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20 Identifiable Traits of a Female Narcissist * Hooking Up

Posted: 2017-10-12 04:40

I drank a bottle of jack and took some pills three nights later because I felt so used, old, stupid, and dehumanized, so worthless that anyone could disregard me so cruelly. I then drove my car into the sea. I was dragged out if the water by night fishermen and woke up in the hospital. It took two years of therapy to even get anywhere near confident again. I left the city as I couldn 8767 t bear to see him as he 8767 d got together with one of my friends, a single Laurent. I tried to warn her, but she said I was just jealous. I no longer make films, I 8767 m in a crap job..and I recently got married. You 8767 d think after what I went through I would have recognized the type no , fooled again. I just threw my husband out as the demeaning stage has started coupled with physical abuse.

10 Things You Should Know About Dealing With a Narcissist

Hello! I 8767 m excited about a new life. I 8767 ve been married for 75 years, together 76 total. I always knew my husband had issues in his childhood. We married 75s, I matured and he got stuck. I wish I knew about narcissism then. I see him in this egotistic whirlpool spinning round. Thankfully I still have my self esteem and my humor! I am at stage 9, I subtely picked out the valuables that I wanted and rented a storage. He did say he will be leaving back home out of state. I 8767 m doing reverse psychology, feeding his ego by telling him his family needs him & nows the time to do it!

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Claudia, this is so true, and I love your analogy with regard to Stalin and Hitler. So perfect. The Psychopath is only about himself, his own self gratification, and gain. I do have to wonder though, about Stalin 8767 s feeling of shock towards Hitlers action. If they truly do opporate in similar, if not the same (disordered) ways, thinking only of themselves, and capable of any amount of destruction, is it the notion that they have that their so-called counter parts would never betray their loyalty? Or is it their ego? It is most interesting. Deceiver 8767 s can be deceived!! : ). Yay! Sorry. But I likey!

The Narcissist HATES Being Ignored - The Narcissistic Life

That is exactly right! And they have a strong nose for detecting those that are high in empathy and they sense thise of us who have been wounded in the past. Granted, this is a problem for us as we need to develop better skills at detecting these wolves in wheels clothing. And we have to go against our nature of being too trusting not to fall prey over and over again. I think one aspect to our suseptability is that we are drawn to charismatic and charming people who stimulate us and they happene to be the ones who often process these traits.

Ending a Relationship with a Narcissist: The Art of

I am nearly 55, she is nearing 55 and is now a full-fledged self proclaimed Cougar who is hooking up with cubs that are than my own Son. Thank God my Son is not from our Marriage, and that we did not have children together. She meets all the criteria, especially all the self-photos, and professional photography, and the sexually inappropriate poses, even on facebook which she shares with her family, it 8767 s sickening.

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So, he ended up flying me across the country so we could spend the weekend together. He booked my flight, a hotel room for us, everything. We talked about everything we were going to do and how amazing it was going to be. I was so excited. I arrived and we went to our hotel room. We kissed and took a shower together and had sex and then we were going out for dinner with two of his friends (both girls). Well we get to dinner and are having a good time I thought but then he is on his phone texting a lot and then gets up saying he needs to make a business call. He had some big deal happening apparently. Well, he is gone for a long time and finally we realize that he isn 8767 t coming back.

Partners in Evil: The Psychopath and Malignant Narcissist

I just dated and DUMPED a true narcissist and I was married to one for 78 years so I saw the signs. This man was so overly accomplished and successful but has been single for 75 years! No wonder. He was a classic example and I knew how to read him just after 7 dates. He said that I was not 8766 Academic 8767 enough for him blaming me for his intimacy issues. He had to blame it on somebody! He had to have the last word on any discussion. He thought he knew everything about everything. He opened conversations about his published novels and gave business cards to every waiter and waitress so they all had to feel touched by his 8766 G-dliness 8767 . No matter where we went every person had to know WHO HE WAS. It was so obnoxious that I couldn 8767 t wait to get away from the signs I am lucky I didn 8767 t have to get lost in his web!

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Klation78: I would suggest you Google Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the DSM 9 and 5. If you understood what a Narcissist truly is I think you would have a different perspective. This disorder is pervasive and at present, there is no known therapy or drug that can cure it. If the people you know suddenly stop acting like selfish jerks I would bet they weren 8767 t Narcissists to begin with, or they are really good actors.

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I am 95 and have been divorced for 7 years ad have two children, my son is 68 and my daughter is 65. I have tried onling dating, etc. I find men my own age boring. No sense of adventure no passion. I got to where I didn t want to date until one day one of my co-workers that I had known for a few months starting hitting on me. I did not take him seriously due to the fact that he is 76. I know that he was more mature for his age and he looks older than what he is. I decided after long and careful consideration to take that step. I am so happy that I did. He s caring, passionate, adventurous, is happy sitting on the couch watching tv with me or going to a club. He doesn t care about the age difference and I am so in love with him and he is with me. I don t look at the future 65 years or longer down the road. All I know is what we have now and I want to enjoy the moment for however long that it lasts. I have never felt what I feel for him and whatever comes it will be the best time of my life full of love and happiness.

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A great piece, followed by some surprisingly substantial dialogue Which is why I am all the more surprised to see the author state that 8775 East Anglia was a deliberate suppression of data. 8776 Please revisit the subject. I am confident that you will find that the claims of wrong-doing were never substantiated and were ultimately debunked. In the end, the only real intrigue regarding 8766 East Anglia 8767 is centred upon questions regarding the source of the high level, professional espionage.

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Seems a bit shallow to only really care about her looks and surely every woman has a 8766 womanly voice 8767 ? How will you cope when you find a woman your age and you 8767 re together for a while and she starts ageing at 99? Would you leave her then? You didn 8767 t know your ex 8767 s age in the beginning. If she continued the lie, you probably would 8767 ve stayed with her and just ignored her ageing body. I do understand where you 8767 re coming from to a certain extent.

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The Vindictive Narcissist - After Psychotherapy

Totally agree. I have never met a woman who didn t look her age. Some women in their 95 s and 55 s look very attractive and fit, but their still look their age. There is nothing wrong with it and they should be proud of look great later in life. It is kind of ridiculous when a woman says about herself that she doesn t look her age. Sometimes, not-so-genuine compliments from others and from men specifically get into their head.

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We started out moving at a fast pace, but about a month into it, the rage began. I asked him in the beginning, 8775 You haven 8767 t even known me for that long, how could I make you so angry? 8776 That would only cause him to blow up more. He would sometimes say, 8775 Well, where I come from.. 8776 -as if his behavior was normal and I should just accept it because as he put it, 8775 You can 8767 t always get what you want. 8776 It seemed kind of as if he was jealous of me.

Would killing yourself AND taking all of your children to the grave with you after catching your spouse in an adulterous affair be considered Vindictive Narcissism? Or is that something else, something worse than NPD? I cannot bear to watch the news or read a newspaper, because all too often there is a horrible story about a parent, usually a mother, killing or attempting to kill all of her children. I wonder, have there been any studies on this phenomena, specifically on the type of person who can commit such an unthinkable act?

It 8767 s interesting that the comments of all these people dealing with narcissists are dealing with men older than them. I am 79 and have recently been a victim of a 86 year old narcissist. He already had a new victim lined up before I figured out and left. This is helpful, thank you. I have been responding to him, but I now understand why it 8767 s only hurting me by giving in to his pathetic attempts of validation.

I see my life as a scale, when the risks/dangers outweigh the benefits for them, I will leave again. And this time, for good. My wants and needs come second at this point. Until then, and until you have walked in my shoes, you cannot stand and accuse me for how I choose to try and survive and shelter my kids. Until you have looked him in the face and seen the utter contempt he hides when hes calm, until hes screamed in your face while your holding your baby that he HATES you, over and over and over, then you really can never totally understand.

Contemp t: Narcissists hate people and all of humanity for that matter. They hate the objects of their obsession and they hate themselves for being dependent on the supply they provide. They would rather be alone and avoid humanity all together, but their incessant need for attention and admiration makes that impossible. To the Narcissists sense of grandiosity we are all objects, whose sole purpose is to provide him with amusement and adulation.

She has no kids and I don 8767 t want them. Please don 8767 t give me that crap about me wanting them later. I like kids, but not everyone WANTS their own. People with kids or who want them can 8767 t believe anyone wouldn 8767 t. Get off our backs, ok? Some of us are perfectly content not to have them. Not everyone wants what you want. And this also is a 8766 benefit 8767 , if that 8767 s the word, in being involved with an older woman. She 8767 s made most of Life 8767 s Big Decisions already and OK with them.

My Xhusband was and still is Vindictive!
He has gone to great lengths to destroy me! All our friends are gone, relatives are divided! He plays the wounded Victim, when in fact he 8767 s the cheating Narcisist!
We be been split 65 years, divorced 67 years, and he 8767 s still trying to get back at me! He fought every inch of the divorce!
Costing us thousands of $, when it could have been over in 8 months!
I married a psycho-terrorist!
I haven 8767 t gotten remarried because Im afraid of what he 8767 ll do to the guy!

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