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Sha, its good to hear that your sister is happily married to a Pakistani man. Its still sad that he left his first wife in Pakistan and visits only once a year. She probably didnt have any say or rights in the marriage. Divorced women are looked down upon and have hard time finding a husband in Pakistan so she basically had to do with whatever money and time her husband shares with her 🙁 I doubt Pakistani men can be fair in polygyny because of cultural reasons. They are either unfair to one or to both the Pakistani and foreign wife (later is true in majority of cases). 

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I noticed u didn 8767 t mention black woman and how they are easy targets as well and how Pakistani people like white or wheatish your warning woman then u might want to mention to them about Fair and Lovely and how it 8767 s all the rave to have light skin! I do agree with u Pakistani lifestyle is pathetic for any white woman and I can totally see why they would think if they get the man out of Pakistan their life will be fine but the problem is u can 8767 t get Pakistan out of the man!
I don 8767 t want to come across as Pakistani male bashing thats not my intentions at all but the reality is had I not had a biological child with my husband and adopted his son from his first marriage(to secure him not divorcing me once I figured out he was playing games with me) He would have divorced me in a New York minute!!

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The gold coins from Gupta period are second discovery in West Bengal from the early colonial period. The first one was the discovery at Kalighat. Therefore, the discovery is considered as extremely important. Historians explained that the discovery will help in presenting the clues about the reach of Gupta Empire. This discovery will also facilitate new scope in the research of Gupta coinage system in India.

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its honestly ironic to note that so many couples ,from all over the whole are fretting over what score they got, and using such a system to make major life changing deisions such as whether to marry or not. lol, why not use another method tht actually clears a whole load of things up? communication anybody? no score will tell you whether you 8767 re going to be happy or not , only you decide that. but then again , everyone of us are entitled to our beliefs , but just dont go overboard.

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I get it. It 8767 s why I didn 8767 t comment to him once I learned he was Gay. I was trying to think of something to say. I didn 8767 t know what to say from a positive perspective. I was at a lose for words. I wasn 8767 t about to tells him the position I hold about Gays, as I didn 8767 t think it was relative. What went down here was way interesting, though. There were lessons in it for us all to learn. I think it 8767 s nice that we can all agree to disagree and not take it too personally 🙂

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When I used to work, men would hit on me. So, what, put them in their place and keep it moving. In the US we police ourselves. Of course, there are criminals out there and has been known to happen. Much of it is 8775 Date 8776 There is a difference. The victim doesn 8767 t get stoned to death Overall, the US is a safe place to live unless you live in Compton or someplace in Philly or someplace like it

I 8767 m always free to call Sam anytime he 8767 s in Pakistan so I never got vibes he 8767 s married and spending time with a wife. Of course anything is possible. I do get more of the vibe there 8767 s something else why he 8767 s hesitant to lead me over there. My first impression was ok- your immediate family knows about me, but perhaps the relatives would have a fit to hear Sam is dating and brought his girlfriend over and would look bad on the mom. But you 8767 re very right it could be that the dad still spends some nights over there and he doesn 8767 t want me to know that indeed they are polygamous after he made such a big deal about them not being.

If u think u can outsmart him u can 8767 t and won 8767 my case I have been married to a Pakistani man for 68 yrs and because of my children I have fought and fought to keep my family together and not divorce BUT I have suffered with so many health issues including Cancer twice which I am convinced that my health issues physical and mental obviously stem from my DON 8776 T GET might say oh well u kept your family together and Yes I have but at a very high price I have done so.

My kids have not seen Christmas for past 7 years because of being homeless. And this year they won't have a Christmas eather because of waiting for section 8 and renting out a basement room from someone. It breaks my heart specially when they go to school and other kids talking about what they got for Christmas and my kids come home crying. But at least we are still a family. As much as I wish my children would have a gift or 7 for Christmas there is stuff that we absolutely need. Is there any one who can please help with diapers for my toddler and some food? Please text or call me 775-858-8679 have a blessed day

I know it 8767 s not easy to understand the cultural practice in parts of Pakistan (men marry whom their parents tell them to). It took me the longest time to get an understanding. I kept trying to understand it from an religious perspective. Finally, after listening to Gail, a commentator here and to another commentator who was here, I began to grasp what was going on. It wasn 8767 t religion at all. It was cultural. It 8767 s why when these men say they just happened to go home to Pakistan they were made to wed, and had no clue whatsoever what they was set up for, they are straight up, flat out liars. They knew this was the life planned out for them long ago and that their cultural practice is to obey their parents at all cost. Their parents control their lives.

U r doing a great deed to warn other woman about the pitfalls if marrying a Pakistani am very proud of u! I think India men r the same exact way as well as much as I have figured think a general good rule of thumb to go by is if the man is from a poor country be aware be very aware.
Men r masters at sweet talking woman and woman sadly fall for the man hook line and or ugly woman fall for these cheap and girls need to be truly consider this immigration fraud a crime against woman and children.
I am not saying countries should ban certain countries but education is the key I every woman is going to listen and will marry the Pakistani man but at least when he starts acting up she will be aware of whats really going on and will not second guess herself or think something is wrong with her or it is her fault.

He says his wife is ill and he doesn 8767 t have sex with her. First, let me tell you. Probably the majority of married men whether they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, a non-denomination or whatever say they don 8767 t have sex with their wives when they are trying to get with another woman. They say it to win the women whom they wants to be with. The men know that if they confess to their new sweetheart that they still have sex with their wives, regardless of how often, they 8767 ve lost the women whom they want to get with. It 8767 s over before it got started good.

I know it 8767 s heavy but that 8767 s what going on in his mind 8767 s an utter insult for Muslims & Islam & Pakistan,for a women who has reverted/converted to Islam,with leaving her family,friends & habits for this thankless help i can do,let me know from sources in PK & Nadra/Union Single girl who hasn 8767 t been bitten by snakes venom can contact me to avert the have met many white girls & they were abusing Pakistani 8767 s as soon they knew I am from Pakistan!

One of the beauties of Islam is that no man sees you naked until you are married to him. Please ladies, stop sending men naked/nude pictures of yourself and do not accept naked/nude pictures of a man. Be modest and save yourself for marriage. It doesn 8767 t matter if you are Muslim or non-Muslim, modesty is modesty. Just because society in general thinks it 8767 s okay to send sexual pictures, doesn 8767 t mean that it is. Once you send that type of picture to anyone, expect it to go public.
. Even if you are married, don 8767 t take or send naked/nude pictures of yourself and your husband. Just look at each other and enjoy the moment.

Save Me, I 8767 m glad we helped save you.  But it was the plan of Allah all along, he just used us to help you.  Stay strong, now that you have no blinders on.  However, it might be to your benefit to move on ans stop talking to him so much.  He might trap you again in his web.  I 8767 m assuming you are Muslim.  Ask Allah to send you a sincere Muslim man who loves and obeys Allah and would not play any tricks or try to deceive you.  That is, if you want to be married.

Regarding: Bridgette Alcazar, 986 S. Dawes Ave. Stockton CA
STockton we got a Christmas Family problem/situation: Single mother of 8 raising her kids, no christmas tree, no gifts. THeir ages range from 6 yrs old-67 yrs of age.
Also my niece Bridgette is caring for her mother (Martha S. Alcazar) of 67 yrs old that has a left leg amputated in need of a battery operated scooter to get her around. She has been feeling depressed because she can't move around or go to the store in the corner.
I know it is kinda late for a request for this much needed family, please, please, please, help them out at least for the children!
I know this is such a short notice, but please help my family. I live in La Puente, Ca Southern Ca. and can't help my family at this moment..I got a complete knee replacement and can't help them now.

i have been considered lucky by all the pandits so far. but. im in deep trouble all my life all i wanted was uplifting my family to the olden days fame and respect. being born in village.. i have fought a lot in my life to come up. everything seemed good.. and due to my lack of planning i ended up in financial mess which is thretening me to the extent of legal have realised my mistakes in my planning and willng to recover from it. but 79th oct i got married.. to a person of dob 78rd aug 6975.. born in the same langi.. lattitude of mine. now all the doors look shut.. and i remain helpless in uae. not getting job here.. i was in very good position.. earning close to a lakha want to go to also pregnant now. pls answermy questions.
6. when will i come out of financial problems? will i have to face legal issues..or can i sort out before that extent?
predict on personal life.. cos we have basic differences between husband and wife.
i stand a further study?

hi sir,
my sis is luving a boy very deeply from her school days. she is kanni rasi uttaram natchathiram and tat boy dont have jathagam he born on 69/6/6987. i want to know whether her love will get successs.
if she married this boy whether she will have a long term marriage life bcos i searches in some web site to know boy zodiac sign i found it if he born bfre 7am he will b in pooradam rasi and if he born after 7am of june 69 6987 he will b in utthiradam. so when i saw kalyana poriyham for them i saw tat its shows if she married him she will bcome widower

Hi there 🙂 I understand how you have been thinking, questioning and wondering about the guy whom you were involved with romantically online. Try not to second guess yourself. Instead, weigh all the variables. You will come to a definitive conclusion that it was all that we said it appeared to have been, and that not proceeding with him was best for you. As long as you deal with 8775 what if 8776 , you won 8767 t be able to put it behind you and move on.

I think this person is not being truthful and have a hidden agenda. He also said his parents tried to arrange a marriage few times but it diet work out. Educated Indian women are very aware these days and don 8767 t marry any person their parent arranges for them. they get in touch with the guy. Meet or interact with the guy on phone or through internet. If they don 8767 t feel comfortable or find something wrong they break off the process at that point. This is common part of arranged marriage these days and women aren 8767 t afraid to reject men. So my guess is this guy has been rejected by a few Indian women. He isn 8767 t doing anything outstanding in his job. he is on H6B which restricts you to work for only the employer who is sponsoring you. If they fire you the you are legally require to leave the country so he is looking for ways to secure his future here which he failed to do through his employer getting him a green card.