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Define 8766 normal 8767 because everyone in the world is different so how can everyone be 8766 normal 8767 if everyone is different? You are not in the position to call all 8766 fat 8767 and 8766 really ill looking 8767 women idiots because that is just hypocrisy. YOU are an idiot for not considering the women who cannot help but look the way they do because of (for example) anorexia, thyroid, obesity etcetera. Why should women look 8766 normal 8767 anyways? What is wrong with a few rolls? The government is actually doing ssomething right and are not putting a limit to clothe sizes because that is just ridiculous and frankly outrageous.


I can dig what you were trying to say here. Cause there is a lot of substance. But some of what you say completely contradicts the evidence that has been compiled on this subject. The fact is. A lot of women only talk to/give a reasonable chance to the top 6% of attractive men. This isn't an opinion. They've done studies. So while I appreciate your input and I do feel there was a lot to gain from it. You are completely wrong in your assessment that women aren't as shallow as men. If anything because they have so many choices. They filter them by looks. It's sad but true.

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For someone to truly connect with another person and feel completely content with another they must first know and accept themselves. In my forty plus years in America I believe that to be a rarity. I have known people of all ages including countless couples who seem to have a better grasp on celebrities lives than they do on their own. I can count perhaps a handful of people I've met who have formed their own systems of belief. The vast majority have simply accepted whatever belief system they were fed without question.

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Gosh, this is ridiculous! You could also ask 8775 How much should a man weight to be found attractive? 8776 I mean, seriously, there are BILLIONS of different people out there. Everyone of them finds something completely different attractive. You shouldn 8767 t care about how much you 8775 should 8776 weight so that a man finds you attractive you should be happy with your body yourself! Why do so many women need the 8775 approval 8776 of a man. It 8767 s like they don 8767 t have brains themselves. Do you really need a man who tells you how much body fat you should have on you or that you should work out more to be even more appealing? Work out if YOU like to do that and don 8767 t always be concerned about how a man would see you. Eat a tub of ice cream if you enjoy to do that and stop caring so much what other people think. You all like different kinds of men also why would it be different for them?

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Steve your experience matches mine completely. The statistic I find the most staggering is the number of profile views I 8767 ve had. Been on the website a couple of months and had 878 matches. I 8767 ve got in contact or viewed the profiles of most ofthem. of those 878 a grand total of 77 have viewed my profile. If only 8% of my matches have even looked at my profile what hope have I of even meeting any of them?? Total bullshit

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I am 68 and I am over weight. I 8767 m one of those people that has always had a little extra package but I carry myself pretty well. I have joined the gym and I am trying to be much more health conscious now. I 8767 m not doing it to reel any guy in just because I am out of high school and I just have more time for me. Because just knowing I worked out and ate healthy for a day makes me feel better in what I wear.

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I have always been hit on SO much i 8767 m extremely curvy size 8-65 and i have to literally 8775 beat them off with a stick 8776 as well lol (as said by a previous poster). it is just a normal thing for me to get hit on several times a day so i dont buy into 8775 theres one perfect size 8776 baloney or that skinnier is better. I used to be a little bit heavier and actually got hit on even more. so there!

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Not sure if this work for you, ask for a refund, you have enough evidence to prove their site sucks. I asked for a refund, they told me they would refund my money, never did. I filed a complaint with the bank and got my money bank. you have enough supporting documentation to have cause. I fucking hate that site its horrible. I am having more luck on the free sites, but you have to weed through the weirdos.

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Male turning 89. The smallest girl size wise I 8767 ve ever dated was 5 8767 7 8798
But every other girl I dated was size 6 67. When you hear me say I like meat on the bones I really mean it. If a girl has thigh gap then I 8767 m not interested. One of my favorite things in the world is tangling up with a proper sized woman. 5 8767 6 8798 6 8767 5 8798 675-655 lbs. I 8767 ll take it all day. I 8767 m sick and tired of 5 8767 8 8798 87lb twigs that can put a watermelon between their thighs standing straight up.


Wow, makes me lol to hear women complain about OKC. Oh no, you had to sift through a bunch of messages from really gross people? Oh poor baby, the internet really just isn't for you, is it? That certainly is somehow equivocal to the disappointment a lot of men receive on these sites of getting no attention at all.. oh wait, those two aren't even remotely comparable. If you can't deal with ugly, sleazy, mediocre people, get the fuck off the internet!

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I think a guy will also b attractive to how u see yourself if u c yourself as a confident lady and you seem happy with yourself then he wnt c many faults either guys like a confident woman. Losing weight. if u r unhappy with yourself and u lack confidence then by all means DO WAT U FEEL IS RIGHT FOR U but remember do it for yourself not some6 else because a guy that truelly likes u they will like u for who u r and how u look otherwise he wouldnt of shown any interest. Be happy regardless as there will always b ppl with opinions and will try to put u down regardless of how much u weigh and what u look like. Keep smiling and show every6 your happy with yourself like I said men love confidence! Much love xx

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I had tried for years with , and and not one date.. in over five years. Aside from just the hurt of not being 8775 good 8776 enough to date, it was also a spectacular waste of money. And the only woman I did ever go out with for any length of time went back to her old boyfriend who I found out beats the hell out of her for the fun of it. I guess that says something about me when women would rather be beaten to a bloody pulp rather than be with me. I get it.. Don 8767 t treat women with decency, respect, honesty, and kindness BEAT THEM!!! If that 8767 s what it takes.. I would rather be alone.

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I think different men like different types of women. I am a naturally skinny women who always had no problem with men. I have always wanted to gain weight just because where I come from its ideal to be thicker. My current boyfriend loves my body & I 8767 ve grown to be more comfortable because of it. Still trying to gain that 65-65 pounds which we make me more happy but to me be happy with the way you are. Work towards healthy goals. Not all men want the same thing.

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Thanks for the great laugh Steve. I just cancelled my ehaarmony account apparently since I don 8767 t have a chiseled chin,a flat stomach and bulging muscles eharmony couldn 8767 t match me. I actually stopped getting matches for about two weeks then got random ones. Out of all the communication requests I sent out only 6 replied, and her free trial expired so that was a bust. At least you got some dates out it.

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Ha ha!! Lets work together cuz by my intuition, so far everyone that I see dating long term or marrying actually does now, I 8767 m not cupid but I knew enough about these people or I just saw how they looked at each other as 8775 just friends 8776 , well plus a number of calculations 7 years ago, I knew by looking at a guy that he 8767 d be marrying my friend. First time meeting him and she thought he was ugly a year later, they married and 6 years later still act like it happened yesterday. Offline success stories! I got you beat Eharmony!

This message board has taught me so much. I've been dating online on and off for at least 7 years. I'm 98. I'm decent looking, I thought LOL. I have a great job, house, one kid, no drama. I guess I'm cool, but a little boring? I just don't think I know how to present myself or heck I really don't know. I get guys that just want a piece or just wanna try dating me since they have never dated outside their race (which I don't mind but I'd like them to like me and not the piece of *** I potentially represent). Its really crushing to the spirit. I don't know if I will even continue online dating after reading all the perspectives here. I'm truly a busy person that doesn't get out much to meet people and a little shy when it comes to getting to know folks. So I guess I'll either put my big girl panties on and just go sit at a bar or give up and be alone. (sigh)

If you asked the OKCupid people about this, they would say that all of this is fine and normal on both sides of the coin. Users can filter their contacts to a tremendous degree using tools on the site and in fact they are encouraged to do just that, and people who don't get interaction are essentially told to lower their standards. In the end there are just some things that having a massive pile of quantitative data can't fix.

I just discovered this post, and I was laughing my ass off the entire time I was reading it. So glad I 8767 m not alone in my dislike for eHarmony. I decided to give it a try because my brother met his girlfriend on there. First off, I think the 8767 79 Dimensions of Compatibility 8767 is a bunch of BS meant to lure people to sign up. I honestly think they just send you anyone. I was very clear that I only wanted matches that were in MY city. I was getting guys that lived on the opposite end of the country. Seriously?! I just graduated from university and have bills to pay. Does eHarmony really think I have the money to fly back and forth to meet these guys?? Also, I would go days without receiving a match, even though my settings were set to 8766 Yes, I want to receive new matches 8767 .

thanks for this. I have been matched with men who 8776 are a great match just outside of your settings 8776 Then why is he a great match? They have sent me matches that when reading the information seem like a nice person but we dont have anything in common. I tried to cancel and got the run around.
I have used another dating site and actually met several nice gentlemen, one of whom I am seeing now. My girlfriend is on Match and has had much better luck.
The funniest thing is that the man my girlfriend is seeing steadily from Match was also on eHarmony. He was sent to me as a match from eHarmony, before they met. He 8767 s a nice man but us seeing each other would never happen. Gave us all a expensive laugh!
EHarmony has great marketing with pitiful results.

I 8767 ve been on eharmony for over a year and I hired a professional dating coach to write my profile and set up my pics. I was getting 7-8 dates a month. My account is still active but I don 8767 t even bother with this it anymore. The girls on this site are crappy as hell. If you 8767 re a self respecting dude, don 8767 t do online dating. The girls are users and will milk you for free meals and entertainment. Don 8767 t fall for this turd they sell you on this site.

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