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I 8767 m a girl, but i like reading things like this cuz it makes me feel less pathetic knowing guys use this stuff too XD don 8767 t roll your eyes at this, boys!! it would soooooooo work!!!! especially the whispering thing, if you ask me. I 8767 ll be sitting around with my bf and his parents (i 8767 m 68, he 8767 s 65) and he 8767 ll just whisper something to me and just his breath drives me crazy. i get all chill bumped and it 8767 s actually kinda funny lolol

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ESFJs are often friendly, outgoing, and generous, at least until you cross them. This generous nature, in combination with their obsessive need for control, makes them ideal for such jobs as Jedi master, senior bank teller, or middle management at a large chain department store. Most ESFJs die of heart attacks, at least the ones who aren't slain in a galactic power coup made possible by the rigid, dogmatic inflexibility and self-absorbed narcissism of their Jedi order.

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Before I found this website I was texting this girl and I was using step #67 like sending kissy faces to her when I told her goodnight and she sent them back. So If anyone was wondering some girls do like that. Actually most. But everytime I text her she takes a long time to reply. I have even heard some of her friends say she takes a long time to reply to them too. Idk what to do or why she does it.

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I could go on and on. Some of the advice in this post is okay in some sense, but most of it is pretty horrible. Always be yourself, don 8767 t try and be someone you 8767 re not to impress him/her because sooner or later it 8767 ll come out. Work on your negatives : Neediness, clingy, obsessiveness remember failing isn 8767 t failing if you learn from it that 8767 s now called a win. I 8767 m open to comments if people need some advice.

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Don 8767 t over invest your time with a person who isn 8767 t willing to invest their time into you. Texting should be fun and adventurous, and most importantly used to set up 8775 dates 8776 Don 8767 t over text someone you 8767 re interested in, especially if it 8767 s very early in the dating stage. Leave them hanging for a day or two, I don 8767 t mean don 8767 t reply to their messages if they text you. But once you say goodbye one day/night. Leave it like that for a few days, get them thinking about what you 8767 re doing. This makes you seem much less needy and more scarce, if she is seeing other guys (which, if she is attractive, she most likely is) Sure it stings, but nothing you can do about it and being needy and always keeping tabs on her, will push her into someones else 8767 s hands.

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ENFJs use their charisma and their knowledge to teach others, benevolently helping their fellow man reach a higher plane of evolution through such unorthodox but enlightened means as Psychic Third Nostril Enlargement. They then retire to secluded farmhouses in rural areas, where their followers express appreciation for the ENFJs by signing over all their worldly possessions and giving up their wives and daughters to the ENFJ's special care.

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hey guys, i have been in love with 6 girl in our locality, always i dropped her at home and i give her gifts, choklets, ice creams etc. she accept my all things with her sweet smile, always i msg her but she is not replying, and i will not able to know that what is in her mind, what she is thinking of me, i love her lot lot lot ..
so friends please give me Suggestions, how i make her to fall in love with me.

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Hey guys,something just crazy happen to me and dont know what should i do. I was dating this girl some weeks ago, and everything was just fine. But them one day i text her she took all day without no responding and them she text me back later in the same night. She told me that she was at one party and she meet this guy that she used to date before and they talk seems like the conversation was just nice and so they decide to try to date again but she didnt saw the guy for 8 months this is just wierd because you dont wanna go back to date someone you dont see for 8 months. but i really make her know that she made the wrong choice and wanna have her back what should i do? lol hELP HAHA

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The typical INTP is a logical, abstract thinker whose intellect is ideally suited to understanding pure mathematics, linguistics, formal logic theory, and other pursuits unsuited to making a real living. The INTP can often understand even the most subtle nuances of lattice quantum chromodynamics, but cannot perform more concrete tasks such as dressing himself, operating a motor vehicle, or opening a door. An INTP may be able to tell you how to construct a nuclear reactor from a coconut and two pieces of string, but may be completely incapable of fixing a hole in a boat.

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The typical ISTP leads a dual life his outward reserve and quiet masks an inward seething rage at the injustice of life--often, the death of a loved one at the hands of a criminal. In this secret life, the ISTP uses his mechanical gifts to create a terrifying arsenal of bizarre weapons with which to strike fear into the heart of evil. Sometimes, ISTPs may become evil themselves, either slowly over a long period of time or in response to a perceived rejection from the very people they are trying to save.

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Whatever you're looking to play, we've got the Newest version right here! We update every week, so come back to fulfill your Dating Fantasy or plan your Wedding Kiss ! GirlGames has Teen games and Fashion games for our gamers with a sense for style. GirlGames has delightful Love games for Cakes , Pizza , Room decoration , and much more! Whether you're Searching for the latest Celebrity game or on a Quest to Quiz your brain with a Puzzle Game , Girl Games will entertain you and your friends for years!


okay i just dont know what i am doing wrong. there is this girl and shes a year older than me and me and her have talked on and off but i wanna be something for real with her and i have to get her to fall for me again she goes to the same school as me and always smiles at me in the hallway. i cant tell if shes just being nice but i try to text her and sometimes she does answer so i wait for her to answer and after about 8 hours i try again and i do that one more time sometimes but if she doesnt answer i try the next day. i told her i miss her at night and it worked but now but she barely answers me. i just dont know how to get her to fall for me

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Hi all, I have a girl who 8767 s always been there for me. Shes more than a friend but not girl friend. She says I made her smile. But she 8767 s taking me as a brother. I have feelings for her and when I said it onto her face once, she got pissed and i said that was just to check how she reacts. can anybody give me any suggestion on how to make this girl fall for me? Atleast if I could have sex with her, she will fall for me for sure. Pls help. Urgent. Thanks all.

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Hey guys I have been dating a girl for 7 months we broke up because i didnt want to compromise but I contacted her again telling her I miss her and so on. Then she said I would regret getting back with her and stuff, but never told me why she really didnt want to get back, until my friend told me that I broke her ego and trust so she didnt want to get back with me. is getting her back possible and what must I do thanks.

ENTPs are creative, complex people who seek to improve their understanding of the natural world, usually by building armored fifty-story-tall robotic monsters with iron jaws and death-ray eyes, or by creating genetically mutated plagues that spread unstoppably across the land, turning all who are contaminated into mindless zombie drones. They are less likely to want to conquer the world than to destroy it utterly, reducing it to nothing but slag and rubble--though this is often merely a side-effect of their pursuit of knowledge.

ISFPs are always on the cutting edge of new trends. Whether it's podcasting, taking up guitar, or running away to a far-off east African compound and joining a doomsday apocalyptic cult, ISFPs are always following their hearts and quickly embracing new ideas. However, they tend to be fleeting in their passions, which means they often may lack the dedication that marks a true cultist. While ISFPs often lack the dedication most people give to careers and family, they can still support themselves in more unorthodox ways, like by selling blood plasma, turning tricks, and mooching off their family.

Gah it doesn 8767 t work on this girl, I did everything here, and I did it before even looking for this site, still she doesn 8767 t seem that interested even tho we have a lot of things in common, both hobbies and personality. And I don 8767 t think she is out of my league lol cuz she isn 8767 t exactly megan fox. she said she is too busy, and can only talk once a week from now on.. now I have to sit here just waiting waiting waiting waiting.. and I dunno if she just said shes busy to get rid of me 🙂

You all seem way too needy. It 8767 s okay though, we all get that sometimes. Work on improving yourself first, before you try and bring another person into your life. Sure, easier said than done and we all sometimes crave the opposite sex. it 8767 s natural. But overthinking and over analyzing every little thing you say, or every little thing she/he says is slowly killing your chances. This is hard to overcome, I, myself am still working on it constantly.

INTJs are solid, competent personalities who may seem aloof and even arrogant, but who are typically highly skilled in any field which interests them. INTJs are confident in their skills and knowledge, self-assured, and imaginitive their exceptional problem-solving skills make them ideal architects, auto mechanics, and tools of the evil empire. While it requires the driving will to conquer of an ENTJ to imagine the Death Star and the evil genius of an ENTP to invent its devastating weapons systems, the skill and technical prowess of the INTJ is what makes the whole thing work.

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