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good day sister in-law have seen a lady that she thinks she is the best for me to marry which she suggest that i should date the lady which she show me her picture and indeed the lady is beautiful and she look decent ,she even told her elder sister because they are friends ,the sister insist that I should meet her elder brother. I call her brother on phone but he is not on my side cos he told me that someone asked for his permission before me but he said he is going to call me when he is in town and discuss about the issue but he never did. i look for her phone number and i fnd d number which gave me access to speak to her and she show interest in me cos her sister have shown her my picture but she give me excuse that she is with someone ,and the person she is with is a friend to her brother that called we are still talking on phone and i phone and I don 8767 t want to loose her cos she possess all the qualities I want from a lady.. what should I do

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You need to continue to prove to her that you love her, she 8767 s taking her time before she finally accept the fact that you really love her. Women are like that and you can 8767 t blame her which maybe due to her experienced in the past with guys. You need to prove beyond doubt that you really love and when she finally fall in love with you, she 8767 s in for big time if you don 8767 t fuck her up.

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hello sir, pls help me out on this issue, the man am dating happened to be a married man bless with two kids which I knew before started dating him, now the issue is his wife latter knew that his going out with me she Brocken all things inside house and she want to devious his husband. upon on this issue her husband still calling me disturbing me and I love him but I don 8767 t his marriage to damage what can I do plss

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i am having a serious problem with my girl friend about rejecting my calls,she normally use to reject my call,if i ask her why she will tell me she was,nt with her phone,and she has been doing this about three time,but the one she done today made me really angry,so i just want to send a text message to her,just to tell her i will never call her WHAT CAN I DO,SHOULD I SEND THE TEXT MESSAGE, OR I SHOULD JUST ENDURE?

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Please don 8767 t tell him as you 8767 re not 655% sure he 8767 s in love with you. This is just not to embarrass yourself if he turns you down. Being your friend brother has nothing to do with it.
What you can do is to make move that 8767 s clear to him that you have a feeling for him and wait for him to do the talking. Just make moves that suggest you 8767 re falling in love for him but never outrightly tell him you love him.

Brother, dre ds guy dat i love so much, we have datd 9 7yrs nw b9 he enter schol, he use to be carin nd lovin bt nw i dnt undastd if he stl lovs me or nt. Each tm i complain dat he s datin anoda gul, he wl deny dat he s nt datn anoda dat i sud remba dat i have hs blod in me (convenant), bt he dosnt cal, or talk abt love to me or evn text me. Alws clemin dat hs avin a tough time. Wat sud i do pls, am worid, i reali do lov nd care 9 hm?

It has dis girl i asked out and she said i should wait till shes out of skul and i knw she has a boifriend but she is a church member so she came to my auz and wen we were talking we actually kissed xo i apologised for wat happened xo she wount feel i forced her but it has her very best friend i told cos two of dem do every ting togeda dey even live togeda xo dis her friend told me d reason she didnt tell ha was bcos a fight arouse abt her boi friend and her about her kissing anoda guy xo her best friend adviced me dat i should just let her go dat shes nt my type and i love dis girl. PlEASE WHAT DO I Do

Mr Anthony, i can see many people love your post and contribution in love matters,you are really impacting life pls keep the good work.
more so i have a little hitch in which i want you to intervene, i have a lady she is university in which i love her so much with passion,i love everything about her but she insisted of not dating me without any good reason always saying she is not ready to date, i have done all i could by persuading her in terms of calling, messaging and other several convincing process even to the extent of informing her sister while she agreed to talk to her on my behalf yet no straight answer and is difficult for me to let go,because each i remember my mind is always with her, plsi need a serious advice and your attention on this

well you write so well dear friend, but you must understand that, so many men, don 8767 t love saying good bye ear sly like you think , yes it may be truth that he had another woman, something times wrong, i can use my self as example,, i have a girl that i have never seen she called me always, but the truth is that things are not going well with me this time i don 8767 t even have money to eat,,earthier to call , her,, please check if that guy is in my chose right now, and remember that woman always complain so easy my name is Tony E

Hi Tolu,
Some girls are just like that, the possible reason is that, she is not really into that love she profess for you. You may need to continue to show her that you really love and care for her. But after like 8 months the situation remain the same, just know that her heart belong to somewhere else where she is concentration more of her attention. I 8767 m sorry, you may have to let her go and look for some other girl who will really have your time and show you love as much as you wanted.
I hope this help you Tolu.

Pls my qustion is dat me and a lady will be friend for most 5year wen she came to my house i told her dat i want to marry her and she told me dat she will think about it and after 8 to 9 day she told me yes dat she agree with me but the follow day she told me again dat she will think about it again after tell me yes she will marry me pls put me true wat i will do to get her back i love her very much

I don 8767 t think she really loves you. My guess is that, she 8767 s not even sure of herself about who to actually follow between and her ex. The problem here is that, she lives in the same state with her ex which makes it easier for her to go visit him whenever she feel she really need someone.
I 8767 m afraid you might lose her to her ex if something urgent is not done.
Invite her to your place and have a serious discussion with her about your intention for her and you not being comfortable with what 8767 s going on in your absence right there in Osun State. Ask her if she really want you or if she want to go back to her ex?

HI I AM SO IN TOUCH WIT UR LOVE QUOTES MAY GOD GIVE U MORE i seriously need ur ws about a girl i met in secodary school she is in ss8 now,back den when i ws in ss8 ad she is in ss7 i proposed 7 her,buh she said she wil think over den tynz stated goin smotly bftween me and d problem i hav wit her iz dat when ever i ask her of her numba she would 8767 nt give wat iz nw d excence of lovin some6 dat could 8767 nt give u his numba atleast

It is better for you leave him as his family will still remain his family. If you don 8767 t see them then as people you can live with, you cannot see them as change people in the name of you 8767 re falling in love their son.
I 8767 ll advice you to go look for other guys and let him be.
Don 8767 t put yourself into unnecessary trouble trying to tell him you love him now, he may even just use you and allow you to leave since he 8767 s already in love with someone else.

Hi,m inlove wif this girl m sure she loves me r already dating. when we started I showered her wif love n attention, I mean calling texting n everything but nowadays she doesn 8767 t call hardly replies my ping n get angry at little things. v tried not to call her but dude the spirit is willing but the body is week it 8767 s like if I don 8767 t hear from her I might die I really need help,I don 8767 t wanna lose my do I do

You 8767 ve already told her you love her, the game has started, the fire of love is burning right now and you don 8767 t have to go to any extreme to satisfy, just be yourself, care for her and don 8767 t forget to show that you 8767 re a man too which mean not being too nice at all time. Continue to tell her you love whenever you have the opportunity, it is not something to shy away from if truly you mean it.

65. Many believe that love is forever, that love never dies, only to be disillusioned in the end when we find our hands empty and our hearts longing. We mistakenly have looked at love as a need to be fulfilled, but love is only a gift given to us. We should not hold it in our hands, for we may never find the strength to let it go when it decides to leave. We should only embrace its warmth and glow while it lasts and freely open our arms when it 8767 s time to say goodbye.

Hello sire I just met a girl in my school and we have been seeing each other for past 5years but we had no feeling for each other but suddenly I just found my eye on her..I don 8767 t know what makes me love her like crazy and she is so caring even when am broke, she will gave me money and she used to visit me at home..sometimes she will call me and I won 8767 t pick her call and she had to go by way from her house to mine to check me..even if offend her, she correct me but I love this girl and I don 8767 t know how to tell her I used to tell that I want to tell something that is in my mind and she keep bothering me to her what is in my mind but she used to tell me we are just a friend pls sire I need your advice

Thanks and Godbless you mr Anthoni,i realy appreciate for your what you said was cool and when she called me about this uk guy on the tenth of this month,i had to tell her that it not everything that gliters is she ask me on phone if im i told her that im she promised me no one is lossing each told me the guy gave her 5thousand naira on that 65th of this had to stop her,but since then she told me she had started ignoring his as for me,i always try my best in satisfying her with calls and your love text guide me along,and most of the time,i do hear from her mum and her it adviceable to let his brother know about this issue,bkos his an understanding no need.

sir thank God u ar met a gal nt ùp to a 8weeks now we started dating each other,i slpt wit her on her birthday and d folowing day her behavior change to me ask her what my offence tø her she said (have did what i want,sex is nt love)i told her i love then she dnt pick my calls oo and i love her i dnt wanna löss her please sir what can i do to please her i love her ooo,sobinng.