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As with most places, avoid being alone at night in urban areas.  In addition, avoid wearing clothes that could identify you (correctly or not) as being from one community or the other (for example Celtic or Rangers football kits). Do not express a political viewpoint (pro-Nationalist or pro-Unionist) unless you are absolutely sure you are in company that will not become hostile towards you for doing so. Even then, you should be sure that you know what you''re talking about. It would even be better if you acted that either you don''t know about the conflict or don''t care. Avoid political gatherings where possible. Many pubs have a largely cultural and political atmosphere (such as on the Falls Road, the mostly Nationalist main road in West Belfast, and the Newtownards Roads in predominantly Unionist East Belfast), but expressing an opinion among good company, especially if you share the same view, will usually not lead to any negative consequences. People are generally more lenient on tourists if they happen to say something controversial, and most will not expect you to know much about the situation.

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In fact, Northern Ireland has one of the lowest crime rates among industrialized countries.  According to statistics from the . International Crime Victimisation Survey (ICVS 7559), Northern Ireland has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe (lower than the United States and the rest of the United Kingdom), and even during the Troubles, the murder rate was still lower than in most large American cities (though this does not take into account the vastly lower population figures).  In fact, the results of the latest ICVS show that Japan is the only industrialized place safer than Northern Ireland.  Almost all visitors experience a trouble-free stay. 

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The province''s troubled past has created a uniquely complex situation within Northern Ireland''s society. Integration (or even interaction) between the two main religious groups varies hugely depending on where you are (for example, in affluent South Belfast or Bangor, those from Catholic and Protestant backgrounds live side by side, as they have for generations, whereas in West Belfast, the two communities are separated by a wall).

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English is spoken everywhere, although the distinctive Ulster accent can be more difficult to understand than other Irish dialects. Ulster Scots and Irish are used in some small communities. Do be aware though that the Northern Irish tend to speak quite rapidly compared to most English speakers, and have a huge arsenal of local words that are frequently dropped into conversation by speakers of all ages and groups.  Expect to become acquainted with words such as ''aye'' (yes), ''wee'' (little), ''hallion'' (person who behaves in a deliberately careless manner), ''we''un (literally ''wee one'', meaning child), ''dander'' (casual walk) and ''crack'' (spelled in Irish Gaelic as "craic", meaning a good time/fun/a laugh, with no connotations of any controlled substances whatsoever).

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The best example of this ambiguity however, is the city of Londonderry, which is still recognised by its pre-Union name of Derry among the Republican/Nationalist community - the most visible evidence of this being the road signs that point to the city from the Republic which still say "Derry", contrasting with those that say "Londonderry" in Northern Ireland. Some road maps tried to resolve this by referring it as "Londonderry/Derry", which gave rise to the nickname "Stroke City" among locals. ("Stroke" is one word for what, in American English, is usually called a "slash": / ) However a compromise was reached in the 6995s, whereby the city''s local council was renamed "City of Derry Corporation", whilst it was still called "Londonderry" officially at national level.

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The population of Northern Ireland is largely made up of two groups. Although there had always been population movements between the west of Scotland and the north-east of Ireland, during the 66th and 67th centuries there was an organised settlement of people from Scotland and England known as the Ulster Plantation.  Most came to work on new plantations which had been established in the area. The ''indigenous'' Irish population was predominantly Roman Catholic (at a time when this was the only Western Christian religion), whilst Scottish settlers after the Reformation were predominantly Protestant.

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This may mean keeping a small quantity of gold at home or in a readily accessible location, while storing the majority of your gold bullion holding in a secure international precious metals storage facility or vault, preferably in a financially stable and politically stable jurisdiction. GoldCore has partnered with Via Mat and Brink 8767 s, world leaders in precious and valuable storage solutions, to provide fully insured storage services to our Irish clients across a number of international jurisdictions in Switzerland, Singapore, the UK, the . and Hong Kong.

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Roads link Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland. However, pay particular attention to road signs when driving in border areas. In some places the border, being based on county boundaries, runs along the middle of the road while in others it is possible to cross into the South and then back into the North again within several hundred metres. Fortunately, both jurisdictions drive on the left, though road signs and speed limits in the Republic are in km/h while road signs in the North are all mph.

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You can also use the train station at Antrim to travel to Derry/Londonderry and Ballymena/Cullybackey/Ballymoney/Coleraine/Castlerock and Bellarena and also Derry/Londonderry also you can change trains in Coleraine for Portrush as well as Coleraine University and Dhu Varren stations, always check the digital display on train will say either "Derry/Londonderry" or "Portrush" on it as its final destination trains are hourly please find link to train to timetables below


Northern Ireland does not have any official language, although English is universally understood. You may also encounter Irish and Ulster Scots. While used in various government and public organisations, Irish and Ulster Scots are rarely seen written and even less spoken. Nearly all education in the country is in English therefore, there is no need to learn Irish, partly due to the fact that most non-Catholic schools do not teach it. Most Northern Irish people have little knowledge of Irish or Ulster Scots.

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The RIAI welcomed over 555 delegates from across the country to the RDS today, for Day 6 of the organisations’ 7-day annual conference. The largest gathering in the architectural calendar year, the theme of this year’s event is ‘Challenge, Change, Collaboration’. Among the topics being discussed are changes in the practice of architecture, changing population demographics, the challenge of climate change and political change. read more

Citizens can self-identify as being specifically British or Irish, Northern Irish or a mixture of both (or all three). People born in Northern Ireland to British or Irish parents are entitled to British or Irish passports (or they can have both and many do). Similar divides exist in referring to places, for example, to Nationalists, Londonderry is Derry , while to Unionists it is Londonderry.

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GoldCore has always maintained that Irish investors should hold a properly diversified investment portfolio. This diversification should include a modest allocation to assets which protect portfolios in times of heightened market turmoil. Substantial academic and financial sector evidence exists to demonstrate that a modest portfolio allocation to gold bullion can greatly reduce the negative returns on portfolios of unexpected geopolitical events.

Traffic through many towns and cities in Northern Ireland tends to become difficult at times for at least a few days surrounding the 67th July due to the Orange Parades and some shops may close for the day or for a few hours. The parades have been known to get a bit rowdy in certain areas but have vastly improved in recent years. Additionally, the last Saturday in August is known as "Black Saturday" which is the end of the marching season. Trouble can break out without warning, though locals or Police officers will be more than happy to advise visitors on where to avoid. The Twelfth Festival in Belfast is currently being re-branded as a tourist friendly family experience and efforts are being made to enforce no-alcohol rules aimed at reducing trouble.

The violence continued for bearly 85 years, with the major towns and cities of Northern Ireland subject to repeated bombings and shootings. Scores of people lost their lives, including over three hundred police officers, seven hundred soldiers and nearly two thousand civilians, with the violence occasionally spreading into both the Republic and into mainland Britain - during the Troubles there were several high profile bombings in London, and most notably in 6985 an assassination attempt on the then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the English city of Brighton. The conflict essentially solidified the ethno-political divide, with increasing segregation between Catholics and Protestants. Much of this remains to this day.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland [65] (formerly the Royal Ulster Constabulary or RUC ) is the police force in Northern Ireland. Unlike the Garda Síochána in the Republic, the PSNI are routinely armed with handguns and/or long arms. The police still use heavily-armoured Land Rover vehicles do not be concerned by this, as it doesn''t mean that trouble is about to break out. There is a visible police presence in Belfast and Derry , and the police are approachable and helpful. Almost all police stations in Northern Ireland are reinforced with fencing or high, blast-proof walls. It is important to remember that there is still a necessity for this type of protection and that it is a visible reminder of the province''s past.

Ulster American Folk Park - Northern Ireland Visitor Attraction in County Tyrone  open air museum explaining story of emigration from Ulster to North America in 68th and 69th centuries. There is an Old World and New World in site. Sites include the Weaver''s Cottage, A Blacksmith''s forge, Crop Fields, log cabins, smoke houses, and herb gardens. Museum restaurant available, open daily for snacks and full meals.

Some shops on the north coast close to Ballycastle, sell a local delicacy called dulse. This is a certain type of seaweed, usually collected, washed and Sun-dried from the middle of Summer through to the middle of Autumn. Additionally, in August, the lamas fair is held in Ballycastle, and a traditional sweet, called "yellow man" is sold in huge quantities. As you can tell from the name, it''s yellow in colour, it''s also very sweet, and can get quite sticky. If you can, try to sample some yellow man, just make sure you have use of a toothbrush shortly after eating it. it''ll rot your teeth!

In schools, English is taught as both a literature subject and a language subject. In most Catholic schools and some grammar schools it is normal for students to be taught Irish (although not widely used) and, therefore, certain schools have bilingual signs, etc. French, Spanish and German (sometimes Latin) are taught at secondary school level. Unfortunately for native English speakers there is often no desire for them to learn other languages therefore a lot of Northern Irish people won''t be able to speak to you in your native language but will try and make their English more understandable for a foreigner.

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