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Posted: 2017-10-10 02:56

I was reading the post above me, about his family not knowing you guys date. I have the same problem. I sucks at times because I would love to know his family. It has been two years and it has been great. His parents have kinda made gestures and said 8776 do you have a girl friend 8776 of course he lies, because we know when the time is right, then we will tell them. Like I said, if you love that person so much, you will fight for them through thick and thin. No mater the culture or religion, that shouldn 8767 t mater. It 8767 s all about love in the end.

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So what if I will admit only being attracted to East-Asian/Pacific Islander men 95% of the time? I like what I like. I have a sense of humor and don 8767 t deny it.
I think these personality traits of mine make me attractive to Asian and Asian-American men. because
6) I 8767 m able to make fun of my 8775 Yellow Fever 8776 .
7) Anyone being interested in someone else (Example me being attracted to Asian men.) should give confidence to an individual because its flattering, amirite? (I am always flattered if someone is interested in me-regardless.)
I 8767 m pretty sure that this makes me attractive/apporachable to Asian/Asian American males.
Any Asian dudes reading this, please correct me if I 8767 m wrong.

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I think the first paragraph you wrote is really off base. Those things just aren 8767 t true. Not one of them. If you really compare people by race for these characteristics there are cultural differences in style and approach (like straightforwardness or emotional expressions) but there is no basis in reality for any of the points in your first paragraph. Any small amount of research can prove that. 8775 Slutty 8776 in the context of sleeping around or being promiscuous is as common in any racial or cultural group because it is a human issue. Many Asian girls are sheltered by their families and 8775 conservative 8776 culture and seek out that sort of trouble as a result. This is common enough, so your make-believe and unfounded comparison is shot. As for the second part of your comment, it seems pretty right-on, unfortunately many people cut off their options without ever learning what they 8767 re missing.

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Thank you for your fabulous comment and insights. Sounds like you 8767 ve truly found happiness in your marriage as well as a nice balance. I love your suggestion of living in a land that 8767 s foreign to both. I 8767 m genuinely fortunate that my husband loves life here in the . and probably never wants to live anywhere else. However, that 8767 s not always the case with couples from different cultures.

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Kuwait is awful. You were such a fool to marry him. I guess you have no problem with modern day slavery. Yes, that happens in Kuwait. Check the Kuwait Times, every week there are horrid stories of maids committing suicide because of the horrible conditions. But I guess if your husband loves you a few hundred innocent deaths is nothing. Seriously, all GCC countries hate Kuwait. Educate yourself instead of living in this false bubble. KuwIt has so many human rights violations it 8767 s insane. Talk to your hubby about that you fool.

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There are numerous ways to meet American women who are married to locals and those who aren 8767 t. Definitely check out Desert Girl 8767 s blog as she 8767 s a wealth of information. She 8767 s incredibly welcoming and knows a lot of Westerners married to locals who I 8767 m sure she would love to introduce you to. You can also check out Life in Kuwait 8767 s blog. She 8767 s an American married to a local living in Kuwait with her children. She also has great information on activities for children as well as local language classes, local cultural events, and just overall things to do in Kuwait.

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As for paying for the wedding, that differs among cultures and even families. In my case our weddings (Kuwait and US) were paid for by my husband 8767 s family and my husband. However, I know of some women who have paid for their own weddings. It really depends on the person I suppose. As for cost, both Middle Eastern and US weddings are comparable. I don 8767 t believe one of ours cost a significant amount more or less than the other. Again, depends on the people and what type of wedding they want. We went with very elegant and classy while keeping it small and intimate (family and closest friends). I find very large weddings to be more of a 8766 show 8767 and they lose their true meaning. But that 8767 s just how I feel. Obviously others have very different ideas about what a wedding should be.

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I wish I could say my life resembles every Westerner married to an Arab but I know that 8767 s not the case. Every situation is unique and some are better than others. I 8767 ve heard horror stories of cheating, abuse, and outright disrespect. But this takes place in marriages all over the world it 8767 s not exclusive to the Arab man. I 8767 m just so thankful, every day, that I married a man who is the perfect combination of East and West. Someone who embraces the best of both cultures. And someone who fully understands both worlds.

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I 8767 m so sorry to hear of your experience. It is rare to find a man in this culture who respects his family as much as my husband does while maintaining the ability to stand up for what he really wants in life. At least you understand your issues weren 8767 t caused by anything you did, but instead something that he didn 8767 t. Though I 8767 m sure your experience was/is painful, I hope you 8767 re healing and moving forward. We all deserve someone who respects us and treats us well.

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Right now i am on a programme in Africa..But Nigeria precisely..this
is my first time traveling to blacks country and i don 8767 t really know
much about this environment but i am so adaptive so i get used to
allot of things so easily and i get to understand how things are been
done in the environment too as am into Fashion designer..Africa
clothing and textile design..thats wat i am into..i have just started
my career on it and its really my dream and i seek a man who will
support my dream i just got to Africa like 9 weeks ago and on
planing to get back to the states soon..to complete my dream and
career..it has really been a dream come true for me to become a real
fashion designer and i have committed all my time and all i have into
this career and i hope it leads to a very great future of mine.

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Typically, I wear something like this pair of nice jeans (dark), with this blazer. I usually pair these with a nice pair of dress shoes or a boot-dress shoe hybrid. For the final piece of the puzzle put a nice watch on. I do have a high-end watch, and several more 8775 middle 8776 ground ones. All of them get complimented every time I go out. Don 8767 t fret if you don 8767 t have the right brand of watch on your wrist, but do make sure it looks good.

 I strongly disagree, In the late 95s when rap was hugely mainstream and popular, tons of white girls wanted to date black guys here in the states.  Now that Asian culture (specifically japanese) is hugely popular due to anime and gaming they want Asian guys, its a pretty sad world when you cant even notice a guy for who he is sitting next to you because he just looks different and you need some mainstream influence to get you to look at him in a different light.  Just like the other girl said when asian guys need to get to know you, you didnt even get to know them , you being hypocrits.

Hi guys can anyone give me any advice on how to identify the girls that are most likelyto be up for a date on TF because i dont want to offend them by asking to meet up for dinner (and the obvious later on).Do i just come out with it and ask her if shes interested in meeting me when i land in Bangkok or do i look for certain girls profiles, im not sure which ones to ask as i dont want no over rated bar girls or go go bar girls, i just want a gf for a few days at a time, i dont mind spoiling them and taking her places, i dont read signals very well as im to oblivious to assume the obvious. Any suggestions would be greatful. im travelling to bangkok end of november but going to udon thani first, would love to get a short time date there if anyone has been before and can suggest anything.

Hey LG. Don 8767 t take it so personally. The truth is, no matter how good a certain flavor of 8775 ice cream 8776 is, if THATS all you 8767 re given everyday, you 8767 re bound to get tired of it. It 8767 s human nature to desire that which is unavailable ( generally speaking). So give the girl a break . OH and BTW Roger J Have you read some of those posts? Most of those 8775 beauties 8776 wouldn 8767 t know proper English from 8775 pig latin 8776

Actually,the most attractive man I 8767 ve ever met was Indonesian,and lived in Batam ^^
I don 8767 t think yellow fever is something that exist really,people like what they like,who cares for the reason? If you find happiness through it who really cares? I Don 8767 t listen to Asian music or Tv or anything anymore. Yet I still teach English abroad,and can fluently speak Korean,and have married a man who loves anime and videogames(I still like VGs tho lol) and all that jazz. He loved me when I was squeeking at kpop idols,and he loves me now that I like to landscape and garden. He has never judged me for being different,and at the end of the day,it never really mattered at all. :8

As for him not telling his best friends if those are guys from college here in America, they 8767 re not his 8766 best friends 8767 . They 8767 re just some guys he hangs out with and goes to school with. His true best friends are more than likely his cousins back home. Also, it 8767 s possible even his cousins don 8767 t know he 8767 s engaged. Once a woman is supposed to be your wife or becomes your wife, you don 8767 t discuss her. Especially with other men. It 8767 s considered highly disrespectful. More than likely, none of his friends back home will ever even meet his wife once they 8767 re married. I know a handful of my husband 8767 s friends from Kuwait but haven 8767 t met 99% of them. On the other hand, I know every single one of his friends here in the US and have met all of them. The cultures dictate very different behavior.

One of the greatest strains on the contemporary medical system is HIV-AIDS, the first Vietnamese case of which was reported in 6995. Experts estimate that the disease has affected over 665,555 Vietnamese. The government has launched effective education and awareness programs to combat the spread of the disease so Vietnam has not experienced an epidemic as severe as other Asian countries. The two groups most heavily affected by the disease have been prostitutes and intravenous drug users. HIV-AIDS is a largely stigmatized disease due to its association with perceived immoral behavior. Many sufferers seek to conceal their infection, producing a significant difference between the 75,555 officially reported cases and the expert estimates of over 665,555 cases. There are several hospitals devoted to the care of HIV-AIDS patients, but a lack of adequate funding prevents the majority of patients from receiving the most advanced and effective treatments.

as said above, chinese men were defeated by tai shan or siam, and were forced to stop speaking chinese. defeated chinese men never can marry tai ethic women who are in fact tai shan or siam. but just all the lands conquerred by siam cover the areas where defeated chinese men married black skinned Isaan in the northeast and black skinned malay ethic women in the south malay. thailand has 97 ethics, and the ruling ethics are tai shan or siam, and the rest 96 ethics have been forced to identify as thai even though they are non-tai ethics.

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah, I figured the ladies will be more interested upon arrival. They always ask when am I coming to Thailand and to contact them ASAP upon arrival. It 8767 s actually quite easy to make too many contacts on there, and would have to do some creative moving around to visit more than one of the ladies. I know how Thai chicks can get and they don 8767 t always accept the old butterfly behavior.
I 8767 m concerned about spending too much time with the one that wants to pick me up at the airport. She is quite attractive and like so many of the ladies there in her age group that are interested in farang men, she has an ex-husband that 8767 s a farang, etc. I 8767 m sure at some point I will want to shake her off and chase other honeys I met on Thai Friendly.

I am a vietnamese-american and i 8767 m are very so proud of it. i love the way i look, my accent, and are very cometable in my own skin but DAMN i have to say, my people sometimes frickin 8767 disgrace me. especially the older generation that are here in the . They are so petty-minded of everything for instance, when i go play poker in the local cardroom here in california, they 8775 slow roll 8776 the nuts and laugh about it. Just frickin 8767 rude. And alot of them is so insecure, I just can see straight through them. Anyway, I love my vietnamese people I 8767 m just saying. peace out.

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