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I have known several non-American women who, even after living here in the States for years, have still not made a single American girlfriend. The reason isn 8767 t the usual female competitiveness with each other it 8767 s the fact that because they have intelligence and class, non-American women tend to find their American counterparts intolerable, as do most American men who are not blind chumps.

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On another note, Russian men also love kids.  Mr. B frequently quotes the classic Russian movie, “The Godfatherovsky,” when he says, “No man can be a real man if he doesn’t spend time with his family.”  Mr. B is excited about having kids.  Then he uses his mathematical background to say that he will name his first child Euler.  Or Newton.  And, remembering that he is easily moldable, I say, “Over my dead body.”

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We don’t know how to use our inside voices sometimes, OK? Sometimes we get so excited, and so passionate, and so zealous, that our neighbors might think we’re dying. But really we’re just excited about that mega-sale at . If you piss us off, don't be surprised if we yell. It might be uncouth, but it's also percent more effective than talking about things in a rational, collected manner. 

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American women are generally filthy sluts who, in order to put out, need only a rationale for not feeling like sluts (providing that is a very important element of game, by the way). Non-American women will make you wait to sleep with them, and they are often worth it. Again, an American woman will choke on your cock after meeting you only two hours before at the bar, or simply show up at your house to do the same, having only “met” you via the internet. A non-American woman will make you put in some work, and unlike most American women, she may be worth it.

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I love your blog, twitter, FB, I have an american GF, recently I have asked her to marry me, for me, I couldn 8767 t agree more, she does love my accent, she is confident and beautiful and the most special lady, not a gun loving, money grabbing, rude, brash, up herself air head, she is a highly trained accountant (not boring to get her away from that stereotype lol) we all form opinions on people before we meet them, but for me, my girl is the most incredible lady in the world but she does absolutely love my accent haha, it causes no end of amusement when we speak . Thank you for sharing your story, we both love it !!!

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Finally! Another assumption that I can agree with. Yes, in my experience, Chelsea is very upfront and honest. When we started dating, she let me know that she wasn 8767 t dating for the sake of it. That the purpose of dating (for her) was to find someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. At first, this took me by surprise. I am not used to people talking this honestly about their feelings or intentions. But, I am glad she did.

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It 8767 s not that women think so. It 8767 s the society 8767 s view that all Russian people, including women, share: it 8767 s the woman 8767 s responsibility to ensure her man doesn 8767 t have a desire or need to cheat. Just the same as they believe that having a husband and kids is the true woman 8767 s calling.
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Welcome to America. If you haven 8767 t already, make sure you watch the movie Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. I was just trying to say that if you grew up in the american culture you probably would have a difference perspective on the whole thing maybe for better or worse, I couldn 8767 t tell ya. Sometimes as an outsider looking in, I feel that we can be fooled rather easily sometimes, and not realize it before it is too late. Anyways, good luck and congratulations, brother. I wish you the pursuit of happiness. As Aristotle once said, 8775 Happiness depends on ourselves. 8776

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I 8767 m a Russian girl and I lived there most of my life although I don 8767 t anymore. And as a girl I would never say all that rubbish. They are NOT ALL like that! I honestly don 8767 t know how I managed to read the article till the end, some of the things were THAT ridiculous. And I did date russian guys. And there are faithful guys and cheaters, and those who bit their girls up and those who would never raise a hand on a woman. JUST LIKE IN ANY OTHER CULTURE AND COUNTRY.

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A little while back I took out a 69 year old French woman who, though basically a child, had more intelligence and sophistication, more charm, dignity and grace than almost every American woman I have ever met, and I say this as a man who has dated and hooked up with far more American women than I can remember. I have met many even in their late 75s and 85s who, though they have professional jobs as lawyers and accountants, still act like stupid 68 year olds when they are out at the bar on Saturday night, taking duck face photos all night long, cursing frequently, and speaking in an obnoxious manner generally (the very tone of American women is often annoying and offensive), and incapable of having an adult conversation with an intelligent man. Even if she does not have a university education, a non-American woman will generally be a much better conversationalist—far more interesting and, most of all, POLITE—than many an American stunner with an Ivy League degree. If feminists were really serious about progress and the common good, they might design a muzzle specifically for American women.

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My husband and I do not live together at the moment nor have we ever, but we should be receiving a decision on our visa any day now so that I may move to the UK to be with him. We chose to live in the UK at the start of our married life because he has better work opportunities there, but he was never against the idea of living with me anywhere else in the world. I have given up my career in America tossed away my good and reliable income to be with him. As a dual national to Canada, I have known for most of my life that I did not want to reside in the US forever. For over a decade I wanted to move to Canada after I completed school to live and work, then remain there for the rest of my days and start a family. I wasn 8767 t looking for love when I met Chris, and I certainly had no interest in changing my life plans. But you can 8767 t deny fate. Canada is still on my mind and one day we will move there together.

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Another unfortunate comment that I come across all too often is that American girls are naive, stupid, and closed minded. This one particularly bugs me, because honestly, Chelsea is by far one of the smartest people I know. She chose a profession that she loved (dog training) and has pursued it with all of her energy. She regularly attends seminars on behavioural psychology, neuroscience, communication and business.

Was this entire article written to gain some brownie points to you? LOL, just kidding mate. Ive got an all American woman and she is the real deal. Republican gun loving, BBQ making, burger loving babe. And yes, she even grows and eats Kale ) On top of that God drives her determination through life and I don 8767 t care if she turns around one day grows hairy armpits. Typical weekend Friday night, bar with mates, Saturday gun range, afternoon BBQ and beers, Sunday Church and Roast. Sunday night movies and or romantic walks. Her expectation? Just do your share of the work and one day lets open a winery, with shooting range of course. =) This is the life I 8767 ve chosen and yes I have two Masters at a Great University.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts it 8767 s encouraging to hear you share our views on generalisations. I do think it is a great shame that a lot of American guys and girls completely write off finding a partner in their home country because of a couple bad experiences. It sounds to me as though you have a completely balanced visa and your situation is actually strikingly similar to ours. When I met Chelsea in the UK for the first time, she wasn 8767 t looking for a British boyfriend it just happened to be that we hit it off, and found our perfect partners on the opposite side of the Atlantic.

American women are superficial. This is one stereotype that has been earned by American females and some are even proud to state it like they 8767 re up for an award. I don 8767 t know why but American women love with a capital L to humiliate men who don 8767 t fit their standards to a tee. I think it revolves around being seen as having access to the fittest and most socially approved of the males, then later on as their looks fade the wealthiest. But foreign women do not do this selfish denigration of flirty guys. They just don 8767 t. At least not to the degree that American girls do. American girls seem to reserve their contempt specifically for male suitors in the dating world. American girls enforce these social bubbles so strongly that you have males who go for years never talking to one. You read about them all the time on discussion boards and how American women demonize them and treat flirting as some sort of unpleasant breach of their fantasy world. American women totally deny access, foreign women encourage you to earn access. That 8767 s the difference.

Also I 8767 ll say this again, divorce is for MONEY. Your girlfriend stated that she gave up her income and career to be with you and start a family. Now this sound sweet and selfless until a series of bad things happens and ya decide to get a divorce. Now if the UK, or Canada works the same way as the US she 8767 s going to come after everything you got and worked for because her reason would that she gave up her income and career and had your kids!!!! Honestly you should of gave her a prenup but too late for that now unless you 8767 re interested in an annulment. Now waiting for your 8775 expert 8776 response

This one has always confused me. Men, particularly American men, seem obsessed by the concept of game. It is some kind of weird, intangible chat-up line infused, pick-up art. And, to be completely honest, I find the whole idea a little creepy. Online, most men suggest that you need either money, or 8766 game 8767 to be able to date an American girl. There are even websites dedicated to helping you 8766 improve your game. 8767

I do not rely on any man to get what I want out of life. I work hard for my money, and I pay my bills on my own. I never saw my husband as an opportunity to make my life easier or more comfortable. I met Chris while he was a student at University and had hardly any income while for some women in any country this can seem unattractive, I did not let that influence me on how I felt about him. Yes having a career and a stable income is comforting and brings on security it is not everything. I chose to marry Chris because I love him, and for better or for worse, if I continued to earn more than him for the rest of our lives, that I would never leave him for it.

The issue that I take with this is twofold. The first, is that it makes American girls seem helpless, and unable to financially support themselves without a man. This is an extremely outdated view, and from my experience not true. Chelsea is independent, and financially savvy (much more so than me in a fair few cases). She works hard for her money, and will often not  let  me pay for a meal. My other issue is that I believe strongly in the idea of chivalry. Nobody should pay for a meal (or anything) because they are expected to, but should because they want to!

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