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Posted: 2017-12-06 20:09

I don 8767 t listen to that stuff either, but when I went to an amusement park, there were tvs scattered about showing music videos. I was shocked at the trashiness displayed, and when I mentioned it to my brother he laughed and said the other mainstream stuff was way worse. I have a friend that works with children and the stuff they talk about this widespread sluttiness is destroying any semblance of innocence, regardless of age. This isn 8767 t a simply a matter of mens rights, or even a civil rights issue. It is a matter of human rights, and the barrier between human and animal is closing fast. I don 8767 t even see these people as women they are simply inhuman scum masquerading as human beings.

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The idea of equating masculinity and femininity on these things strikes me as being just as foolish as pinning intelligence on it. I have known (and consider myself) incredibly self reliant. I have never looked to borrow, I have never asked for favors and, even when it was the hard road, I always took the road where I didn 8767 t have to compromise my own personal set of values or be beholden to someone else. I see a lot of that in people in all walks of life and in all places from the most rural to the most urban and absolutely none of that would be pinned on whether or not someone cuts their own nails or milks their own cow in any way more than I would say that the appreciation for fine art is predicated on living within 655 miles of a proper museum (and no, nothing in ohio counts). It all seems to come down to choices that people make. While your rural type of life would be totally alien and, to be honest, probably abhorrent to me, we still have a strange load of stuff in common. I think this goes towards the weight of the case that these things have more to do with the type of man we chose to be than the atmosphere around us.

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Gionet, who had talent once upon a time, is a toxic asset, cast out and required to ingratiate himself with MAGA chuds in order to bring in some kind of income. Meanwhile, Clancy and Portnoy are at a growing company with a loyal fanbase. These people buy the figurative and literal merchandise, which creates an identity. They’re willing to overlook unreadable, error-filled blogs for the personalities they enjoy, even if they complain that the presence of investors and an actual CEO might force the website would have to tuck in its shirt, fix its hair, and stop cracking jokes. Clancy, who hosts radio shows for the company and has a large following, retains value. It’s worth defending him. Spagnuolo and Gay Pat aren’t seen in the same light. (Poor Gay Pat is still blogging away as of publication who knows if he’ll keep his job.)

10 Feminist Fantasies That Could Become A Reality In The

Again, for the record, I 8767 m the proud father of a 6 month old with a woman I 8767 ve been to for 67 years who treats me with respect and vice-versa. If 8775 independant 8776 women want men to stick around, then treat men with respect. What a radical notion! That men are people and the world doesn 8767 t owe oneself a living. That 8767 s not equality, that 8767 s just being a decent human being.

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actually The Savage Lifestyle explained this phenomenon to me in a way that I really believe was correct. There is an assumption on the part of the strong that they will pull aside for the weak. This is related to the ideas like 8775 it is NEVER ok to hit a woman 8776 or a million other situations where by virtue of being stronger you are simply supposed to give up your advantage. This is the mentality which has been thrust upon us since childhood. By nature I always default to helping out or getting out of the way of someone weaker than myself. This is just what we are taught. I had to consciously train myself to say 8775 if this scrawny fucker is going to walk into me let him 8776

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Hahaha! I have been telling people JUST THE OPPOSITE for years!!! Single working guys like me should have MASSIVE tax cuts.
6) We do not use any 8775 free 8776 public services, like wel-fay, foo-damps and public school.
7) We are not contributing to the breeding ant heap, which creates more useless eaters on wel-fay, foo-damps and in public school.
8) Most importantly, we need to keep our money so we can get laid. Does society really want single guys without access to poon? Then you will really see some bad stuff happening.

Women Who Refuse To Call Themselves Feminists Are Still

Women today don 8767 t want to call themselves feminists because it is simply redundant. The fact is, the majority of them would rather enjoy the spoils of victory than be politically active. The ongoing, post-victory plundering is left for the mentally-unstable snarkies and the virtue-signaling, millennial twigs to engage in. As a man, you would be making a serious mistake to let your guard down just because a girl doesn 8767 t identify herself as a feminist.


Time dusk rolls around, the fish are cooked. We eat, then hang our packs up nearby tree branches, then settle by the fire and drink some Scotch. The woods would be the kind of dark where you can 8767 t see anything outside of the ring of light that the campfire casts. A really intense darkness, if you 8767 ve never experienced it before it 8767 s hard to describe except 8775 lock yourself in a small room with no windows and no lights and try to see your hand in front of your face 8776 .

While I agree, let 8767 s not over glamorize the country either (lest all the assholes move there and ruin it). There are still plenty of sluts and feminists out there. Just a MUCH better chance of having any one woman you run into not being one. Being a rabid feminist in the country is about as common as being a traditional/virginal woman living in a city. It happens, but it 8767 s few and far between.

I wish I could disagree with you but I can 8767 t. I too live in Toronto and even as a female I find the strong feminist vibe here a little overwhelming. Actually the whole PC thing is way overboard here. Not that I 8767 m advocating calling people racial slurs but I 8767 m afraid to even ask someone where they 8767 re from in case that 8767 s seen as offensive in some way. I assume every other guy is gay because I honestly can 8767 t tell the difference anymore with the rolled up skinny jeans and hair buns. And more and more women here are looking drab, with lazy bun hairstyles, over sized baggy shirts and sneakers. Mostly the ones. I saw a girl last week on the subway and I thought to myself, 8766 wow she 8767 s really pretty. 8767 Then I realized, she 8767 s actually average, but has nice styled hair that was 8767 t green, was wearing some make up and had form fitting clothes on with a nice heeled boot. I noticed her because she looked like a female.

So, what the early feminists managed to accomplish was creating an absurd scenario of inequality where women were allowed to have the male privilege of voting without the responsibility of fighting wars. Even in the Soviet Union, where the sexes were supposedly made equal under communism, men in general still brunt the toil of war with over 75 million casualties (to be sure, many women did fight as well). And fast-forward to today, now that the US government is thinking about introducing draft to women, these same pampered feminists are crying that it is not equal. Simply put, these whiny women like being given 8775 equality 8776 by the government instead of having to earn it.

I agree with you which is why I think that every female who has an abortion for no good reason etc.) should also be sterilized.
With this society 8767 s abundance of different methods of contraception which are also cheap/affordable and widely available, WHY is there a 8766 need 8767 for abortion? (That is, other than two dummies who can 8767 t think further than the next five minutes?)

Equality is retarded in the sense that it is portrayed by the libtards. In their 8775 utopia 8776 there will always be broken backs doing all the work, at times barely scraping by after all the 8775 taxes 8776 (legalized theft) and having meals of rice and beans, while the lazy lowlifes are on easy street drawing that money for nothing and eating steak dinners. Yeah that seems equal not. In their 8775 utopia 8776 one is punished for merely being successful.

I say no. I believe that women are just not calling themselves feminists because of all the negativity associated with it. Women care about their image and they 8767 re not about to sacrifice it by associating themselves with some blue-haired freaks. Most of them don 8767 t even want to get down and dirty by putting themselves in ideological battles. No, they 8767 re more Machiavellian than that. But their aversion does not mean that they have rejected the basic tenets of feminism.

And as Roosh pointed out , woman can even speak out against feminism and still hold equalist views that correspond to feminism they are not necessarily our allies. At best, they may be genuine about fighting against the 76st century feminists who are censoring others while instigating an anti-male culture. But at worst, they are merely playing a game to garner male attention for their own ends. Personally, I wouldn 8767 t reject these women outright, but I wouldn 8767 t jump into fandom and orbit them like all the thirsty men do either. It 8767 s becoming a joke how easy it is for any woman with above average looks to garner a horde of male fans just by echoing anti-leftist rhetoric.

I am very much in the pro abortion said, I am not in the free anything camp. When federal tax money is spent, on anything, you are being forced, by law, to spend money in a way that you have no say over. This needs to be as limited as possible. The standard of proof is that a reasonable person should be able to understand how that money being spent is for the greater good of the nation as a whole.

In truth patriarchy, together with tri-partite class division social system, was enforced upon Europeans by the indo-europeans, most probably the Kurgan people, to whom we owe the similarities between our languages. That subjugation was good though in the long run: with patriarchy women had their roles and wants defined by the far more stable males, so they were doing things that fulfilled and where useful to the society, and with the tri-partite class division system we made easily working societies which were far more efficient in day-to-day matters as with warfare.

Whereas I do understand fear is a factor, I think the items outlined by the author are plausible. And some posters here have even asserted that some items are already in place. Fuck I remember college when it was something similar to the movie Animal House a lot of fun. Now I can 8767 t even imagine, for masculine men (no faggy liberals) the morale-breaking shit hole it has become today.

Gionet’s following is mostly anonymous Pepe avatars, or those proudly using their real names because they have no other avenue to being accepted by peers. The Barstool Sports following is mostly public and stumps for a 95-year-old because he gives them an identity. Neither of these groups can handle those identities being jeopardized, because it’s all they have or at least central to who they are. It’s no wonder they jump down the throats of anyone who criticizes them.

My home base is in Phoenix AZ (sixth largest city in the USA), and most of the rest of my time is spent in Las Vegas this covers the past four and a half years. For the eight-year period prior to that, I traveled the USA and Canada extensively on business, spending large amounts of time in California (the largest cities), New Mexico (Albuquerque), Texas (Dallas/Austin/Waco), Illinois (Chicago), Oklahoma (OKC/Tulsa), Michigan (Detroit), Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh), North Carolina (Raleigh/Charlotte/Wilmington), Georgia (Atlanta), Florida (Orlando/Miami). Spent the bulk of my Canadian time in Alberta, . and Saskatchewan, in the largest cities in those provinces.