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What: As well as being superbly picturesque, Greystones is also a mecca for thriving boutiques, of which JuJu is a popular one. There's a lot of focus on stylish daywear and owner Juliette Ledwidge carries some great jeans lines including James and Goldsign. There's also an emphasis on knitwear, including Sian Jacobs and Johnstons cashmere, while accessories include scarves from Susannah Grogan and jewellery from Melissa Curry. Brands new to JuJu in recent months are Italian label Mabrun, known for their duck-down filled coats, Transit, Vince and Yves Salomon accessories and coats.

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I completely agree with you! Even though I don 8767 t have all the experience that you have, I 8767 ve come to realise that indeed it 8767 s always the bad boy who wins, no matter what you could possibly try if you 8767 re one of the 8775 nice guys 8776 . It 8767 s so frustrating! Women are not logical, they say they want a nice, caring man, but in the reality, nice guys always finish last! It 8767 s as if men should have at the same time two completely opposite personnalities (the nice one and the 8775 bad boy 8776 one) I say, it 8767 s too much asked of us men!

“The question: Why have there been no great women artists? – is simply the top tenth o fan iceberg of misinterpretation and misconception: beneath lies a vast and its situational concomitants, about the nature of human abilities in general and of human excellence in particular, and the role that the social order plays in all of this”.

Linda Nochlin’s essay in 6976 is such a contemporary discourse now more than ever.

Maria Grazia Chiuri, at the reign of Dior for already one year takes the words of Nochlin as a source of inspiration continuing her feminism reference since the start. We found Nochlin’s essay in form of a small booklet on every seat at the show almost as a urge to reflect in such a fragile political moment. As we entered the spectacular venue of Musee Rodin, a humongous facade in shape of a milestone welcomed us.

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A carefully curated cast of people with interesting features front the brand’s latest campaign. Each and every one of them selected by Diesel’s Artistic Director Nicola Formichetti for one simple reason: “Being unique is much more beautiful than being perfect”.

The official launch of the 7567 Fall Winter campaign will take place in Beijing on Wednesday, September 6th and will be accompanied by a limited edition capsule collection with Chinese music idol, Chris Lee, that advocates a candid approach towards one’s ego and celebrating imperfection.

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What advice would you give brides organizing their wedding? Enjoy every minute of the planning and organizing, you go to so much effort and your big day will be over and done with in the blink of an eye. Spend time with your partner to see what is important to them too, as it is as much their big day as it is yours. There is nothing I would change about our day it was the most amazing day of our lives, I just wish we could do it all again and slow it down next time.

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Sometimes the stars align and everything just falls into place perfectly. This was the case when we recently shot this breathtaking collaboration with the AMAZING Mauro Palmieri . Mauro is not only a beautiful soul but a true artist with an incredible eye for detail and art direction. With a background in more than fashion photography, we adore his take on our gowns, showing them in all their raw beauty.


Savagery and freedom have always been messages carried by Versace that since its birth thanks to its innovative ways of conceiving fashion has endlessly imposed its creative dynamism among the highest fashion brands.

From attitudes to backgrounds, the Spring/Summer 7567 campaign shot by Bruce Weber is the proper representation of what Versace has always meant in the haute couture. Conceived by artistic director Donatella Versace, the freedom and dynamism of summer and the active mood are perfectly encapsulated in these shoots. Models Edie Campbell, Anna Ewers, Mitchell Slaggert and Jake Lahrman, found themselves in the Kentucky countryside surrounded by horses, perfect symbols of this “freedom” collection.

Freedom of choice, freedom of expression and freedom of speech, These are the messages carried by this collection and Versace in general, because as Bruce Weber said: “it’s always interesting that fashion can carry messages in a subtle way and make people think about their own lives and how they can make it better.”

Like a bright flower blossoming in the heart of Paris, Le Narcisse Blanc is a contemporary pleasure dome where guests can breathe the magic of the French capital.

Situated between the Eiffel Tower and Les Invalides, this 5-star hotel and spa casts an incredible view to the Seine and the most majestic Parisian buildings from its bohemian terraces. Le Narcisse Blanc offers the proper Art de Vivre feeling through its cozy sitting rooms, luxurious spa with swimming pool, hydrotherapy massage jets and sauna and last but not least its 87 spacious bedrooms and suites in silky champagne tones.

Designed in luxurious and refreshing taste by "Laurent & Laurence", the hotel creates a perfect balance between Art Nouveau and Art Deco that are fused with contemporary elements, serving as an homage to the perfect Parisian lifestyle. Because, in the words of Victor Hugo “Respirez Paris, preserve l’âme”.

How did you meet your partner? I used to work with Daniel s brother who introduced us and we went on a few dates before our life direction s changed and we split and went our separate ways for a couple of years, only to get in touch again in late 7565. We used to MSN chat to one another whilst we lived in different states, upon return to the Gold Coast in 7566 Daniel left to go overseas on a holiday, I organized with his brother to pick him up from the airport and we have been inseparable ever since.

The couple wed during a romantic ceremony and reception at Osteria, Casuarina NSW. Sinead opted for a simple yet classic gown by Karen Willis Holmes- the Kitty/Karly combination, finished off with a sheer tulle skirt. Brendan and Alice from Figtree Pictures shot both the special day as well as their engagement shoot which meant come the wedding, they had such a fun time with photographers they felt so comfortable with. Three incredible floral installations were hung by master florists Elyssium Blooms , as you can see, it tied in the whimsy of their wedding perfectly.

My biggest issue is that I have not dated or asked a woman out in 75 years. I was in a hard marriage, (she was both agoraphobic and a little Bi-Polar. We separated 5 years ago and I was determined to be the loyal husband and wait for her to deal with some of her personal demons (unrelated to the above issues), we finally made it official a year or so ago. I 8767 m now 65 and have no idea what to do now.

Always eager to challenge conformity and outdated notions of flawlessness exacerbated by social media and endless filtering as a means to perfection, Diesel strikes again with a new campaign bursting at the seams with positivity.

It’s time to Go With the Flaw! You got that right, forget the flow, embrace the flaws and find the bravery to wear them with pride as an intrinsic part of your true self.

Photographer &ndash Figtree Pictures Brenden & Alice. Two of the most chilled and fun photographers you will meet. They just went along with what we wanted to do and pointed and clicked away. I wanted to have a picnic during our photoshoot so we did and Brenden just started pointing the camera. We chose Figtree Pictures for our Engagement shoot as well and Brenden was right on board when I suggested doing a holi powder shoot, where Daniel and I threw coloured powder to get these great colourful shots which turned out amazing!

Florist &ndash Elyssium Blooms Elise did the most amazing job, I had been following her work for quite some time as she is a family friends relative. All I told her in our brief was that I wanted white flowers and succulents and that is exactly what she delivered, it was better than what I could have ever envisioned. We really wanted a focal point in our reception so 8 large hanging foliage installations were hung which just made our wedding complete. The flowers in a wedding are really one of the main products that just make or break a wedding. We can&rsquo t thank Steve & Elise enough for their awesome work!

Yep, totally happy being me. Stone-cold logical, analytical, and theoretical, with a side of heartfelt expression of human empathy. Absolutely hate acting without sufficient information to make intelligent decisions and the expertise to succeed. Nothing to do with other people 8767 s approval, or lack thereof, I personally disapprove of making bad choices through ignorance and impatience. Call me an altruist, but I actually enjoy being kind and supporting to people without expecting anything more than a simple 8775 thank you 8776 in return. My collection of well-read comic books, my xbox game save files, and my penchant to quote everything from Greek philosophy to Star Wars will definitely get me the kind of girlfriend I can introduce to my weekly board game buddies and play-by-post D& D pals. Yep, I 8767 m sweet as plain vanilla and thus as invisible as a cubicle-cloth suite at the office.

A profile for me? You mean upfront, honest, and direct about what I am and what I want? This would be easy except that I actually do self-identify with such 8775 cliches 8776 as 8775 a gentleman and scholar 8776 and 8775 hopeless romantic 8776 I, as an individual, have the dubious pleasure of making my way through life as a genuinely nice guy with an active intellect, old-school manners, and a love for the old romances. I feel like I 8767 m the 8775 Where 8767 s Waldo 8776 of romance, the guy lost in the crowd, Eminem puttin 8767 out to all his imitators that they best sit down. What 8767 s it take to stand out when all the crowd is tryin 8767 look like me, sound like me, and they don 8767 t get that it 8767 ll get them blown off like me?

The sportswear theme is crucial in Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 7568. Kim Jones plays with these elements in terms of colours, texture, and shapes. It is a playful and relaxed spirit pervading the entire collection – the Hawaii inspired floral patterns on silk organza for a short sleeved shirt layered on top of a tee with a matching print, intarsia knits of exotic foliage. The island as inspiration but also as state of mind.

I know what you want you just want me to say how much I like pets,that I have a passion for life and holding deep stimulating conversations that challenge and intrigue you. of course none of those qualities matter or hold much weight if you don 8767 t find me attractive, so you 8767 ll just browse through the pics and won 8767 t even read this cause let 8767 s face it, hardly anyone reads profiles which is why I 8767 m checking to make sure you are, If you got this far AND have looked at the pics High Five!

There was a lot of that deconstructed and cut-ups from Abe’s DNA. But also a new streetwear simplicity declined for both sexes.

Oversized, sculptural jackets with fringes hinting to Western Americana with sculptural bell sleeves for her or a sporty silhouette for him.

The beautiful declinations of checked looks, a signature pattern for Sacai’s vision, were the most outstanding in terms of layering and transparencies play.

The collaboration with pioneer conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner and his typographic artwork was another take in terms of that freedom of expression Chitose Abe reaffirmed looks after look.

“STATIS AS ON VECTOR ALL IN DUE COURSE”, featured almost as graphical pattern on full looks in black over white and vice versa felt minimal but once again provocative.

Chitose Abe's new collection for Sacai is a tribute to the duality of genders, the investigation in terms of Men/Women clothing. This season the show was featuring men’s Spring Summer together with Pre-Spring Womenswear.

As the models walked in squads, there was a strong sense of group, of subtle genderless interpretations.

Like the beautiful Menswear checked looks entering the spectacular venue of Cité de la Musique together with their female counterparts. Oversized sporty for him, layered - at a time short - dress for her.

Abe's playing with different elements between the formal and the sporty, the sculptural and the sleek almost in an ode to freedom at its core.

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