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The New (And Impossible) Standards of Male Beauty - Paging

Posted: 2017-10-13 00:50

A big part of it for me was realizing that we ve created the stigmas attached to certain body-related words. Like, I used to hate when another kid called me fat. I eventually realized that, well, they weren t saying anything untrue. It was just the the intention behind the words that was hurtful. In the same way, I also realized that when I had friends say things like, but you re not fat! they weren t just being blind or idiotic. What they really meant was, well, yeah, you re fat, but I don t find you hideous! Of course, occasionally hearing about people who despise fat people definitely stings, but it s gotten easier and easier to write those people off as jerks and morons.

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Steven in his wisdom reminds us that there is no National Conversation Topic Czar. The rise of some topics to national prominence and the relegation of others to tiny print on the eighth page of the newspapers occurs by an emergent uncoordinated process. When we say 8775 the media decided to cover Ferguson instead of Eric Garner 8776 , we reify and anthropomorphize an entity incapable of making goal-directed decisions.

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Naturally, someone who has trouble with subtle social rules may have a hard time approaching groups of strangers and immediately sharing personal stories (most people who do have solid social skills would in fact consider it inadvisable to all of a sudden share anything ). Perhaps they ll need to start more slowly, with exchanging comments about the weather with the cashier at the grocery store or even with a support group for people with social difficulties. They may well have some awkward encounters while they learn. Perhaps they ll even make someone uncomfortable or creep someone out but if they have a genuine desire to learn, they will seek out basics of how they can recognize when they are doing so and how they can avoid it, listen and apologize when someone asks them not to do something, and gradually figure out how connect with people in appropriate, positive ways.

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I think journalism might be a case where there is a relevant General Parameter hanging over everything. Nuance doesn 8767 t drive clicks angry tribalism does. We should therefore expect journalistic sources to be optimized for angry tribalism and against nuance in proportion to their dependence on clicks (or their dead-tree analogues) for revenue, which isn 8767 t quite the same thing as saying 8775 never trust the papers 8776 but comes pretty close. But that doesn 8767 t generalize to every group.


There 8767 s something of a different mentality there, or so I 8767 ve been told. There 8767 s a reason that a Qur 8767 an burning generates violent outrage while the Haditha massacre was a non-event. Imagine the stereotype of an urban gang of teenage boys. If they get in a fight with a rival gang over territory and someone gets killed, well, that 8767 s life. They know the risks, and when people fight, sometimes people die. The outcome will stand and you 8767 ll go back to relative peace. And they certainly don 8767 t care if some stranger runs into the wrong asshole and gets shot. If you or your gang diss them, though, if you mock and humiliate them, oh, it 8767 s on, and they 8767 re going to hunt down and kill you and your whole posse, because that kind of thing can 8767 t be forgiven. 8775 Death before dishonor 8776 isn 8767 t a slogan, it 8767 s a fundamental assumption of social life that people don 8767 t think to question.

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If you can somehow translate these statutes into actual living people than their body type clearly matches the photoshopped images that DNL. You have the same idealized, muscular forms of for men and even Aphrodite looks closer to a Hollywood beauty than a plump Rubin-esque one. Men might be noticing that the differ from the ideal these days more than they did in the past but I still maintain that what Western standards for beauty have been more or less constant since Antiquity. Most of ideals on what constitutes human beauty in the West can be traced back to Ancient Greek ideals in one way or another with modifications at different times.

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The median age in the United States is . The median age in the United Kingdom is . The median age in Iraq is , and in Afghanistan, it 8767 s . They 8767 re a country of teenagers and people who think like teenagers. And they 8767 re teenagers with guns. Imagine a middle school in which every student was given an AK-97 when they enrolled and are expected to take them to class with them. That 8767 s the Middle East.

I often have to remind myself that the diet I use for my training fuels performance with a side of nice muscle, not muscle with a side of added strength. Bodybuilders don t have to lift, run, or squat anything at their competitions. Olympic weightlifters aren t worried about their muscle symmetry and vasculature. If they can t have it all, then I can t either, so I have to make peace with the fact that my particular martial arts don t build a pretty body, or completely adjust my goals. I m sure if your husband gave up judo, he could look shredded, but how would he fare in a grappling contest?

Saying 8775 Vegan diets also do that 8776 requires some people to either change their preferences or permanently forgo them before it 8767 s a viable solution to the stated problem. Meanwhile, most modern democratic societies have generally agreed that, all else equal, allowing individuals the freedom and ability to maximize their own preferences is, well, preferable. I mean, if nothing else, it 8767 s consequentialism/utilitarianism.

I do agree that this failure mode appears in animal rights a lot. For instance, a lot of animal rights people seem to attribute complex human motivations like a desire to not be 8775 exploited 8776 and a desire for status and class equality to animals. This seems like obvious anthropomorphism to me, I do not see any solid scientific evidence for these motivations, except in a few very human-like animals like chimps.

That 8767 s kind of an awkward explanation, but it 8767 s a similar idea to the way that politicians optimize for 8775 how good this will look 8776 to the public, because in general optimizing directly for 8775 what will be the best utilitarian choice for my voters 8776 will make them lose badly to someone equally competent optimizing for appearance. However, if you changed the rules of the game so only a very small number of randomly selected people were candidates the candidates best able to signal 8775 I am trying to be effective 8776 would be more likely to be putting a larger portion of their effort towards being effective (politicians are massively selected for 8775 able to optimize for appearance 8776 , so random citizens would be generally less able to), though that would probably be more than counteracted by randomly selected people being less generally competent. 8776

Also, he is actually a lot less of an ass. He is thoughtless, but he is never cruel or rude on purpose and his affection for Watson is obviously genuine. Like the Sherlock of the books, he is courteous to their clients and has a lot of compassion for their suffering. I still wish they had done the casting the other way around so that it wasn t woman as emotional caretaker and helpmeet , but that s mostly because I have an enduring crush on Lucy Liu and wanted to see her in a deerstalker.

The problem arises when this commonality begins to collapse, when the implications of utterly contrasting belief systems begin to manifest as contradictory ways of life. Your convent example is one, but another would be if, for example, one party decides that having over 5 children is part of their divine calling, or if one person wants to send their son to a private school that the other wants to shut down, because he believes private schools should not exist.

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, when I was and naï ve, I had hoped that beauty standards for women would broaden to that of men from the 6995 s and earlier. I should have known that companies and Madison Avenue would have looked and said, Huh, half the population does not hate how they look and are not spending billions to reach a rarely achievable ideal. We need to fix that. Unleash impossible male beauty standards!

8775 Aristocratic 8776 is generally used as a pejorative because it implies a certain insulation from the pressures and concerns of the majority, but in some cases that can be very helpful. Unfortunately this isn 8767 t a direction that anyone can actually get behind. Whether it 8767 s left-wingers saying that privileged people can 8767 t talk about divisive social issues like abortion or race, or right-wingers who see the enemy as being ivory-tower intellectuals and what we need more of is savvy self-made businessmen who know what the 8775 real world 8776 is like, the one thing people aren 8767 t demanding is clinical detachment.

That word spornosexual that s used in those articles that Doc Nerd Love linked is kind of obnoxious, but it signifies and describes something really important about hypermasculinity, and what it means to try to embody it. I don t remember where I read this, but a really elegant (if vulgar) writer somewhere on the internet described a hypermasculine man as somebody who fucks things (sexual desire and dominance and aggression, which is depicted in most boilerplate straight porn), and fucks things up (socially acceptable forms of violence and destruction, of which sports is a major venue for). That&rsquo s why they didn&rsquo t just shoop Beiber&rsquo s biceps, but also his genitals.

Generally, discernment of a vocation nowadays is more nuanced than it used to be, and psychological fitness is one of the things assessed. Also, you go through a series of stages before final profession of vows up to then, it 8767 s revocable. Using the example I 8767 m most familiar with (my sister is an ex-nun didn 8767 t take final vows but was first profession stage, now she 8767 s married with two kids if that 8767 s any encouragement to you about your friend?)

The HOLY COW is definitely more common in superhero movies, but dudes are superheroes. It s more insidious when it s not a superhero movie and yet the men are still perfect. Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love. He s not a superhero, he s supposed to be a regular (insanely hot, but not Norse God or juiced up on supersoldier serum) guy. Emma Stone s character even points it out.

Regarding the general notion of 8775 reversed stupidity is not intelligence 8776 : it doesn 8767 t depend on there being only a few possible answers. The notion is that you know a foolish person believes X, so you very strongly believe the reversal of X. Let 8767 s say someone believes that men and women are on average the same height. It would not be valid to strongly believe that men and women are extremely different heights on average. Note that this is the case even when X itself is wrong.

But yeah, what I originally wrote sort of wandered between 8775 Well intentioned people, far distant in idea-space, might not be able to agree profitably / reasonably, 8776 which I pretty much still think is true, and 8775 We need to censor, 8776 which I think is probably wrong in nearly all cases I still wonder about what attitude one takes towards the epistemologically immature. But yes, it seems that gardens of rational discussion do grow over their competitors in the end.

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