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Citation, please? Really, how much is 8775 all the goddam time? 8776 I 8767 m sure there are a few remittance workers who can come and go as they please ( for whom Dubai isn 8767 t so bad). Whether or not those comparatively free workers are at all representative, however, is a very different question. The whole 8775 watch what they say, not what they do 8776 bromide only applies to people who actually have a choice in what they do, which is not necessarily the case for a majority of Dubai 8767 s workers. Some concrete accounts or statistics (beyond the typical 8775 the cathedral must be wrong, it just has to be! 8776 handwaving) would be just delightful.

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I think the anti-slut branch of Reactionary thought is really just an outgrowth of puritanical strains that happen in every ideology. There are always strong believers that associate self-abnegation with virtue and are quick to condemn anything they don 8767 t personally like as a sin. Slut-hating reactionaries are basically equivalent to Dworkin: Taking their own hangups and getting angry at everyone else about them.

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In the same vein, it 8767 s fairly odd to see claims that one 8767 s opponents are ignoring monotonic technological increases allowing for greater mass murder/sex & drugs/collection of crime statistics when at the same time ignoring said technological increase yourself when talking about life expectancy/GDP/world hunger. I actually agree with you on pretty much all of them ( it 8767 s hard to imagine what Qin Shi Huangdi would have done even just with access to much less helicopter-mounted 55cal machineguns ) but it 8767 s certainly a striking juxtaposition. Again, this might just be an area where good statistics are not realistically available but it 8767 s still fairly troubling to see.

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so you were married in a religious ceremony 65 years ago?

Times have changed. My marriage was done using a celebrant with no mention of god or the traditional faith that many assume are required.

We would have already made this change if Howard had not changed the definition of Marriage in 7559.

The worth of your marriage amongst your religious peers will not change - they will know that you were married with faith based conditions which was your choice, but you are seeking to force your preferences onto others rather than give them a choice, which is wrong.

To be clear, Marriage is NOT exclusive to those of is hard for many to accept.

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According to the CDC, 8766 Male-Male Sexual Contact 8767 was responsible for the transmission of Aids to ~66,755 people in 7566 compared to the ~6,555 people who caught HIV from 8766 Heterosexual Contact 8767 . That does not include the ~6,955 people who caught HIV from the separate (and presumably non-overlapping) category of 8766 Male-Male Sexual Contact and Injection Drug Use 8767 that year. So somewhere south of 9% of the country is transmitting 56% of the HIV yeah, that sounds like a straight problem alright.


Second, when we check the breakdown, we find, as the paper puts it, that 8775 [American] men 8767 s happiness has an upward trend, yet American women 8767 s well-being has fallen through the years. 8776 At a guess, I 8767 d say this is because more women are working full-time jobs. This may be a bit of a victory for Reactionaries, who are no fans of feminism, but it is a very limited victory with little broader implication for other aspects of society. If you 8767 re a man, there 8767 s never been a happier time to be alive.


-for example, its cool to own a mac and kitchen gadgets, but its also cool to own vinyl (and not cds), VHS (and not DVD, in some circles), analog recording (and not digital recordings though its also cool to know how to use ProTools and Photoshop), 66mm film (and not digital)..the list goes on. It 8767 d be funny to talk about where one draws the line in what areas should a white person have the most up to date technology, in what areas should a white person only have throwbacks?

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As someone on the pro-marriage equality side, the headline teased me into thinking I might come across a refreshing perspective that I had not yet heard arguing against the idea. Sadly, it just left me disappointed with its narrow definitions, its failure to address glaring holes in the argument (for example, what of those hetero couples who can''t bear children? Is there marriage of a lesser quality?), and its preoccupation with function over love as the core concept for marriage.

I''m so glad that arguments like these will soon be defeated by the inevitable steps towards equality we are now making.

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This isn 8767 t in the paragraph quoted above, but Michael has expressed the opinion to me in person, and anyone familiar with Reactionary thought will recognize this as a staple. The theory is that monarchies had strong international law between them that prevented or settled conflicts quickly, but that democracies have the 8775 sham 8776 international law of the UN (exactly what makes it a sham is never explained) and constantly interfere in one anothers 8767 business as a continuation of their own internal politics or obsession with human rights.

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Currently in the Marraige act, marriage is defined as:

marriage means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.

Would this not just change to:

marriage means the union of a man and a woman, or the union of a man and a man, or the union of a woman and a woman, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.

Is this really that huge a change? Really? Just a few extra words really.

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*You can start going for equality of results before you have full equality of opportunity. Inequality of opportunity is indeed often used as a justification for equalizing results, . in the form of 8775 affirmative action 8776 and 8775 disparate impact 8776 law. And this leads the right to cry 8775 racism 8776 and the left to laugh and point out that you can 8767 t be racist against white people, and the right to cry 8775 reverse racism 8776 and the left to laugh and point out that, haha, that doesn 8767 t even make sense, racism only goes one direction. And then earnest leftists who believed the old lines about equality under the law become very disillusioned and become easy prey for the Reactionaries who advertise themselves as being more intellectually honest on race, with some justification.

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Lady Jane Grey and her succession to the throne is a very grey (heh) area: Edward did name her in his will, but this contravened the Third Succession Act which permitted Mary and Elizabeth to succeed in the case that there were no other heirs after Edward, his children, or children of Henry and Katherine Parr which there weren 8767 t). Basically she was put on the throne by family power mongering (her parents were involved in all kinds of intrigues and almost-rebellions and it is said her mother literally beat her until she agreed to be made queen under Edward 8767 s will) and Mary having her executed was sad but reflected the political realities of the day. Jane Grey 8767 s comment on her upbringing to a visitor:

Visiting the botanica isn’t a guarantee that you’ll have what you need to dispatch your murder clown, but it should get you in the proper creative headspace. Whether it’s burning it with Florida water molotov cocktails or saying the clown’s true name backwards, whatever method you ultimately use to kill a clown that’s trying to kill you is going to take a bit of improvisation. The more ideas you can come up with on the fly to throw at the thing, the more likely you are to walk away unscathed.

While you should have already called the local authorities to inform them of the clown menace prowling their streets, supernatural clowns are notorious for their ability to confound and evade people they aren’t immediately targeting. What’s more, there’s no guarantee that the police will believe you if you try to explain that an undead/demonic/otherwise-magical clown is trying to kill you. You’re more or less on your own here. Still, though, don’t panic.

They can say curse words all the time, they can ridicule famous religious leaders, but they cannot quite laugh at a woman losing. Cartman 8767 s mother, we are regularly told is a dirty slut, and the high point of career was that she posed for crack whore magazine. A major plot point of the first series arc was that she did not know who Cartman 8767 s father was. Yet when she is on screen, we never laugh at her. She just hands out cookies and is nice to people.

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Third, social evolution. This is a complicated one, because all evolution is evolution to a niche, the niche is different in the modern world than in the medieval world, and so modern and medieval societies are optimizing for different things. But at the very least, we can say that modern institutions are better adapted to the modern niche than medieval institutions. Those governments that did not adapt were overthrown those corporations that did not adapt went out of business those institutions that did not adapt became unpopular and saw their influence shifted to other institutions. Those governments, corporations, and institutions that did adapt prospered and spun off copycats with small variations, and the evolutionary cycle repeated again.

Government and social policy is manufactured in universities, first and foremost at Harvard, followed by Princeton, then Yale, then the other Ivies, Berkeley, and Stanford. As far as politics is concerned, institutions outside of these are pretty much insignificant. Memetic propagation is one-way — it is formulated in the schools and pumped outwards. The universities are not significantly influenced by the outside. The civil servants that make government decisions are either borrowed from universities or almost totally influenced by them. The official mouthpiece of this ideological group is The New York Times, which is the most influential publication in the world outside of the Bible.

Your argument is severely flawed. You define marriage by the beginning of a family with children. Same sex couples can start a family or is adoption not considered a family in your opinion? In that case what about married couples who choose not to have a family or those who are incapable of having children of their own?
Despite what you think not allowing same sex couples to marry is restricting their choices based on who they are which is by definition discrimination.

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