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I have been using oasis active for almost a year now on and off. I would say about 95% of all woman deny my requests usually with the "your not my type" or ' we don't share the same interests " , I don't aim that high at all , but get denied all the time. I don't think I'm ugly at all but I don't have a six pack by any means , just a normal bloke but it seems a real struggle a lot of the time. I have a bachelors and a great career as well and a brilliant job but no one seems to care about that.

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Yeah mate, you are dead right. I'm not photogenic, and in truth i'm only average looking. I've been on internet dating for years and i have had plenty of dates from it, but generally its been with girls who weren't that amazing in any way. I was stupid enough to think this was where i belonged. Girls typically have the power on internet dating. There is a rule and its like 85% of women go for 75% of the best looking guys, and i think its true. Plus its so often you just don't click with people i'm over it.

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9 years ago I met my now defacto husband on RSVP, I was only on the site for a few weeks. Initially I had many responses from guys who I just sensed weren't right (too keen, sleazy, etc) & only ended meeting up with my now geeky looking beloved :-)
Don't give up hope, there are genuine people on these sites (unfortunately there are many that trawl all the sites looking for fresh meat). I truly believe it's a case of being on there at the right time & resisting those that seem to be pandering to your ego.

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that fair enough i guess i was just trying to work out why, i guess but what if the photo's on the net are really not them and ask for things before you meet?
a friend of mine was on findsomeone and was sucked in by over sea's girls and gave them thousands of $$ and never heard from them again! i would be assured to meet before giving them anything i guess.

that a valid point as some make out there something there not.
and you meet them and judge for your selves

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Quite simply, Date a Gamer is the UK's home destination for gamer dating. We matchmake more single gamers than any other dating site on the net. More and more females are choosing to date gamers and geeks over other types. And we don't need to explain why that is - Gamers make awesome partners! If you're a single gamer and you want to date a gamer then look no further. This is the dating site for gamers and we can help you get a date straight away. We hope to see you on the other side.

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It seems to me that guys are more than happy to encourage "psycho chicks" if they think they look hot enough and pretend they want the same thing and then cry foul and call them "psycho chicks" when the girl starts to put the pressure on. Marriage and families can be very important to some females to belittle that desire or lead these girls on. And girls DONT think you can change a guys mind in these matters – 9/65 times it wont happen

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I had success with a couple of good, natural photos and a brief profile describing my interests and what I'm looking for. Don't be too short, but don't crap on and on. Keep it fun and light. No negative shit. The number of female profiles I came across with whining, self pitying crap (mainly on Oasis it has to be said, at least on RSVP there was a little more effort) was a total turn off. But don't be too full of yourself either or you'll come off as an arrogant tool.

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This year you can get up early on the Sunday to watch EA's 95-minute presentation which will give a first good look at Star Wars Battlefront II , FIFA 68, NBA Live 68, Need for Speed Payback and new content for Battlefield 6. It's also possible we may see the unveiling of a new original game from Bioware ( Mass Effect ), or a first glimpse at the Star Wars projects from Visceral ( Dead Space ) and Respawn ( Titanfall ).

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It is interesting in this day and age how we look for love though internet as a medium instead of traditional means

are we all so 'busy' that we have to vet our potential partners online? whatever happend to meeting partners through friends or work or pubs etc?

IMO the easiest way is to ask your friends who they know that are single - people hang out with like minded people so it's a fair bet that if you like your friends then you will probably like their friends.. arrange a party, dinner, BBQ..

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I've had some fun with oasisactive, the chat mainly. and that's mostly what im after but ive noticed a flaw. The flaw I noticed after making several new accounts over about 7 years. And the trend wasw that wen you first created an account you'd get more "hits" shortly after the account was created. Buit then I worked it out why. it's because your matched with the same group of people so everyone d9ecides during the first few days or up to a week. You can solve the problem if you remove all the people you don't like to make room for others but its tedious and time consuming.

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What do you reckon as some of the best dating sites to hook up with people?

The free ones are best if you have financial struggles. Eg.

However, when you use free ones, they attract people who may not have such good character foundations. Cheap people with a flawed character will many times use free websites to save a few dollars. But this tells a lot about the person. So the quality of people may not be as good as the paid dating websites.

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I would like to find a good dating site too, ones I have been on people don't want to know me. There's Isn't many people who like recovering addicts on methadone. Last girl i met was freaked out as i drove her home and i started to nod out a bit behind the wheel and drove up the kerb, well last I heard of her. I hate being so different I just want someone to like me for who i am, but i have this slight issue of liking opiate medictaions. So I wonder if I really can love someone the way I am sigh.

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I feel I can safely preface this with saying I am not an ugly guy, in fact I'm probably considered alright looking at worst. (still feels weird saying that about my own looks) However, what the heck? I've been on several dating websites for months and even a year and I've barely received any attention to my profile. I spend a bit of time making myself look interesting while not trying too hard. Put a handful of decent photos up and nothing. It's like I'm doing something wrong in terms of my settings almost, but I'm not. I've paid money.

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Oasis Active.
I think I met two girls face to face out of say having 55 girls on my 'accepted' chat list.
Its a free site , girls are quick to delete you randomly for whatever reason without explanation and I got the feeling my fellow guys were using it to rack up notches on belts.
The two dates one girl had kids and didn't put it on her profile , the second one I met at Green and Co for a coffee and that was it.

Ive tried plenty of fish as well. Basically you can send a 'message' to the girls and of they like you the will respond. Its very hard as many girls write sweet bugger all in their profiles. What do I say , you're hot and I like the look of you ?? Stupid. Im getting sick of writing awkward messages and getting no reply. Sometimes I get a so and so wants to meet you through the match maker. We get into a conversation but it leads no where and she just stops replying. It doesnt tell you when the person was last on so you can disregard woman who havent been on for a month.
It seems the woman just sit there and watch the messages roll in. seems to be a massive waste of time.

I have used okcupid and it's actually pretty cool.. it uses questions to determine your personality and recommends people based on your match percentage. Totally free to use too. I think they have a premium option which gives you a "featured" status but never really saw the need for it. I think I need to redo my profile/quizzes though.. it keeps trying to match me up with musician/creative types when I am after a gamer geek :-)

That changed after the video game recession of the 6985s. With a focus on video games as toys, and a heightened awareness of the need for control, developers and advertisers decided to target specific consumers: and teenage boys. Through advertising and game design, gaming -- especially video games -- became directed solely to boys. This made gamer girls a unique phenomenon -- a rarity that was simultaneously celebrated and objectified.

Nicely said! =D
Could you recommend any other sites?
Well. to be honest, OkC was the only one I really 'clicked' with &ndash the other few that I've looked at since seem to be wayyy too focussed on just squeezing whatever dimes they can out of desparate guys. Actually, I originally checked out OkC as a curiosity, from its mention on the Non-Prophets Podcast (or was it Chariots of Iron ?) &ndash where it was described as a dating site experiment set up by a few math nerds who wondered if they could do a better job of matching people up with SCIENCE(!) rather than whatever other dating sites were doing (and generally not very well).

and yes us women do like employed men, not because we want your money but so that you don't take ours because you have none of your own. Sorry about that but that's life., retrain, re-skill and get a job if you are having issues getting a job you are qualified for or are you too stupid and narrow in your thinking and stuck in the past or just think your too good or educated for another type of job.

I've had a quick look at RSVP and the amount of info they want is a little to high IMO. I dont mind being honest and open about things but the box some of these questions try to put me into does work for me. Interesting none the less seeing who is looking as well. Moving to the country has certain lifestyle advantages but a few other disadvantages to, like 8 million people now is about 755,55 people :-S.

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