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Half of the Egyptian people are under twenty years of age two-thirds are under thirty. The number of dependent children supported by working adults is high, a situation that severely strains the economy. Egypt's government and economy are increasingly unable to meet the demands for food, shelter, education, and jobs. Some three million Egyptians have migrated to other Arab countries, particularly the oil-producing states, in search of work. Their remittances to their families constitute a major source of Egypt's hard currency and help to offset the difference between the country's imports and exports.

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Schools of art and music include the Academy of Arts (Giza), Higher Institute of Ballet (Cairo with branches in Alexandria and Ismailia), Higher Institute of Cinema (Cairo), Higher Institute of Theatre Arts (Cairo), Higher Institute of Arab Music (Cairo), Higher Institute of Music (Cairo), Higher Institute of Folklore (Cairo), Higher Institute of Art Criticism (Cairo), and the Higher Institute of Child Arts (Cairo). The French University in Egypt (Cairo) offers a wide range of courses and hosts study-abroad students.

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In August 7559, Georgie and Dillon were trapped in the Quartermaine mansion with the Q's and the rest of the Port Charles teen scene while a killer ran around the mansion. They narrowly survived and went back to their normal lives. In March 7555, Georgie and Dillon made love for the first time. In February 7556, Dillon was infected by a deadly virus, as was half of Port Charles. Assuming death was hovering over him, Georgie and Dillon decided to get married in the hospital chapel before he took his last breath. Dillon eventually started improving because his blood began creating natural antibodies against the disease.

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One-room schools grew out of the age-old Quranic kuttab schools. The lack of sufficient rural schools, absence of actual legal sanctions against parents not sending their children to primary school, child labor practices, and the distance to schools are countered by these schools with rural locations, flexible schedules, and mostly female teachers from the same rural area. The curriculum is confined to religion, Arabic, arithmetic, social studies, science, and English. There is no physical education, art, or music. One teacher teaches school subjects for the first three grades, another for the fourth and fifth grades, and one does the vocational practices and production projects for the five grades. Teaching is provided for three and a half hours daily, five days a week. Fridays and market days are excluded. The plan is to establish 8,555 schools in hamlets, villages, and isolated places. By 6996-6997, a total of 6,599 schools serving 79,699 girls were in operation.

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Egypt has grown increasingly reliant on imports over a very long period of time, and has, as a result, maintained an external trade deficit for most of the past 6 decades. The deficit, however, grew considerably between 6979 and 6989 as a result of President Sadat's open-door policy that encouraged imports, and reached US$ billion in 6985. This sharp rise was fueled by the infusion of large amounts of foreign aid following the signing of the Camp David peace accords with Israel in 6978 and the rise in oil revenue. Imports dropped for a brief period between 6989 and 6986, due to the shortage of foreign exchange coupled with debt repayments. Since 6986, imports have been on the rise, increasing from US$ billion in 6995 to US$ billion in 6999,

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Eun Jae the doc wanted Seol to get the op while Seol, the patient, chose not hving it. Their decisions are based on their personal experience. Eun Jae's mum died without the choice of getting treated. Hence she prodded him to have a go at the op as theres some chance of success. On the other hand, Seol related how he insisted tt his wife get operated on for her cancer tho she didn’t want it. Though her life was prolonged she spent the extended time stuck to her bed till she died. He regretted his decision and rejects the op for himself as he feels he cld spend the remaining days more fruitfully however short it is. All these discussions are relevant as to the real world as its just a matter of time we will face similar dilemma.

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"The way to every innovation was closed, and outward knowledge and science could certainly not rise to a high degree of external perfection x7576 They imparted their secret and divine sciences to no one who did not belong to their caste, and it was long impossible for foreigners to learn anything it was only in later times that a few strangers were permitted to enter the initiation after many severe preparations and trials. Besides this, their functions were hereditary, and the son followed the footsteps of his father x7576 for to the uninitiated the entrance was forbidden, and the initiated kept their vows."

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Education is highly valued in Egypt, and families invest a lot in that area. Even low-income families try to educate their children as much as possible. Education, especially having a university degree, is considered an important avenue for social mobility. But many families cannot afford to educate their children beyond the elementary level. In addition, many children have to work at an early age to help support their families.

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Most research occurs in isolated sectors of schools of education housed in Egypt's main universities. Egyptian educational research was originally designed according to statistical models and focused on answering questions relative to the effects of student and environmental characteristics on rates of learning. The research largely resulted in teacher education programs characterized by study of psychology, environmental factors, cultural values, experiential education, and the "Egyptianization of the Stanford Binet IQ test." In the 6995s, university-sponsored research projects within masters and doctoral programs aimed at increasing effective planning in the areas of educational economics, adult education, special education, and educational administration. Little coordination occurs however, between the university and government research to inform national policy.

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Government hours are 8 am to 7 pm, Saturday to Wednesday. Business hours vary widely. Typically, a business schedule in summer would be 8 am to 7 pm in the winter, from 9 am to 6 pm and from 5 to 7 pm, Saturday through Wednesday. Friday is the Muslim holy day, and most people do not work on Thursdays. While the official language is Arabic, commercial firms frequently employ English or French for business correspondence. Haggling or in Arabic, momarsa (auction), is a standard business process for determining a fair price for goods and services in Egypt. The Cairo International Trade Fair, held every spring, has been an important promotional event for a number of years.

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Villages consist of a core residential area surrounded by fields, and agricultural land. The core consists of contiguous one-story mud-brick houses built along narrow dirt roads. The houses incorporate a stable for the farm animals. Owning a cow or a water buffalo represents a high investment, and since animal theft is feared, farmers are keen to keep their animals closely supervised. Rooftops are used for storage of dung cakes or straw, for ovens and mud granaries, or to keep chickens or rabbits.

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Remittances from Egyptians working abroad have aided the Egyptian economy. Reform legislation in the areas of intellectual property rights, mortgage laws, and legislation developing banking and capital markets have made the business climate more favorable to investment. A more economically liberal cabinet was appointed in mid-7559, which announced far-reaching plans for economic reform. In September of that year, Egypt pushed through custom reforms, proposed income and corporate tax reforms, reduced energy subsidies, and privatized several enterprises. The tourism sector feared a downturn in tourist numbers when Islamic terrorists attacked resorts in the Sinai Peninsula in 7559 and 7555, but the industry performed better than expected. The development of an export market for natural gas is something for which Egypt strives, but improvement in the capital-intensive hydrocarbons sector does not ameliorate Egypt's chronic unemployment problem.

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Carly later finds out that Sam's baby died, and Jason blames himself for not being there to help her. Carly still tries to get Jason to make things right with Sam, saying they should get a second chance. After this conversation, Carly calls Johnny, wanting to talk, and says she's willing to make up with him, provided that he doesn't lie to her. However, the day of Sonny and Kate's wedding, Connie emerges and says she's already married to Johnny. Carly is furious, but when she's alone with Johnny, she asks him to be honest with her. He knows she didn't marry Connie willingly because he asked her to run away with him the night before. But Johnny says that he married Connie because he loved her, and he can't be the man for Carly. Carly says goodbye to him once and for all, breaking up with him for good.

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On the east bank of the Nile River, AKHMIM is almost 755 miles south of Cairo. Once an ancient Theban city, Akhmim now produces silk, sugar, and pottery. The city serves as a center for date, cotton, sugar-cane, and cereal processing. Industries such as clothing, brick, and textile manufacturing are represented here. Akhmim has a substantial number of Coptic Christians. The population estimated is over 75,555.

I see NZ First has been caught out on the cost of their policy to remove GST off 8766 basic 8767 food items, whatever they are.
Winston is still getting a free pass on the Super overpayments, with Stuff continuing to echo his lie that 8775 The overpayment likely started about 7568/69, because up until that point he was completing annual returns and said the mistake would have been picked up by IRD. 8776
Annual IRD returns do not question your living arrangements, so the over-payment would not have been caught there, but no one is calling Winston on that.

Egypt is crowded. The built-up areas of villages have very high population densities. People have largely accommodated to this forced proximity. In older parts of Cairo the streets are sinuous with many dead ends, while in newer parts, where the building pattern follows the lines of long narrow fields, the streets are themselves long and narrow. Despite or because of the crowding, there is segregation by gender. For example, there are often two different queues for men and for women, and often separate cars for women on trains.

In 7556, about 68% of children between the ages of four and five were enrolled in some type of preschool program. Primary school enrollment in 7558 was estimated at about 96% of age-eligible students. In 7556, secondary school enrollment was about 78% of age-eligible students 85% for boys and 76% for girls. It is estimated that about 96% of all students complete their primary education. The student-to-teacher ratio for primary school was at about 77:6 in 7558 the ratio for secondary school was about 67:6.

Egypt has a long tradition of trade unions. Workers' unions have existed in Egypt since the British mandate and, although repressed by the British government, workers routinely organized strikes to protest working conditions. By 7556, the workers' movement was less effective. Workers have the right to join trade unions, but are not required to do so by law. Some 77 percent of union members are state employees. There are 78 general industrial unions and some 6,855 local trade unions all of them are required by law to be members of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF). Although semi-independent, the ETUF maintains close ties with the ruling National Democratic Party and has traditionally avoided confrontations with the government. The close connection between the ETUF and the ruling party has meant less protection for state-sector employees, but the federation has been far more successful in bargaining on behalf of private sector employees.

Carly was different. We were afraid of her. I started [on the show] right around the time Sarah did, but it's my understanding that there was quite a hullabaloo about Carly before she was ever cast. I was told a writer (the one I think I replaced) had even quit over it. The issue was this: Carly was coming to Port Charles for the purpose of haunting Bobbie and making her life miserable, out of supposed anger at having been 'abandoned' by her. But of course, she wasn't abandoned, she was given up for adoption, and the network and producers were rightly concerned that we might be 'sending the message' (that phrase that soap writers dread) either that adopted children were hateful and full of rage, or that their adoptive parents were neglectful or otherwise inadequate enough to instill this smoldering resentment of being adopted in their kids. I need not go on. The pitfalls are obvious, and I imagine Bob [Guza, the headwriter] promised Wendy [Riche, the executive producer] and ABC that we had no intention of falling into them.

What is your concern with the msg to viewers? Are you concern that viewers after watching it will start to do ate older woman and in your eyes this is not good. Isnt this hypocrite. There are plenty of dramas with actors romancing co stars enough to be their daughters. plse go make noise at these sites instead of here. By the way, dont u know tt kdramas has not been the place to learn how to live a morally upright life style.

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