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I wonder why white people go out of their way to visit a Black site to argue their ignoramous racist views and try to lump us all in one category as if we 8767 re the only race of people in America that commits idiots are so obsessed with Black on Black crime that they are blind to the hideous white on white crimes that take place every ,violence is a problem in the Black 8767 re not in denial about every time a white person commits a heinous crime it is more times than not blamed on 8775 mental illness 8776 as if mental illness only provokes white people to commit horrible the other day a white man threw his daughter off of a bridge to her death-and she was a baby!And unsurprisingly the comments posted in the article from whites were way less scathing than it would have been had this man been seem to be very judgmental about Black crime than white like jimc and darthgetit need to be incinerated alive!Add Tom Colvin to the mix while you 8767 re at burn white skin would look much better with some pigment in it.

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“Why is there evil in this world? Listen carefully. There is a mother who is embroidering. Her son sitting on a low stool sees her work, but upside down. He sees the knots of the embroidery the tangled threads, and says: ''Mother, what are you doing? Your work is not clear?'' Then the mother lowers the embroidery frame and shows the right side of her work. Each color is in its place and the variety of threads form a harmonious design. So, we are seeing the reverse side of the embroidery. We are sitting on a low stool.”
St. Pio of Pietrelcino

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“Our Goal is God, the source of all good. As we say in our prayer, we are to place our trust in God and in no one else. In his kindness, our Lord wished to strengthen your faith, for without it, as the evangelist points out, Christ could not have performed many of his miracles. He also wished to listen to your prayer, and so he ordained that you experience poverty, distress, abandonment, weariness and scorn.”
salvation trust

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“If you cannot go without eating all day because of an ailment of the body, beloved one, no logical man will be able to criticize you for that. Besides, we have a Lord who is meek and loving and who does not ask for anything beyond our power. Because He neither requires the abstinence from foods, neither that the fast take place for the simple sake of fasting, neither is its aim that we remain with empty stomachs, but that we fast to offer our entire selves to the dedication of spiritual things, having distanced ourselves from secular things. If we regulated our life with a sober mind and directed all of our interest toward spiritual things, and if we ate as much as we needed to satisfy our necessary needs and offered our entire lives to good works, we would not have any need of the help rendered by the fast.”
St. John Chrysostom

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I can 8767 t believe how acceptable reverse racism is. The Eve one talked so casually about people accusing her of not liking black men, and how could she date a white guy etc. Are you shitting me? Same with people openly admitting they voted for Obama cuz he 8767 s (HALF!!!!) black. WTF? That also very specifically means you didn 8767 t vote for the other guy cuz he wasn 8767 t black. That 8767 s absolute textbook racism, yet you can say that on national TV and people just go 8775 yeah, that makes sense 8776 . I don 8767 t get it. I get just as irritated when people say they 8767 ll vote for Hillary Clinton because she 8767 s a woman. That should have nothing to do with it. Vote for the most qualified person. If Obama fits your values (policies, not skin color), then vote for him. Vote for Hillary because you agree with her policies, not her ovaries.

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You have 655 apples. You pick 65 worms out of your 655 apples. Does that mean 65 of your apples had worms? NO. You could have gotten 8, 9 maybe even 5 worms out of one apple. Just recently there was an article about some dumb criminal who posted his crimes on Facebook and got arrested. He was charged with over 755 crimes. Each crime is listed as an individual crime. It was one guy NOT 755. That is how recidivism becomes crucial when trying to figure out the percentage of a group that is criminal. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE INFO NECESSARY TO DETERMINE THE 8775 FACTS 8776 YOU ARE CLAIMING. No matter how badly you want it to be true.

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Virgo men will initiate the majority of the conversation if there are awkward silences, but we’ll gladly ask your opinion on things and give you the opportunity to have your say. But please, use this opportunity wisely. Do not overtake the entire evening with vacuous conversations such as who is now dating Kim Kardashian, or if we knew Cameron Diaz had really bad skin. We all know she covers it with tons of make-up – Enough already! Entertain us with wonderful and intriguing things you’ve done, or places you’ve been. Keep your unrealistic fantasies to yourself, because Virgos are not ruled by emotion, but rather by being rational and practical.

Hi Mirror and everybody,

the other day I met my old girlfriend for a coffee. She is from a different town so we meet about once a year. Apart from other things I told her about my dating experiences and she was my perseverance, determination, acquired experience, knowledge about men, etc. And I thought to myself: Yes, I have changed and despite the fact that I haven 685 t found the right man and my feelings have been bruised in the process I have become a wiser and improved version of myself overall. Which makes me feel proud. And that 685 s mostly thanks to this site, Mirror 685 s work and support and all the ladies 685 comments here. Thanks to all of you again for everything. I wish you all a happy new year, much better than the previous one in all aspects of your life!

“You may be surprised to learn that, in our law, although the fetus is currently without the right to life, it does have some rights. For instance, under civil law, the unborn child has the right to inherit part of his father’s estate should his father die before he is born, and he has the right to sue his mother, or a doctor, for injuiries sustained while in the womb.”
janet smith

“First let us take these two undeniable truths as a basis: ''God wants all men to be saved,'' ''All are in need of the grace of God.'' Now, if I show you that God wants to save all men, and that for this purpose He gives all of them His grace and all the other necessary means of obtaining that sublime end, you will be obliged to agree that whoever is damned must impute it to his own malice, and that if the greater number of Christians are damned, it is because they want to be. ''Thy damnation comes from thee thy help is only in Me.''”

hi I 8767 m 98 and this is a bomb what I 8767 m going to say and mever thought that I was going to this situacion I 8767 m not jlo or maray I alway end up with men but this one now I don 8767 t want to be hurt by people who are around us hi is tooo but difrent hi is from salvador his has papers hi works smd send money to his family and met him in a clinic I gave him my number his words were me caes muy bien I like your personality I not your son have a baby face but I have a grown heart inside me and will like to share with you I 8767 m so afraid becuose he sound serious and I don 8767 t want to be hurt and afraid wat going to happen and I like olot but his to should we just talk first get to know a our difrences and see what happens or get together live together dony know wat to do plizzzz can I have an advice he is 69 :(:(

Hi Mirror! I am so excited about reading this piece. I am the person who shared that let it go sermon/words in my reply a few months ago to help someone like it helped me. I am so happy u shared it with everyone. Thank u so much!
that sermon and ur posts helped me out of a hard time. I havent been here in a while since i ve actually let him go , but this piece brought ears to my eyes as i thought of where i came from.
Thanks again for helping me thru what seemed like the biggest fight of my life!

Your quotes by both Martin and Malcom do not support your point that you can be strong and date outside your race. I understand the world that you would like to live in where race does not matter and in fact so would l but the reality of the situation is we dont sorry. My analogies are to simply identify or point out that you can not say one thing and do the other. Credibility is key but I guess you dont understand that yet.

“Now that we are reborn, as I have said, in the likeness of our Lord, and have indeed been adopted by God as his children, let us put on the complete image of our Creator so as to be wholly like him, not in the glory that he alone possesses, but in innocence, simplicity, gentleness, patience, humility, mercy, harmony, those qualities in which he chose to become, and to be, one with us.”
St. Peter Chrysologus

“What folly it would be for travellers to think only of acquiring dignities and possessions in the countries through which they had to pass, and then to reduce themselves to the necessity of living miserably in their native lands, where they must remain during their whole lives! And are not they fools who seek after happiness in this world, where they will remain only a few days, and expose themselves to the risk of being unhappy in the next, where they must live for eternity?”
St. Alphonsus Ligouri

so iam in love with a guy who is much than me , he seems interested but when he is busy studying he goes need to know does following bitches rules work on him ? Do you think men are all the same in all ages? I used to check on him if he doesnt call or text me because as you guess i am afraid he may meet some girl and become attached to her. I am confused i just want to know if i can follow the rules with him and stop calling he call back if i dont?

“All true and living devotion presupposes the love of God and indeed it is neither more nor less than a very real love of God, though not always of the same kind for that Love one while shining on the soul we call grace, which makes us acceptable to His Divine Majesty when it strengthens us to do well, it is called Charity but when it attains its fullest perfection, in which it not only leads us to do well, but to act carefully, diligently, and promptly, then it is called Devotion.”
devotion grace

Hi Katy,
Wow! That 8767 s a lot going on with you! Sometimes when we have life changing things going on, things can get really unclear of what direction we want to go in. And that is pretty normal, yes?
So how do we get control during these crazy times? One step at a time. Yes, I know. It sounds soooooo boring. It is. When you do this, it can help get your mind back on track and focused
on what 8767 s important. YOU and what you want for the future. You may want to start with getting rid of any edgy emotional energy you may have because of your marriage ending. This edgy emotional
energy has to be disposed of so you can see what you want in a clearer way. My favorite way is kick boxing! Focused intent! Visit the Drama Queen section of this site and work on loving you during
this stressful time. Does that make sense? Love, Goddess

That is one of my favorite quotes as well and is my view of the great power of Jewish heritage. It is what sets us apart from so many other belief systems.

I realize that many Jews are still imperiled both in Israel and around the world. But we compromise our great promise to the world if we allow our oppression to become a siege mentality that limits our obligation to speak to only our own kind. Leave such tribalism to others.

You know what I am not men love black women And frankly the higher you go up the social class ladder the more like you will find your self with a white man..education wise also. I am tall dark skinned and a college student. I get white guys who drool over me all the time at my university. THe black men I come across want a light skin or red bone. To each his own but frankly I am starting to fall for these white men are met. Never in a million years did I see myself being with them but now I am much more open and I have to say I love itt..Dont know if I will go back.

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