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Posted: 2017-11-02 19:03

OMG, are you a moron? Who are you to address all Indian men? Their keeper? Or the President of India? Just because you 8767 re a moron, doesn 8767 t mean ALL other Indian men are. And trust me, nobody will 8766 need 8767 to stay away from this blogger because they will simply gravitate out of her reality. Sad cases like you pop up just to make her laugh. Nobody will need to do anything, MORON. And do us all a favor, why don 8767 t you stay away for starters? You stink and it 8767 s strong.

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I was transferred to Mumbai about three years ago and my eyes opened to the brave new world that rest of the country is not exposed to. Women in slinky clothes, fashionable girls and older women in revealing clothes frequenting the malls and business district made me lose some of the overexcitement about women but also gave me courage to stretch myself. All this change and a new passion for working out at the gym changed my perspective to life and soon I metamorphosed into a much wicked version of myself.
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Dear Sarah, I am afraid you are cheated. I know Indians too well!!! He is so caring in your case JUST TO GET MARRIED TO YOUR AUSTRALUAN PASSPORT!!!!! BELIEVE ME!!!!!! I have been with Indians for 65 years! Once he gets married to you he will get: 6) high status in his community (white spauses change the way community looks at a person here) 7) he will get Australian passport or a work permit 8) he will get white boody to have sex with regularly free of cost YOU WILL GET MUCH LESSER THAN HE, BELIEVE me.

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I recently arranged to catch up with an intelligent man I had come across,  but on our first meeting he brought along a female friend. Whilst she was lovely and friendly, her presence changed our plans and the dynamic of our meeting. I have never encountered this before when meeting Western men or women for that matter. After having arranged to meet someone (platonic or romantic) I generally turn up alone, or if I have reservations I may have a friend politely bid their farewells when they are comfortable the person I am meeting is not a criminal.

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yeah but India has already made the mistake of not looking inwards rather than outwards for guidance and it is exactly this trait that european colonial powers exploited. mahatma gandhi told the british 8775 india wants it freedom even if it means it 8767 s total destruction. 8776 i reiterate that instead of waiting for guidance from westerners it 8767 d be better if we learnt to treat our fellow citizens much better and that would automatically transfer onto our conduct towards other people foreign or native. also western civilization has never really been tested. western societies became gender egalitarian long after the industrial revolution because of which the Patriarchy could be eschewed. I really doubt that Western Civilization would continue to be gender egalitarian if they were tested the way backward nations like India were tested.

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I know friends who try and get laid every weekend while studying in the US, but categorically want brides from Chennai. This is because the conservatism of that city ensures that they would be the only one who ever sleep with their future wives.
Unfortunately, the 8766 good 8767 and 8766 decent 8767 guys in India are largely the ones who have been beaten into that mould by parenting. They won 8767 t harm you but they may not really charm you either. The number of men who have independently used their brains to reject the negative stuff in Indian culture and internalize the positive aspects of western culture are vanishingly few. Either we 8767 re so aggressive that we take what we want, or we are so meek so that we are harmless. The latter is better for society, but not in a healthy way.

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Oh and in case i forgot to mention, another reason why you get stared down a lot by streetside men is that an average Indian is sexually repressed. Sex is not discussed in the open, the girls tend to wear conservative clothing(those who dont, face the same problems as you) and an average indian male(not the office going type mind you) is simply too excited by anything and too indifferent to bother to conceal his emotions, hence the staring. WE normal guys notice you pretty girls equally, its just that we have acquired the class to hide it!!

Answer: No, we do not NEED a foreigner to do that, but if we refuse to face what we are squarely and change ourselves for the better then who should point it out to us? If we do not do it, then whoever does it is a 8775 foreigner 8776 . It is your attitude of 8775 we are better than everyone else, how dare they tell us they don 8767 t like something about us 8776 that is reflected across Indian society, and the reason why foreigners are compelled to say what needs to be said because we, my friend, are too pompous, arrogant and self-indulgent to be what we need to be.

Ahh and the common accusation of Indian males being pampered by their moms. Once again traditionally guys stay with their parents so theres an extra 8775 incentive 8776 for parents to pamper the kid who would look after them in their old age. Also Since the previous generation of indian women were mostly home makers, they spent an excessive amount of times in taking personal care of their kids and develop a special attachment to them. Thats why the fathers who were busy working are not accused of being overtly attached to their kids. And the mother son bond is anyways the strongest bond in the world, so well.
What can i say, the Indian mother has a special hold on their sons and thats kinda prevalent all over India and even among NRIs i would think. Dunno if it would change in the future but considering that guys are becoming more and more independent and there are more and more nuclear families, i dunno. Things might change in the future. But our generation guys are still pretty attached to our mothers and you will have to wait a long time to find a guy who isnt. Good luck! 🙂

Thanks for your comments, a couple of thoughts from me:
Whilst I may have been raised in a Western country, you will see from my profile that I am actually Indian
My post was about my observations and feelings towards men based on my personal experiences. I think you have missed the sentiment in my words.
I fully understand the patriarchal issues in the west, and I have never said that they still do not exist there
Western society may not have the extremes of poverty that India has, but that is not an excuse for how people choose to behave here in India. It may explain why there is a need to urinate in the street, it does not explain why women are treated with virtually no respect in many parts of the country.
I do not believe there will be a time for women in India until attitudes change, yours is clearly one of them.

Also no matter how much love there is, an Indian guy, who has never been abroad, will always look at you as a successful foreigner who will help him out. I, therefore, don 8767 t spend a penny on my bf and he 8767 s the one meeting me in Asian countries when I 8767 m travelling outside of India (I live in India most times). When an Indian man starts spending money for you and supports you, that 8767 s a good sign.

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Take it easy Rahul. Blogger is talking about villagers.
But projection of an ideal man is same every where. Good and bad people are everywhere. Even in India n also other parts of world there are many many gud people. Particularly, in india and in few European countries gud guys don 8767 t even talk to people like blogger. No offence Plz. This is a true.
Bottom line is a barber / truck driver from india and in any part of the world have same nature n ofcourse almost same cheap thinking.

Trust me, lady, he may enjoy jokes, may be of the opinion that 8775 women are asking for sexual violation 8776 , doesn 8767 t consider domestic violence as violence, will not be offended by and won 8767 t stand up for a woman who 8767 s being treated unfairly, will consider any woman professionally his senior as having 8775 slept her way up 8776 , will confidently hand you the dirty 8775 jootha 8776 plate after he 8767 s finished eating and burped loudly, BUT will consider himself a GOOD MAN because he didn 8767 t go out and a woman. (YET?)

Well Ajay, it is but true. I am in western world and her comments are just but true and sorry to the very few who might be different. I met a man who is an engineer and thought is intelligent but he do not have the guts to stand for his feelings but dump a woman he professed to have liked and wanted to marry to an Indian woman whom he met for a week just because Mama said he must marry an indian woman of the same caste etc.

Also, one of my best friends is Punjabi. She has an arranged marriage that seems very happy and stable and built on equality. However, her family is upper class and her husband has lived most of his life in the US. So yeah, I think there is a bug cultural divide there. Also, my Punjabi friend can 8767 t stand the way women are treated in India and half if the reason she agreed to her marriage was because it meant she could move to the US.

Men! I haven 8767 t lived in India, but I do know the type of guy you 8767 re talking about as they exist in the expat community too. I 8767 ve lived in Scotland and Egypt and have just finished dating a Scottish/Spanish guy who was also a mummy 8767 s boy, as was another ex in Egypt. Mummy 8767 s boys all over the world have got to be the worst! I think it sounds like molly coddling your sons in India is pretty prevalent hence the high concentration of such Indian guys.

So nice to find a post by someone very honest and not scared to tell the real opinion about Indian men. I 8767 m dating a Malayali guy for 7 years now. I 8767 ve met his family and they seem very happy that I 8767 m his girlfriend. This is, I think, because they are poor. They are the most beautiful people in the world, but you can 8767 t deny that a poor Indian family would not be happy when an opportunity to raise itself arises, if you know what I mean.

On some days during our chat, aunt rekha would look me with a smile. It was as if she had some plans about me in her mind. I could not make out what she was thinking. On one Sunday afternoon I rang the bell of flat. After some delay she opened the door and with her sexy and naughty smile, she let me in. I asked where her son Deepu was. Aunt rekha told me that he was in his tuition teacher’s flat learning Maths. She asked me to sit down and went to make tea. I went to the kitchen. rekha Aunty was in the kitchen facing the table. I watched her from behind. She really was sexy.
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I am average looking guy about 5’6” tall weighing about 75 kilos and belong to northern india and hence have a relatively light skin albeit oily and scarred one. I have always been a decent fellow yet I never used to miss out on opportunities to touch opposite sex in crowded buses and trains and it gives me enormous pleasure to pleasure another woman in such situation as she despite not wanting to, starts to enjoy the duress. Now my story is not about this subject though.

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