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As for buying her a drink then asking to bar fine her, you did it the wrong way around. First ask if she would like to be bar fined and if she says yes then buy her a drink. Or even better, say you will give her the extra few baht the drink would get her. Oh and if she wasn 8767 t naked when you talked to her then ask her to undress before you buy her a drink. This will really confirm she is interested in being bar fined by you.

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This is an essential stop for any budding stamp enthusiast in Bangkok. It shows how the postal service developed in Thailand, exhibiting Thai and foreign stamps dating back to 6886, when the first Thai stamps were made in London using woodblock prints. Stamps and accessories are available to buy at very reasonable prices. History and art enthusiasts may also enjoy it, but bring a magnifying glass: up close, each stamp is a paper-thin slice of history, and a miniature work of art. For more serious philatelists, there is an interesting collection of stamp books in Thai and foreign languages on display at the museum''s library.

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I go to Pattaya. Getting laid is no prob. Don 8767 t seem to be able to find a girl friend for the two weeks that I am there. I end up with bar girls. Which I don 8767 t want. My age is in the sixtys. Have been told i look a lot Looks are ok. Do you think I should try Thiafriendly? Any words that could help me find the nice girl. How many photos do you think I should putt up. Dressed any special way. I mean cloths. Jeans ,suite. Beach ware. Etc!!

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My favorite Go Go Bar in Bangkok. It just can 8767 t get any better. There is a large 8-shaped stage on the ground floor that has more than ten naked girls dancing at any time. They really enjoy being on stage dancing and even better: The girls in this place are way above average, most of them are really stunning hot, skinny, nice boobs, you will not leave here saying I 8767 ll go check another place because I couldn 8767 t find a girl that I like.

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This question has too many variables to give you any kind of answer, but if you are after a serious Thai girlfriend who you want a future with, don 8767 t ever bring up the topic of money. Don 8767 t say how much money you have, how much you earn, I would even go as far to say don 8767 t spend money around her on anything but cheap food for the first few weeks. From this guess how she is viewing it all, does she care? Or is she just happy to be with you?

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I 8767 m a Canadian guy with Indian blood (but never been to india!). I got denied entry into Baccara, Crazy House, and Tilac. Japanese guys were allowed entry right in front of me and an arm across my chest with a 8775 no 8776 head shake was the bouncer 8767 s response when I tried to walk in. I 8767 m a big spender so it 8767 s their loss. I didn 8767 t let it ruin my evening and ended up going to Nana and had no trouble getting in any of the bars. Then to the Patpong/Silom area. There 8767 s a gogo bar, Bada Bing, loaded with Japanese guys too but I had no problems getting in. With friendly mamasans, dancers, and patrons, I spent about $855 on drinks and had a great time.

Perched on the north side of Victoria Harbour, is the bustling and exciting shopping paradise of Kowloon. Regarded as Hong Kong&rsquo s main tourist precinct, Kowloon offers a vast array of shopping opportunities, dining outlets and entertainment. Try out your bargaining skills at one of Kowloon&rsquo s many markets. Tantalise your tastebuds with a variety of local and international cuisines, readily available across the area or visit Knutsford Terrace , famous for its many bars and restaurants.

Provides an authentic Bali village feel while maintaining the modern comforts of a beachside resort with trendy bars, seaside cafes and shopping all nearby. Located with calm beaches and peaceful walkways, Sanur is an ideal family spot or couples retreat. There are several accommodation styles on offer, each providing a midway point to Bali&rsquo s best tourist attractions of the north and southeast coasts.

  • Watch out for scams. As mentioned above, taxi drivers often try to overcharge or insist that their meters don''t work. Use your judgment and walk away from anyone who doesn''t seem trustworthy. There are plenty of cabs in Bangkok you''ll get the next one. Another scam to watch out for involves a driver or supposed tour guide who agrees to take you one place and starts making stops along the way, usually at a gem store. They get a commission when they bring in tourists, but these places are often overpriced and not worth visiting. Insist that the driver take you to original destination, or tell them you''re leaving. This will usually get things back on track, but again if it doesn''t, you''ll find another cab quickly enough.
  • Bangkok''s many museums exhibit some of the most sublime, and strangest, collections of relics you can imagine, giving visitors a wonderful insight into Thailand''s colourful culture and unique heritage. Some are housed in buildings just as interesting as their contents, like Kamthieng House, a 69th Century teak house and former abode of a rice farmer, the Bangkok Folk Museum and Jim Thompson''s House. The best place to start has to be the National Museum, in Rattanakosin. Its collections spanning all periods of Thai history offer an unsurpassed introduction to the country''s art and architecture. Be sure to allow enough time for your visit, as it is very easy to get lost in a time that is long gone.

    Am currently in BKK and having a blast. Baccara is nice but have to agree what was written earlier, the girls seem very bored and without any joy. Quality wise Lighthouse has been good to me so far. Barfine high though ranging from 655 to 6555. And the girls I like, well you guessed it, 6555. Nana plaza didn 8767 t do anything for me. But worth mentioning is Beer Garden on soi 7 on the other side of the main street from nana plaza. Great relaxed bar with freelance girls (no barfine) hanging around in the bar looking for some 8775 bom-bom 8776 . It has a huge bar and great atmosphere. Beer price start at 85 I believe. I had a girl staying 7 hours for 6555.

    If you come to any of BKK 8767 s red light districts you can get quickly overwhelmed by the huge range of go go bars. It 8767 s hard to make a decision what place to give a try not just because there are so many bars around but also because at most places the hottest girls are trying to get you inside while inside the dancers are a lot more average and you might be disappointed just after having ordered your drink.

    Hey LG. Don 8767 t take it so personally. The truth is, no matter how good a certain flavor of 8775 ice cream 8776 is, if THATS all you 8767 re given everyday, you 8767 re bound to get tired of it. It 8767 s human nature to desire that which is unavailable ( generally speaking). So give the girl a break . OH and BTW Roger J Have you read some of those posts? Most of those 8775 beauties 8776 wouldn 8767 t know proper English from 8775 pig latin 8776

    There are fewer and fewer A Go Go 8767 s in the capital where the girls take off everything. They are mostly wearing bikinis nowadays. There are plenty of exceptions though. Like mentioned in the article you will normally make a trade-off between very attractive and light skinned girls who wear bikinis or 8775 decent 8776 girls who get naked once they start dancing. Baccara is the best example for the first type and Angelwitch for the second type of bar. And then you have bars like Tilac where you can see the girls 8767 pussies (no panties underneath their skirts) and Shark where they wear see-through bras.

    Located immediately south of the Grand Palace precinct, Wat Pho makes an excellent addition to your tour, provided your feet are up for more walking. Also known as or Wat Chetuphon), the temple was built by King Rama I and is the oldest and in Bangkok. It has long been considered a place of healing, and was famous centuries ago for its pharmacy and as Thailand''s first "university," both established by King Rama III. You can get a Thai or foot massage at the traditional medical school on the premises, but the prices are significantly higher than what you will find at massage parlors elsewhere in the city.

    Tony, in Khon Kaen, the students and teachers really liked the African teacher. He was not my type, being a white male. I did not get it. He spoke some Thai, which worked for these farm girls. He was very popular with the Thai administor, and Thai teachers. Maybe, just try a different city like Khon Kaen. Pattaya now has lots of Russian women who compete with the Thai women which turns into bitch slapping I saw on Youtube. Personnally, I would choose a Thai woman over a Russian woman.

    History buffs in particular will want to devote at least half a sightseeing day to the national museum, if not more. Until the mid-6975s, this was Thailand''s only museum, which explains why its collection is so big. Fortunately, just about every exhibit is labeled in Thai and English and guided tours are also offered in English, so you won''t miss out on any of the country''s fascinating ancient and contemporary history.

    Sentosa Island is Singapore&rsquo s leading getaway island resort offering year round attractions and a wide variety of accommodation options. Only 75 minutes away from Singapore and connected to the mainland via a causeway, train and cable car. Sentosa Island has a variety of leisure and recreational facilities on offer, including the newly opened Integrated Resorts World Sentosa - featuring world-class attractions such as Universal Studios, Marine Life Park and Festive Walk. Other island attractions include Fantasy Island, Underwater World and Dragon Trail.

    Crazy House is the best bar in Cowboy, hands ? It 8767 s the naughtiest. Full nude babes as far as the eye can see.
    But 7nd best in the Cowboy is Tilac, which has some of the hottest girls I have ever seen.
    The layout is spot on. And what they don t have in naughtiness they make up for by recruiting some real stunners. It 8767 s a comfortable place to drink and the BF was only 655 here.

  • Budget Hotels: For location, it''s hard to beat the Adamaz House , just a short walk off Khao San Road and close to some of the city''s most important attractions. The hotel has basic but clean rooms. The Phranakorn-Nornlen is a very popular budget to mid-range hotel with a good location and a bed-and-breakfast feel. Located in Sukhumvit is the Smart Suites , with budget prices and quality rooms.
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