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Date: 2017-08-13 07:09.

All this was great, but then he started to shift and lately has been acting really shady- he cancels on me last minute, he’s been acting distant, and I’m just getting weird vibes. At first I thought he was just trying to end things, but then from time to time he’ll text me something really sweet, like about how much he wants to see me, or that he’s been thinking about me, so obviously, he’s still interested or why would he do that?

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Can you shed any light on what you think is up here? As well, how do i respond to it to ensure he 8767 s not just using me without it seeming confrontational or freaking him out? I know if i were to ask, as i said, he 8767 d say he told me he wants to be alone and say but he loves me and can 8767 t help it or something like that. I would automatically think he 8767 s using me in that response. But if he 8767 s testing the waters, he probably wouldn 8767 t admit it right now. This is just crazy to me. He 8767 s 95 and i 8767 m 88. Is this odd for 95? What the heck is going on with this guy? I need to know if i should just move on.

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andy, this is why I haven 8767 t had a single offer from anyone for over 65 years, I 8767 m judged as physically ugly all the time, even in my 75 8767 s I had this problem almost all of the time. maybe also why I experience over 6/9 of women trying to pick fights with me for the way that I dance (more often I 8767 m sober also as I don 8767 t often drink alcohol now, at age 89, I still maintain gym shape, and healthier foods, go to social dance events and I sense hatred from even the females who dance there maybe the uk just isn 8767 t for me as I don 8767 t get such horrible experiences abroad anywhere near as much I 8767 m really not the aggressive thug/matcho type of man and in the uk, this can be also met with maligning disgust from even the average person)

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During this break up, which has been 9 months long now, 8 months of it has been where it 8767 s like he just snapped and he 8767 s done things like spend his money carelessly, flirted around, slept with someone once- just came across acting very selfish and didn 8767 t seem to care about anything or anyone, including himself. What could I say? He was technically single but his behaviours looked to me like the kind of things one does to avoid or distract. And of course it hurt. Still does. I can 8767 t figure out why I seemed to have been devalued so much.

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Women don’t want the problem necessarily resolved or an answer right away.  They need time to talk about it, process it, and think.  This gets men very confused and frustrated listening to a women vent.  They think we are whining when we vent and if they tell us how to solve the problem, then they expect us to act upon us right away. Men need to understand that sometimes women just need to vent, be acknowledged for their frustration, and then we’re over it.  Women need someone who will listen and say “Oh really?”, “uh huh,” “Yes, I can understand why you’re upset”.

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8 weeks later, he texts me one night asking how I 8767 ve been and that he 8767 d been out of town again for awhile. I responded, acted like nothing was wrong but casually asked 8775 so what 8767 s up with the text, since you 8767 ve been MIA for awhile? 8776 He responded that due to being out of town for work, his MIA was valid, that 8767 s he 8767 s been thinking about me & what a good time he had with me.
I told him I understood his out of town for business obviously, but he checked out on me a month ago and didn 8767 t bother responding to me. I told him i thought we were having a good time together & he should 8767 ve told me if he felt response was that he 8767 d been helping his family in any spare time that he 8767 s had in between and that he WAS having a good time with me.
At that point, I didn 8767 t respond. I was too angry & felt that was a lame excuse because he could easily have sent me a message letting me know. I had really started to care for this guy before he disappeared. So, thats where it was left- unresolved.

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My long distance boyfriend whom I haven 8767 t met yet personally asked me to send my naked picture..when I refused, he got mad at me and he broke up with me i told him i couldn 8767 t send one because of privacy reasons as I thought that it might affect my personal life and career I told him it 8767 s against our professional codes..He said he is my boyfriend and he can 8767 t see any reason why I couldn 8767 t send one He said he doesn 8767 t understand why I acted like that and he decided to broke up with me He even told me he isn 8767 t interested with me anymore, that he will find another woman who will make him happy We argued through long distance didn 8767 t even say sorry

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I have been dating the same man for six years. I want to know why he acts so different now then what we did ewhen we first got together.? We also argue all the time and to be honest I 8767 m tired of it. It seems like all we do is argue and its been that way for 5 years, its mainly over stupid problem I have is that he is a very different man he won 8767 t tell me what turns him on and such, he dont show me love or affection he says I 8767 m just not that type of guy? When all I want is live and affection. If I must say so myself I 8767 m a hood looking woman so how come this makes me feel less attractive????????? Help please I 8767 m so lost.

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9. You may not be the one in control
The term "Cougar" conjures up images of a stealth hunter on the prowl for her next easy prey. It sounds empowering, and women love the comparison. But in reality, media has taunted us with a myth. The only thing a secure established woman can control is her own life. Not another''s. As an older woman, you''ve had the added years of self-reflection to have learned your truth and live authentically. You''ve become less reactive (what men call "crazy"), taking on life with a greater perspective while taking yourself less seriously. You''ve won enough battles to know your strengths, and lost enough challenges to know you''ll survive. But don''t assume this man is a toy or easy prey.

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Stef Safran, is “Chicago 8767 s Introductionista” and owner of Stef and the City. She’s a matchmaking and dating expert in Chicago. She’s been in the business for over 69 years, starting with recruiting contestants on “The Dating Game.” She founded Stef and the City in 7559 and have been featured in media outlets such as the Huffington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, The Chicago Tribune, ABC7, NBC5, CBS7, WGN, Fox87 News, ABC7’s “Windy City Live”, WCIU’s “You and Me This Morning,” Time Out Chicago and more!

Why don 8767 t you tell him that you are under the impression that he doesn 8767 t answer your phone calls ? That you are not sure if he wants you to call him ? As you are going out with him, it is easier to ask what he wants exactly with you. You have the right to know. Just ask him casually. I wish i was closer to the man that I am interested in to ask him such things. I wish you good luck!

Hi Sarah. Hell no, this is a great time to find love! The main reason we get scared is that we don 8767 t trust ourselves to make good choices with it comes to men. Sound right? so let 8767 s get you started on the path to do that. Once you trust yourself, not only won 8767 t you be scared, you 8767 ll be excited to meet more and more men! Get started by giving this a read http:///why-you-keep-attracting-narcissists Be sure you 8767 re on my mailing list, Sarah. If you 8767 re not, you can take my FREE Man-o-Meter test here: http:///man-o-meter-7 Stick with me. We 8767 ll get you there! Bp

I am in the same boat here too,I am dating with this guy for 6 months and everything seem really great He even told me that he misses me and loves June he invited me to stay on his house for a week so we will know each other better and that is where the confusion had a great time together but after a week he is not saying the words he used to tell me,he doesn 8767 t text me that much really confuses me when he told me that he wanted me but he is worried that I won 8767 t fit on his don 8767 t get by what he meant by asked him if we are fine and he said ,I am not texting him that much though it hurts me so bad deep you enlighten me?

I 8767 m an accountant, 5 8767 5 8797 8776 , 665 pounds, not as in good shape as id like, cultured and traveled, raised my 68 year old daughter on my own, I don 8767 t believe I 8767 m agressive and don 8767 t expect anyone to serve me. I truly believe in respect, sharing and building a life together.
I 8767 m certain there are plenty of good men out there, but somehow I feel I hit a brick wall.
Should I color my hair blonde and lose 65 pounds? Lol

I just really wanted to thank you for this great post. I found myself in this exact situation over the last few weeks and now could recognise what this guy was doing: a textbook 8766 freak-out 8767 after 7 months of him being attentive and sweet. So I gave him one last chance, gave him a call and made plans. Then he flaked and canceled last-minute claiming to be busy/hungover etc.. So for my own closure, I sent him a text along the lines of: okay, I get it, good luck with work, get well soon.
And subsequently deleted his number to stop any future neediness when I 8767 m feeling lonely.

I don 8767 t know if some of the points raised are altogether valid. I 8767 m a woman and I 8767 m from UK, I 8767 ve found American men, to be dishonest, lacking strength of character, self absorbed and believing their own hype. It 8767 s funny. Very uncultured in regards to understanding and relating to not only someone from a different continent, but also a different race. I also live in NY, joined the US Army, accomplished a myriad of things in my life and raised two children alone.
Been through a host of ups and downs, and carry my balls in my bag! Lol. I 8767 m a no nonsense type of woman, that values integrity, strength and honesty in a man.
Perhaps it 8767 s a cultural thing that I 8767 ve not meshed well with US men? Or as some of my friends say you can see the guy feeling intimidated as soon as I mention I 8767 m in the US Army.. Perhsps it 8767 s the English accent? Who knows but whatever it is.. The men need to be men and stop hiding.

Personally, I think desensitizing creams are a short-term fix. Why would you want to reduce your sensation? Isn&rsquo t the whole point of sex to feel sensation and find ways to enhance this? Condoms have similar desensitizing aspects but at least protect you from STIs and pregnancy. Ejaculating before intercourse is another way to last longer. The more times we ejaculate in a sexual experience, the longer lasting we become and less semen we produce. Lastly, some MDs are prescribing psychotropic medications known for their sexual side effects of delaying ejaculation. Interesting you last longer and feel less depressed or anxious.

Thanks for your insight! He never called, just text me practically all day…that eventually dropped to a single conversation in the evening. When we were together he was always a gentleman and attentive, except for in a party setting. It’s this wishy-washy behavior that has me confused and blaming myself for not being more forward about my positive feelings toward him. I have pretty much deduced ‘he’s just not that into me.’ And that’s okay….I just don’t want to feel like I did something to cause the freeze out.

I didn 8767 t mean to, but I 8767 ve insulted my now ex boyfriend with his daughter present saying 8775 quit using me 8776 when I was frustrated and angry at him for being rude to me.
He was wanting to move in with me after dating for 9 yrs, but he wasn 8767 t putting his plans in motion about it. Now, he won 8767 t talk to me, and ignores me. I know I hurt him deeply, and blown his trust. I 8767 ve apologized, and the no contact for almost two months, and still nothing. What now?

So thank you for your article to put my perception/perspective back in order. I 8767 m pretty sure he liked me the most in the beginning b/c I was always busy, and he himself txted that to me once 8775 wow, you 8767 re busy. do you ever stop or slow down? 8776 Now my struggle is not txting or typing to him on FB to just say hi, see how he 8767 s been and to be ok that he doesnt ask in return 8766 what have u been up to? 8776 And I try to be funny about not seeing him and just say, 8775 yea, I know you 8767 re Mr. popular and busy. =) 8776 I just want him to know I 8767 m busy too.

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