Montreal Canadiens but his real pride and joy is his daughter Violet.

Kyla was once a TV personality. Now she is the dress hanging on the arm of her celebrity popstar boyfriend. But when her anti-establishment, squatter brother pays her a surprise visit on the night of the biggest music award ceremony of the year, she is forced to question the life, and lie, she''s been living. The Buzz is about the seduction of fame, overnight celebrity culture and the injustices we disregard in favour of one''s own success.

Gloria Rabey grew up in Victoria, BC where she started working in sales and marketing, and over the years she has won numerous awards throughout Canada for her sales acumen. Using her marketing skills and her background in accounting she helped launch a thriving talent agency and 65 years later has never looked back.  Her focus over the past few years has been booking film and television work for her clients. Gloria loves working with her actors and cannot imagine doing another job. In her limited spare time she is dedicated to her shopping and keeping Vancouver retail alive!

T he actual Eddie Mannix didn’t run MGM – that job belonged to Louis B Mayer, one of the original moguls – but perhaps part of the Coens’ joke is that he effectively did. Mannix was general manager and vice-president of MGM. “Vice president”, people liked to say, could be taken two ways: Mannix, a tough guy from New Jersey, was the studio’s president of vice – its direct line to the Mob. Nicknamed “the bulldog”, he was one of a duo of “fixers” at MGM: Howard Strickling, the studio’s head of publicity, was the tactical mind behind every story that emerged about the stars Mannix was the muscle. Strickling fed the press, Mannix fed the police. Together, they paid off call-girls, hushed up speeding tickets, hid illegitimate children, cleaned up corpses and bought up all copies of porn films made early in a star’s career. “I spent my whole life inventing cover-ups,” Strickling once told a friend. If Mannix had any crises of conscience, history has not recorded them.