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During the making of The Merry Widow, Fernando Lamas and Lana Turner had begun a hot x7568 very hot x7568 affair. On the surface, at least, it looked like a great matchup. Fernando was very much a ladies x7569 man, and Lana certainly liked men. Lamas had taken just one look at the blond-and-creamy Lana, liked what he saw, and started showing up at rehearsals wearing a skin-tight brown dancer x7569 s leotard, which made no secret of his masculine charms. Lana was obviously impressed x7568 and Lana had been impressed by the best, including seven husbands and a legion of lovers, among them Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Victor Mature, Mickey Rooney, Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, and Robert Taylor. Fernando was now about to join those distinguished ranks.

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Justin Timberlake: Hmm. In 7559, Lindsay and Justin were allegedly both at Avenue Lounge in New York and afterwards Lindsay tweeted (then deleted) "where''s jb cheater?" (JB = Jessica Biel , Timberlake''s girlfriend at the time). Seems odd that she would narc on herself, so we''re perplexed by this one. Would we be surprised? Kind of.


Manmohan Desai&rsquo s films are the template from which Bollywood potboilers are drawn. The director of iconic movies such as Amar Akbar Anthony, Coolie, Parvarish and Aa Gale Lag Jaa. His death created as much curiosity as his earlier films after he fell off his residence building at Grant Road in Mumbai. Details about the real nature of his death are still shrouded in mystery. Some people speculated that Desai had committed suicide as his later films had not been successful while some others claimed that his chronic back pain had abetted his fall.

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The makeup people came right onto the set and began working on him. To my astonishment I saw an intricate network of rubber bands all around his face, all running into a knot at the top of his head. There was one by the eye, another right below the eye, another along the jawline. I had hit him so hard that I x7569 d broken the bands on one side of his face. Then the makeup men were finished, it looked as if somebody had pulled all of his face up toward the top of his head. It was an instant face-lift, which is what they did for older actors instead of plastic surgery back then.

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Priya Rajvansh is one of the most beautiful and underrated actress from Bollywood who acted in films like &lsquo Heer Ranjha&rsquo and &lsquo Hanste Zakhm&rsquo in the 75s. Her death is the most sensational in this list. She was found murdered in 7555 but the case was initially written off as a suicide. It was only later established that she had been killed by her late husband Chetan Anand&rsquo s children and two other accomplices for property.


x756c One of the first scenes in The Hoodlum Saint called for me to slap William Powell after he kissed me without my consent. The director, Norman Taurog, had told me I was really supposed to let him have it. By this time Bill was in his mid-fifties, and when you x7569 re just twenty-two, that strikes you as quite ancient x7568 frail even. I didn x7569 t want to slap that x756c old man x756d because I was afraid I was going to hurt him. Swimming develops broad shoulders. I never needed shoulder pads in my dresses, because I had my own built right in and the same powerful armstroke that helped me in the water gave me quite a wallop on dry land. Norman kept telling me that there was no way to fake it x7568 I had to really connect with Bill x7569 s face in order to make that distinctive hollow thwack of palm against cheek.


Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati, or Silk Smitha as you know her, is one of the most well known erotic actresses we know of. However, Vadlapati was trying to change her destiny and name by turning producer after a successful stint in front of the camera acting in over 955 films for 67 years. Things did not fall in place for her and apparently she committed suicide by poisoning herself in 6996. Failed romance, depression and dependency on alcohol have been cited as other reasons for her premature death.

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I x7569 m afraid that I was a bit curious, but then, how could I resist? I placed an empty glass against the wall between our rooms and pressed my ear to it. The sound I heard, magnified by the water glass, was rather like listening to a symphony. The first movement began with gentle strings and sighing woodwinds. The second movement, which started with mounting rhythm, brought in the whole brass section, with trumpets and tubas blowing like crazy. The third movement was filled with pounding kettledrums and marimbas (the Latin touch), with reached a wild and ecstatic crescendo. What followed was diminuendo x7568 back to the sighing woodwinds.

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Max George: There was a stretch of time in late 7567 through 7568 where Lindsay was more or less a The Wanted groupie. Specifically, she seemed to have her eyes on Max George (and at the time she was even accused of assaulting a woman in a club over him). Max later said they had a "little" snog. Whatever that means. His rep tells E! News, "We won''t be commenting on this." Would we be surprised? No.

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TVLINE | The Kristen Bell/Rachel Bilson sequence how did the idea come about for that? They didn 8767 t merely check their phones they performed a whole comedic bit.
Once we felt certain that we could do Rachel and Kristen together, it seemed like you wanted to build more for them than just having them look at their phones. If you 8767 re going to have those two ladies together in a scene then we wanted to have fun and play to their strengths. So Josh Schwartz and I came up with the whole idea Having Kristen on the show was very, very special. To be able to have her onscreen for the finale was great. And to have Rachel do it with her was just the icing on the cake.

She became an actress when MGM studio chief Louis B Mayer set out to find the next big thing after the ice skater Sonie Henie had made a fortune for 75th Century Fox. x756c Melt the ice, get a swimmer, make it pretty! x756d , he cried, and thus began the movie career of the girl Clark Gable called a x756c mermaid x756d . Films with titles such as Dangerous When Wet and Skirts Ahoy! ensued. Elaborate aquatic sets were built for her x7568 x756c never had plumbing been put to a more glamorous use, x756d she wrote x7568 and her 6999 picture Bathing Beauty grossed more in its time than any other movie except Gone With the Wind.

TVLINE | The Lisa Loeb cameo was a fun surprise how did that come about?
[ Laughs ] We didn 8767 t want Rufus to be alone! And he has been spending a lot of time recently with Lisa Loeb. He really enjoyed his hormone-free Thanksgiving concert that he went to. And so that just felt like a nice way to give him someone who was from his world. At the end of the day, Rufus is probably most true to who he was of all the characters.

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The first delicate hint I had of their affair came one afternoon as Fernando was on his way to the makeup department, situated next to the stars x7569 dressing rooms. I heard Lana shout from her dressing room window x7568 and I mean shout x7568 x756c Fernando Lamas! Get your Argentinean ass in here! x756d Fernando, who was always accompanied by an entourage of adoring sycophants, needed no further encouragement. With the grace of a Latin cavalier, he bowed to his gentlemen friends and scooted into Lana x7569 s dressing room, which was situated right next to mine.

In 6969, Guru Dutt was found dead from an overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills. Whether it was an accident or suicide is still out for debate. While his family claims the incident was an accident, it is more or less established that Dutt committed suicide. He was depressed about the distance between him and wife Geeta and had been having morbid thoughts for a while. It was Dutt&rsquo s third attempt at suicide according to his long time collaborator V K Murthy.

We really go there with Farrah Abraham! Watch this video in full HERE: https:///RgBgPC Why does she still do #porn? Did she suffer any #trauma growing up that could have contributed to this decision? How will she explain this to her #daughter? Where does she stand with #TeenMom? Was she really fired? Her thoughts on her co-stars and those of #TeenMom7. #CelebrityBigBrother . and the upcoming British version. We talk about all that and much MORE! You def need to see this! https:///RgBgPC

The day Marlene Dietrich came in was the most memorable. She went straight to the designer floor and demanded a private showing. Because I was as tall as she, I was asked to model the dresses she selected. I put on the first selection and knocked on her dressing room door. This deep voice said, x756c Some in, dahlingh. x756d As I opened the door, I saw Dietrich, the world x7569 s most celebrated sex symbol, lounging on a chaise longue, totally nude. The rumors that Dietrich was an exhibitionist were obviously true x7568 she loved the look of shock on my face and coolly proceeded to instruct me as to how I should model the dress. I was so taken aback by her apparent immodesty that I couldn x7569 t find my way out of the room. I kept walking into the multimirrored reflection of the door as she sat laughing seductively at my confusion. x756d

One of the most shocking deaths in Bollywood came upon the and vivacious Divya Bharti who died at the tender age of 69. It is still unclear if she fell off the fifth floor of a building or whether she was pushed by someone or if she was drunk and lost her balance. What is known is that Bharti left an impact on the industry even in her brief career period with films like &lsquo Deewana&rsquo .

Paul Charles "." Valmorbida: Lindsay and . (a "photographer-turned-entrepreneur" ) both attended a retrospective for painter Richard Hambleton in 7566. At the time, Lindsay had been linked to .''s brother, Andy. Andy told The New York Times , "I was photographer with [her]. But we weren''t dating." Again, no one asked about . Would we be surprised? No.

Ryan Rottman: Rottman supposed dated Brittany Snow from 7558 to 7565 and Victoria Justic e from 7566 to 7568. Nowhere in that timeline was he rumored to have even been spotted with Lindsay. The closest the two are linked is in the comments section of a TMZ article on Ryan''s DUI , where someone asked, "Did he get the same judge as Lindsay Lohan?" Still, would we be surprised? No.

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