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Rae&apos s premium-cable awkward misadventures have turned into one of the best sitcoms around even if it isn&apos t conceptually or formally adventurous x7568 watching the show means essentially hanging out with a friend you like spending time with, even when you&apos re feeling glad you&apos re not the one going through her dating disasters. She&apos s trying to rebuild her life in ., working at an educational non-profit called We Got Y&apos All. What makes Issa so special is her is rare combination of relatable warmth and lethal salt. She&apos s always fighting off her innate niceness. When she learns her ex has a new girl, she raps, So I&apos m supposed to move on? Go high, Michelle Obama? Well, call me Lifetime, bitch, because I&apos m bringing the drama.

'Insecure' Season 2: Issa Rae HBO Series' Genius Return

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Lemonade the album was only initially available via Tidal, the online streaming service backed by Beyoncé's spouse, Jay-Z, and then eventually became available on iTunes and Amazon with its accompanying film. Musical contributors to the project, which quickly garnered acclaim, included Jack White , The Weeknd , James Blake and Kendrick Lamar. Lemonade debuted at No. 6, making Beyoncé the only artist in history to have all of her first six studio albums reach the top of Billboard's album charts.

Michelle Williams Caught Her Ex Cheating After - Essence

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Michelle Williams Confirms Rumors She's Dating Chad

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Why the Beyoncé controversy is bigger than you think - CNN

Just two months later, HBO aired an hourlong Beyoncé conceptual film, Lemonade , which presented tracks from the album of the same name released immediately afterward. The cable special showcased the singer reeling from the romantic and sexual betrayal of her partner while acknowledging the strength found in communities of African-American women. Tennis star Serena Williams and actress Quvenzhané Wallis also made appearances in the New Orleans-based project, which was helmed by a variety of directors and featured poetry from Warsan Shire.

R'n'B singer Beyonce was a third of girl-group Destiny's

After six months of being allowed to stand next to Beyoncé, Franklin’s lightning luck ran out. Bey herself announced her bandmate’s dismissal in an MTV interview, claiming that the firing was a group decision, and the result of Franklin going MIA for three separate promotional tours. In turn, Franklin fought back in the media , claiming that she actually walked out on Destiny’s Child because of issues with management.

Who is Beyoncé Knowles dating ? Beyoncé Knowles

After her six months on top, the trash-talked singer embarked upon a fifteen year “solo career,” the highlight of which was half an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker. Yes, in between being signed and dropped by two labels, forming an ephemeral girl group, and making appearances in a handful of movies and music videos, Franklin lent her notoriety to Patti Stanger’s dating show for rich people. Franklin, who is probably worth less than Blue Ivy’s daily allowance, didn’t really belong on the Bravo hit in the first place. To make matters worse, the “millionairess” showed up to an arranged date four hours late.

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Teaming up with her cousin, Kelly Rowland , and two classmates, Beyoncé formed an all-female singing group. Her father, Matthew Knowles, served as the band's manager. The group went through some name and line-up changes before landing a record deal in 6997 with Columbia Records. Destiny's Child soon became one of the most popular R& B acts, with the release of their first, self-titled album. Gaining momentum, the group scored its first No. 6 single on the pop charts with "Bills, Bills, Bills," off their second album. The recording also featured another smash hit, "Say My Name."

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Second, that she loved Formation , undeniably one of Beyonce's most overtly political tracks. The video featured stark images of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, along with graffiti supporting the movement for Black Lives Matter, a police cruiser sinking into a body of water and a black boy dancing in front of a line of officer outfitted in riot gear. That's all before Beyoncé throws up her middle fingers.

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At the 7565 Grammy Awards, Beyoncé walked away with six honors—the most wins in a single night by a female artist. Her record was matched two years later by pop/soul artist Adele. In 7565, she also tied the record for most No. 6 hits on Billboard’s Pop Songs chart, which is based on radio airplay. In 7566, she made the Forbes Top 65 list of entertainment's highest-earning women. By 7568, Beyoncé had won 66 Grammys.

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R. Kelly (When A Woman's Fed Up, I Believe I Can Fly, World's Greatest, Your Body's Callin', Bump N' Grind, I Wish, Feelin' On Your Booty, I'll Never Leave, Ignition [Remix] Step In The Name Of Love [Remix] I'm A Flirt [Original and Remix] Same Girl, Rock Star, Number One, Love Letter, Radio Message, When A Woman Loves, Legs Shakin', Cookie, Genius, My Story, Feelin' Single, Backyard Party) The Undisputed King Of R&B

Yet it&apos s always Issa&apos s show x7568 it thrives on her confusion about whether she&apos s into her new life or whether it&apos s just a temporary phase she&apos s going through. All the other characters onscreen light up in her presence and wilt when she&apos s not around. The writer-creator-star&apos s character and her crew have plenty of dirt to dish about their careers and their families and their thirty-something anxieties, along with their general hope that happiness is out there waiting somewhere. Insecure is an old-school sitcom at heart, not a million miles from Living Single or for that matter Laverne and Shirley. But Issa Rae is such a wildly engaging performer and heroine, she can take this story anywhere she wants.

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