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Blade Runner 2049 International Posters Give A Good Look

Posted: 2017-09-11 13:46

For instance, the X-Men started off wearing frumpy, drab, and tame standard uniforms that spoke to the comparatively conservative time when they were first introduced. But as time went on, and those same characters came into more fully fleshed-out identities and positions of cultural prominence, their costumes similarly evolved to better represent who the X-Men were. Even more specifically, take a look at Psylocke, who was first introduced in the late ‘75s sporting a body suit with billowy arms. By the late ‘95s, she’d been reinvented as a sexy ninja with a fondness for skin-tight black latex, accented with a flowing sash.

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Many animals have fur, feathers, or other natural coverings to protect them from the weather. Humans have almost no natural protection from the weather. Even so, they live in some of the hottest and coldest places on Earth. People also have modesty, or the desire to cover their body. In addition, each person has a personality, a culture, and a place in society to show to other people. For all these reasons, people wear clothing.

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These come via , and show off all of the new film’s major players with an intimate, albeit airbrushed, look. I dig the amount of character put into these images—most of them have a quiet dynamism to them, from Harrison Ford’s lurching scowl as Deckard (is anyone as good at being old and pissed about it as Harrison Ford?) to Dave Bautista’s uneasy stare into the distance as Sapper Morton. You can do a lot with good staging and an effective, well-shot set of publicity photos, apparently.

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During the third annual Flame Con this past weekend, a panel of well known artists, including Kris Anka ( Star-Lord )   and   Max Wittert ( Scott & Jean ), gathered to discuss the current state of comics costumes. As part of the discussion, the artists tried their hands at redesigning members of the X-Men and pushing the creative envelope to literally illustrate what we’re missing out on. Of particular note were artist Kevin Wada’s takes on Polaris, Sunfire, and Psylocke all managed to embody the characters’ historic looks while updating them with a fresh, decidedly high-fashion aesthetic: