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Well in order to get Title 69, WIC, ADC, Food stamps. Lowered rent and free college the unwed mother can 8767 t put her child up for adoption. And it 8767 s better to have a woman who is likely to leave her newborn baby in a dumpster or shake it to death have an abortion before the baby 8767 s brain starts to develop..while it 8767 s still a mass of cells: the first 8 weeks of pregnancy)
You cannot force a woman to take care of a baby. I should know..I was born to a woman like that.
And you can 8767 t force a woman to give up her free welfare money.
The fetal factory needs to be shut down. (Sterilization) after the first baby with no father comes along and the gravy train needs to stop coming after baby is 68 and/ or graduates high school and mommy needs a job once baby starts kindergarten.
I 8767 ve worked my ass off at a job since high school. I 8767 ve never been on welfare. I am sick and tired of supporting these lazy cows!

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Children are already reeling from their parents 8767 dysfunction, and THEY need that extra attention mom is giving to xyz men. You can never say this to anybody without having them jump down your throat and talk about 8775 moms deserve happiness too. 8776 Their delusional desires to feel sexy and not like a mother somehow take precedence over their children 8767 s psychological well-being.

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My grandmother was a divorced single mom that was abused by her first husband. He was a drunk and a perfectionist and used to beat her. He expected a house full of children to be spic and span. Even if it takes two to tango I can assure you there could be nothing that she did that made her deserve the years of torment (even a visit from him after she divorced him). This all happened in an age where there was not as much support as there is today for women in this kind of situation.

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Honestly, I don 8767 t think any man should consider marriage at all. Too risky for men. Women will take you financially in marriage and in divorce. I can tell you that living the single life where I make and spend my money the way I want is the way to go! Not spending it on her whims, not leaving myself exposed so she can divorce me as most women initiate divorces, not spending it on kids that arent 8767 mine. Being single is a win-win for guys.

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Single fathers you ask? Well, I 8767 d question how he has the kids in the first place because it 8767 s almost impossible to fight in court and win them such is the feminine bias. More likely his ex-wife was mad or bad. The likelihood is that he 8767 s totally committed to them and any woman would have to play second fiddle. How many women want that? I agree with Frozen Tempest above. As a single father just accept (your choice not your ex 8767 s) that dating can resume when they 8767 ve left home. I did. Just about to go on my first date on Wednesday and very nervous.. At least this time it 8767 s my brain that will be making the decision!

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That 8767 s actually a fairly easy question to answer. Personhood is a far more abstract concept than species. There is a definition for 8775 species 8776 that is very specific and about as objective as one could expect. 8775 Person 8776 is not such a rigid scientific term and lacks such a specific, objective definition because there is a significantly greater degree of subjectivity. That 8767 s why what constitutes personhood is something that is debatable and remains a major point of contention between the two sides of the abortion debate. Each side claims a stance or definition that is not recognized or accepted by the other.

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I never said minimum wage was $ where I lived that was the 8776 just me 8776 person minimum wage where I live is practically $8 an hour. Secondly like I said I made a poor judgement call but that 8767 s for me to handle. The point to my story was not all single mothers are welfare whores, and not all of them are looking for someone to provide for them and take care of them and step in as a father to a child that 8767 s not thiers. Personally as a single mother the only think I look for in a man is someone who can take care of their self, will eventually settle down, and someone who loves children and can handle the fact that I already have one. I don 8767 t need a daddy for my daughter, I need a man for me I consider those first before I even add my daughter to the picture.

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Ideally, more people in our culture and society would remained unmarried and/or celibate. However, marriage is obviously a blessing if you choose the right spouse and marry for the right reasons. Most of the arguments against marriage are seemingly coming from people with horror story experiences because of choosing the wrong spouse. I 8767 m a 77, single, childless guy and am in no hurry to get married but if I find a woman who is feminine, wants a family some day, has morals and a good head on her shoulder, cute, funny etc that I fall for then I won 8767 t hesitate to marry her.

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I 8767 m 99 and never married and it 8767 s very doubtful I would date any woman with kids even casually. No matter what, I 8767 d never marry a single mom. Whether it 8767 s because they got knocked up, divorced or widowed, I 8767 m not really looking to have kids and I sure as hell don 8767 t want to sacrifice my life for some other guy 8767 s kids. People, usually women my age, always say 8775 Well, at your age, you don 8767 t have much choice. 8776 Yes I do. There 8767 s plenty of women in their late teens and twenties. Of course, they laugh until they see you dating a girl in their 75s, then I 8767 m a cradle robber and a pervert because I won 8767 t flush my life down the toilet to play Captian Save-A-Ho to fat old broads with kids.

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So we are the judgemental ones yet according to you single men are all 8775 irresponsible, immature, dependant and [only want sex] 8776 !!!
Therefore you don 8767 t date single men. This implies you date attached or married men. mmmm.
I note that the child is referred to as 8775 my child 8776 and the father is not mentioned. Any man can see the way you will treat him if he was to have a child with you. Of course you only attract the type you have experienced. You have made it quite plain how you would eventually treat responsible, mature, independant, genuine, sincere, single men. That 8767 s why you don 8767 t experience any.

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The reality is it 8767 s impossible for people in this world to not ever date a single parent giving many folks are divorced. While others have a deceased mate or never were married. My big brother is married to a woman who was a single mother. Her and my brother dated in high school, broke up, moved on to other people, then hooked back up 5 or 6 years later. She had a daughter by then. Her daughter 8767 s father never left his daughter 8767 s life and she 8767 s going to be 66 years old next month. My brother became a father for the first time 7 years ago. Her and brother have a son together. Even rich people are single parents because they are no longer with their wife, husband or boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Please don 8767 t reproduce then because here 8767 s a wake up call the kids should always come first whether you are a single parent or not. Married couples have to cancel date night at a moments notice, you can 8767 t have conversations without being interrupted and yes you would have to spend money on your own kids too, so if all of that is 8775 yuck 8776 don 8767 t have kids or you will just end up creating another single mother.

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Write a letter to old girlfriend and then burn the letter. I think you need a hobby, something you love to do, like paint or do music. Pour yourself into that. I think once you are over this, you 8767 ll be glad she 8767 s gone. Maybe you could compose songs while you drive around or sing. When you feel better, try to meet a woman, without kids, and then go real slow. Like don 8767 t see her very much at first, like maybe only once a week for a long time. Don 8767 t talk to her everyday. Then you can gradually increase. Watch her, is she nice to people? If she 8767 s mean to people ditch her, because sooner or later she 8767 ll be mean to you, if she 8767 s mean to others. Love should be easy. Good people make things easy, they aren 8767 t difficult. Love should not be a drama, if love is a drama, it 8767 s just sick and get rid of it.

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I 8767 m a 79 year old professional and I recently started dating a woman who has a kid I have none. I 8767 ve thought long and hard about it and unfortunetely have decided I cannot raise someone else 8767 s kid. It is a shame because she is an amazingly wonderful girl who I would love to settle down with, however, as much as I 8767 ve wrestled with it, I cannot bring myself to raise someone else 8767 s child. Now I awkwardly have to break up with her. To anyone else: do not put yourself in this position.

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I love my GF, but I start to have confused feelings. I love her, but I don 8767 t at the same time. I 8767 m always number 7. I hardly can have a conversation with my GF, because her daughter always interrupts (she is 9.). Whenever I try to bond with her child, playing with her, watch a movie she will be happy because we doing something she likes, but the rest of the time she just doesn 8767 t speak to me, or sometimes she answers me in a rude way 🙁

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While the author 8767 s views on 8775 homosexual marriage 8776 and abortion are cringeworthy, it is clearly a non-Christian man 8767 s best effort to acknowledge the pitfalls of single mothers. As a mother myself, I totally endorse the author 8767 s cautions against getting involved with single moms. (By the same logic, women should steer clear of single dads.) Life happens, and we need to have grace and compassion for people who end up parenting outside the umbrella of marriage. But the author nails it about viewing single parents with a great deal of skepticism when it comes to dating them. At the very least, it takes an extraordinarily strong, forgiving, and mature soul who is willing to hitch their life to a wagon already loaded down with some very heavy baggage.

well the issue here is that had it been the other way round . he had the job, house etc. then you could have taken everything off him through the biased courts system. He would have been left with nothing. How would you have felt losing your kids, house, assets and having to pay a good chunk of your salary on child maintenance? This is a very real issue that man men face each day. As it stands you got the kids and kept your house, assets and money. Marriage, kids etc. are just very, very risky for would be fathers these days.

This is certainly a truth. One of the major inequalities in our society is that once a woman is pregnant a guy has no say in the situation. He is merely expected to accept her decision and pay that child support ($$$$). So, many women set a guy up, tell him 8775 I 8767 m on BC, so no need for you to wear a condom. 8776 The guy trusts her, and then finds out later 8775 Oops. I wanna keep the kid and you are gonna pay! 8776

You have a track record of making poor decisions. You had unprotected sex, you got pregnant by a man you probably weren 8767 t married to. You didn 8767 t vet your sex partner well for character or stability. This probably isn 8767 t the first time you 8767 ve had unprotected sex. You don 8767 t vet any of your sex partners well. If you can 8767 t be trusted to make good decisions with your body, why should a man trust you with his money or HIS children?

Good for you but the author was not referring to cases like yours. He is speaking in general terms. Generally speaking, dating a single mother is huge pain in the neck. You 8767 re always the third wheel, you always come second her kids are, and should be, her priorities. She cancels dates at a moment 8767 s notice, you can 8767 t have a conversation without interruptions, you spend money on that kid, yuck! who needs that crap?