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I say stir up her workplace if you need support! Many women has tore up Male servicemembers career over this exact same thing. although the MILPERSMAN doesn 8767 t give specifics, if her command is atleast fair about this situation, they will recommend to her to jelp you financially until you find a resolution yourself. What was said in the previous comment ways true however, ask around the fleet about this same incident, and you will find a number of Male servicemen chime in about their situations as it relates to this. Good luck to you, and if you have children, please think of them as you pursue this. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!


68. Seriously? First, the Army is providing the essentials while you 8767 re deployed so there 8767 s not a need for a lot of money overseas. Second, you can have access to your money, so this is yet another lie. There are ATMs on any main post and the PX accepts debit and credit cards. If he says he 8767 s somewhere that there isn 8767 t an ATM or another way to get money, there is also nothing for him to spend money on. So why does he need it?

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It doesn 8767 t sound like he was active duty, it sounds like he was in the Reserves to me. Depending on how long you were married, not knowing he was in the military might have helped protect his military retirement. However, how could you not know if he was forced to provide all of his pay stubs during the original child support case? Your lawyer, the courts, and the judge all should have had a copy of both of your pay stubs to determine the original child support amount.

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EEC WWTPs or EEC mini plants are “plug and play” systems requiring minimal site preparation (level, compacted site) and readily customizable to meet mission-specific requirements. EEC’s WWTP operate with moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) aerobic treatment technology which offers the most compact package solution while offering the simplest system operation. Effluent produced by EEC WWTP or EEC mini plants can be further treated by the US Army’s SWRS to produce near drinking-quality water for re-use at point of production. The effluent is also suitable for reverse osmosis (RO) treatment for consideration in potable use under emergency circumstances.

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Tara, you as a spouse, are NOT entitled to any of the servicemembers pay and BAH except for the portion of BAH and BAH diff which is about 755-855/month. That is all you are entitled too without a court order. JAG can 8767 t do anything to help you since divorce and separation are civilian matters NOT military. Without a court order your military spouse pretty much owes you nothing. If your disgusting actions got you more then that it was probably your husbands command suggesting it just to get you out of their faces because you were disrupting day to day work life for your husband, themselves, and every other soldier in the unit.

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Ms. Carter, if there is a military base near you, you can contact the legal office there for assistance. I recommend you retain a lawyer and file for legal separation. As part of the separation agreement, you can request spousal support and child support. While the Army does expect its soldiers to support their families, a legal separation agreement carries a lot more weight and is legally enforcable.

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Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Space Science are offered by the Faculty of Science. The Faculty of Science, in conjunction with the Faculty of Arts, also offers three joint honours degrees: Computer Science and Business Administration, Chemistry and Psychology, and Space Science and Military and Strategic Studies. The science programs are relevant to occupations in both the Canadian Forces and the civilian sector.

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My so to be ex is n the Air Force, we have two children a 5yr old and a 66month old. I asked for a divorce befor he left for a remote to Korea, he has made it clear he 8767 s going to do everything in his power to show he can 8767 t pay much n child support, but want to take the kids from me and have me pay. I have always cared for them even when he was home, I 8767 ve spoken to a coule of lawyers already and said that the court will decide what is best for the children money has nothing to do with it. But I still need reassurance, has anyone been in this situation and if so what was the outcome? Thanks

I 8767 m assuming if you 8767 re falling for this, you 8767 ve never been in a military town. Go downtown in a military town to a club one night and let me know how many single soldiers are there looking for the love of their exactly what their goal is. And when you 8767 re thousands of miles away from each other, he doesn 8767 t have the opportunity to sleep with you. So the point would be???

I was married 9 6/7 yrs. My husband is a TSgt E-5 in the Air Force with 66 years in. I have text, Facebook posts, and 55 plus photos showing he was have inappropriate relations not just with other women since 7566 but with airmen while he was an NCO. I also have written documentation from him admitting to having a girlfriend while we are still married and he verbally confirmed it with me. I have been told conflicting things regarding how much he is required to support me with until the divorce is finalized. some say his whole BAH but others say part. Where can I find the dollar amount of that?

Contact your local DEERS ID Card Office using the site locator posted in the body of this article. The staff at these sites are trained to help you solve issues like this and may be able to assist you. This is best done in person bring documentation such as DD-769, discharge orders, old IDs, whatever you may have that may be helpful and they will go over/update your DEERS record. If you are eligible for a DoD ID Card, it 8767 s their job to ensure that you get it provided proper documentation! Good Luck

Navy guidelines for family support can be found in the MILPERSMAN Section 6759-585, Support of Family Members.  The Navy formula is pretty simple.  You calculate the sailor 8767 s gross pay by adding the base pay and housing allowances.  Do not include Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS), incentive pay, sea pay, hazardous duty pay, or any other specialty pays.  Then divide the gross pay as listed below:

I have child to a navy service men and his married and has family, but we had an agreement that he will support his child because his not in his custody and where living in japan. And he did, the navy help me to get fix the needs of my child from his father including ID to get inside the base and comissary, but the child support cut off last November 7568 until now and I don 8767 t know where to Ask why it 8767 s cut off since my child is only 69 years old and my they said before that the child support was given up to 68 years old of the child. and the ID also expired and I call the PSD in yokosuka base and the person that I talk too said that they don 8767 t have nothing to do on it because the father deployed in San Diego and his not living in Japan anymore. Is there any hope to report the cut child support to the incharge on this child support? Please help me I don 8767 t have contact to his father anymore all I know is that he is in San Diego Ca.

I am assuming that you have two cars, and that her car was the 8775 main car 8776 and the one that was transported to Europe by the military. If that is not the case, then another possible argument is that the vehicle in question was never intended to return to the US and was purchased with the intent to use it during your time in Germany and to be resold. This will be a much more plausible explanation if it is true.

My son 8767 s father(we 8767 ve never been married to each other)is active duty army. We have court ordered child support in place and just recently he took me back to court for a modification. The outcome increased the amount he is required to pay and is to be taken from his pay directly rather than him paying it manually as he 8767 s done in the past. In the interim he 8767 s supposed to still make manual payments until the money begins to be deducted. He has not done so thus far. I have not gotten any support since June 9 and he wouldn 8767 t even help me with my son 8767 s school clothes. During the course of this ordeal I discovered he receives full BAH for my son. It was my understanding that single soldiers were only entitled to BAH DIFF if their child(ren) don 8767 t live with then 56% of the time. Is that accurate? If so, he 8767 s committing fraud is he not? My son has never lived with his father. This is the first time he 8767 s ever lived in the same state with him and even now he barely even sees him. Can I report that he 8767 s getting full BAH for a child that he 8767 s not caring for 56% of the time? If so, who would I report it to?

Base legal can 8767 t help you, you need a civilian attorney. You 8767 ve done the right thing and if there is no legal separation document then all you technically owe her his the difference in with and without dependents rate. Some commands might say to give her more but that is going to be on a case by case basis, without a court document they can 8767 t really force you to do anything (but they can make life hell if you don 8767 t). I 8767 d say keep giving her the diff rate until you have a court order telling you otherwise and file for divorce ASAP as in like this week. The longer you draw this out the larger portion of your retirement pension she is entitled to. Make SURE your civilian lawyer uses a process server to give her the papers since that generally comes with the attachment that she 8767 s got X days to respond to the papers, if she chooses not to then you have the right to move it through the courts without her input.

My son in law and I use that term lightly because he doesn 8767 t deserve to be my son in law is deployed. Since he was deployed in May of this year it took him a couple of months (am assuming a couple of months) to post on a military dating site that he is separated from my daughter which he is NOT and found himself an online girlfriend which he has posted on Facebook that he loves her and will be coming to live with her when he comes back from deployment. I was told last night by the girls mother that he (son in law) sent this girl $ dollars to buy a car with when his wife had no vehicle to drive after having been in an accident. I saw him post on FB laughing at her because she did not have a way to work and had to spend what little she makes on a rental car so she could have a way to work does anyone know WHO I can talk to to send her information on what can be done about her husband?

because all my clothes, marriage papers and personal sentimental belongings were in the car! sleeping on trains and many other places i care not to divulge but i survived and made it back home to my daughter for christmas with a gift (i struggled for it though)! make a long story short she 8767 s been found guilty in a military court plus i have physical information of her fraternizing with another soldier while she 8767 s still married! she missed her payment this month and last month after her commander instructed her to have my support no later than the 79 of february! how do i collect backpay< my car< and other things such as furniture! i believe i can get her for adultery also because the soldier and myself had a run in when we were living at our duty station! what should be done! . i am also taking antidepressants and sleeping pills from the trauma

Part Three: He served her papers stating he was not providing any support. She has not signed them. She has been told conflicting courses of action and is so overwhelmed and confused. He told her the papers were worhless without her signature but upon reading them they state if she does not respond within 75 days the divorce can go through. She needs a civilian lawyer familiar with Military Divorce. Will he have to pay for a lawyer for her? I am trying to help her but it is hard with the time difference and I work full time myself. We are afraid he is up to something. Please respond. We really need guidance/help. Thank you, a concerned and caring Mom.

my wife deployed to kuwait on July of last year! Being that the economy was so bad, me and my wife decided that i go to new york while she gets deployed! a couple weeks after i get to new york her mother and sister wants to borrow the car while theyre in the city! i gave them the car and they said i could pick up the car in three days. i go to pick up my car and her mother and sister says theyre not giving me my car back! i cursed her mother out and weve been beefin ever since. I end up homeless( literally) in new york

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