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The Daily WTF: Curious Perversions in Information Technology

Posted: 2017-11-27 16:28

Buy one of those massive CD binders and keep all your games and movies in there. They keep things organized, they look nice, and nobody needs to know that you own hundreds of games unless you want them to. Remember, the goal here isn’t to lie about your hobbies (I don’t, ask my girlfriend). It’s about having more control over the aesthetic of your place. I want my entertainment center to look sleek and clean, but I can’t achieve that if I have dozens of game cases lying around.

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Instead of clinging to the idea that women are 8775 in charge 8776 because of bullshit ideas about how easily they can get laid or what 8775 all women 8776 are attracted to, spend more time thinking about whether their interests match up with yours. Talk to her with the aim of finding out whether or not she 8767 s as cool as she seems to be. Is she someone who has something going for her besides her looks? Does she live a life that you would like to be a part of? It 8767 s easy enough to decide off the bat whether or not you 8767 d want to be balls deep in her by the end of the night, but is she someone you could have an engaging conversation with  after you 8767 ve blown your load?

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Furthermore, this weird idea that the 6975-6965 were some ideal time for the American family (and thus men) is kind of bizarre. Take a look at the US Census data over the last century. In 6985, about 75-85% of folks had never been married by the age of 85. In 7555, that percentage raises to about 85-95%, but not by a significant amount. The median age for men to marry in 6985 was about 79-75, and in 7555 it was about 77.

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Comics and manga can take up a ton of space, and let’s face it, they just scream “nerd alert!” This is especially true when you have a whole wall dedicated to them. Again, if that’s the aesthetic you want, there’s no need to change! Me? I don’t like to wear my hobbies on my sleeve and I didn’t want to get pigeonholed as a “comics guy” or a “manga guy” by every person that walked in my door. That might sound insecure, but I wanted people to ask me what I’m into, not make a snap judgement from a single glance. So, I went digital with everything.

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I would like to see more well-done romance in games as well, especially more of the DA:I type. Sometimes it s a little difficult to find, but I can understand that. Even a lot of other media is really awkward with romance arcs (it s almost as if, despite romance being considered a trashy genre, it involves skill sets not all writers have). Games have it harder, I think, because interactivity makes it more complicated.

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I know, it goes against all those beliefs about how women are the choosers and have their pick of men but the fact of the matter is, women suffer from the same insecurities, fears and imagined worst-case-scenarios men do. Think of how many times you 8767 ve looked over at a woman standing with all of her friends and wishing you could catch her alone so you wouldn 8767 t have to deal with the entire group? Guess what?  She 8767 s  feeling the same nervousness. Is she going to get mocked and shut down by your bros? Is that girl you 8767 re standing with your girlfriend or just someone you happen to know? Is she going to have to fight them for your attention? Are you going to just make fun of her when you consider yourself out of her league?


I have gone out to concerts and looked around at bars and walked around on campuses full of well-kempt women. In none of those cases have the men payed even a tenth as much attention to their appearances as the women. Grooming, for men, means taking a shower and combing their hair for any woman, it means showering, blow-drying and styling their hair, putting on a layer or two of make-up, and assembling a coordinated outfit. We too are expected to hit the gym repeatedly each week (do you think this is a *genderized* activity?). And saying that women are not supposed to have personality traits is well, to be blunt, one of the stupidest things I ve ever heard.

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When I see the more of the same critique levied at the first sort of game, it makes me distrustful enough of it that I can t recognize it when people are instead describing the second. It also sometimes makes me wary of praise for games, because sometimes it seems like game reviewers play so many games in genres they may not like that they give high ratings to anything that seems novel.

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You know, that s what I ve never figured out:
You hear about how some of the subjects on reddit are nightmarish, but then there are smaller subreddits that are okay and I can t figure out how that s possible it seems like the safer subreddits would eventually be attacked (or frequented) by those from the nightmarish sections of reddits, if typical Internet asshole behavior is any indication.

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And remember, every time fans started asking, So, where s our Black Widow movie? the response has always been that there s this big, set-in-stone story-arc that they ve all got planned out which doesn t include a Black Widow movie. Which doesn t include a Captain Marvel movie for almost a decade. Which well, it s pretty much all about white guys, with some color thrown in for support.

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Like I said, I watched Ant Man on an airplane. It was fine enough, I guess. But to me it looks like they invested a lot of resources in a character who didn t really bring anything new to the franchise. Iron Man started it all. Thor and Captain America rounded it out by bringing a couple new subgenres to it. By that point, though, I think it s time to ask whether it s time to put the spotlight on someone who s actually different. And I don t think that the fact that the director of Scott Pilgrim and Shaun of the Dead loves a character is a sufficient answer. I m guessing half the directors in Hollywood have a Marvel character who they think would make a great movie.

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They ll put together a female-centric movie, and they ll think, Eh, it s niche, it won t get the same interest and they ll put in things to attract women , since they re trying to pursue a different audience from the other movies , and they ll spend less because it won t have as wide appeal, and then when it doesn t do as well, they ll say, See? We were right! instead of recognizing the self-fulfilling prophecy of it.

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Frankly, i would love to hear from a man who truly does not care whether a woman shaves her armpits, legs and/or cooch to prepubescent flawless smoothness, and THEN i will believe men 8775 don 8767 t care about all that stuff. 8776 I ASSURE you i do NOT spend all the money and time it takes to keep my legs shaved either for myself or for other women. When there is no man or potential man in the picture, i 8767 ll let that shit go as long as i want. And one of the best ways to get a guy to make a face of disgust is to show him a *gasp* unshorn pit that sends him screaming for the door. It 8767 s not just the makeup/hair/clothing, you realize. And no, shaving legs is NOT a function of simple hygiene. Unless MEN IN GENERAL are filthy. (Pits i MIGHT grant you, but then would point out that since most men fail to shave their pits, by the same logic men are unhygienic.)

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Depression Quest (lo I summon the dark gators, cthulu f taghn) was an incredibly important game for me, both in playing it and in having other people play it. It helps people GET stuff that s not in their lives, not even on their radar. So I get grumpy when people are dismissive of walking simulators just because there s no pew pew or explosions and instead it s FEELINGS.

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Yes, they do. Um, one I can think of has basically this as their set of rules, This is a place for posting pictures of X. Pictures of Y are fine too! Pictures of Z are cute and all, but they belong on Some Other Subreddit. No dead animals. No animal abuse. Source your images. Don t post things degrading to women, people of color, cultural minorities, those with disabilities, and gender and sexual minorities. Crossposts are welcome.

Quite frankly, it pisses me off when a blogger and his followers on one hand do a great job helping men understand the nature of their social conditioning and that they can t project their insecurities onto women, but on the other hand parrot a bunch of generalizations that are just as bad, biased and unwarranted as the generalizations that they re trying to crack down on in the first place.

So straight talk: societally accepted standards of beauty kind of suck. They promote literally impossible standards in myriad ways both overt and subtle. Beauty standards as we 8767 re taught in western culture are European features and bodies and skin that can only be achieved via money, surgery and lots and LOTS of Photoshop. And to be perfectly honest, people can be pretty damn shallow  regardless of gender.

I suspect men are welcome there as presenters or allies or to learn how to support women in their own businesses. An open policy also prevents some of the horrible intersectionality fails that tend to happen when people who aren t cis or aren t binary are involved. I imagine that men who attend because they re looking to find women to date are very unwelcome and will meet with a very negative response, even if they are not asked to leave.

I don t think I believe you when you say you ll take anyone. Come on, would you be interested in a woman two or three times your age? (Or four, if you re enough?) Or your size, for that matter? What about someone with beliefs farthest from your own? Or disturbing fetishes? I think you re forgetting how unattractive and terrible people can be, and if you reflect, I m sure there are some women you wouldn t want showing interest in you.

I did a lot of scrubbing through cutscenes frame-by-frame and a lot of audio work making sure lines were actually the post-effect lines that were supposed to be said AND properly subtitled, in several languages. I also got to do a lot of stuff with raw mocap footage which is HILARIOUS as it is basically a bunch of adults playing Very Serious Pretend, complete with pool noodles as rifles and toilet paper tubes as binoculars.

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