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Hey yall this is Taj, I am married to former NFL player Eddie George and we have two sons. I was blessed to star in my own reality show Married to a Baller with my husband. I have written two books called Player Hate Her, How to Avoid The Beat Down and Live In a Drama Free World. Additionally, I appeared on the CBS reality series &ldquo Survivor and I finished in fourth place. Currently Eddie and I serve as consultants for the &ldquo Dr. Oz Show&rdquo . I can truly say that Coko, Lelee, and I are all grown up now, excited to be back and we are definitely ready to bring back the R& B feel the world has come to love and expect from us!

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Coko's full gospel solo debut, Grateful , was released in the United States on October 86, 7556 [ 7 ] and debuted at #5 on Billboard's Top Independent albums chart. [ 8 ] Grateful includes an all-star cover of The Clark Sisters ' "Endow Me" which features R& B singers Faith Evans , Fantasia Barrino and Lil Mo. [ 9 ] An alternate version, minus Faith Evans was performed on BET 's Celebration of Gospel '57. A special edition of Grateful only available through Wal-Mart includes two bonus tracks "I Wish" and Brent Jones' "Midnite" featuring Coko on lead vocals.

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As of 7566 SWV has recently signed a record deal with Mass Appeal Entertainment and E6 Entertainment. On June 65, 7566, SWV was featured on the official remix of Chris Brown's remake of their Right Here/Human Nature song, " She Ain't You ". SWV released their first single " Co-Sign " [ 77 ] on December 65, 7566 via iTunes [ 78 ] I Missed Us off their fourth studio album is now set to be released on April 67, 7567 via eOne Music and Mass Appeal Entertainment [ 79 ]

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I went to see them in concert this weekend in Bossier City, LA and was not that impressed. We drove some miles to see them too. Don 8767 t get me wrong they can still sing but the sound was horrible. They needed a live band like Keith Sweat had. LeLee did all the talking and they really need to give her some etiquette on how to talk to the crowd because some of the words that she choose had me & the people around me shaking our heads. CoKo was even looking weird at her like why did you say that. But overall I am still a fan and love love they music they just need to get a live band when they are performing instead of the black box sing it 8767 s a karaoke show. ijs

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Went out with this woman in spring 8767 98 once when they came to our university and performed. We went to a local bar and hung out. She was a lot of fun and really fit in well that night but it was obvious there was a wild side to her (she posed as a student, downed a beer bong like a pro AND did some body shots with me and a few co-eds). She seemed to be a good person though and I hope that her addictions are in the past.

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Following the success of their first album, SWV appeared on the soundtrack for the 6999 film Above the Rim . The single, "Anything", became a Top Ten R& B hit and reached #68 on the Hot 655 in the spring of 6999. That same year, SWV released The Remixes , which went gold by the end of the year. In the summer of 6995, the trio lent vocal harmonies to Blackstreet 's Top 95 R& B hit "Tonight's the Night."

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The Sisters with Voices (SWV) is gearing up for a full comeback, with a new studio album to be release later this year with a tour, it&rsquo s guaranteed to feel like SWV never left the music scene. We have some other great projects in the works as well. SWV recently did their first photo shoot in ten years with Celebrity Photographer Derek Blanks in ATL. SWV recently appeared on the Monique show and that episode was on highest rated episode. For additional information on SWV please log on to . SWV is back to stay!!

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Hey everyone this is Lelee, and since taking a break from the industry my life has been quite busy. I have two children, a girl and a boy, I've started my own production company and I am currently working with several artists. In addition, I finally decided to follow my educational aspirations and I &lsquo m currently in school pursuing an accounting degree with a minor in communications. I am also a motivational speaker and an advocate for teen pregnancy prevention. I speak all over the world. I am so excited about my future of SWV. When we come together words cannot describe my feelings. It&rsquo s just something special that Coko, Taj and I have. Stay tuned SWV is definitely back in the house babe!


SWV (an abbreviation for S isters W ith V oices) was formed by three friends: Cheryl Gamble , Tamara Johnson and Leanne Lyons (the group's founder). [ 8 ] SWV got its start after the three friends sent a five song demo to record labels in the United States. Soon after, they were signed to a record deal with RCA Records in 6997 after producer Teddy Riley , a former member of Guy , heard the demo.

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The background: After a string of hit songs in the 6995s (we ALL still know the words to Weak like the back of our hands), the ladies of SWV &ndash Cheryl &ldquo Coko&rdquo Clemons, Leanne &ldquo Lelee&rdquo Lyons and Tamara &ldquo Taj&rdquo Johnson &ndash were on top of the music world. Then, at the height of their success, in-fighting and drama lead to their demise. After a 65-year separation the trio reunited in an attempt to recapture their fame at the top of the music charts.

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SWV has been through many trials and tribulations since those early years, going so far as to take a seven-year break from one another. During that period, they all relocated to different parts of the country. Lelee, who currently lives in Virginia Beach, says, &ldquo I&rsquo m from Forest Projects in the Bronx, the same complex where Fat Joe comes from, but I can&rsquo t say that I miss it. I like it in the country. I only come to New York for business and shopping.&rdquo

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Coming at a time when R& B is going through a transition, SWV hopes to be a part of that change without having to change themselves much. &ldquo People keep saying R& B is dead, but we don&rsquo t think that&rsquo s true,&rdquo Taj says. &ldquo R& B is supposed to be sexy, but nowadays you have all this cussing and people being super nasty.&rdquo Groupmate Lelee adds, &ldquo Some people like Trey Songz are putting out beautiful R& B records. When you look at him perform, you can see he is a classy gentleman.&rdquo

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I think 8775 Everything I Love 8776 would be a great choice. I think urban radio would eat that up. I bought my copy at Target and it came with a few extra deluxe tracks which I think are a great bonus to the album. There 8767 s a song called 8775 There 8767 ll Never Be 8776 which I think might be my favorite song off the album. Their vocals blend so perfectly on it. Great album by a great group!

&ldquo The journey of SWV is the kind of real and personal comeback story our viewers love to see,&rdquo said Lauren Gellert, WE tv&rsquo s senior vice president of original production and development. &ldquo These dynamic women experienced enormous success together, then it all fell apart. United again, the stakes are higher than ever, and so &ndash at times &ndash is the drama and tension. We can&rsquo t wait to present this fresh, new series to WE tv viewers.&rdquo

Hello everyone, this is Coko and I have been on quite an interesting journey since SWV disappeared from the spotlight. I am married to the love of my life, Michael Clemons and we have two adorable sons. I released one R& B album entitled Hot Coko that spawned the Rodney Jerkins produced hit Sunshine. I have also released two gospel projects, the Grammy nominated Grateful and recently The Winner in Me which debuted at number four on the gospel billboard charts. I am a firm believer in giving back. That is why I devote lots of time to being an advocate for our youth, especially boys. I feel that they need our support, attention and love just as much as girls. I am very excited about being back with my sisters and we are working on the comeback of the century!

I kinda agree I am a big fan of SWVs earlier music so i expected something quite evolved an epic but i was a little let down to be honest. RnB is fine to an extent but it wasnt fun, free you is one of the best tracks an there were a few other songs that were okay but overly it couldve been better, these ladies have potential to be epic like they were back in the days, they could bring that back an that being said, not to sound mean or anything but pure rnb doesnt really sell these days, i want these girls to sell cause they have a potential to sell big. I feel like their new album was mainly catered for middle aged listeners, im only 77 an i felt awkward hearing it, it needed to be fresh, not something that just jumped straight the nineties, its 7567 now! honestly it couldve been better

However, success brought arguments over money, with Coko and Taj fighting the most. Later, according to a 7569 Rolling Stone story, &ldquo Coko gave Taj and Lelee and ultimatum: she wanted half the money or she was going to quit the group. An agreement was reluctantly struck, but the move brought group relations to an all-time low.&rdquo Before they broke-up in &rsquo 98, the friends were barely speaking to one another.

&ldquo I am known as the Bobby Brown of SWV,&rdquo Lelee said, referencing some rumors that she got hooked on drugs after the group broke up. &ldquo I was the crackhead that never smoked crack. I was a little more wilder [than CoKo and Taj]. Well, I was just a little more out with mine. I was single and I was doing things single women do. But see, they were more discreet. They did stuff, but you wouldn&rsquo t know. They were backdoor wh*res.&rdquo

Blessed with a record deal, RCA sent them to work with producer/songwriter Brian Alexander Morgan in Sacramento. &ldquo I was the only one who could drive and I had the big titties, so I could get us in the clubs,&rdquo Taj says, laughing. &ldquo We from the &rsquo hood, so we fit in anywhere. We knew how to survive.&rdquo When they weren&rsquo t clubbing, SWV was in the studio with Morgan, a production perfectionist who had no problem doing 75 separate takes of the same song. &ldquo He really taught us how to sing a certain way.&rdquo

Next single should be either All About much as i LOVE Show Off im not sure if the music buying masses of today (who have ruined music and have no taste in music at all!! Because of them we have to listen to music with crappy lyrics and crappy dance beats with NO SOUL) will buy it, my next choice would be 8775 Use Me 8776 that is an that bonus track 8775 Free Me 8776 is a JAM!!!! Love you SWV..Ricky x

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