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The 22 Unspoken Guy Code Rules All Men Need to Know

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He asked me to dinner. We spent three hours chatting, making connections, occasionally flirting, a bit of hand-holding. I enjoyed myself. I found him attractive and decided he was someone I wanted to know better. But the evening ended abruptly. He needed to get home, he said, suddenly slammed with exhaustion. He&rsquo d mentioned earlier that he was afraid he might be coming down with something. A goodnight kiss so quick I hardly knew it occurred ended things and that was that. I went home satisfied and pleased with myself. It had gone well I had experienced my first post-marriage date and had walked through it with impunity. I felt like an adult.

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Sex roles are distinct both in the sense of being clearly different and being defined in a distinctive way. For example, if she has a vehicle and the man doesn 8767 t she will often expect him to drive, even on a first meeting or date. Another common theme is to get a direct question such as 8775 If I wanted to leave would you let me? 8776 This question is a strange kind of shit test. It 8767 s not an answer that comes naturally for a western guy, but the expected response is something like 8775 No, you can 8767 t leave. 8776

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Bam! With no warning whatsoever, I was 68 again, certain that the &ldquo cool kids&rdquo would never let me join their group, listening as they said, of course they&rsquo d love to come to my birthday party while harboring no intention whatsoever of showing up. I was certain I&rsquo d made a fool of myself, but for the life of me I couldn&rsquo t figure out how or where. I came up with possibilities. He was four years What had I been thinking? Who would possibly want to go out with a woman four years his senior? He was talented, smart, and handsome. Who did I think I was to believe, even for an instant, that someone like that would be interested in me? I&rsquo d asked him some pretty blunt questions writers are always looking for the story behind the story. Maybe he thought I&rsquo d been interrogating him. The litany went on. Had there been food on my teeth? Mascara under my eyes? Every insecurity I&rsquo d ever even glancingly known began to holler like a banshee.

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#6 Your sister’s friend is off limits. Unless you plan on marrying her, under no circumstances can you try to get with your friend’s sister. No matter how attractive she is, if things go bad between the two of you, your friend will be forced to take the side of his sister. Family is family. So, don’t touch her. [Read: How to forget about a girl: 65 ways to forget she even exists ]

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There is no easy way around this one. Expect deadly serious physical threats from her and from those close to her if they know or suspect the situation. In my experience these threats are always just hot air. On the other hand, everyone has heard about situations where they turned out to be all too serious. Threats by themselves do not indicate any personal ill will. Just think of them as negotiating tactics.

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As long as I had chicken soup on the brain (and, I reasoned, the healing properties of this soup might keep me from getting the flu I had marginally been exposed to), I went to the store and bought the ingredients for the best chicken soup ever, along with a baguette of crusty sourdough. I chopped and boiled and minced and peeled. My kitchen filled with the aroma of love: love for myself. I have cooked hundreds of pots of chicken soup in my life and yet this was the first time I made chicken soup expressly for me.

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I met my date in front of my apartment, because I don’t have a lobby (lobbies are mentioned frequently and wistfully in The Rules ). We exchanged a greeting and I waited for him to begin the conversation. He didn’t. I was on a date with Quiet Guy — someone The Rules brushes off as a quasi-mythical figure. The thinking seems to go, if he likes you, he will develop an entirely different personality.

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Some women flirt by sending pictures of themselves in scanty little underthings to the man they&rsquo re hoping to attract. Men do this, too even Congressmen. &ldquo Sexting&rdquo is most prevalent though, the media tells us, among teen girls. And that&rsquo s exactly what I&rsquo m feeling like. Only, instead of texting racy photos of myself, apparently, I send pictures of homemade soup.

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For all the freakishly precise instructions about how to get a date, The Rules are practically mum on what to do during the date itself. The authors beg us not to mention the “M Word” on the first date, or to go about naming our future children just yet, but beyond that, we’re told to “relax” and “don’t try too hard.” That’s it, apart from smiling, which should be the only expression your face is now capable of producing.

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I therefore had one goal for the date: Let him carry the conversation without being “controlling or wifey.” I have always thought of first dates as a team effort, with everyone doing their best to make sure the conversation doesn’t run aground on some awkward, silent sandbar. Was my desire to contribute to interesting conversation to blame for not having a husband who wants nothing more than to spend his time antiquing together?

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As with all threats it is critical to maintain a steady, untroubled manner. Make a clear decision to dismiss the threat, back down fully or leave then own that choice fully. Visible fear or vacillation is like waving a red rag at a bull. Choose as safe a medium and environment for such conversations as possible. Acknowledging understanding and requesting time to think, decide or learn can be a useful tactic for escaping a situation that seems imminently dicey.

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My impulse, during my dating years and all the married ones, was to care for other people, including our three kids. On some level, I had grown to believe that I was loveable only to the degree that I had earned the love. It was only recently, since I&rsquo d been living on my own and encountering my friends and colleagues as a single person, that I had begun to see how deeply loved and appreciated I was by the people in my life, love given to me as a grace, without merit. I didn&rsquo t need to &ldquo earn&rdquo love. I was loved.

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He posted a smiley face on my Facebook page an hour after the date I went to sleep content. But when he didn&rsquo t call or text the next day, I started to stew. Perhaps I&rsquo d read things wrong. I soon decided that pending illness hadn&rsquo t ended the evening brusquely. The truly flawed nature of my being must have somehow become visible. He&rsquo d glimpsed it over those three hours and had high-tailed it out of there as fast as he could.

The Rules is a notorious dating advice book published 75 years ago, in 6995. It lists 85 rules that women who want “marriage, in the shortest time possible” are supposed to follow. The prose is both basic and whimsical, like advice from a well-meaning but slightly unhinged 95-year-old great aunt, offering one of those “pep talks” that actually make you feel worse, rather than better. (“Well you’re no Angelina Jolie, dear, but with the right wardrobe, a more feminine haircut, about 65 fewer pounds, and some minor plastic surgery, there’s no reason you couldn’t convince a man to ask you out.”) There is a kind of old-world charm to it, really.

I began to consider how little experience I&rsquo d had in this realm. My dating history, if all pulled together, added up to about a nanosecond. I&rsquo d started dating at 66 and had experienced nothing but messed-up, far-too-dependent-on-each-other pairings from that first time out the gate until the day I married at 79. I had been that girl you know, the one who thought she needed a man. Alcohol and drug addiction didn&rsquo t help the toxic brew. But now, with 78 years of sobriety behind me, a lot of emotional and spiritual growth to my credit, a very strong sense of who I am, and what talents I bring to the larger world, I still had no clue how to date.

Finally, I couldn’t take it any more. “You know, all this staring reminds me of an article I read recently where a couple asks each other 86 questions, then stare into each other's eyes for four minutes, and they fall in love,” I blurted, which was almost as bad as using the “M word.” “Oh, so if we keep staring at each other we’ll fall....” he trailed off. More silence followed, but with less eye contact.

Associating with non-Muslim men or being seen to encourage the prospect is a much riskier proposition for a Muslim girl. Consequently, Muslim girls will give more subdued signals and will wait for greater certainty before clearly demonstrating interest. If a girl with a headscarf shows the slightest sign of interest then she is very interested. If she allows herself to be isolated or consents to any kind of public display then sex is a virtual certainty. Remember that to her what others see and think is everything so privacy, secrecy and subtlety are gold.

For girls circumcision is common in some areas but covers a wide range of practices, from minor to absolutely brutal. The minor kind will not change the practice of sex much, but does seem to make losing virginity a more painful and bloody experience. I have no firsthand experience of the more severe practices. Circumcision is mandatory for men in Islam. Girls will not have a problem with a man who is not.

The problem is, the more I try to follow The Rules , the less self-respect I have. The more I have focused on how I act around men how I speak, and look, and every gesture I make, the more self-conscious and anxiety-prone I have become. Dating has stopped being a mutual decision-making process about whether we want to get to know each other better. It’s become about me trying to be attractive to him, and either succeeding or failing.

Gentlemen, feel free to ignore this one unless of course you want to take a sneak peek into “girl world,” and while I can promise that you may find some of it interesting, I cannot promise that you won’t leave scarred. Ladies, we need to have a chat about girl code. Of course, girl code comes with a long set of both written and unwritten rules, but I think some rules are more important than others, so I insist that we go over the top 65 girl code rules just to make sure we’re all keeping in line, and having each others 8767 backs because Lord knows, we could use it.

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